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  1. General Marvel Discussion

    THE PUNISHER Is Coming To Collect In This New Promo For The Marvel/Netflix DAREDEVIL Spinoff Show - Looks Like a Great Adaptation of the Comic Book !
  2. Alien Covenant

    Good morning - bom dia ! Fox has just announced that Ridley Scott's follow up to Prometheus will actually be titled Alien: Covenant (formerly "Paradise Lost"), and have a title treatment and synopsis to go along with its October 2017 release date reveal. (Beware of possible spoilers)
  3. Coming in December from IDW Publishing STAR TREK: BOLDLY GO #15 "I.D.I.C." Part 3 of 6! The 6-part JJ TREK epic adventure "I.D.I.C." continues, as the mastermind behind the colliding realities is revealed! Can the multiple Kirks and their crews unite in time to save all of their universes? Gus
  4. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Full Length Trailer For TOMB RAIDER Features Plenty Of New Footage And Story Details Warner Bros. has officially released the first full trailer for Tomb Raider and it's crammed full of new footage as we learn more about what this adventure holds in store for Alicia Vikander's Lara Croft.
  5. Quentin Tarantino Describes The STAR TREK Movie He'd Make What do you guys think of Tarantino ideas for a STAR TREK 4 ? Gus
  6. Congrats to Super "Star Trek couple" Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy on their engagement! So cool! Gus
  7. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Before Marvel Studios, Samuel L. Jackson and ABC's "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.", there was Knight Rider and Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff starring as Nick Fury in an unsold TV Pilot in 1998 written by (gasp !) BATMAN BEGINS screenwriter David Goyer. Another 90 minutes of my life wasted.......oh my. LOL Gus
  8. Discovery and Me

    I made a decision which I think I woiuld never made in my life. I will not watch STAR TREK DISCOVERY. Watching the trailer was so painfull I almost cried. Mu Star Trek is gone, lost forever, a relic. A friend told me "Gus, let it go.You Star Trek is dead. There is a universe of entertaiment out there, like the Marvel productions" And I thank my good old buddy Carlos for having told me that. I will sample the pilot on Netflix and thats painfull as JJ Trek and the trailer, I will try to not care and try to get my head on other things. My sincere repects to Gene Roddenberry, Gene Coon, Harve Bennett, Rick Berman and Michael Piller for keeping my love for Star Trek for years and years. Now its time for a new generation of fans. I just turned 47 yesterday.My time is up. I dont wanna insult anyone with this post, its just my feelings since yesterday. I will watch THE CAGE tonight. Thanks a lot guys, Gus
  9. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    This made me happy : The First Reactions To An Early Screening Of JUSTICE LEAGUE Have Arrived Good night, people. Boa noite, gente Gus
  10. Seth Grahame-Smith Departs THE FLASH Movie Due To "Creative Differences" With Warner Bros. The Flash movie has lost its director, as Pride & Prejudice & Zombies scribe Seth Grahame-Smith has decided to part ways with Warner Bros. Will the studio keep his screenplay though? RUMOR: AQUAMAN Director James Wan May Be Next In Line To Depart The DC Films Universe Is the DC Movies Universe facing a Crisis? According to a new report, there's an awful lot of chaos behind the scenes of Justice League, while James Wan could be about to move on from directing Aquaman. GUs
  11. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Will JUSTICE LEAGUE's Zack Snyder Return To The DC Extended Universe? The Filmmaker Reveals What's Next Gus
  12. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Haha my pleasure. The movie does not need a new Lara Crioft, maybe in a TV Series, I dunno. I sense box office disaster. Gus
  13. General DC Discussion

    I have the extended TV Versions of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE (the 3 hour version), SUPERMAN II and SUPERMAN III and all are improvment over the theatrical versions. I even have the Japanese LD version of SUPERMAN IV that restores two scenes (Nuclear Man attacks on Smallville and Moscow - watch below these scenes from the 1988 Japanese Laserdisc) and love it. Of course I did transfer those old 1980s VHS to DVD-R a while ago. Guilty pleasures indeed. Gus
  14. General DC Discussion

    SUPERMAN III and SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE are just two of my guilty pleasures, because I loved Reeve so much in the role, still do. He wrote and directed second unit in IV because he wanted a serious, relevant Superman story after III. But yeah you cant take those FX in SUPERMAN IV, seriously because Cannon cut the budget in half DURING filming. And you cant make a Superman movie for less than $15 million. Still love IV, great "Silver Age Superman" moments in there and a beatiful Alexander Courage score ! Gus
  15. General DC Discussion

    Finallly the 3 hour extended TV version of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE, the 1978 classic movie starring the late, great Christopher Reeve, will be available on Blu-Ray coming soon ! RIP Chris As everyone here knows, I love the Reeve movies - even III and IV Gus
  16. The Man of Steel - Next Superman Movie

    Matthew Vaughn's Potential Take On SUPERMAN Would Be "Feel-Good & Heroic, A Beacon Of Light In Darkness" After recently revealing that he had been approached for Man of Steel 2, director Matthew Vaughn has elaborated on what his potential take on Superman might look like and it's sure to please diehard fans. Yeah, he's right ! Chris Reeve would be proud. RIP Chris As everyone here knows, I love the REeve movies - even III and IV Gus
  17. RENEGADES REQUIEM Is Online at YouTube

    Part 1 of RENEGADES THE SERIES REQUIEN is finally available online at YouTube. Directed by Tim Russ (again) it stars Robert Beltran, Nichele Nichols, Terry Farrell and Walter Koenig asThe Admiral; All STAR TREK references , character names and design were removed, of course, but this fan film is still a good entry in the proposed RENEGADES series. Great FX and good direction by Russ.
  18. RENEGADES REQUIEM Is Online at YouTube

    Here it is Michael, new address - hope enjoy the movie ! I did !!!
  19. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    The first TED movie (2012) Hey, Sam ! This is the guy I was telling you about !
  20. General Marvel Discussion

    LAME Fist ??? LOL Gus
  21. General Marvel Discussion

    MARVEL STUDIOS and Netflix's THE PUNISHER Looks Ready To Kick Some Serious Ass In Badass New Promotional Photo Yay ! I know is an anti hero but I hope he will join THE DEFENDERS. Gus
  22. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I was just talKing to sci-fi writer Douglas Nary Jr on Facebook, who just watched Cannon's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE live action 1987 movie starring Doulph Lundgren as He-Man and the great Frank Langella as Sketetor (can you believe, a good Cannon movie !!! gasp !!) how much I enjoyed the Filmation cartoon of HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. You know, I am a huge Filmation fan, but this cartoon tops the list. I have the power !!! LOL Watching first season episodes now.
  23. Logan--WITH SPOILERS

    LOGAN Becomes The First DVD Screener To Be Sent Out To Academy Voters - Fox Is Pushing For That Oscar Damn, Jackman and Patrick Stewart deserve Academy Award nominations for this movie ! I have spoken ! Gus
  24. Discovery and Me

    Golly. Sorry. LOL Gus
  25. Discovery and Me

    Star Trek Discovery Reviews Banned by CBS, Is It DOA? Gus