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  1. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Right now enjoying Designated Survivor and The Good Place. Both solid entertainment. Lethal Weapon has become guilty pleasure watch.
  2. CBS admits Discovery wouldn't cut it on broadcast TV

    Regardless of the negative headlines, I will gladly put down my 6 or 7 dollars for a month or two to watch the new show.
  3. Did DS9 hurt VOY?

    I would definitely agree that shows like DS9 and B5 were serialized but in both cases they were able to put together stand alone episodes at the same time. DS9 certainly wouldn't fall into the highly structured serialized tv we see today on a weekly basis. Voyager, had some really good episodes but on the whole the show would have been much better if the ship and crew weren't back to normal at the end of each episode.
  4. Fans of the show post here

    I was a fan when Voyager was on and watched it faithfully. The problem is that unlike the other series it simply doesn't have the volume of rewatchable episodes of a DS9 or even TNG. However, since this is a thread for fans of the series, I will throw out a few personal favorites in no particular order. Scorpion 1 and 2 Year of Hell (minus the use of the horrible reset) Blink of an Eye Dragon's Teeth Death Wish (interesting concept to put the Q Continuim on trial) Living Witness Distant Origin Just to name a few I am sure there were others I really enjoy but these were first to come to my mind.
  5. Someone here still reads the STAR TREK MAGAZINE ?

    I remember picking up Communicator every chance I got in the late 90s. Just a good magazine. However, in our current information driven age all the new, interviews and opinions I need regarding trek or any other genre based show I can find online. As we all know there is just no need to wait for information any more. Say what you will about Insurrection, but I will never forget that being the first movie trailer I downloaded to watch. I remember it taking forever to load. Now a quick trip to youtube gets me any trailer any time. Again it is all about speed with which we get our information.
  6. Did DS9 hurt VOY?

    I've been reading the posts here, and I love DS9 and there are episodes of V'ger that I enjoy and on occasion will que them up on Netflix and have a go with them. For me one of the main issues with V'ger as has been stated is that everything always wrapped up nicely at the end of the show and the ship looked as if nothing happened the week before. For Voyager to have been more effective they would have needed to make any problems last. Occasionally they would tie stories back to previous episodes. The second season story arc involving the traitor to the Kazon in engineering and Seska, but very rarely did these actions or story lines have any real effect on the crew or ship in the long run. For me the biggest missed opportunity here would have been in the Year of Hell two part episode. By the end of the two parter Tuvok was left blind and the ship in shambles with no help in sight. However, instead of finding a way to make the trials and tribulations of those episodes have meaning the writers simply hit the reset button. Just another missed opportunity for the show. Perhaps if Voyager had come down the pike a few years later when serialized story telling on t.v. had started to take hold the show may have been able to really be something that was truly different in terms of Star Trek Canon.
  7. A Taste of Armageddon

    I love it just to hear the General Order 27.
  8. General Order 24...WTF?

    Without getting into the philisophical portion of this being tyrannical, I suppose it coudl be an order that was one the books from the Romulan War. Regardless, it is a great episode.
  9. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    24, Finally caught up with it last night. Forgot how much I genuinely enjoy the show. Yes, it is over the top and you know Jack will always save the day, but just good popcorn type fun.
  10. What is or was your favorite TV series that's not Sci-FI?

    So many good shows out there. Especially now. I guess it is hard to narrow down to just one top five, and in no particular order. Friday Night Lights The Sopranos The Wire Seinfeld Pinky and the Brain
  11. Yet ANOTHER BSG Reboot on it's way

    I think its a bad idea, but hey it's Hollywood. They rebooted Spiderman 10 years after the original, so I guess I should say this comes as no surprise. Really, I think they are just out of original ideas. I don't know what they could do with the story that hasn't been done either in original or RDM version. Seems like more of a cash grab. Though I'm not sure how much they would stand to make. It seems like a very limited audience. Yes, people will see it, but it doesn't have the pull that Trek or Wars have to get people into the theater.
  12. If you were teaching a Star Trek class

    Man, I would love to take this class.
  13. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Sehlat, see I found that to be a better episode of WD than last week. While I know you liked last weeks more character driven episode. I just like that this weeks advanced the story more.
  14. Looking back at DS9 20 years on

    The biggest plot crescendos (Londo, the Shadow War, etc.) just fall flat for me. Up TO those points it generally goes well, but... How so? I don't want to derail the thread, but someone needs to stick up for B5 here! I thought Londo had one of the best arcs of any character on any TV show ever. Admittedly, the Shadow stuff finished a bit abruptly because the networks messed them about and they had to cram two years of episodes into just one, but it still works well IMO, and I enjoyed seeing the aftermath of the war - something that DS9 never touched on. I loved B5. Now the show had its low points. Season one is hard to get on with, but there are major plot points that are revisited in seasons 2, 3 and 4. Admittedly season was also relatively weak. I think that was more due to the fact that TNT didn't know what to do with the show. Now I do think that those middle seasons were fantastic. I am even a huge fan of the In the Beginning telemovie they made. Personally, I loved the whole Shadow war and the fallout that resulted from the conflict. Addtionally, I thought the character dynamics were fantastic especially those between Londo and G'Kar. Just all areound great sci fi stuff. I will say this, I rewatched it about six years ago and the special effects do no hold up, but the stories most certainly do.