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  1. General Star Wars Discussion

    I don't know if there's a thread like this, and if there is, then maybe this thread can be closed, and I'll cut and paste anything here. But I did a search and found nothing like it. So this thread is for anything in the movies that bothered you. Unanswered questions. Things that maybe you missed that someone else might have caught, or maybe knows of an answer based on a novel or comment by Lucas. Here's one of my old time issues: Luke essentially started his Jedi training under Obi-Wan in Star Wars. Fine. From what we saw, the guy was gifted with the Force, and thanks to a little help, was able to use The Force to guide his shot and destroy the Death Star. Cool. I don't know how much time passed between A New Hope and Empire. I think I might have read somewhere it was about 3 years. I'm guessing in that time, Obi Wan's ghost appeared every so often and taught Luke some things, which is how he learned to use the Force to grab his lightsaber which was out of reach in the ice cave. I can accept that. He learned a bit more than he had known before. Enough time passed, and he wasn't doing anything a youngling couldn't do. So in Empire, he trains with Yoda. What may or may not be known is that he had to be on Dagobah for months. That also means that the Falcon had to take months to get to Lando. That actually makes some sense too since their hyperdrive was out and space is pretty big. Fine. So in that time with Yoda, Luke's skills vastly improved. He confronts Vader, and Vader owns him. Luke had some skills, but he was no match for Vader. The sword play was ok, though there was nothing to indicate Vader wasn't toying around with him. Vader really cleaned his clock. So at the end of Empire, it's absolutely clear that Luke is no match for Vader and it's not even close. Vader is the top living ex-Jedi, and Luke is well, not. No matter how strong you are in the Force, without training, you just don't have the experience to compete with a guy like Vader, who has been doing this his whole life. Only Yoda would have been able to take Vader down, and Yoda was likely too old at that point. And for the first time, now that I think of it, why didn't Yoda offer to go with Luke and do just that? But that's not my issue, though I guess it's thread appropriate. Between Empire and Jedi, Luke and the gang were working on an elaborate plan to free Han from Jabba. That was basically what they were up to, and I believe less than a year passed. It takes years to become a Jedi. Decades even. Luke did NOT return to Yoda in between movies. Luke could not have been training alone 24/7. So how did Luke's skills improve to the point where he was able to beat Vader?
  2. General Marvel Discussion

    The DC casting thread has become a place where we talk about all things DC, so why not have something similar for Marvel? This is an interesting story. Basically, Marvel contacted Sony about getting Spidey in the Civil War movies. This is exactly why I always say that while DC has the better characters, Marvel has the better stories. I don't necessarily know if Marvel has better WRITERS per se, but those in charge of Marvel have a certain philosophy that really is as the article says, fan friendly. In some franchises, writers have this smug attitude where they feel that they need to write stories they like, they think is good, change things to suit their purposes, and to hell with fan reaction. I think DC does that all the time, and Superman has suffered most because of it. But Marvel is the exact opposite. It's almost as if someone is saying, "what would the fans think is cool, and let's do that." Because of that attitude, I think we get better stories, and cooler ideas, and that forces other companies like DC to up their game. If Marvel doesn't do Avengers, we wouldn't be seeing Justice League. Marvel is attempting to do a big storyline in Civil War, and they know Spidey is a major part of that. So what do they do? They TRY to talk to Sony and get Spidey in the movie. It didn't work out because Sony isn't as smart as Marvel. Marvel made Sony an offer that could have netted them millions. They turned it down, but the fact that Marvel tried is further evidence that the franchises they control are in good hands. I hope the rights to Spidey run out for Sony soon enough for Marvel to get them back.

