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  1. "Life." (Sci-fi, 2017) If you've seen "Alien," you know the drill and "Life" doesn't remake the wheel. It's competently-acted, the creature is interesting and, most importantly, it maintains tension nicely. It was a perfect acceptable diversion even if it doesn't blow the doors off the place. All I can say is, I suspect I will have enjoyed this much more than "Covenant"
  2. I'm sure the overseas market will save it, but...damn, just, no.
  3. I have no faith in this.
  4. Pretty much no one will.
  5. One can only hope.
  6. Maybe he was building another space sailboat.
  7. besides the look of the Bridge, thats the best that bridge ever looked. The problem with Nemesis isn't the script (Read John Logan's entire uncut script, its actually pretty good) , the problem was the editor for a director that couldn't stop cutting important stuff out, and couldnt get away from his "dark" palette. Listen to his commentary, he says "dark, darker, more dark" over and over and over again. Not to mention Digital Domain did a very crappy job with special effects. Star Trek Insurrection was cinematic enough. I had a blast watching it in the theatre wan i was 12. Anyways, Ill take Baird's DARK over JJ's OH MY GOD I CANT SEE ITS SO BRIGHT LENSFLARE any day. Somewhat surprises me considering Baird was and is a film editor. And INS is a second season episode someone rightly left on the floor.
  8. Makes sense to me. I mean, it's logical. A Vulcan male is going to die unless he surrenders to that biological imperative. I can see many circumstances where another Vulcan (co-worker, family friend, or total stranger) could decide that sex with the person was preferable to them dying, even if only as a humanitarian thing like stopping someone from choking on the street. The act was the act for whatever purpose. I completely see Vulcans willing to see it as that and simply part company. Indeed, arguably, that's all Saavik did; kept Spock from dying.
  9. Ah. Been a long time since I subjected myself to watched Voyager, though I do like Vorik. As to the question, I'm guessing that if that bond is broken there's no one person for them to fixate on, they're it. They just find a mate normally.
  10. Neither was Vorik (Voy)
  11. It's painfully bad. Much worse than Nemesis, IMHO, though that's not to imply that Nemesis is any kind of "good."
  12. They're just true friends.It's a genuine and sweet bromance. It's all over both of them when they're together and it's a great thing to see. Photos of them together always make me smile.
  13. What I never quite grasped was that the Horta knew what the device was and where it was in order to strike with precision and take the ONE piece of equipment the colony needed to continue functioning. Why not simply melt the damn thing? Problem solved, or at least delayed enough while they try to get in with new equipment...maybe even long enough for her babies to hatch, grow, and know how to defend their home.
  14. I wonder where the Lucas Replicant buried the original?
  15. Yeah, a far cry from Lucas 1.0, a guy who found a special effect without a purpose dull and uninteresting.