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  1. Saw GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 last night - I am not posting spoilers here, but I was still smiling a half hour after the movie. Yeah, its that good, as good as the first one. Go see it ! Gus
  2. In my TrekWeb days, io9 was up there with Collider and Cinescape as a big and credible media site for Trek news. What happened ??? Gus
  3. I dunno if this one is news, because I am not following some of DISCOVERY news............well, its from TV GUIDE and was posted this morning Star Trek: Discovery Adds Five New Cast Members Gus
  4. COUNTDOWN TO GAL GADOT....... WONDER WOMAN Tickets Are Now Available As Gal Gadot's Warrior Princess Graces The Cover Of EW WB has officially announced that tickets for Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman movie are now available for pre-booking online. Plus, we have a new look at Diana on the cover of a special edition of EW.
  5. How about the 1979 CAPTAIN AMERICA TV movies starring Reb Brown ??? Hehehe Gus
  6. Oh, I see, of course. Gus
  7. Bom dia, good morning WONDER WOMAN TV Spot Provides Our First Brief Look At The Villainous Ares In Action Against Diana ! Ohhhh, Gal Gadot keep getting more interesting, thats great !
  8. M,y favorite MARVEL STUDIOS movie is.....are......ALL OF THEM !!! LOL Yeah, I am a Marvel fanboy ! Geeee, I cant help it. Gus
  9. Treanda what, son ? LOL Gus
  10. SUPERMAN IV ???? LOL Gus
  11. Great entry on your blog, Sehlat - congrats ! Geeee, I also love this movie ! Gus
  12. What the F#@$ Is Going On With STAR TREK DISCOVERY ? A great article at io9 seeks the answer at****-is-going-on-with-star-trek-discovery-1794639961 Gus
  13. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2.: The Galaxy Won't Save Itself On This New Poster; 3 TV Spots Released Gus
  14. Well, there some great episodes in season 2 and 3, like the Leonard Nimoy episode.I dig HOOKER. BTW........ T.J. Hooker - Surprise! Shout! Sending 'The Complete Series' Shatner Set this Summer! 20-DVD set with all five seasons of the cop show are coming to stores in July Gus
  15. TJ HOOKER ! It features a guy named Shatner and he's great ! Another good actor on the show is James Darren - love him ! Gus