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  1. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    On Diamond-bejeweled plates with solid gold utensils?
  2. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    No question. I'm sure the Death Star was probably literally built to avoid a land war on Kashyyyk. Because I'm not sure Palpy could clone troops fast enough to keep up with the pile of bodies a Wookie infantry would pile up. In other news: Star Wars opens to a modest $450M global. :)
  3. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    The Ewoks completely crash that movie for me. I don't hate it, but...I just can't with the Ewoks.
  4. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    Vie is contaminating you. I demand that this be stopped.
  5. Star Trek: Discovery occurs in an alternate universe

    Is the TMP E a great technical leap though? Is it super, radically technologically superior to the TOS E? But that IS an interesting theory that I hadn't considered before.
  6. Apple Signs Ronald D. Moore to Helm a New Series.

    Fortunately, you have time to save pennies.
  7. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    It's like, "Let's just show a classy Mos Eisley. Does it matter why?"
  8. Apple Signs Ronald D. Moore to Helm a New Series.

    Indeed. The impact on education, technology, politics...this could be one meaty series.
  9. What if the space race never ended?
  10. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    You assume Kylo told her the truth about what he saw...or spoke truth that he actually saw anything.
  11. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    I think it boils down to two things that you touched on your blog: 1) Overall while I was satisfied with most of the Rey with Luke bits on his little hidey-island, I would like to have seen him TEACH her something, which he sort of never bothered to do, instead sort of using her as a therapy tool over Ben and telling her what she was doing wrong. I don't need an 80s movie montage, but one is sort of left to wonder what she got out of her time with Luke from Luke. 2) It needs editing. DJ doesn't matter. Phasma doesn't matter. One could have made some barriers within the escaping fleet that kept them from immediately trying to go after Snoke's destroyer. The Casino Royale bit doesn't matter. Its only relevance is as an exposition point for Rose and that could have easily been done elsewhere. Add to that lingering shots of ship porn that pile up after a while, a decent editor could have pared that movie down to 1:50, at least and lost nothing that mattered in the process.
  12. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    I don't think they were ever going to anyway because reflexive hatred of Abrams.
  13. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    SPOILERS!!! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I liked the movie and it's perfectly fair to call it the best film since Empire despite the flaws. Mainly, yes, the middle is bloated and the Casino Royale section could be cut entirely. I think it essentially stopped the film to the point where it took some time to start it back up. This is easily the best turn for Hamill that he's done with Luke or that Hamill could ask for. Yoda's CGI was just awful. He looked better 10 years ago. Phasma continues to have no point that I can see other than "We found a 6.3 woman to go in the shiny suit." Rey and Kylo are great together and my perception is that he's lying to her about her parentage. This movie does repeat beats from the previous films, but this time they're different enough to be called beats where in TFA, you could make the legit argument that TFA was ripping the OT. Porgs were used just enough to be cute and not annoying. Finally. I'm sorry, but if the tactic used against Snoke's fleet had been used earlier, a lot of grief might have been saved. Every lagging ship was capable of a hyper jump until they ran out of fuel. When they ran out of fuel, they were dead anyway. It was just a waste of time not to do it sooner. Flawed, but still satisfying.
  14. Have to say that I'm enjoying the score to The Last Jedi more than I did TFA.

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Hmm.  Got me curious.  I liked TFA's score, especially Rey's theme. Sounds like I have something else to look forward to tonight. 

    2. prometheus59650


      Oh, I like TFA. That's one thing I hate about "I like this better than that." I always have the feeling that I'm at least backhandedly saying that I don't like the thing I'm comparing it to, but in TFA Rey's theme and the rebel theme are as timeless as anything else he's written. Right now, I'm finding TLJ to have a little more punch and it was fun to hear a new take on the music in the original SW of the battle post-escape from the Death Star.

      That said, it is a little derivative in some spots. Maybe right now I'm just high from a new John Williams Star Wars score. :)

  15. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    Garak is more interesting in "The Wire" than Janeway was in seven years.