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  1. The world is a crazy place.
  2. These are just people that literally can't handle the reality that the world is more 'not white' than white, so any reminder of that fact is a personal attack. Never mind that Star Trek, for 50 years, has been all about social justice. That's really the whole point. There are A LOT of 'fans' who are not fans of any of the social aspects of the show, but rather seem to love the gunboat diplomacy and the Americentric notion, grafted onto the vehicle of "The Federation," that our way is the right way, best way, and everyone else wants to be like us.
  3. Since this seems to be where the 'dislike DSC stuff is going, I'll place this here, but we're not talking 'This just isn't my thing' dislike. We're talking, literally, "DSC is white genocide" nonsense. Rascism here, there, and everywhere. (Some comments NSFW)
  4. Yeah, I can see that.
  5. Mine either. I liked The Man with the Golden Gun," and I actually like Moonraker for its unintentionally MST3K quality, but he did pretty well as Bond all things considered.
  6. Dead at 89.
  7. Oh, I never liked that blankety-blank but that was the episode where, "Yeah, nothing she can do can ever redeem her to me." Centered when she was decidedly not? I can see how that would appeal.
  8. If he had been, we would have missed "Life Support," which solidified my hatred of Winn.
  9. Well, it's been no secret whatsoever that you've written off all modern Trek, and that's fine. I just didn't see where it'd be news to anyone so that it warranted a brand new thread. (Sounds snarky, I know, but not meant to be. More...matter of fact, really) Like what you like and more power to ya,
  10. This is not a shock. Not sure why it needs its own thread, but okay.
  11. Knew it. And I also saw the shower deaths coming in one of the commercials. That was the tell for me that this was just going to be a slasher flick with the Alien aliens. Ridley Scott must have had bills to pay.
  12. This. That's why the 60s breakfast table chairs at the helm and the painted wood "tapes" are done for.
  13. Hah, good luck.
  14. Bryan Fuller: Why do the characters of Alien: Covenant make so many dumb decisions? So they can get eaten. Duh.
  15. Which will, if true, be a first for them. Doesn't ramp up my enthusiasm for JL or anything, but if this is going to be their (or anyone's, really) first big push to headline a female superhero it deserves to be good.