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  1. It seems to have broken. Is your Treknobabble generator still under warranty?
  2. Seems easier just to put emitters everywhere, but that's just me.
  3. It doesn't shock me, "No casting calls for Mr, Hunter before..." (whatever time) "Jeffery can only be photographed from the right side," The little bit I know is enough to understand why he got dropped.
  4. You should, and let me know when you have.
  5. I like Kirk, but I liked Pike, too. Not afraid of a fight, but definitely more cerebral and contemplative. Almost a Picard prototype in a way for that, and it would have been a very different thing for a primetime hero in the 60s. If I figure out the whole parallel universe thing, I'll find one where Hunter went the full five years of the series and bring you back the DVDs.
  6. You might have gotten your wish if Hunter's wife/agent hadn't been such a shrew that Roddenberry couldn't even contemplate working with her anymore.
  7. Best thing that could possibly happen to the entire DCEU.
  8. Dawson's directorial work on Trek was always solid. A good episode and I do like that it's a soft part two for "Minefield.," which is also a pretty darn good episode.
  9. And I think Whedon was brought in for a reason. The film was basically finished when Snyder had to leave it. A few pick-ups and some editing? There are any number of capable directors of the First Assistant variety that could cover it. I think the suits were disappointed with BvS. They've come out and said as much now, but sometimes people are hesitant to shift course without some evidence that it will work. Enter Patty Jenkins. I think they've finally gotten the message that no one wants clinically depressed or narcissistic superheroes, but they need someone who knows how to do it, and F. Assistant Director isn't gonna cut it, so you bring in the likes of Whedon.
  10. In this case, I think the reshoots are necessary, pretty much regardless of cost. If they keep Snyder's bleakness, I think they're looking at a serious bomb.
  11. But tell me I'm wrong. LOL. Pretty much. I've never seen an ego like it. But, yeah, that's as easier ask. Koenig seems to have made peace with the man, not because of any particular effort on Shatner's part. He just came to accept within himself that, 'Bill is how Bill is' and moved on.
  12. Play up the character that's going to cross $800M by the end of the week? That's some genius marketing, I tellz ya.
  13. Cavill's mustache causing chaos.
  14. If they reveal a Talaxian "morale officer" I'm out.
  15. If they actually want to do that and adhere to the premise this time, I'd actually be open to it.