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  1. Same here!
  2. A couple of years ago I had a friend who saw it for the first time and he basically said the same thing. He didn't get why it was that famous. I told him since then we've seen plenty of other movies and tv series take on that idea of a dystopian future and AI(Data, BSG, etc...). It may just be one of those "you had to be there". Maybe not quite in the same vein but my dad adores Westerns. To him, they are Star Wars. I can appreciate some of them now that I'm older(Magnificent Seven and The Good The Bad and The Ugly) but overall I can't get into them. It may just be something for a different era based on what was available then, you know?
  3. Ditto.
  4. Agreed. I think it's fried. Prometheus had the rare chance to give us something different and it didn't.
  5. Yep, same here. They were serviceable but not memorable. Most of the other Marvel movies I have watched repeatedly but Thor movies don't invite that same interest. For me anyways.
  6. Fingers crossed.
  7. I was logged in already and the look is fine by me! Nice to have the site up and running. I was having withdrawals.
  8. This is an excellent point. For many of us, and I expect Singer as well, the two are inseparable.
  9. Unbelievable.
  10. I'm with you on this. I'm tired of Batman when there are so many other heroes that could be done. But if they can't even get Supes right.....
  11. Luke force choked multiple people in ROTJ in Jabba's Palace. Really? I don't remember that. Still, that can be explained by the fact that he was still not a Jedi. Per Yoda, he still needed to face Vader again. Luke was still at a crossroads where he could have gone to the Dark Side. I think when he sees the parallels to his father(robot hand) that realizes what is happening and chooses the Light Side.
  12. Oh boy. I can't believe I'm gonna get into this. If it hasn't been covered before, there are certain Force powers that are Side dependent with a general handful that are common to both. Aggressive Force powers are Dark Side only(Force Choke/Grip, Force Lightning, etc....). Light Side powers are Mind Trick, Heal. Absorb, and so on. They are not combative or offensive in nature. Could a Jedi use Force Grip? I'm sure they can but then they start being less Jedi and more Sith. It's not quite the power that's the issue. It's the attitude behind it. I tend to think that the reason Jedi can see Force Ghost is for knowledge. That's a collaborative spirit, no pun intended. That sense of affiliation does not exist with the Sith. The history of the Sith is full of betrayal. Apprentice tries to kill Master or vice versa.
  13. I'm finding it hilarious the continued use of the word 'logic' to talk about Force ghosts and such.
  14. I fail to understand what Snyder has done over there to gain such fanatical support among the suits. Has he ever done anything that really is noteworthy and worthy of respect? I can't think of anything. People gush over Watchmen, but I found it bloated and dull. I liked "300," but it wasn't some watershed bit of cinema, and every film he's made since still feels like "300." So I really don't get it. I loved Watchmen. But Watchmen was an anti comic book. It shouldn't really be used as the model for a comic book series. It's too dark and pessimistic. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed!!!
  15. Doesn't look good but was he going to write as well? I think that's his strength for this overall franchise. He is a superhero nerd. I think that's where his love for this stuff would have paid off.