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    "Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses. And someone get this man a shield." Ha, cant wait for this one. Gus
  2. William Shatner Hosting Screenings Of ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan’ In Nine U.S. Cities This spring you can see the original Captain Kirk live on stage after a movie screening to hear him talk and ask him questions. Gus
  3. General Star Wars Discussion

    STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Director J.J. Abrams Says The Script Is Complete; Confirms Late July Shoot Date Good nite ! Boa noite ! J.J. Abrams appeared on The Last Show with Stephen Colbert last night and revealed that the script for Star Wars: Episode IX is complete. The director also confirmed that the move will shoot this July.
  4. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    You bought the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Blu-Ray set ? You are a brave man. LOL Gus (PS- To tell the truth, I got it too on Amazon, but never watched it LOL)
  5. Syfy greenlights Krypton Prequel.

    Ha, thanks, my friend. Like I said, who cares ? Gus
  6. USS ENTERPRISE 1964 - Rare Pics

    Here's some rare USS Enterprise concept art by Matt Jefferies done in 1964 for the first STAR TREK pilot, THE CAGE, from The Roddenberry Vault, posted in 2016 at posted on the Roddenberry Facebook page. Please, CBS, dont change the classic USS Enterpriuse design. Its part of the history of television. Gus
  7. Syfy greenlights Krypton Prequel.

    New KRYPTON trailer - beware of SPOILERS (HEY, WAIT, WHO CARES ???)
  8. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    Thanks. To tell the truth, I only saw the first season of ENTERPRISE, then quit the series, and returned during Season 4 for a few episodes, which was of course a improvment under writer/producer Manny Coto. But I never saw seasons 2 and 3. Gus

    SUICIDE SQUAD Star Will Smith Praises BLACK PANTHER And Says It Nearly Brought Him To Tears Black Panther is being hailed as a masterpiece and regardless of whether or not you agree with that statement, there's no denying that it's a game changer.
  10. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    See what I said ? -Sigh- Gus
  11. Happy 30th Anniversary to SUPERMAN IV

    My many thanks to former STARLOG and FANGORIA editor David McDonnell for sending my way the SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE THE OFFICIAL POSTER MAGAZINE, published by Starlog in 1987 and never available here in Brazil. I am so happy to have this one in my collection. Gorgeous mag ! Several interviews with Chris Reeve and the cast on the making of the movie, plus 10 16X22 Posters ! Thank you so much, David, Starlog ruled abd still rulez ! Magzine scans courtesy of website. Damn, I still love this damn, cheap movie !!! Gus
  12. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    I understand your feelings, and opinion on canon issues but I dont share them. No doubt the focus of the fandom now is DISCOVERY, but no thanks. I am not stay on board for this adventure. I am just an old country brazilian farmer. Whatta hell I know : I am the guy who loves STAR TREK V for petes sakes. Gus
  13. General Marvel Discussion

    JESSICA JONES Does Things Her Way In This New Trailer And Banner For The Upcoming Second Season Netflix has debuted another trailer for the upcoming second season of Marvel's Jessica Jones, and while it actually reuses quite a lot of footage from the first season, there's some new stuff in there too.
  14. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Blu-Ray Release Date, Cover And Details Revealed - Check Out The New Trailer in the YouTube Link Gus
  15. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    If this is how fans will support this reimagining and revisionism of TOS, then I am okay with it. But would be nice if CBS could say "officially" that this is an alternnate universe, just like the JJ TREK movies did, in order to explain the differences in design and continuity. The original Matt Jefferies design is the "oficial" look in my book. Gus