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  1. The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ! Yay !

    BLACK PANTHER: The King Unleashes His Fury In The Epic New Trailer For T'Challa's Solo Adventure

    WONDER WOMAN 2 May Start Shooting Next Summer; Chris Pine Reportedly Set To Return As Steve Trevor Some potentially very good news for the Wonder Woman sequel has been revealed today as we may know when it starts shooting and have a handful of very interesting and exciting details on the movie's plot. BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS Gus
  3. Discovery and Me

    Hey Robin, I didnt expect to like THE ORVILLE at all, but so far I have seen 2 episodes and yeah, I liked it. Seth MacFarlane is a real TREK fan, and it shows. THis is his love letter to STAR TREK, good stuff. Bring it more ! Gus
  4. Karl Urban is Also Hopeful for a STAR TREK 4

    I think Pine and Quinto are the only ones signed for STAR TREK 4 Saldana may be busy with the AVATAR sequels Urban is co-starring on THOR RAGNAROK and he may ask for more money Gus
  5. Karl Urban is Also Hopeful for a STAR TREK 4

    John Cho just talked to Collider about the possibility of a STAR TREK 4 - I have a feeling this movie will not goinna happen. The cast has become too expensive. With Star Trek back on TV now, do you think there’s any chance that you’ll ever do a fourth film? Have you heard anything, one way or the other? CHO: I have not heard anything. I will say that I think that Star Trek is gonna keep going. I don’t know in what iteration, but there’s something essentially appealing about that set-up. Star Trek assumes the best of our species. We need Star Trek to exist in our culture, and I think it will. It will always have a place. I have no idea whether I’ll be returning or whether they’ll do more of our particular iteration, but I’m very confident that Star Trek will keep going and going. Gus
  6. X-Files Returns

    Are you ready for Season 11 of THE X-FILES in 2018 ??? Check the trailer now because the truth is out there.
  7. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Here's another new exciting new TV Spots for JUSTICE LEAGUE. I am beginning to believe that, thanks to Joss Whedon contributions, this will be a good (or great) DC movie. Watch the trailer and as always beware of minor spoilers

    New Footage And Dialogue Revealed In First STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI TV Spot (Again, Minor Spoilers) A new TV spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has found its way online and it features never before seen footage and dialogue as we hear more from Luke Skywalker and see Poe Dameron, Finn, and BB-8 in action.
  9. Karl Urban is Also Hopeful for a STAR TREK 4

    Karl Urban Still Knows Nothing About STAR TREK 4 As Paramount Fills Out Their Summer 2019 Slate Gus
  10. Discovery and Me

    Thank you for the kind words and support, guys. Thank you, scenario, Sehlat, Mr.Picard. Thank you so much. I love this place. Gus
  11. Discovery and Me

    Thanks, folks. I will keep that in mind. Much appreciated. The heart loves what the heart loves. Gus
  12. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    This weekend I will be making a DVD marathon of the Hammer's DRACULA movies starring Christopher Lee as the Count, including such films as Horror of Dracula (1958) Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968) Count Dracula (1970) Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) Scars of Dracula (1970) Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972) The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973). First time I take a look at my British DVD set, I am a huge fan of classic Hammer movies ! Yay ! Gus
  13. Discovery and Me

    Exactly. I love the utopian future of TOS and TNG. A darker, war time STAR TREK series that is reimagining that peaceful future is not for me. I dont know about this Lorca characters, but as a HUGE Kirk and Picard fan, I dont doubt it. Working on the DS9 docu has been a pleasure. Gus

    Good morning, bom dia ! THOR: RAGNAROK - Come Watch The Red Carpet World Premiere For Marvel's Latest Blockbuster
  15. Discovery and Me

    Well Mike, I haven't watched an episode yet, and am not sure if or when I'm inclined to change my mind on the matter. STD may well be a compelling science fiction show, but I am having a hard time reconciling it as part of the franchise that I know and love. Unlike some fans who haven't done their due diligence, I *know* (as well as anyone can outside of the production staff) why STD looks and feels the way that it does. I also understand that this is a business (with financial stakes, legal obligations, and accountability to the folks who actually owns the IP) first and foremost. Rather than spend a lot of time lamenting the lost opportunities for the Star Trek brand, I am personally working on a great Trek project for the fans, the Adam Nimoy DS9 docu, as a researcher. For now, we have The Orville to watch on terrestrial television, and The Last Jedi to look forward to this Christmas. Gus