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  1. I love VERY Marvel movie. They respect the source material. Well..............errrrrrr.................except IRON MAN 3. But thats okay. Gus
  2. New San Diego Comic Con trailler for the third season of SUPERGIRL ! Watch !
  3. Well, I loved ALL MARVEL Studios movies except from THE INCREDIBLE HULK and IRON MAN 3. And EVERYBODY I know love those movies. I never ran in one person who said "I hate the Captain America movies" or "I hated Spider-man!" and I ran into a lot of people ussually LOL Well you guys watch STAR TREK DISCOVERY while I watch THE DEFENDERS LOL Everybody's happy then. BTW...... The First Wave Of Reviews For Marvel And Netflix's THE DEFENDERS Are In, And They're Decidedly Mixed Oh, no, I hope its good. Thats the Netflix seies I am waiting for all year and I hope its awesome !.
  4. Love the Bixby / Ferrigno TV Series, produced and written by the always great Kenneth Johnson. The late Bill Bixby made the David Bruce Banner role so human and sincere and charismatic, despite the great tragedies in his real life. A classic TV Show, Marvel or not. BTW, these days everyone, including me, love the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, with such awesome movies like CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR and DOCTOR STRANGE . But even so, I will never forget the MARVEL AGE OF TV HEROES, which just made my childhood, since i was a kid who loved comic books of all sizes and types. So during the late 1970s, I was in awe to watch the live action TV Series and TV movies of my favorite MARVEL characters, starring Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker (1977-1979), Bill Bixby as Doctor David Bruce Banner (1977-1981), Reb Brown as Steve Rogers (1979) and Peter Hooten as Dr Stephen Strange (1978). Yeah, low budget stuff, but fun nevertheless, with great casting. I feel proud to have all those on DVD, the gems of my DVD collection. I must say, I had the greatest childhood ! Gus
  5. Guys I love the MCU, MARVEL STUDIOS Is doing evrything right ! Look at this year : LOGAN, GOTG Vol. 2 and SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING aand the upcoming THOR RAGNAROK which seems to be quite fun ! All very exciting and well-done and well-scripted summer movies ! MARVEL rocks ! But I understand your feelings Sehlat. I am indeed totally tired of the current STAR TREK and this week DISCOVERY trailer was very painful for me to watch. Painful. So I understand you guys feelings. But I am a MARVEL fan and a Stan Lee fan since the 1970s, so there you are. Gus
  6. SPOILER WARNING ABOUT INFINITY WAR San Diego Comic Con AVENGERS INFINITY WAR poster reveals a bearded Steve Rogers, Black Widow, Groot, and more ! This seems to confirm that Rogers is not Captain America in INFINITY WAR Boa noite, good night !
  7. The San Diego Comic Con Trailer of THOR RAGNAROK is online. Watch it now, its awesome ! Hulk smash !
  8. Folks, watch the new trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE directly from the San Diego Comic Con NOW !!!
  9. SDCC17: IDW Panel Reveals Details On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And JJ Trek ‘Boldly Go’ Comics
  10. THE DEFENDERS SDCC Trailer Unites Marvel's Street-Level Heroes For An Epic Battle Against The Forces Of Evil The first episode of Marvel and Netflix's The Defenders just screened at San Diego Comic-Con, and that was followed by an awesome extended trailer for the show
  11. Tell that to Ivan Reitman LOL Gus
  12. Two New GHOSTBUSTERS Films Could Be Coming; One As Early As 2019 According To Ivan Reitman The return of Bill Murray and the original Ghostbusters ? Gus
  13. Action-Packed New Trailer For David Ayer's BRIGHT Has Will Smith And Joel Edgerton In Search Of A Wand Netflix has released the latest trailer for David Ayer's Bright, and it does not pull any punches. Watch as Will Smith and Joel Edgerton kill fairies, fight elves, and save the world from a magic wand!
  14. DOCTOR DOOM Solo Movie In Development At 20th Century Fox With LEGION Creator Noah Hawley This is getting ridiculous. Whats next ? An Aunt May movie ?
  15. New JUSTICE LEAGUE photo Gus