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  1. Hopefully Howard can salvage the wreck.
  2. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales The Duchess wanted to see it and for $5 Tuesday, it was worth a go. Didn't move me all that much. At 2 hours it seemed to drag a bit and was more of the same. It did tie up the fates of all the original characters so that was fine, but there's a reason that this was Pirates of the Carribean: The Sequel Everyone Forgot Was Coming.
  3. That little thing DID have a punch and a half.
  4. Congrats! Be happy.
  5. LOL. Was that really a high bar? No. No, it was not.
  6. It isn't. Indeed, that would have been the cast I'd have gone with in its entirety, so that's not the flaw. It's an average movie. If not for the mass of melting snowflakes who didn't like the idea of it being rebooted with (gasp) girls?! and the particularly laughable notion of Sony somehow turning it into a launch point for a GBEU it would have just came and went like any other middling film.
  7. Very interesting logic. And very possible.
  8. If I see the term "SJW" one more damn time...
  9. I might see it at my budget theater if I'm that bored. Will have to be pretty bored. And if there is audience fatigue? It's because they are Just. So. Empty.
  10. That may have been a fluke. Must study.
  11. After 4 months of shooting what's left to direct? Editing and some pick-ups? You need Ron Howard for that?
  12. No more. Please, no more.
  13. Twisting their superheroes into sort of greedy, definitely narcissistic, and probably clinically depressed jerks? I wonder how much cash they'll throw into marketing research to get that result.
  14. We just tend to have our various psychoses over different things.
  15. Yes. Even as a child I had my suspicions.
  16. Even that's better than the blatant sexism they treat her with, not sitting her down like a person and explaining the need to bring Kollos into things, hey, let's just use that Kirk suave to melt the ice queen while we go behind her back. Product of the time, yes. But still.
  17. I think I'd actually prefer Johnston.
  18. SS has nothing. There's no story to speak of for any of them. It's just Robbie's movie and that's because she's pretty much the only thing there not boring and listless. Most of Jared Leto ended up on the cutting-room floor to the point that he didn't need to show.
  19. I like "Genesis" because I like the devolution idea. It plays well on screen and I always sort of like any episode from "Doomsday Machine" to "Disaster" that trashes that otherwise nice, pristine ship. But, yes. This marks another instance of Crusher's incompetence. I really think that things like this and performing autopsies on people for no reason she can point to beyond suspicion and "The High Ground" where it's her arrogance as much as anything else that puts Picard seconds from shot. Or makes her perfectly willing to lock Worf in sickbay for months or years or life until he thinks as she wants, that makes her wholly unfit for starship duty.
  20. Glad you at least liked it. Seen it twice now and may well threepeat. Sorry, I thought Gadot was the perfect amount of beautiful Will definitely own. It was the kind of film WW deserved. Unlike Whedon's mess.
  21. TNG's "The Vengeance Factor" Kind of an unsung hero episode for me. It's nicely-paced, Lisa Wilcox gives a surprisingly nuanced performance, and one of the bits that sets it apart for me is that not only do you see Picard play mediator realistically and well, we see two sides that aren't so diametrically opposed that it actually takes Yuta dying or something else catastrophic for one side to see the light. There probably would be peace without that. My only real hit for this episode is that the only reason Yuta dies or has to is because Riker needs to be extra sullen at the end.
  22. If this is Whedon's actual script for Wonder Woman and he's doing Batgirl, Batgirl is probably going to be moonlighting as a stripper. This WW script is Just. Awful.
  23. I think that's the first non-gushy review I've seen of this film.
  24. And I can't help but wonder if that's what this seeming plethora of reshoots is about: dispelling some of the bitter angst that Snyder seems to want his heroes to wallow in.
  25. The DCEU's biggest problem is that everyone liked Wonder Woman. A piece of the commentary: That has more to do with theme than it does with any specific character. Wonder Woman is optimistic. Gal Godot’s Diana wants to be a hero. She leaves Themyscira to be a hero, and while her faith is tested, her resolve ultimately holds. She climbs out of the trenches in WWI because there are human lives at stake and she’s going to protect them. Hers is a movie about a superhero making the choice to be a superhero, without any expectation of praise or reward. That’s more or less the elevator pitch for superheroes as a concept, but it’s strangely at odds with everything we’ve seen from the DCEU thus far. Prior to Wonder Woman, DC’s output included two grim deconstructions of Superman and a third film about supervillains. All three have been skeptical of altruism as a concept, as if the most implausible thing about superhero movies is the hero’s willingness to help other people. A FUNDAMENTALLY SELFISH WORLDVIEW — WHERE HEROISM IS A TEST OF SELF, NOT A SERVICE PERFORMED FOR OTHER PEOPLE Most of that trickles down from director Zack Snyder, the primary architect of the DCEU. In his two Superman outings, Snyder struggles with the idea of basic human decency. In fact, it seems to be utterly mystifying to him. Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent spent most of his screen time in Man of Steel trying to convince Clark not to be Superman, to the point that he was willing to die so his son wouldn’t have to be a hero. He lets himself get picked up in a tornado instead of letting actual Superman carry him to safety, based only on the assumption that there would be witnesses and that Clark would then become a public figure. *** While I don't use the word to mean criminal or cruel, though I could make an argument that they sort of are, there is something fundamentally indecent about the other heroes of the DCEU that simply doesn't exist with Marvel. There is much I agree with here. Few people seem to LIKE Snyder's universe. I know I really don't. DC has to choose their path, though I argue that the public already has.