    Now that the movie is out, might as well do a review of it. I thought it was a good movie overall, though no surprise, I'm not a huge fan of the downer ending. They seemed to jump through hoops to get there. First, Charles' death was pretty meaningless. You don't really want to see characters you have followed and cared about go out so poorly. Here's a guy that spent his whole life helping others. He had all this power and literally the ability to make people do what he wanted. He could have taken over the world and would have been pretty hard to stop. Instead, he chose to use his gifts to help others like him and bridge a gap between mutants and humanity. So in the end, he lives so long that his brain kills everyone he cares about and he gets stabbed to death by a Wolverine clone? That's kind of harsh. And Logan, who obviously we the audience care about, gets adamantium poisoning, that affects his healing ability, and ages him, while putting him in a position to get killed? Wolverine's death was very heroic. I'm not going to deny that. Though it was unconventional, a parent dying to protect his child is possibly the most noble way to go out. But at the same time, when you're a writer deciding the fate of a character like that, is that the right fate? Is it really that difficult to have a character ride off into the sunset, giving the audience a happy ending after 17 years? The one good part is that because time travel is possible, it will always be possible to save Wolverine and change this timeline. Plus, because the movie is about 12 years in the future, Jackman can play the role again in the unlikely event he changes his mind. Or they can recast like they did others. I wonder if we will see Laura again as well. Move the story forward a few more years or have her travel in time as well. And will Jackman ever be convinced to come back and do a Deadpool movie? Deadpool 2 is going to be amazing. You can just feel it.
  4. Rocky Balboa: The Franchise

    So over in the Marvel thread, we got a little sidetracked and started talking about the Rocky franchise. I made a claim that I'm probably the biggest Rocky fan on this board, and Happy Russia challenged that claim, which is great. Sehlat suggested a new thread here, so why not? I don't think there will be a major conversation or sustained, given that this board is more sci-fi related, but let's give it a shot. I'll cut and paste my last post on the topic from the Marvel thread, and maybe we can take it from there and see where things go. We were basically discussing about why Rocky V failed. But any and all tangents are welcome. It's interesting, but the original Rocky V treatment, Rocky actually WAS scheduled to die, but Stallone didn't have the heart to do it. To be honest, I think that would be one of the biggest mistakes ever. Rocky represents heart, determination, the ability to overcome impossible odds, and is one of the most inspiring characters ever created. Killing him would be such a horrific slap in the face to his die hard fans. It would almost ruin the franchise. That's also a fear I have with Creed. I don't think too many were expecting him to die because it was known going in that Stallone spared the character. But it wasn't a good enough movie for the franchise. I think the idea of Rocky retiring and being lured back into the ring by a protege that betrayed him is an interesting story. But the execution was terrible in this case. I understood the idea of bringing Rocky back to his roots, but too much good happened, and he did too many great things to have it believable that he could lose everything--especially the way he did. So I wouldn't have gone there. Before he fought Clubber, he wanted to retire, but Clubber gave him reasons to fight. As far as we know, he didn't fight between Clubber and Drago, although there is some odd evidence that he fought twice, losing one and having a tie. But if that happened, why was he still champ? Anyway, with Drago, he had a reason to fight. He fought to avenge his best friend, and for his country. But at that point, and given his age, and the fact that he somehow was in Russia so long that his son aged 8 years, he had no reason to fight. So retire. No real need to have him lose everything. Dump the brain damage plot line. He could still make something out of Mick's gym. Now bring in Tommy Gunn and have a similar story. Make us like Tommy. Do the subplot where he ignores his own son for Tommy. Rocky isn't perfect. He made a mistake. But Tommy re-ignites Rocky's spirit and like many great athletes, Rocky expects Tommy to have all the traits that he and Apollo had. But while Tommy has the talent, he doesn't have Rocky's heart. Keep the idea of Duke as the poisonous snake. Tommy takes the shortcuts. Goes with Duke, and publicly humiliates Rocky. Rocky is no wimp. Remember the line in Rocky II, "Adrian, I never asked you to stop being a woman. Please, please don't ask me to stop being a man." So Rocky decides to fight Tommy himself. Despite his age, and an absence from the ring, he does, and wins as Rocky does. It's a better story than the street fight and brain damage. And between you and me, I kind of liked Rocky V too. I acknowledge that to me, it's the worst of the bunch, and yes, it had a lot of flaws as described above, but it's still Rocky so I can deal. And yes, Rocky Balboa was so much better. It's kind of like Star Trek VI: The Apology, but with a much longer wait. I didn't like the loss of Adrian, but I get why they did it. Besides, I never liked Adrian anyway. That said, I really enjoyed the story. The idea of Rocky still having some demons made sense. Maybe they should have been a little less subtle and make the reason to fight the need to hit something because of the anger and sadness over Adrian. Then in the final round, he lets it all out, and when the bell rings, his pain is lessened and is able to move forward with his life. But that said, I was very happy with Rocky Balboa, except for one continuity error regarding his boxing record.
  5. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    That video didn't show much, and the best thing about Wonder Woman so far is the music.
  6. Discovery's New Captain

