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  1. A Joker Origin movie? Must we?
  2. It seems so many are simply determined not to like it.
  3. Always has been.
  4. Okay, got a free month of CBSAA and took it just so everything is set up. I note that neither TOS or TNG are the HD remasters. I can't help but wonder if they don't want the crappy compare and contrast that comes with half of the older stuff being pristine now and DS9 and VOY just...not.

  5. That "squeamishness" that made people freak out over "The Outcast" and "Rejoined" is no longer the mainstream.
  6. Same here, to be honest. If what's between the naked and the violent is genuinely GOOD? I'm cool. I don't think so in this case. It's 2017. While there will always be people to get upset over it, gay characters aren't so troubling as they once were in television. Why? So? Even in a future where no one would care...literally no one would care if you're bi, or gay, or genderqueer or whatever you are, it doesn't change what you are or who you're into. That no one would care that you're bi doesn't somehow make you bi or make you open to bisexual relationships. You're attracted to both genders or not...whether you're accepted for that by your peer group or not.
  7. LOL. If even fractions of what she depicts there actually occurred, she wasn't the 'mean' one by outing it. And, if you had read her essay, she explains quite clearly that he gaslit her for a decade and a half. It's hard to 'know' when the other person lies and does it to you in such a way and speaks to you in such a way so as to tell you that not only are you wrong, but there's something mentally or emotionally wrong with you for even asking questions. It doesn't take much of the manipulation and condescension to basically crush you emotionally. How do you know? All guys are sleazy cheats? He has lent his name and time to many feminist causes, so the term isn't unfounded. LOL. Okay, here you are creating unnecessary imagery and imagery that never occurred to me. Black Widow would not be having sex with the Hulk, it would be with Banner, and this much of Whedon's mindset, I understand. Banner and Romanoff are both outsiders that society will never fully accept.They fit together because they fit nowhere else. But Whedon dumps on Romanoff, too. He has Cap coming to Banner and basically saying, 'Yeah, she flirts with everybody." And it's not particularly feminist for him to have her, after describing her forced sterilization to Banner saying, "You're not the only monster here." Wut? Okay, her cold history of mass assassination? Sure. But how does her inability to bear children due to, again, her forced sterilization make her a monster? She is somehow less because she can't have a child? It's not particulary nuanced for having been written by a 'feminist' Then again, the MCU, nor Disney has ever treated the character all that well. This is actually spot on.
  8. EA has a horrible reputation with gamers, and with good reason. They buy companies and bleed out what made them worth buying to begin with. They churn out games, finished or not. You would be Hard-pressed to find fans of them in the game world. Maybe their sports games, but that's it.
  9. Of course, but, see, where we hit ' really creepy Geordi' territory is that Geordi is not particularly contrite. Indeed, he's angry at her because he's trying to realize this romance that literally exists only in his mind and she's resisting it. Yet he's strutting about and "All I've tried to do is offer you friendship." He's gaslighting her and she, as he hopes, she ends up feeling guilty, just as he plans. It's like no one who ever wrote for TNG ever lived a normal romantic relationship.
  10. I don't disagree with that. They dropped the ball with ME3's ending, in part, because EA had financial goals to meet. Now, I'm not looking to take the likes of Hudson, etc. off the hook because Hudson LIKES that esoteric stuff and he had zero problems with that ending. That said, it was fast. That game had to have a fast ending because it had a firm release window to meet. That's all EA. Then, a lot of Andromeda's problems when it came to graphics came from the fact that now we know that everyone they consider their A-list development stable was put to DA4 and Anthem. ME:A was an obligatory cash grab. That it turned out as well as it did is in spite of BW and not because of it. Honestly, if the Internet is any sort of metric, I think they are in for a rude awakening when it comes to Anthem. I'm seeing no great love for it anywhere.
  11. I don't really have a problem with the serial cheating. I mean, I do, but it's not all that unusual. The years of gaslighting his wife until she questions her sanity? That's psychological abuse. And, I'm sorry, but no feminist wrote that godawful Wonder Woman screenplay. No feminist could look at that and think, "That rocks. What a hero she is." You can divorce the artist from the art and still like the art. I do with Mel Gibson. But Gibson is still pretty trashy...and so is Whedon at this point.
  12. Who can forget Aquiel? Seriously. If you know someone that did it, find out how for me.
  13. I'm not a big western guy either, and I haven't watched it recently but Longmire isn't bad. The Bionic Woman remake was awesome just watching Katie steal the whole damn thing.
  14. C'mon...How can you not be moved by Riker and the Irish chick who needed a place to wash her feet? That wasn't cringe-worthy flirting AT ALL.
  15. Heck, I might actually watch it to see Katie act circles around the rest of them.