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    Very good point and it's something that I noticed as well: can a hyper-advanced society still have that type of monarchy/dictatorship government with a heavy dose of the spiritual and ancient customs? I suppose in their case it wouldn't be too much of the spiritual part since they can evidence the supernatural(if it is supernatural to begin with) with the Black Panther's super power having an alien source(the vibranium asteroid). Can you elaborate on what you mean by "nobody ever cheated"? I don't understand what you mean.

    Great movie!!! And while Black Panther was good...the women kicked some serious ass!!! I want a Shuri and General Okoye movie!!!
  3. Your overall impression after season 1

    Totally agree about the war and death part. I don't want this to be BSG either, not that there's anything wrong with that show. However, I would submit it's a different type of exploration and 'discovery', not necessarily the interplanetary, 'look at that gaseous nebula, funny nose bridge alien', etc...It may not be done to death for you but it is to me. Judging by poor viewership of the previous ST series I'm thinking the population at large also doesn't care. I do want that sense of wonder that Star Trek can impart. I did get that from this series if albeit not enough. I like the sentient planet. Unfortunately there wasn't enough of it. The space tardigrade was cool too. The notion of parallel universes might have been novel in the '90's but now it's common place. Well, at least in popular scifi. More importantly I want good stories, something that ST hasn't done well in a loooong time. Discovery does deliver in this. For fear that this may be KM material I'll just say the following: our modern American society does not care much at this point about science. ST is a struggling franchise. If it wants to survive it must change and it has. Hopefully it does place some nuggets of what made ST 'ST' and build on it. But the "Captain's Log: we've arrived at a new planet that has new aliens on the edge of a black hole" Star Trek? That's sadly gone. For now.
  4. Your overall impression after season 1

    I see your point but to me Sherlock Holmes is more of a one-trick pony than Trek. Trek can be really be so many different things than the TOS/TNG mission. DS9 showed that to some extent. The movies are definitely not like the series and Discovery seems to resemble movies more. It's only the limitations of TPTB that have kept most of the shows as ship, captain, commander, engineer, doctor, planet, rinse, repeat formula. We still have those elements present in this show. Just somewhat reshuffled. The storytelling style has changed. If you watch Netflix series, any of them, you'll notice that Discovery resembles those a lot. Even in it's opening credits. It's made for a modern audience and modern technology. I have yet to see it as a binge to see how it holds up like Daredevil, Stranger Things, Dark, etc.... We could keep going on and on. I suppose the real test is if sticks with an audience. That isn't an easy task in this day and age when there is so much vying for our eyeballs than in the time of TOS/TNG but imo they've done their best to create a show that can do that. Remember Star Trek comes with a lot of negative baggage. They're fighting that as well. I think the show, while very different from previous shows(and it needs to be) is doing a great job at creating something new.
  5. Your overall impression after season 1

    That's exactly it. It's a great question and I don't know what it should be but what you mentioned has been done by Trek ad nauseum. That was the mission of old Trek, specifically TOS and TNG and the old story telling format. This isn't and I'm glad to see something different.
  6. Your overall impression after season 1

    I'm hoping they don't do that. The typical Star Trek mission of visiting planets and so on has been done to death. I would be afraid it would devolve into what we've seen before. I enjoyed this very much because it was a break from the typical. I do miss the TNG eps that had a very heavy scientific background as well as examining values found when they visited planets but this show has been able to do that within the series' premise and extend it throughout the season rather than to be confined within one ep. If they're able to somehow integrate a 'planet visit' ep within whatever larger season story they're doing, like when they go to that sentient planet then ok. But if they start doing typical standalone type eps then I start thinking they've run out of gas. The Mudd ep felt like that to me.
  7. Your overall impression after season 1

    I can see the opportunity for conflict much better then than what we've seen of TNG and on in which the universe is relatively rosy. That makes for better tv. Threats at that time were really alien in nature(Borg, Species 8472, The Dominion, etc...). Only ST fans know those. Average viewer is familiar with Klingons and Vulcans. It makes it easier to go back to what the majority might know if even on a very casual basis and build from there. They would also have to be beholden to decades of tv with obsessive fans pointing how how something shouldn't have happened because in episode 'x' someone said this or the other. By having something set here they avoid that and also having a ship that can basically go to any universe it wants. They can do their own show with their own timeline and I'm not worried about it. I don't think it's important at all to this series to have a cohesive linear universe.
  8. Your overall impression after season 1

    The simple answer to your question is "WOW"!!!! I loved it. It's not perfect. Yes, the resolution for the Klingon Was was too convenient. It should have been drawn out more. I loved that they pulled Yeoh back in. That was awesome. I liked how they showed the brutality of the MU. My only complaint is that the show is not accessible. ST used to be a family-friendly show. This isn't. A little bit of pairing down on the content would have helped. It's the same complaint I have for Netflix's Black Mirror.
  9. Star Wars: Solo

    Do Star Wars fans want the new Han Solo movie to flop? I don't know. I take issue with such a title. Here's what I know as an 'oldie': as a fan of scifi/fantasy/etc... movies I loved Star Wars. There's a ton of reasons to like those movies. That there were only the initial trilogy made fans cherish it even more. Star Trek was there as my standby 'fix' since there were movies every couple of years and then TNG started. This brings up the point of saturation. Again, something that made SW special was that there wasn't this overflooded market of media back then. Oh, there were toys, comic books, novels, but not the cinematic media. The prequels overall left a bad taste in most fans mouth. We can argue over and over about them but generally most people feel that they were under par. And that's with a lot of excitement about them. Cut to present day and there are plans for pumping out a Star Wars movie every year. Will there be a good story presented? Who knows. We can debate the quality of these 3 newer films but they aren't the 'home run' that fans were expecting. What I do know is that any corporation wants new product for the masses to consume(clothes, cars, smartphones, etc..). Quality of such a product is irrelevant(see DCU movies) as long as someone at the top makes a boatload of cash. I think this is something that fans are reacting to. The artistic aspect of making a movie to further a story seems to have taken a back seat to simple profiteering. Fans are tired of handing out cash for something mediocre. I don't want Solo to fail. But I also don't care about it.
  10. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    At least Whedon treated the characters kinder than what it seems Snyder would have done. He added a much needed levity that Snyder seems allergic to. That it was a mess of a movie wasn't Whedon's doing. He did his best to half cobble up the wreck that it was.
  11. Falcon Heavy did it!!!!!

    I'm fine with that. They'll learn from it. The two landing was a thing of beauty.
  12. Falcon Heavy did it!!!!!

    Man!!! I totally enjoyed the landing of the boosters so much. It was perfect!!!
  13. General DC Discussion

    'cause you're gonna curse a lot?
  14. General Marvel Discussion

    No worries!
  15. General Marvel Discussion

    &^#$%#^&%*^!!!!!!!! Well, the other choice is that I don't bother checking this thread. Yet, another choice is to come up with some other thread or realm in which only breaking news are covered for those who enjoy that.