    He's a pretty good actor. It'll be interesting to see how he's written, with the main character being the first officer.
  7. Supergirl?

    Again, to be clear, I was responding to a post before yours, and wrote that whole thing before I saw what you wrote.
  8. Supergirl?

    <<If a gay relationship is ever given as much screentime as a straight one, suddenly it becomes "PC!!!!" If it is subtely in the background it is fine. >> That's exactly right--especially when you are dealing with supporting characters and taking away from the premise of the show to should "look! A gay relationship!" <<BECAUSE GAY PEOPLE STILL HAVE TO COME OUT AND STRAIGHT PEOPLE DO NOT. Gay people are still forced int othe role of being an outsider and outside the norm, and therefore they are still forced into having to explain their own normal behaviors to people. So, on some shows, you can actually have people come out and it is normal behavior for a gay character, not necessarily a PC patting themselves on the back behavior of the writing staff. >> This is NOT that type of show. There are lots of TV shows that deal with these issues in that way, but this is a superhero show, and it's crystal clear that the whole point was to be PC and for the writers to be proud of themselves for what they are doing. <<This is where your anti-PC argument really loses me. Because what you are saying is that if someone is gay, it must not have any attention brought onto it. Keep it in the background. Make it extra subtle. If at any point you are forced to watch the ickiness of two men having a kiss, does that suddenly make it PC? Lets say on the Flash they have this gay man with a husband see his husband and they have a kiss, does it now fall out of the realm of acceptability and become "PC RUN AMUCK!!!" Again, if there is a show that has a young female character and she deals with the awkwardness of her first real serious boyfriend, it is not considered PC. It is within your parameters of acceptable storylines...but if the boyfriend is suddenly a it is just PC nonsnese. >> It is unfortunate that people have trouble getting why this is PC nonsense. But even if this was a straight relationship, it's getting entirely too much screen time. If that happened on Flash, then yes, that's exactly what they are doing--showing a gay kiss to make a big deal out of it. And if the young female character showing the awkwardness of her first boyfriend is on say, Batman, yes, that's also inappropriate. <<Jeez...I don't even care or watch this show...but I too am really tired of the "PC is bad" argument. Just comes from an antiquated place. >> Not as tired as I am of watching writers shove their PC views down our throats.
  9. Supergirl?

    And I'm thoroughly sick of gay relationships being used to show how PC the writers are. Execution matters. If it wasn't supposed to be PC, they wouldn't shove the relationship and the fact that it is gay down the viewers' throats week in and week out. It's a comic book show. If it wasn't PC, they wouldn't need to do a special coming out episode. But they didn't just do that--they did a coming out ARC. To say they are no more PC than any other relationship on the show is willful blindness. They didn't do a special episode where Kara comes out as straight. They didn't do a storyline where Winn was worrying about the consequences of dating an alien. He just did it. And no one cared. Again I point to how it was handled by Star Trek Beyond--even if the decision to exploit George Takei's orientation against his wishes was made for PC purposes, the execution of relationship was not politically correct at all. It just was a matter of fact part of the show. Another comparison is in the same universe is the police captain on The Flash. He's gay. He has a husband. No big deal. Same thing on Arrow. Curtis is gay. No big deal. But on Supergirl, they are completely politically correct and throwing something on the show that just doesn't belong in a comic book show. For the record, I also agree with you on Mon-El and Kara--they have no romantic chemistry at all. But that's poor writing rather than checking the box political correctness.
  10. Supergirl?

