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  1. Discovery: a Star Trek For Our Times

    Agreed. That's why I like these series so far. The humans are are human. We've had thousands of years of development and our basic nature is still the same. That's not going to change in a couple of hundred years with the invention of (insert name of technological doohickey). It is the continued struggle to do the right thing despite our nature that makes storytelling interesting. I also loved that they made Klingons alien again and not angry versions of humans with long hair. They've done a lot of good things with this series...or at least....done the things that I wanted to see from a next Star Trek series.
  2. AVATAR 2 Delayed Again

    Not. Interested. In. The. Least.
  3. I thought that too but my thought is that they have to modernize and not set their standards based on 50 years of a franchise. Maybe it doesn't jive with TOS, TNG, and the rest but that's ok. I don't see new fans scrambling to view those any time soon. And if they do then that means they like the franchise to 'forgive' the look.
  4. On something different, how do you all think that the "pay per view" aspect of this is going to play out? I didn't know this was going to be shown on tv. Is that just to hook an audience and then it's gone?
  5. The Orville

    I hope I don't derail this thread but I was curious to think about what does The Orville do now that Discovery debuted? I haven't watched this show but I'm reading here that the show plays it more straight than comedy. Does ST Discovery push The Orville into more Galaxy Quest territory, which I thought it was going to be in the first place? Otherwise, it sounds like right now there are two spaceship shows, something we haven't seen since the 90's.
  6. I think that's a good thing. It has to be different than what we view as 'Star Trek' in order to survive. Let's face it: the franchise we knew and love couldn't make it in today's media intense environment. It's not and won't be BSG but it has to be closer to that than TOS-ENT, you know?
  7. I had no idea this was going to be on tv until earlier today. I thought this was an online thing only. SPOILERS? I missed the first 12 minutes. Overall, I liked it. Kinda interesting to place the brunt of the ep on the first officer rather than the captain. Also enjoyed that although they seem to have a healthy history, the captain and the first officer were at odds. That's definitely different for Trek. While glad to have Michelle Yeoh on board, I was also surprised to hear the ship's name as something Chinese. Is this a marketing appeal to China? Things like these are not happenstance. I liked the Klingon look. It wasn't 'alien with a different forehead of the week'. I liked the overall look. I'm concerned about cost. It really looks like a big screen release. Sarek. Well, whadayaknow? Just hope they don't continue 'name dropping' characters and references without having a solid reason to have them there just to appeal to fanbase.
  8. Alien Covenant

    Dude!!! Shut it!!! Do not give them any more ideas!!!! LOL!!!
  9. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    You know some board exec thought, "Hey, people want female action stars". While not incorrect you do have to think as to what has appeal. This character doesn't.
  10. Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor

    "There are 50-year-old, 60-year-old guys out there killing bad guys,” he continued, “but there isn’t an example of that for women.” The wrong reasons to do this right there.
  11. General Marvel Discussion

    Whiny Fist
  12. Logan--WITH SPOILERS

    Hmmm....that would be interesting. I would be glad for them. However, this movie is great regardless of whether a group of people decide it should be nominated. What nominations do y'all think it would garner?
  13. General Star Wars Discussion

    True. If that's the template for these new sequels then TESB is the one to emulate.
  14. General Star Wars Discussion

    ...after watching and re-watching The Empire Strikes Back ad nauseum.
  15. General Marvel Discussion

    I guess I understand that up to a certain extent....but it is a comic book, you know? I like the approach. It works both for adults and children. It's a good middle ground. The flip side is that I think DC tried not to be 'comic booky' but it failed poorly. Only TDK Trilogy can be done that way since Batman can be grounded in reality. But you can't do that with the rest of that universe, except for The Question. Once you get into magic and flying men...well.