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  1. New JUSTICE LEAGUE poster released ahead of the new trailer. Gus
  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.............................. POWER RANGERS Producer Haim Saban Reveals They Already Have A Six-Movie Arc Mapped Out; Green Ranger Revealed Following last night's morphinomenal Power Rangers premiere, we have new comments from both producer Haim Saban & Red Ranger actor Dacre Montgomery regarding the film's potential sequels.
  3. There's more............ JUSTICE LEAGUE Official Website Updates With New Looks At Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash & Aquaman has just gone live, offering up a great new look at five of the six heroes that will make up Zack Snyder's Justice League PS- Someone has to say that. They look terrible, only Gal Godot looks good. Oh my.
  4. New poster for ALIEN COVENANT Gus
  5. JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Will Finally Be With Us This Saturday; Check Out Some New Footage It's just been announced that the first trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League will finally arrive in two days time, and a brief teaser containing some new footage has also found its way online. Gus
  6. Thanks, my friend. Thats was a fun 15 years. Hey, someone watched the YAMATO 2199 trailers ? Gus
  7. The IMAX poster. Gus
  8. Thank you ! I think you are going to enjoy the trailers, the animation is beatiful................. Gus
  9. Oh, I see. Well, anime or not, YAMATO 2199 is a great series. I hope you give at least the live action movie from 2010 a chance. And thanks for remebering TrekWeb ! Gus
  10. Wel, Sehlat, at least watch the YAMATO 2199 trailers I posted. Maybe you will enjoy it. Gus
  11. If you loved the 2010 live action movie, Sehlat, you gotta check the new anime series YAMATO 2199 (which has alimited release in the US as STAR BLAZERS 2199). Its one of the best science fiction series, anime or not, from this decade ! I put Yamato 2199 up there with the Ghiblii movies such as Totoro and The Wind Rises. Its sci-fi at its best. Check the trailers and you can find the series on eBay for the price of 2 burritos ! Enjoy !
  12. You havent seem the anime and the Japanese live action movie ? Really ??? Well, Shame on you ! LOL Its one of the best science-fiction franchises ever, Japanese or not. Go to Amazon now or I will be forced to send you the DVDs of the 6 anime movies and the live action movie ! Hell, YAMATO rulez !!! The live action movie (below) is YAMATO done to perfection and it shows great respect for the source material, the anime series which are 3 TV seasons (1974-1983) and 6 anime movies (1977-2009) and one TV season reboot (2015). I also recommend the 2009 anime movie YAMATO RESSURECTION and the reboot series YAMATO 2199 (these are available on eBay and has not been released in the US) Gus
  13. LOGAN Has Now Officially Passed The $500 Million Mark At The Worldwide Box Office In the middle of its third week on release, 20th Century Fox and James Mangold's critically acclaimed Logan has passed the half a billion mark at the global box office.
  14. No problem, here a THOR comic book art by the great Jack Kirby, featuring Ego The Living Planet fighting Galactus starship. As you can see he is a huge head in space and an all-too powerful entity.
  15. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Russell plays Ego, the Living Planet, when Ego tooks a human form. Yep, he is playing a planet. And yep, its a big role, one of the biggest baddies from the Marvel Comics. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Empire Magazine Cover Reveals An Awesome New Look At The Team Gus