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  1. Beats being so wrapped up in it, all you end up with is frustration. I'm finding I'm too old for that level of fanboyism.
  2. Your overall comment has resonance with this in particular. Producers a while back basically asked viewers to stop picking it apart and guessing because someone announced that they knew where S@ was going to go so they had to re-tool it. No matter what there's going to be a ton of picking apart of WW or Trek. It can't be stopped. Both sets of producers just need to do the best that they know how to do and let the reception be what it is. In that vein, WW's producers shouldn't have changed a thing. I'm done waiting for Trek in that I'm not even thinking about DSC. I'll probably find some excitement again when it has a solid date. Until then, it's going to do what it's going to do.
  3. Well, that you get to lay at the feet of George "Luckiest filmmaker of all time" Lucas.
  4. I can certainly understand. Shia really doesn't help.
  5. Sylvester Stallone: The MCU Is This Generation’s Hero Mythology
  6. Welcome to today's episode of: "Desperately Seeking Subtext That Doesn't Exist to Make a Silk Purse Out of a Bag of Crap" DCEU’s True Superman Will Be Born in Justice League
  7. Crystal Skull is such a pointless return for Indy, I can't even hate it. It just makes me so very sad.
  8. "In the Beginning" has merit, but, really, none of the rest needed to be made.
  9. Adam Nimoy has an answer. Mine is: NO!
  10. I'd call it one of the most under-appreciated shows of the decade. It was crafted as opposed to made. In a righteous universe it would have simply replaced the vastly inferior SHIELD. And I think the WW film's success will be entirely dependent upon whether or not they give Gadot any meat to start with. She's untested on that front in a lot of ways in her movie career, so I can't say if she could handle it yet or not, but I do know that the whole thing is a lost cause if all DC does is what DC does: "See, we have comic stuff on screen just like those other guys." Maybe she couldn't rise to meet the challenge of a hefty script, but I truly doubt they give her anything to begin with but, "Come watch me play '300' while stuff e'splodes." Then again, who knows? Suicide Squad was pretty much as empty as a screenplay could be and it made bank hand over fist. She could prove me wrong, but I just think the casting was uninspired when that's half the battle in elevating material. I have no problems with McAvoy and he does a solid job, but Patrick Stewart will never be met, much less surpassed as Xavier. McKellan was stellar as Magneto and you'll not find a better actor to play the younger version than Fassbender. And I sincerely feel sorry for the actor that has to follow in Jackman's footsteps as Wolverine. So...I guess to sum up...lots of doubts about this thing.
  11. I strongly suspect WW goes nowhere and does nothing. And, you laugh, but if you put a team together that would give the character of Steve Trevor the same care, attention, and genuine love that Peggy Carter got over those two seasons, I'd be there even if I DIDN'T like Pine.
  12. X-Men: Dark Phoenix Confirmed.
  13. While they were both written to be anniversary "love letters to the fans" "Trials and Tribble-ations" is the only one that succeeds for the simple fact that "Trials..." simply cannot exist without Kirk and crew. Sisko and the bunch inhabit their world and work within it. They need it to solve the problem. "Flashback" is nothing. It's just Janeway and Tuvok wandering through Tuvok's busted memories as bystanders. None of it mattered.
  15. Then who was it I spoke to in Vegas? You've got a clone roaming the west, dude. But, yeah, this whole thing is right up there with things nobody needs or wants. What's next, Gungun Tales: From Buffoon to General, The Rise of Jar-Jar?" I can just imagine 100 eps of that, too.
  16. I literally don't understand how this thing is supposed to matter. Grandparent drama for a few years, planet explodes leaving two survivors. The End. Sorry if I spoiled it for you guys that don't know Superman or his history.
  18. "Forgotten" 'heroes' or "Irrelevant to start with?"
  19. CBSAA has them now. I suppose it depends on when Netflix contract expires. Then again, it ultimately depends upon how much Netflix is willing to pay as the Treks are among their most streamed programs.
  20. Good for them.
  21. I think Pryor gave his best effort. I don't think he phoned it in or otherwise didn't take it seriously. And I liked most of his acting efforts, but he was woefully miscast here. And this: not a direction that Superman should have ever gone. Admittedly, the film i NOT quite as bad as this poster implies, but this poster is ludicrous and slapstick-y and the film shouldn't have even attempted this sort of nonsense, much less use Pryor to do it. The fact that the likes of Superman 3 exists makes me so happy that the Eddie Murphy/Star Trek merger never happened. Superman 3 could have been much better than it was and, in hindsight, it seems Reeve was correct and should have never done "The Quest for Mediocrity"
  22. Superman 3 was a masterpiece by comparison. I do honestly like the whole thread of the film with Superman figuratively, then literally confronting his desire to be evil. Richard Pryor was simply a horrible mistake. No such redemption for Superman IV, though I do give it credit for being better than the F4 reboot.
  23. I really am just DONE with Zack Snyder.
  24. Josh Brolin is Cable.
  25. I know it's heresy, but 2010 is far more watchable to me.