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  1. Since the opener held my interest even without the ship, I can wait.
  2. I think you're spot-on there. Burnam just has to stop doing that. That optimism is definitely a show less than tell. This isn't "All Good things..." where a captain who doesn't remember which officer is which post and who seems to be having visual and auditory hallucinations convinces the crew to trash their mission to die in a temporal anomaly just because he says so. Then again, Picard is Picard. Special case. There. Are. THREE ellipses.
  3. It is. She did a LOT wrong, not the least of which was keeping the whole "Vulcan Hello" conversation from her captain. Georgiou could have questioned it and then hashed it out. Maybe it turns out exactly the same, but that's still so much better than, "Hey, Starfleet captain, we have to start shooting. Not only that, we have to and start shooting before backup arrives." It's dicey to start with, but plain ludicrous on nothing but Burnam's say so.
  4. When she was waxing poetic about the universe, exploration, and her Starfleet values? Definitely. I think certain bits of that dialogue were weak to start with and she pushed too hard trying to sell it.
  5. The Orville

    I quite agree. Many a week, Starfleet sermonized and magically it starts a groundswell that changes the world. With this episode of The Orville? "Yeah, ummm...good points. Really. But we're going to be doing what we've always done, thanks." The child's facial appearance changed significantly, so it seems a genetic procedure to me.
  6. The Orville

    Orville actually seems to be moderating a bit. The first episode was slapsticky and I find pretty bad. If it continues on its path and doesn't get cancelled there's certainly room for both. I think Orville just keeps its lighter tone and continues on. It's less Galaxy Quest than TNG with a little casual funny.
  7. Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor

    Some NSFW language within the article As some fans were none too happy with him calling out Wonder Woman as sexist and a step backward when he has a history of sexism himself. This does not need to be made.
  8. She screwed up hard and deserved what she got. I see no reason whatsoever, given what she went to the ready room to have that conversation with Sarek about that she couldn't have brought Georgiou in on it aside from "plot requires only Burnam know what the right thing to do is." They probably decided Porthos was the living incarnation of Fek'lahr and ran away.
  9. Very good opener. Enjoyed the second episode better than the first. The Klingons worked nicely so far. But those couple of times where Burnam waxed poetic about the beauty of the galaxy? Clunky as all get out. She needs to not do that anymore.
  10. What's You're Favorite Data Moment?

    I like how it spirals into funny.
  11. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    I honestly don't see it. People that have literally watched an episode to verify a Memory Alpha entry rather than take its word for it are not going to start seriously throwing around the Borg or Q. They sure sound like they are laser focused on the story they want to tell.
  12. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    I'm willing to bet no one in the writer's room has even mentioned him.
  13. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    No, thanks.
  14. The Orville

    Ratings: Gotham 1.0/The Orville 1.1 ...that may well adjust down... ...on a night of repeats everywhere else. This is not looking good.
  15. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Technobabble is my biggest thing. Want to avoid a Klingon ship hunting you? I'd love to see you slowly weaving an asteroid field for 15 minutes at low power to get yourself lost in the debris field. I would rather not see: "Captain, I think I can tie the phaser collimator directly into the EPS grid. The more sensitive phase discriminators in the phaser control system could help me fine tune the frequencies the main deflector dish produces, so we COULD create a makeshift cloaking device." Which, of course, works. No, thank you.
  16. The Maybe-Im-Willing-to-Give-Enterprise-a-Second-Look Thread

    Threshold is largely just horrible execution of an idea, in this case, what happens if you hit warp 10? The answer: We devolve, just to poke at decades of Trek that talked about man...moving beyond. Tee-hee. So funny. "Sickbay" and "Spirit Folk" are infuriating simply because they are wrong. They are stunningly wrong. The events in "Sickbay" are all Archer's fault. All of it and it takes him the entire episode before he even grudgingly accepts it. In "Spirit Folk" Janeway is utterly wrong. She's weighing two human lives and one artificial life form against a bunch of holograms that "are real because we care about them" and the ones that are real because we have feelings wins that argument. It's insane. With "Threshold" I just roll my eyes and wait for it to be over. With the others? It's far more frustrating because I want to grab these people and, "What the %$#@ are you thinking? What's WRONG with you?" and I can't.
  17. I'm honestly uneasy about this. Years in development hell that included a screenplay where the Drakes were a treasure-hunting family and Mark Wahlberg was attached. I like Holland. I'm just not sure he's any kind of Nathan Drake. Honestly, these games are so lovely to look at and superbly well-acted that any film adaptation is going to have to vault a VERY high bar. I just don't know.
  18. The Orville

    Do you really want somebody in a position who's THAT stupid? Either completely relegate the character to the, "Course laid in, sir." guy or make him a little less "dumb mook." If it were me, borrowing from MacFarlane's television nostalgia, Mallow can head to the ship's basketball court, basketball in hand and simply never be seen again ala Chuck Cunningham.
  19. Bernie Casey (Cal Hudson, DS9) Dies at 78

    Mine either. One of the burdens of...a lack of youth.
  20. The Maybe-Im-Willing-to-Give-Enterprise-a-Second-Look Thread

    I actually find "Threshold" more tolerable than either of them...and that's saying something.
  21. Uncharted: The Movie: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

    It's not going to work with Tom Holland, that's for sure. And with the Naughty Dog cinematic games? The adaptation, whatever it is, simply isn't going to have as strong a narrative or as solid acting as the games.
  22. Bernie Casey (Cal Hudson, DS9) Dies at 78

    He had a stroke sometime back and has some paralysis. That might be what you read and your brain misfiled.
  23. The Orville

    Holodecks? No. No. Please, dog, make them stop. I have to say...this was pretty good. The humor was balanced, the episode well-paced, and the topic actually handled well and with sensitivity in as much as all sides were represented with a complete absence of fart jokes. The twist was nice and the end was not all hearts and flowers. Can't really find a lot negative to say about it and I'm happy for that. May it continue to improve.
  24. The Klingon Redesign?

    Different Houses, different appearances? So it seems.