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  1. Seth Grahame-Smith Departs THE FLASH Movie Due To "Creative Differences" With Warner Bros. The Flash movie has lost its director, as Pride & Prejudice & Zombies scribe Seth Grahame-Smith has decided to part ways with Warner Bros. Will the studio keep his screenplay though? RUMOR: AQUAMAN Director James Wan May Be Next In Line To Depart The DC Films Universe Is the DC Movies Universe facing a Crisis? According to a new report, there's an awful lot of chaos behind the scenes of Justice League, while James Wan could be about to move on from directing Aquaman. GUs
  2. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Just watched this evening, to keep my mind off of JUSTICE LEAGUE and Henry Cavill, one of my "guilty pleasures" regarding super hero movies, SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE, starring the great Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was meant to be a return of the series to greatness from the disappointing Superman III, but as many people know, the budget was cut severely in pre-production by Cannon Films when it started to scale back it’s large-budget productions that had been put into the pipeline when they tried to leap from smaller independent films to blockbusters. Harrison Ellenshaw, the veteran visual effects supervisor who worked on the movie and was forced by the tiny budget to deliver very bad FX shots, said “I practically wept at the end. It was tragic. There were so many people devoting so much. But that’s movies, no one sets out to make a bad one.” Anyway, if you are looking for a fun Silver Age SUPERMAN story this one could be fun. In the light of Henry Cavill brooding and awful portrayal of Superman in JUSTICE LEAGUE, Chris Reeve's Superman movies just getting better and better with age, Long live on the screen the true Superman ! Thank you, Chris ! Nite, boa noite ! Gus
  3. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Snyder not liking comic books where people don't kill each other explains his Superman; traditionally, Superman's entire existence is about inspiring and being bright and hopeful, but Snyder's iteration of the character kills someone in Man of Steel. Later in the interview, Snyder talks about Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, revealing that if he'd been at the helm, he would have gone a lot darker than Nolan did by incorporating prison rape: It's a mystery why Snyder believes that prison rape, sex, and death are what people want to see in superhero films — that comic book fans who love Superman really wanted to see him start killing people, or that Batman fans would really relish seeing the greatest detective alive not be able to tell the difference between a boat and a crime lord. Link There's more. There's always more. But it boils down to that audiences don't really have interest in Snyder's idea of who these people are. I don't. I don't even have an interest in anything Snyder does again after these glimpses into his Id. So, shock of shocks, people have abandoned his vision yet again. Add plentiful and poor CGI, and a new director in to try to piece something together so it's not clinically depressing you end up with a film that no one asked for or wants. The film didn't deserve a better fate; the heroes deserved a better film. Wow, I didnt knew about that. Well, anyway...... JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Henry Cavill Talks About The Film's "Different" Interpretation of Superman Now that Justice League has hit theatres, we're starting to get more details on how Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon took Superman in a different direction than the previous films in the series. Which in my opinion is ALL wrong ! (Beware of SPOILER) Ah, how i miss Christopher Reeve RIP Gus
  4. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    JUSTICE LEAGUE Could Ultimately Wind Up Costing Warner Bros. Between $50 And $100 Million The bad news for Justice League continues to pile on, as it's now been revealed that Zack Snyder's DC team-up flick could end up costing Warner Bros. a lot of money. Nite. Boa noite ! This movie deserved a better fate. Gus
  5. STAR TREK CONTINUES, a fan production which began in 2013 aiming to depict the final two years of the Enterprise’s 5-year mission, concludes its 11-episode run with the second and concluding part of the finale. “To Boldly Go: Part II”, features a story by science fiction writer Robert Sawyer, executive producer/star Vic Mignogna, and director James Kerwin, with a teleplay written by Sawyer and Kerwin. Nicola Bryant, Cas Anvar (The Expanse), and Amy Rydell guest star.
  6. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    JUSTICE LEAGUE Is Going All In Toward A Disappointing $94.4 Million Start In The United States Following optimistic projections in the $115M-$120M range, it looks like Justice League will indeed fall short of expectations and might actually not even cross $100 million at the domestic box office. Gus
  7. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Just Saw justice league. It was a good movie but nothing spectacular like Avengers or Wonder woman. Also the villain was Kinda Lame and Superman return was anti climatic. A good two hours but nothing more. Wonder Woman saved the movie of course. The theater I just saw it was packed . But it didnt impress the audience. They were not cheering and laughing like in AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR and WONDER WOMAN. Its a good movie. I just wished it was a great movie.
  8. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    I found Spectre to have a Nice atmosphere and i loved Robert Culp as an actor Anyway ir was better than Genesis 2 cant wait for Questor Tapes
  9. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    I just watched for the first time in a long time the Gene Roddenberry unsold horror pilot SPECTRE, well directed by Clive Donner in 1977 for CBS. After a supernatural experiment leaves him with a serious heart condition, occult criminologist William Sebastian (Robert Culp) recruits his skeptical friend, Dr. "Ham" Hamilton (Gig Young), to aid him with a new case. Their assignment: to investigate Geoffrey Cyon (John Hurt), a British businessman allegedly flirting with the dark arts. As William and Ham learn more about the suspicious Cyon family, they have to fight to survive against a powerful demon and an evil cult. Majel Barrett co-stars. This proto X-FILES pilot will surprise horror fans on how good the Roddenberry and Sam Peebles script was, even with nudity. Now I have toi watch QUESTOR TAPES I remmebe r it was another well-made Roddenberry pilot ! (This movie is not available on DVD..........but you can find it on YouTube LOL Dont tell CBS I told you that ! LOL) Gus
  10. General Marvel Discussion

