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  1. RIP Arlene Martel 1936-2014

    Thanks for posting such a nice walk down memory lane. Vaya con Dios, Arlene.
  2. Takei Criticizes INTO DARKNESS

    There is more to the music of Trek than the intro. TOS set many different moods and the melodies are memorable to this day. Outside of the theme music, I can't recall any movie music. That's all I'm saying.
  3. Takei Criticizes INTO DARKNESS

    The theme for TNG I admit is good. Unlike Enterprise which I can't mute fast enough. But as I stated earlier, the movies really didn't impress me Beyond the openiing theme I've got nothing. Now Klingon opera ........
  4. Takei Criticizes INTO DARKNESS

    TMP's soundtrack is so stellar that it actually improves the entire film. I guess that's why I can't remember it.
  5. Takei Criticizes INTO DARKNESS

    Wow! There is just so much here to comment on, so I'll start here: IMO, so don't shoot! At least keep the phasers on stun. I seperate all the television Trek from the movies. I never really enjoyed the big screen treatments of the small screen relationships, aliens or even the uniforms and make up. Trek movies proved that having more time and money simply meant having the ability to play to the lowest common denominator, the newbies who never were Trekkers. That seperated every film from the TV shows and not in a good way. Originality gave way to boring rehashes of tv episodes. Vger? Khan? Khan redux? I was 11 when my mom called me in because this show called Star Trek was coming on. I already had the crap scared out of me by The Outer Limits, but The Twilight Zone was a little over my young head. ST was just right, except for all the love scenes Kirk had. Yuck! The music in the movies was forgettable, but who can forgrt the Therimin opening or the lighthearted clarinet riffs like the Finnegan chase or the dramatic Doomsday Machine ? I'll skip to Takei's comments and agree about Khan. But then again in the reboot universe there is no backstory of importance. All the relevance of Space Seed is lost. No Eugenics Wars and no wife. Just no real reason to care. I did like the visuals like the cargo bay. The expanded detail on many of the shots was excellent. Gotta love CGI, huh?
  6. One

    It's almost easier to nitpick an episode than critique it. Regardless, I gave it an 8 for being interesting. BUT.... The crew is in stasis because exposure to the nebula causes damage. Yet Tom was out of stasis many times, one we see, with no ill effects. Then the engines go off line causing the need to divert life support. Whatever happened to inertia? The ship will continue to travel forward even without enging power. Do our probes require constant thrust to reach the planets? No. Yet they act like the ship is dead in the (water). Joe, the Doctor, had the correct remedy for being alone all along. A little time each day in the holodeck with a holo crew. This is why most of us could never script sci-fi. We are too picky.
  7. Projections

    The old dream in a dream trick gets this an 8. The realistic probability went away when Neelix has a Kazon ducking food thrown at him. He has the gun after all. Nice to see Reg and the Doc's freakout over being married was funny.
  8. The Swarm

    This gets a generous 6. There are too many problems with continuity. In engineering they are back to realigning the Dilithium crystals. We already know this ship operates on Deuterium. The Swarm chases the ship and Voyager fires a Phaser. It gets reflected back and the shields are gone. The Swarm ships land on Voyager and the aliens start beaming on board. The solution is to destroy a small ship, but they have NO shields. They do it anyway and the ships are destroyed as the Swarm disperses. Shields return. I'm not even going to get into the Prime Directive violations Janeway makes here. The Doctor subplot is almost a better story than the Swarm.
  9. Top Ten Voyager Episodes

    I enjoyed Futures End also. One correction to your post though. It was Griffith Park Observatory and not Mt Wilson. Filming for this two-part episode included five days of location shoots around Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory exteriors being filmed on 14 August 1996. (Star Trek Magazine issue 143) Another location used was the Santa Monica Pier, near Venice Beach. (Star Trek: Voyager Companion)
  10. Scientific Method

    I liked this one and give it a 9. Invisible aliens doing experiments. That was unexpected. The scans showing the internal bodies was pretty good. It was funny watching Janeway coming unglued and attacking the prisoner in the brig.. I have to give Star Fleet credit for having hull paint which can survive the heat from a binary star and still look like new. Seven doing undercover work with the Doctor was a nice touch. The aliens losing a ship ws a bit of payback for pain and suffering.
  11. The Raven

    I gave this a 9. If the Bomar weren't wearing coathangars on their face it may have gotten a rare 10. This was a Seven going through a form of menopause what with all the mood swings. I liked the concept of The Raven being on a Class M moon although what are the odds of that? Did the ship crash or did the Borg hard land it? How could it be partially assimilated? Did they run out of time? There was still technology functioning after 20 years. That's some heavy duty Duracells. I liked the interactions with Tuvok. Seven is the only member of the crew who couldn't judge Neelix's cooking. I still think the Bomar were stupid though.
  12. James Avery Dies at 68

    James Avery as K'Vagh
  13. ssoooo many members so few posters....

    Using episode discussions as an example, I see the first posts are 5 years old and in some cases there are many pages. On a current events board you read the history so it minimizes duplication. If I did that here there wouldn't be much to say, so I stay with 2013 to the present. I'm rewatching episodes from and post accordingly when the mood strikes. I'll call it a reboot of the message board. It's nice to see a few other posters jump in.
  14. I wish all of us a Happy New Year! I am happy for the crossovers from Trekweb of which I am one, that makes this a more vibrant site. May we all 'live long and prosper'! Brian, Earth, Sector 001
  15. Friendship One

    It's a 7 for me. The Uxali went overboard to blame the Federation for their own screw-up. I guess there are no cats and no addage about curiosity killing them on this world. Look! A strange craft. Let's open the part with heavy shielding and look inside and then try to make weapons. These people had technology and knew about radiation. You need that to have a tracking system. Darwin strikes the Delta Quadrant!