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  1. The Year I Gave Up on STAR TREK

  2. The Year I Gave Up on STAR TREK

    Oh no, I wont leave this forum or the friendships I made here. I am just changing my focus and paying attention to what makes me feel good. Right now is MARVEL movies, Netflix TV Series, 1940s classic comics and new animes, and boy its a lot of stuff. But I love here, I will no leave. I will just not discuss currwent TREK anymore. My best wishes to all of you and lets make 2018 the best year yet ! Gus
  3. The Year I Gave Up on STAR TREK

    Well, I am taking my leave of absence from this forum for the next two weeks as I will be traveling to my family's old country city and farm for this period. Note that 2017 was the year that I gave up completely on the STAR TREK franchise. A love and a passion which began in 1980 with the release of STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE here in Brazil has ended fffffor now..... I will not watch a dark and somber piece like STAR TREK DISCOVERY that completely changes the continuity, the character archetypes and 50 years of the official cronology of STAR TREK. I am not happy about the news of a R-Rated Tarantino movie even if takes place in the TNG universe post-Nemesis. I am not happy the way CBS is using the STAR TREK license - in novels, comic books and even fan films, cancelling stuff from the right to the left. Now, its time to be more mature about my hobbies. I still love the MARVEL and DC movies and still will collect Golden and Silver Age comic books and sci-fi animes like YAMATO 2202, but the line about being upset with stuff must be drawn here. I will just relax and smell the roses in 2018. I sincerely hope you too do this from time to time. My best regards and Happy New Year. See you in 2018 ! Gustavo Leao Belo Horizonte - Brazil
  4. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Has Been Embraced By Critics, But Fan Reactions Are Decidedly More Mixed Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a massive hit with critics, but audiences have not embraced the long-awaited return to the galaxy far, far away in such a positive manner. Well, I liked it. Gus
  5. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans, that they may have been the architects of the Great Pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive—somewhere beyond the heavens! I think I gonna buy this DVD set for this X-Mas. I mean, it was a tough year, one of the worsts years for Brazil economy and politics, so I think I deserve those 1978 episodes again because it has been years since I saw the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. so watch the trailer at
  6. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Iam watching a few episodes of the 1972 spy series SEARCH (aka PROBE) starring Hugh OBrien as secret agent Hugh Lockwood. Groovy.
  7. Fox Selling FF and X-MEN Movie Rights to Disney

    The X-MEN & FANTASTIC FOUR Are Coming Home As Walt Disney Announces Acquisition Of 20th Century Fox The Walt Disney Company has formally announced that they have officially acquired 21st Century Fox's film and TV assets, meaning the X-Men and Fantastic Four are coming home! Come take a look! Gus
  8. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Review - The Most Thrilling, Emotional, And Controversial STAR WARS Movie Yet Boa noite, good nite !
  9. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Lost my sleep so I am watching the SUPERMAN serial from 1948 starring Kirk Alyn as the first live action Clark Kent / Superman and Noel Neill in her debut as Lois Lane. Alyn performance as Superman is........interesting to say the least (George Reeves was a much better choice as the character) and the FX (Superman becomes a cartoon when he flies) are terrible (THE ADVETURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL from 1941 remains the best serial and the best flight scenes of the time) but if you want see the first Superman in action, this is interesting. A sequel ATOM MAN VS SUPERMAN, introducing Lex Luthor, was produced in 1949, but I think I had enough Kirk Alyn for one night. Good nite. Gus
  10. General DC Discussion

    Warner Bros. Unveils Updated DC Films Slate But There Are Some Notable Omissions Warner Bros. revealed its updated DC Films slate today and among some surprising reveals are a fair few notable omissions of movies we thought were almost certainly on the way in the next few years. What ? No JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 ??? Gus
  11. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI - The First Reactions Are In And It Sounds Like Luke Skywalker Steals The Show The world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi just ended a little under an hour ago, meaning a ton of reactions have started to pour in and it sounds like Disney has another winner on their hands! I really wish CBS cared for STAR TREK well being like Disney respects the STAR WARS franchise and its fans. Just my two cents of course. Gus
  12. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Quentin Tarantino's STAR TREK Movie Will Be R-Rated; THE REVENANT's Mark L. Smith Frontrunner To Write It looks like that Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie we heard about is a now a go, and is moving at warp speed! A new report claims that the iconic director insisted on an R-rating, and Paramount agreed. Gus
  13. Fox Selling FF and X-MEN Movie Rights to Disney

    Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Said To Be "Eager" To Bring The X-Men Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe A new report delves deep into the planned merger between Disney and Fox and it probably won't surprise you to learn that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is anxious to get his hands on the X-Men. Gus
  14. Fox Selling FF and X-MEN Movie Rights to Disney

    Disney Is Now Said To Be The Favourite To Acquire 21st Century Fox's Media Assets Though talks with Comcast are still active, an update on Disney's potential acquisition of Fox's stable of Marvel characters - and a lot more besides - suggests that The Mouse House is the favourite. Good nite, boa noite !
  15. Fox Selling FF and X-MEN Movie Rights to Disney