    I remember this tV Ad like it aired yesterday ! Time flies when you are watching too much TV ! Gus
  11. General Marvel Discussion

    A really fun Brazilian TV Ad (circa 1978) starring Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. Both actors travelled to Brazil to film this TV Promo for Santista Jeans thanks to the high popularity of THE INCREDIBLE HULK TV Series here. Ah the memories.......Good nite, boa noite !
  12. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    JUSTICE LEAGUE's Rotten Tomatoes Score Has Been Revealed Sooner Than Expected While Rotten Tomatoes was supposed to hold back Justice League's score until the movie is released, a mobile app has given the game away early and we now have an idea of how well its faring on the site. I am going to see this movie this Friday but I have little faith in it. The few reviews are not great AT ALL here in Brazil. (Dont worry will not post SPOILERS here) Gus
  13. Kevin Feige Reveals Exactly How Far Marvel Studios' Current Plans Stretch Into The Future Marvel President Kevin Feige has weighed in on the future of the studio and exactly how far ahead they've planned out the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It sounds like Phase 4 is already taking shape.
  14. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Finally re-watched after almost 3 decades the first THE PUNISHER movie on DVD, starring Dolph Lundgren as the Marvel Comics anti-hero. Not as bad as I remember, but still feels like a Cannon Group movie, you know, very cheap (it was actually produced by New World Pictures who owned Marvel at the time, circa 1989). Gus
  15. The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ! Yay !

    Sebastian Stan May Have Confirmed That Steve Rogers Will Be Suiting Up As Nomad For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR recently reported on a rumor that Chris Evans' Steve Rogers would be dropping the mantle of Captain America in favor of Nomad for Avengers: Infinity War, & now one of his costars may have confirmed it. Gus
  16. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    But JUSTICE LEAGUE Needs to be "great", not only "good"................. JUSTICE LEAGUE: Superman Gets The Spotlight In New Behind-The-Scenes Photos; Plus A New TV Spot A handful of new BTS photos from Justice League have surfaced online, spotlighting Henry Cavill as Superman and he looks to be sporting a slightly different variation of his classic red-and-blue suit. Gus
  17. General DC Discussion

    Geeee ! Bye bye Ratner ! Gus
  18. AVATAR 2 Delayed Again

    James Cameron Delays AVATAR 2 Yet Again; No Longer Set For December 2018 Director James Cameron has been working excessively on Avatar 2 and the rest of the Avatar sequels, but now it has appeared that they aren't ready to be released anytime soon. Well, at least this clear Zoe Saldana to appear in STAR TREK 4, if the next Trek movie is filmed next year.
  19. It Sounds Like We're Getting A New STAR WARS Trilogy Featuring The Same Cast Of Characters Lucasfilm is finally plotting out what comes next for the Star Wars franchise following the release of J.J. Abrams' Episode IX and it appears as if we can expect some familiar faces to remain... "We’re sitting down now, we’re talking about the next ten years of Star Wars stories, and we’re looking at narratively where that might go," Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said in the new video in the link below. "Future stories beyond Episode IX with these new characters: Rey, Poe, Finn, BB-8. But we’re also looking at working with people that are interested in coming into the Star Wars world and taking us to places that we haven’t been yet. And that’s exciting too because its a vast galaxy far, far away, so the possibilities are endless." Gus
  20. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Oh dear............. JUSTICE LEAGUE: The First Reaction To The Movie Are Here And They Point To It Being Fun But Flawed The review embargo for Justice League doesn't lift until next week but critics have been allowed to share their thoughts on social media! What's the verdict? Well, it appears as if it's good not great. Gus
  21. Plans for a New STAR WARS Trilogy or Movies ????

    Oh I see. AT 47, I am getting too old for this LOL Gus
  22. Plans for a New STAR WARS Trilogy or Movies ????

    More info here. Rian Johnson To Direct STAR WARS Trilogy Featuring New Characters; Live-Action TV Series Also Confirmed In an announcement none of us saw coming, it's been confirmed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi helmer Rian Johnson will write and direct a brand new trilogy of movies separate to the Skywalker Saga... Gus
  23. Alien Covenant

    Good morning - bom dia ! Fox has just announced that Ridley Scott's follow up to Prometheus will actually be titled Alien: Covenant (formerly "Paradise Lost"), and have a title treatment and synopsis to go along with its October 2017 release date reveal. (Beware of possible spoilers)
  24. General Marvel Discussion

    Crap, I loved JESSICA JONES, DAREDEVIL, LUKE CAGE and THE DEFENDERS ! MARVEL rulez !!!! Thats Disney for ya ! Gus
  25. General Marvel Discussion

    Boa noite ! Good night ! The End Of THE DEFENDERS? Future Marvel TV Shows Are Unlikely To Be Released On Netflix It appears as if the era of Marvel TV shows on Netflix is nearing its end as a new report on the possible Disney/Fox deal reveals that they'll be heading to Disney's planning online streaming service.. Oh, crap ! Gus