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  1. I completely understand your feelings Justin. The last great STAR TREK episode, at least for me, was DS9 finale in 1999. ALthough I found some of Voyager seasons good entertaimnet (specially seasons 4 and 5), I really did not care for Enterprise and also stop after a few season 1 episodes, only returning for the season 4 episodes, which I found average. So yeah, there you are. Gus
  2. It appear some cruitics agree with me..... With less than a week to go, Warner Bros. has released an extremely positive critics TV spot for Wonder Woman featuring our best look at a very fiery Ares yet!
  3. Nope, only in this photoshoped image. No blue eyes and yes she has charming eyes and a killer smile. She1s great in the movie, good movie. Gus
  4. I watched THE CAGE again because I am in love with that pilot episode. Gus
  5. The Making of the WONDER WOMAN Movie - Watch this 10-Minute Featurette Now and Enjoy this Preview of the Movie which Opens Next Week ! Starring Gal Gadot and Chris PIne.
  6. Bom dia - good morning ! The Vulture Hatches A Scheme In A New Clip From SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING; BEWARE OF SPOILERS Michael Keaton paid a visit to Ellen earlier this week and debuted a brand new clip from Spider-Man: Homecoming that shines a spotlight on The Vulture and his crew.
  7. New WONDER WOMAN Clips Feature Antiope, Queen Hippolyta And The Amazons Charging Into Battle A couple of action-packed new clips from Wonder Woman have been released, and they give us an exciting glimpse of The Amazons laying waste to their enemies. We also have 2 new TV spots BEWARE OF SPOILERS Gus
  8. SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING New Trailer - and its awesome !
  9. Will WW2 hero Namor the Submariner coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon ? Maybe. And here's John Byrne's cool INVADERS art ! Gus
  10. JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Reaches Out To Fans To Thank Them For Support Following the tragic death of his daughter, Zack Snyder handed Justice League over to Joss Whedon. Now, after an outpouring of support, the director has thanked fans and his fellow filmmakers.
  11. Good morning, bom dia ! Spidey Gets An Invite To The Hottest NBA Finals Party Of The Year In A New SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING TV Spot Sony has released a new TV spot featuring Happy Hogan finalizing the guest list for Tony Stark's NBA Finals party and it looks like Peter Parker made the cut while a certain Star-Spangled Avenger didn't. LOL
  12. Just saw a preview screening of Wonder Woman. (NO SPOILERS) GOOD NEWS : The movie is way better than BATMAN VS S UPERMAN and both Gabot and Pine deliver good performances. BAD NEWS : They tried to emulate Marvel Movies too much (jokes, one liners and so forth) copy some of CAPTAIN AMERICA FIRST AVENGER and failed. THE VERDICT : Its a good DC movie, but not great.If you dont care for super heroes movies, this will not change your mind. Good but not great. I think will do some good box office. But hey, whatta hell I know ? Gus
  13. Stunning STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Pics Provide First Looks At Benicio Del Toro & Laura Dern's Characters Vanity Fair has now debuted a gallery of over a dozen incredible new Star Wars: The Last Jedi portraits, offering up new looks at most of the main characters, and first glimpses of some new faces.
  14. Good morning - bom dia !!! Here's the new third traler from SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING, and its a blast ! Enjoy !
  15. WONDER WOMAN Bloopers and B-Roll footage with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine - at least some of it is hilarious ! Well, maybe I will watch this next week after all...........I dunno.