    I don't mind the character growth, but I feel like they are doing that just to be PC. The gay relationship isn't the issue--it's the constant pushing it like they want to have Alex and Maggie wearing a lighted shirt that says "we are gay and happy." While I didn't like that Star Trek Beyond made Sulu gay, I did like the way they presented it, and that's what should happen here. This is a superhero show, and the romance of a character that didn't exist until this show, that's really a supporting character, shouldn't get this much screen time. We get it, now go back to Supergirl please. And I have just as big an issue with the Mon-El romance. These characters have zero romantic chemistry so I feel like they are forcing this as well. The WINN romance though has actually been a little interesting to me, mostly due to the actress playing the role. I would like to see Season 3 bring in the Legion of Superheroes. Get us a well cast Brainiac 5--someone the audience likes, to have a true relationship with Kara.
  11. Supergirl?

    It's totally ok to have that opinion. For me, the problem is that they are focusing a little too much on Alex's relationship and not enough on Supergirl. They are focusing too much on all the romantic relationships, but they are really shoving Alex's down the audience's throats. I want to see heroes fight villains and protect people. That's what these characters are all about. I do still like the show though and am looking forward to more. The Superman episode remains the season's highlight for me.
  12. BBS Upgrade

    Yeah--it was several days. And once you got the error message, there was no going back. I have no idea how that happened. Just to even read the board, I had to change browsers and make no attempt to log in. Hopefully it's stable now.
  13. Data

    Just thinking about this today. It seems a little ridiculous that no one could duplicate Data's brain. Soong was a genius, and I get that. Cool. But the entire Federation, with all its wonders and geniuses, including a planet full of Vulcans couldn't reverse engineer Data? Inventing things from scratch is hard, but reverse engineering is nowhere near as hard, especially when dealing with the kind of technology that already exists. And even in that unlikely event that no one could duplicate the process, wouldn't a computer, with the precise scanning, be able to do that? Even Data couldn't do it, and that makes no sense. I think that was a bit of a flaw in Data's story, especially since there were super duper advanced androids 100 years earlier. They might have been better off coming up with some sort of material that Data is made of that is very rare as a means of not being able to duplicate him.
  14. Data

    Glad to see the board is back! I understand the idea of a BAN on making androids like this--though do we have evidence of that? I know Khan level genetic engineering is illegal, but are intelligent androids? As for intelligence, Kirk-era androids seemed to be very intelligent--and even have emotion, so that would make them on par or even more advanced than Data. I know this was much later, but it sure seemed that Data downloaded himself into B-9 in Nemesis. So at least he was transferable. Measure of a Man is a different animal. I think the "is Data alive" debate is another topic entirely, so I'll try to avoid that despite it really being a good topic. That's actually why the episode is one of TNG's better ones. So I can understand that things were limited after that episode simply because by court of law, Data had the right to say no. But BEFORE that episode, when Data was found, how could they NOT have studied him? I can't imagine that they wouldn't have scanned every part of his body to get an idea of what they were doing. Logically, they would have had to do so to let him in the academy. If anything, it would be more important since they would have had experience with evil androids before. That makes me wonder why Measure of a Man would have even been necessary because all the information on Data should already be available, and forcing Data to submit his brain to testing shouldn't have been needed. Logically speaking, they should also need to know everything about Data because as a Starfleet officer, they need to make sure he doesn't malfunction and need to make sure he can be repaired. So they had to have some kind of massive amount of info as to how he worked. There should be no reason that they can't duplicate Data exactly, right down to his experiences from the moment they scanned him. Where he goes from there would be like a Tom/Will Riker thing. No matter what, we are talking a galaxy with a LOT of intelligent life. I can't imagine Soong being the smartest of the bunch in this field. I don't think there would be any job where even the best at it couldn't find a peer, and no scientific problem that only one person can solve--especially in this field.
  15. 2017 Razzies Awards - The Winners (or LOSERS !)

