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  1. AVENGERS 4 Set Pics Feature Tony Stark, Bruce Banner & Pepper Potts - May Hint At Major Plot SPOILERS Go see it before MARVEL have it removed LOL Good nite, boa noite ! Gus
  2. Its finally here ! The final trailer for BLADE RUNNNER 2049 !
  3. Well, I was among the people who loved FARPOINT in 1987 and then watched with awe the first and second seasons of TNG. STAR TREK was moving foward and it looked beatiful thanks to Andy Probert and Herman Zimmerman and so forth. The late Maurice Hurley was a great producer and understood the appeal and history of STAR TREK in thes etwo underrated seasons. The DC Fontana-scripted scene with Admiral McCoy was wonderful. Same thing with DS9 which was basically a sequel to the TNG episode ENSIGN RO. Even VOYAGER premise was exciting and the pilot was well done too, too bad when the late Michael Piller left, the series went nowhere. So yes, I was a fan of these years and I treasure then. But I stopped being a fan with the awful ENTERPRISE (I understand the season four was a good year, but I only watched a few episodes and I never bought the DVDs) and the JJ TREK reboot (everyone knows how I feel about the JJ reboot so no need to repeat that). So it was a good ride for me - with begun in 1980 with STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE and stopped in 1999 with WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND, It was great. I hope DISCOVERY and the possible Bad Robot STAR TREK 4 will be good for you guys, I really do. I am finished. Have so much anime and Marvel Studios stuff for me out there, I will be lucky if i watch everything I want. I am not hater, I just lost my interest in STAR TREK. Maybe one day they will make a show set in the 25th Century in which Admiral Riker gives an Enterprise-F a royal send-off and I will maybe think "well, STAR TREK is moving foward again thats interesting" and I will be back watching. The human adventure is just beginning online with STAR TREK DISCOVERY. But not for me. You have a blast, guys ! Gus
  4. TWOK is set a decade after TMP hence the difference in uniforms and so forth. DISCOVERY is set a year after THE CAGE and 10 years before TOS so its obvious its a reimagining and not fit in the official canon. STAR TREK is more about uniforms and laser pistols yes, but the continuity and canon keeps this mythological universe together. Just looks at FLASHBACK or TRIALS AND TRIBBLE-LATIONS or YESTERDAY'S ENTERPRISE or even IN A MIRROR DARKLY. Also DISCOVERY is about a Klingon War and it appears it is done with overdone CGI. As they said in THE SIMPSONS "Again with the Klingons...." Ugh. Not my turf. Just saying. Well, I am burn out on JJ TREK, reboots, prequels and reimaginings after all. So what I can say ? I feel fine. Hope you guys have fun the next few years with DISCOVERY. I will be watching JESSICA JONES and DEFENDERS on Netflix huh LOL Gus
  5. Thanks Sehlat, it means a lot because when I just decided it and went public that I will not watch DSCOVERY some people just didnt understand it. So thanks you for respecting my wishes be DISCOVERY or JJ TREK. Only seeing the trailers (just watched trailer 3) is quite painful to me. I wanna the right uniforms and laser pistols for 2255, the old style bridge and above all, respect for continuity and canon and the 23th Century classic production design. But I understand Kurtzman and Goldsman choices because they have to sell this series to people who does not know what Constitution-Class means;. So be it. Gus
  6. More STAR TREK TV shows are "totally possible", says Alex Kurtzman – including Bryan Fuller's planned anthology series DISCOVERY could spark a relaunch for the franchise on television. Well, good news at last. Gus
  7. Always great casting. Viva Katee ! Gus
  8. Good morning, bom dia ! Now what ??? Fan Site For JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Joss Whedon Shuts Down After Ex-Wife Pens Scathing Essay Warner Bros. may be regretting the decision to hire Joss Whedon to helm Justice League as the filmmaker is mired in controversy due to an essay penned by his ex-wife ruining his reputations as a feminist. Oh my. Gus
  9. THE FLASH Season 4 Adds BATTLESTAR GALACTICA And LONGMIRE Actress Katee Sackhoff As Blacksmith Gus
  10. BOX OFFICE: Amazons Rule All As WONDER WOMAN Passes $800 Million Worldwide !Yay ! Meanwhile, SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Has Reached$700 Million Worldwide Gus
  11. Today We Celebrate ‘Star Trek’ Creator Gene Roddenberry’s Legacy On His 96th Birthday RIP Gene Gus
  12. Absolutely agree about JESICA JONES ! Great show ! Loved DAREDEVIL too ! IRON FIST was kind of a dissapointment.........How about a AVENGERS vs DEFENDERS movie ????? Gus
  13. Congrats to Super "Star Trek couple" Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy on their engagement! So cool! Gus
  14. Marvel's THE DEFENDERS Is Officially Certified "Fresh" On Rotten Tomatoes Whats your opinion ? I liked it...... a lot !
  15. Good morning, bom dia ! Its THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL !!! Really, and with excelent image and sound. God, Harrison Ford looks beyond embarrassent in that opening sequence. And check Mark Hammil hairdo ! This one has given me nightmares for ages. And nothing like ending the show with Princess leia singing a God-awful music ! Watch it now before George Lucas removes it from YouTube ! LOL