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  1. Happy 80th anniversary, George. What is your best memories about Takei and Hikaru Sulu ??? I think his finest moment as an actor was in STAR TREK VI THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY as Captain of the Excelsior. THE NAKED TIME was also a great episode for Sulu. Gus
  2. We all have fallen in love with Agent Peggy Carter...... And lets see what Pine can do with Steve Trevor, maybe making him more heroic and funny than his Kirk. But yeah, I do think WONDER WOMAN will not go well at the box office.................who knows ? Gus
  3. Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK 4 - New Interview Kirk’s dad, George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), is reportedly coming back in the next “Star Trek” movie. What are your thoughts on running into your dad and how do you think that interaction will be? It’s such a trip that, in the first one, Chris [Hemsworth] had such a small but super important part and he knocked it out of the park. He’s only on screen for so little time and he’s really emotionally the centerpiece of that film. I’ve only really seen him a couple times since then strangely, so it would be fun to reunite with him. I was honestly quite happy where the end of that father-son storyline ended, but I’d be happy to work with Chris again. He’s a great actor and a really nice man. Full interview with Pine : Gus
  4. No kidding, I indeed have his personal email from my old days, courtesy of Steve Krurtzler.......... But email him ? Naaaaaaahhhh, I think I will wait for DISCOVERY debut LOL I am not more TrekWeb editor, so who cares ??? Gus
  5. Pine will be busy making WONDER WOMAN movies for the next decade, Who knows, maybe he can pull an AGENT CARTER and have his own Captain Steve Trevor TV Series ! LOL Gus
  6. Well, thats actually a great idea, Sehlat. I will email Nicholas Meyer LOL Gus
  7. Collider posted a great article on how the AVATAR sequels will fit in the current sci-fi movie franchises Avatar 2: December 18, 2020 Avatar 3: December 17, 2021 Avatar 4: December 20, 2024 Avatar 5: December 19, 2025 Considering the ninth Star Wars film in the Skywalker saga will be coming out in 2019, this gives Cameron some open room to build the franchise back up after such a long time away. There will, of course, still be Marvel and DC to contend with but in terms of big-label sci-fi franchises, Avatar will likely have an open marketplace, even more so if the fourth Star Trek film of the new franchise is a ways off. Gus
  8. They could have done the entire episode about the Excelsior vs Kang's cruiser, ala BALANCE OF TERROR or something like that, but no, they keep doing this mental virus scenes which made no sense at all. Ugh. Captain Sulu deserved a better 30th anniversary script. Gus
  9. Hey Sehlat......this one for you...............Captain Sulu vs Kang, the best scene in VOYAGER's "Flashback", written by Brannon Braga. Gus
  10. Geee, I think Zoe Saldana will be really busy for a few years.......I dunno The Next Four AVATAR Movies Have Release Dates (Again) Believe it or not, Avatar was released EIGHT years ago and after countless stops and starts, the next four instalments of the franchise have been given release dates
  11. One of the great things about WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME is that James Cawley and the NEW VOYAGES people really did a great and perfect re-creation of the USS Excelsior bridge, and even Grace did a fun cameo in that little scene. Damn, I miss those great fan films of yesterday. Gus
  12. Well, that we can all agree ! Gus
  13. I will tell you a secret, it was great to see the Praxis explosion (again) and the Excelsior facing Kang's battlecruiser, but otherwise, I hated FLASHBACK, because I have so much hopes for it and then I watched it and it was "meh".LOL Braga wrote a lot of canonical mistakes in that episode, like the death of Valtane, who turned alive at the end of STAR TREK VI. There was a lot to be explored during the events of STAR TREK VI and they werent explored enough. At least, it was not another holodeck adventure LOL Gus
  14. Well, it appears they are together all righ ! Just check this scene when Shatner, Takei and the cadets return to the bridge of the Enterprise-A (still in drydock in orbit of Jupiter) for a final mission. Quite moving scene, to be back on the best ship in the galaxy for a last time, even if it was in a computer game. And the music by Ron Jones is just beatiful; Ahhhh, the good old days............... Gus
  15. I have forgotten about WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME - one of the best STAR TREK episodes - fan film or not - even made. Takei was also great as Captain Sulu in the 1997 Interplay game STARFLEET ACADEMY, which he co-starred with Bill Shatner and Koenig, in a plot to save Federation from a rebel cadet group, called the Vanguard. The game script was written by Diane Carey who also wrote the novelization. Gus
  16. Leaked Images From GHOST IN THE SHELL Show Scarlett Johansson And The Rest Of Section 9 In Costume
  17. TrekMovie posted the covers and info for the IDW Star Trek comic books for July. In STAR TREK BOLDLY GO issue 10, Scotty returns to the Yorktown base to check in on construction of the new Enterprise… only to find that building the flagship comes with unexpected perils! Gus
  18. Terrible idea for a TV Series. First GOTHAM, now this. Golly. Gus
  19. I dont think we will see the Enterprise-A engineering or even the bridge on the comic book, because those sets has not yet have being designed for STAR TREK 4 (if there is a STAR TREK 4 with the JJ cast) Gus
  20. Good morning - bom dia ! Fox has just announced that Ridley Scott's follow up to Prometheus will actually be titled Alien: Covenant (formerly "Paradise Lost"), and have a title treatment and synopsis to go along with its October 2017 release date reveal. (Beware of possible spoilers)
  21. New Promo For SyFy's KRYPTON Turns Back The Clock To A Time Of Forgotten Heroes After the positive reception the leaked trailer for SyFy's Krypton received, it appears as though the network might be moving forward with the series, as they have released an inspiring first promo!
  22. Bah ! Paramount and CBS Home Entertaiment just suck ! How many times they will release the movies with the same extras on DVD or Blu-Ray ??? I have spoken ! Gus
  23. Good points, Sehlat. Here's my favorite Takei scsne in Star Trek. Gus
  24. New ALIEN: COVENANT Images Feature David, A Neomorph, And A Potentially Huge SPOILER Here we have three brand new stills from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, one of which might just reveal what became of the mysterious Engineers that were introduced in the last movie.
  25. ALIEN COVENANT: Fox Home Entertainment And Walmart Team Up For A New Blu-Ray Alien Anthology Release. Good night, boa noite ! Fox and Walmart have something special in store for the fans of the Alien Franchise Gus