    The problem with Smallville was that the show outlasted the premise. Clark was ready to be Superman by year 5, and the show lasted I think through year 10. They were already introducing concepts of Superman, including Supergirl, Zod, Lois and many Superman villains. They only didn't have him fly because of that stupid rule they had at the beginning, which made no sense. When other Kryptonians flew, it made Clark look like he had a disability. I loved Smallville, but I think the show would have benefited from becoming a full fledged Superman show. I couldn't agree more that they need a Meyer or a Moffat--someone who gets the characters, and I keep saying it, but the success of DC movies requires getting Superman right. And I also believe that the talent to do this right DOES exist. The guys who did the cartoons and the guys currently working on TV--they get it. Who knows what their brains could accomplish with a movie budget? They just have the wrong people in charge.
  16. 2017 Razzies Awards - The Winners (or LOSERS !)

    BVS deserved every Razzie it got.
  17. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    Routh may not have made the decision to send Superman to Krypton, but his lack of emotion and facial expressions are all him. It was a combination of writing and actors that were miscast. Think of it like Cumberbatch as Khan--amazing actor--top notch, but he wasn't Khan. I felt the same about Routh. I liked Routh in other roles, but I still don't see him as a Superman type. I don't think writing would fix that, though I guess we will never know. At this point, I don't even know if a good Superman script would do well because we have had so many bad ones that people won't give it a chance. Then again, Rocky Balboa and Creed rebounded from Rocky V, and ST6 rebounded from ST5. Back on topic, I wonder how much of a mess The Batman script is, and how long Affleck will play the role. If I were going to recast, I would ignore BvS, and recast Batman with a guy who can pull off early 30s, and can play the role for a decade. I'd want Batman de-aged to be in his early 30s no matter who the actor is. That way we can have Dick Grayson as Nightwing in his early 20s, and Batman the same age range as Superman, where he belongs. It sure sounds like Affleck wants out, so it would become a question of what they want to do and how much BvS should count.
  18. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    The writing and the acting tend to go hand in hand. Sometimes a good actor can make a scene work over a lesser actor. This cast in Superman Returns did nothing for the movie. Routh to me was nothing like Reeve. Nothing. He didn't have the warmth, the charisma, or the on screen presence. Reeve had all the great qualities you mention, including the vulnerability. Superman's biggest weakness is not kryptonite. You hurt him by hurting innocent people. He can't protect everyone, much as he wants to. But Routh? He was a total wimp. I didn't see this as capturing Reeve's Superman. I saw it as a poor imitation of Reeve, with a poor script. Reeve's Superman was strong and decisive, and he would NEVER leave Earth just to do a lap around Krypton. The whole premise of Superman leaving was just bad.
  19. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    Having just rewatched Superman Returns on Netflix, I'm still not convinced. Both really screwed the character up. While I do like Routh as an actor, I think he was terribly cast as Superman, and with the exception of Spacey and the guy who played Perry White, I think the cast was terrible. That might have been one of the biggest flaws of the movie--casting. I haven't been overly impressed with the MOS cast either, but for me, Superman Returns' cast was just terrible all around. Routh's version of Superman was so weak that like Cavill, he failed to capture Superman's warmth. I guess with a gun to my head, the wimpy guy who still shows he cares is better than the brooding guy who seems a reluctant hero, but both were pretty bad. I think Dean Cain, Tom Welling, and Tyler Hoechlin all did much better jobs portraying Superman's warmth. It really bothers me that they can't get this character right, and I do consider Superman the most important character in DC. If you can't get him right, it has a domino effect on the whole DC universe. I don't think they got Batman right either, but he was a little closer. Snyder really picked the wrong storyline to guide him.
