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  1. Seth Grahame-Smith Departs THE FLASH Movie Due To "Creative Differences" With Warner Bros. The Flash movie has lost its director, as Pride & Prejudice & Zombies scribe Seth Grahame-Smith has decided to part ways with Warner Bros. Will the studio keep his screenplay though? RUMOR: AQUAMAN Director James Wan May Be Next In Line To Depart The DC Films Universe Is the DC Movies Universe facing a Crisis? According to a new report, there's an awful lot of chaos behind the scenes of Justice League, while James Wan could be about to move on from directing Aquaman. GUs
  2. New JUSTICE LEAGUE photo Gus
  3. Watched the first two movies in the ROBOCOP PRIME DIRECTIVES TV mini series from 2001 (DARK JUSTICE and MELTDOWN). I just wanna some "new" Robo action, even low budget. LOL
  4. The newest cinematic incarnation of A Wrinkle in Time‘s Meg Murry has a father, but now she just has to find him again! Director Ava DuVernay‘s adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic sci-fi novel has cast Star Trek‘s Chris Pine as Dr. Alex Murry. Deadline broke the story of Pine’s casting, and noted that he will join the production of the film before the end of the year. But because Alex Murry’s absence is part of the plot of A Wrinkle in Time, he may not have a big role in this film. In the original story, Dr. Murry was researching tesseracts as way to move from one planet to another before he ultimately went missing. Meg, her brother Charles Wallace Murry, and their friend, Calvin O’Keefe were later sent on an inter-dimensional quest to find her father and save the universe.
  5. Speculation Mounts As Zack Snyder Removes All Mention Of JUSTICE LEAGUE From His Twitter Account Joss Whedon is currently in charge of Justice League and now a surprising move by Zack Snyder on social media has been generating a lot of discussion about the filmmaker's involvement with the movie.
  6. Watched more episodes of STREET HAWK (1984) this time with guest stars Christopher Lloyd and a young George Clooney. Loving the DVD box set from Shout Factory which includes an unaired version of the pilot and a 40-minute featurette with interviews with Rex Smith and Joe Regalbuto. Just joy !
  7. VOYAGER star Kate Mulgrew wants a original timeline STAR TREK movie starring Kirk (William Shatner), Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Janeway...............................before its too late ! Gus
  8. Kevin Feige Reveals Exactly How Far Marvel Studios' Current Plans Stretch Into The Future Marvel President Kevin Feige has weighed in on the future of the studio and exactly how far ahead they've planned out the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It sounds like Phase 4 is already taking shape.
  9. RUMOR: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Will See Steve Rogers Drop The Captain America Mantle & Suit-Up As Nomad Just like in the 1970s CAPTAIN AMERICA issues written by Steve Englehart. Cool !
  10. New BLADE RUNNER 2049 Trailer Provides A Much Better Idea Of What We Can Expect From The Sci-Fi Sequel Watch it now and beware of Spoilers !
  11. BOX OFFICE: The Wall-Crawler Falls To Caesar As WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES Tops SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Spider-Man: Homecoming proved to be no match for War for the Planet of the Apes at the North American box office this weekend but it's not all bad news for the wall-crawler!
  12. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Gets An Incredible First Teaser Trailer And A Stunning Theatrical Poster Well, it's finally here! The very first teaser trailer and an amazing poster for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi just debuted at Star Wars Celebration Orlando BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS !
  13. New trailer for the adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic sci-fi novel A WRINKLE IN TIME starring Chris Pine, watch it and enjoy, and beware of spoilers !
  14. STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI second trailer / featurette is online ! Enjoy ! Beware of Spoilers !
  15. Entertainment Weekly has released a brand new still featuring Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and The Flash (Ezra Miller0 from the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. Gus
  16. Good morning - bom dia !!! Chadwick Boseman Reveals BLACK PANTHER Plot Details; Talks Klaue, Killmonger, Vibranium And More POSSIBLE SPOILERS Chadwick Boseman spills the beans on what's to come in Black Panther by shedding some light on the setting, characters, plot and much more. Marvel's first "political drama" sounds very cool indeed. Gus
  17. The first Ultraman series in 1966 was quite fun, but they only got better with the two subsequent series, ULTRASEVEN (1969) and RETURN OF ULTRAMAN (1971), which feature high drama and adult storylines,the last good Ultraman series of that period was Ultraman Leo in 1975. The modern Ultraman series are hit and miss, with the better being Ultraman Tiga (1998), Ultraman Mebius (2006) and now the amazing Ultraman Orb series and movie (2016 and 2017). I cant get enough Ultraman LOL Heres the intro for my favorite Ultraman series THE RETURN OF ULTRAMAN,(1971) featuring actor Giro Dan as dramatic hero Hideki Goh. Love the music,performed by Dan. Gus
  18. Each year, comes a new ULTRAMAN TV series in Japan, its like a huge franchise there (and in Brazil too). I just watched the new Ultra series from 2016, titled ULTRAMAN ORB, and surprise surprise, its the best Ultra series since 2006's ULTRAMAN MEBIUS, taking place in the original Ultra timeline again...and thats a good thing. Here's the intro for ORB featuring a great cast, a great musical theme and good FX. And, gasp, a bit of humor too. Next : ULTRAMAN GEED in 2017.
  19. Peter Parker Goes To War With The Vulture In Two Spectacular Trailers For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Marvel has released the first trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and as well as featuring a cameo from a certain Avenger, we see Peter Parker going to war with The Vulture in some epic fight scenes!
  20. There a zillion rumors about WW on the net right now. WHedon shooting more Wonder Woman scenes for JUSTICE LEAGUE and so forth. Gus
  21. I disagree. Spidey has alot of surprises and a wonderful third act. Its MARVEL STUDIOS at its best. But hey, I love STAR TREK whatta hell I know ??? LOL Gus
  22. You are completely right in all accounts Nombrecomun ! Gus
  23. WONDER WOMAN 2 Rumors Point To A 1980s Setting And The Possible Return Of Chris Pine As Steve Trevor Gus
  24. Good morning - bom dia ! Fox has just announced that Ridley Scott's follow up to Prometheus will actually be titled Alien: Covenant (formerly "Paradise Lost"), and have a title treatment and synopsis to go along with its October 2017 release date reveal. (Beware of possible spoilers)
  25. And the better movie is SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING. Gus