  20. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    Yes and no. At $10 a ticket, if my movie has a $5000 budget, and 1000 people see it, I made $5000. If your movie has a $2000 budget, and 800 people see it, you made $6000. You made more money, but my movie sold more tickets. I think a studio would be happier with your movie, but mine got the larger audience. The big difference I believe between Batman Begins and Superman Returns is quality. I think opening weekends are a measure of anticipation, but total grosses can reflect on quality. Staying power. I believe that Batman Begins had more staying power and I think that's simply because it was a better movie. You may be right as to why they tried to make Superman into Batman but the flaw in that of course is that Superman is not Batman. Different character, different vibe, and different reasons for popularity. Superman Returns to me, was dull. I think Singer's heart was in the right place, and it had moments, but he butchered the character too, albeit in a different way. Snyder made Superman into a brooding, dark, reluctant hero. Singer made Superman into a wimp, a deadbeat dad, a stalker, and someone who made some really stupid decisions. I think the only thing he got right was using the music, though I also think he should have updated it, like they do with Bond. Singer made a homage to Christopher Reeve when he should have focused more on Superman.
  21. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    You're right--I misread the budget. But I never said Batman wasn't more PROFITABLE. I just said that Superman was just as anticipated if not more. The number of people that saw Superman opening weekend was higher. The grosses for Superman were higher. And Batman was a MUCH better movie. I believe that if Superman had been on the same level, the grosses would have been higher. Quality matters.
  22. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    According to box office mojo, Superman Returns opened to $52 million compared to Batman Begins opening to $48 million. It's funny you mention it because I forgot about it, and worse, I recently watched it on netflix, but you're right--I should have brought it up. However, note that Superman still beat Batman's opening, showing the anticipation. Surprisingly, Superman Returns outgrossed Batman Begins worldwide. I'm actually really surprised since I didn't realize that until just now. But there was a key difference--people liked Batman Begins. The reviews were good as was the audience reaction. True, Superman had a bigger budget, and the numbers were close enough that Batman made more for the studio, but if anything, this shows that a bad Superman movie had more excitement behind it than a very good Batman movie. Here are the Batman numbers: Budget $150 million, Domestic Gross: $206.8 million, International Gross: $167.3 million. Total Gross: $374.2 million, Opening Weekend: $48 million. Here are the Superman numbers: Budget $200 million, Domestic Gross: $200 million. International Gross $191 million. Total Gross $391 million, Opening Weekend: $52.5 million. I will concede these points--the Batman movie was better, made more money, and despite the grosses, I believe that objectively, people reacted far more positively. Yet the fact that Superman got off to a better start makes me wonder what the Superman grosses would have been if the movie was actually good. As a long time fan of Superman, I can't begin to say how frustrating it is. I absolutely believe that if DC ever got the right writing team, they would blow Marvel out of the water. Although honestly, it may be too late given there have been so many bad movies from them. But like you said, they can't get Superman right. What's more frustrating is that they HAVE got Superman right on TV and in cartoons. There is no excuse to not make a good Superman movie ever, let alone have a 37 year drought.
  23. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    Superman does kick the snot out of Batman on television. Batman is only doing better in movies because writers have no clue how to write for Superman. Batman has never had a TV show last 10 years, preceded by a show that lasted 4. Batman movies are far more successful, but again, bad writing. Man of Steel opened at $116 million. Batman Begins opened at $48 million, according to Box Office Mojo. They opened 8 years apart, but there wasn't 100 percent inflation. Superman was highly anticipated, and it failed to deliver. Batman Begins sequels did better because they delivered.
  24. Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman

    Superman HAS been highly anticipated. But they haven't delivered anything remotely close to being good in decades. 37 years is a long time to make bad movies. But he's been more successful on TV than anything Batman related. Batman's been done. It's always good to have a new Batman movie, but I wouldn't exactly compare this upcoming movie to a Star Wars film or Star Trek in say 2009.
  25. Favorite Fan Fictions?

    Free to read? Yes. But my time isn't free. The time I spend reading something is time that could be spent reading something else, so the frustration of an incomplete story makes me feel that I wasted my time. It's even WORSE if the story is good. I've only written 3 fan fics in my life, but they were all completed before I put them out there. I stopped because I didn't have "the idea" to write another one. Ultimately, story is what matters.