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  1. Ooops! Got carried away with the 'C's. Hehehe....
  2. He's saying Captain America is propaganda but his movie Valerian isn't? Hysterical!!! That movie was funded by the CCCP!!!
  3. I suspect that gif could be a movie and it would still sell out.
  4. I'm halfway through the game and I'm enjoying revisiting that universe. I think that the solution of continuing the franchise as a tangent was brilliant. It maintains familiarity. Some things that I'm not happy with are the graphics. I felt like the character rendering in the previous games was better. There is just something off with the way some characters look. A Krogan is a Krogan. Not much to do there but Peebe looks really weird especially considering the way other Asari looked. Having said that, she is my favourite of the bunch. She's pretty funny and randy. In contrast, Miranda burned that screen. Ufff!!! Aside from the looks, the character companions are just ok compared to the other companions in the other games. They're kinda generic. And Liam is just awful!!! Jack, Legion, Thane were all great characters. You wanted to know more about them. I'll report back when I finish.
  5. I think you'll get diehard DT fans like me who will go this weekend as well as general Stephen King fans but I expect it to bottom out by this upcoming weekend. The movie is bad. I'm sure word of mouth will bury it.
  6. Yep, I haven't watched those movies but I get the comparison. Yes, that's better than my HP comparison which is not accurate at all. I think what I was going for is that they were trying to appeal to that younger demographic and these books are anything but that. The explanation that I've read online is that these movies happen after the books end. Understanding book 7's ending, without any spoilers, I get that. But if you were watching the movie without any knowledge of the just doesn't have anything to offer. Maybe a couple of inside jokes and "Stephen Kingisms", like the St. Bernard strolling in NYC, the abandoned amusement park with the broken down Pennywise ride(or something like that). The best one was when Roland asks if the animals in this world still talk as an allusion to Oy(the best effin' character in the books imho). What a waste. I felt like I was watching The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe feeling so disappointed. But it wasn't utter dread as when I watched The Last Airbender. So there's that I suppose.
  7. I saw it today. Basically, if you're a fan of The Dark Tower series then you shouldn't watch this movie. Also, if you're a fan of movies you shouldn't watch it either. It's a mess. I don't think they knew to make up their mind about what type of movie they wanted. I think they tried going for the generic Sorcerer's Apprentice thing or Harry Potter. I don't know. Both Elba and McConaughey are wasted in this which is a pity. Both are great actors and McConaughey is the perfect Randall/Walter Flagg. The characterization is wrong for both roles. Imo, Jake Chambers was cast too old. Should have been a younger kid. That would help in the sense of developing that father/son relationship between Roland and Jake. As he's older in the movie(teens), it ends up looking more awkward.
  8. This sounds very KM to me. Might as well move it before it gets very .....errrrr...KMish. There's a bit of a leap in the article's title(quite sure to grab attention) than what the article itself is saying. Religion vs belief of a supreme being. They're not the same thing. You can believe in whatever you want to believe. Our world's future according to Star Trek is that we've moved away from silly explanations of our surroundings. That's what essentially religion is: a cultural group's explanation for why things are they way they are. For whatever it's worth, I don't use those words anymore('Jesus Christ' as a form of curse or emotional outburst, 'God's speed', etc...). That's not uncommon over here in California especially with a huge Asian population that doesn't have that in their culture or vocabulary. I like the notion of a personal belief. I can see as how we become further educated we would be less superstitious. That doesn't mean a negation of some higher power but it does mean relying less on beliefs when science continues to demystify our universe. It has to turn to the personal when we now understand how we get rain and that no amount of dancing in circles will make such an event happen, you know? As for some of the religious mentions in old Trek episodes, it's important to remember historical context. It has less to do with Star Trek and more to do with 1960's America. For argument's sake, let's swap a religion. Do you think Americans would be comfortable with whatever the Islamic version is of "God bless you" when someone sneezes? If there is such a thing of course. Remember all mythologies were at some point a religion. Religions, therefore, are simply active mythologies.
  9. SPOILER FOR Spidey's Homecoming? On something a bit different regarding Homecoming, Tony Stark's sale of his NYC building. Could this be the vacancy for the Baxter Building?
  10. I was thinking about this too. Considering this is a significant portion of King's work, you would have figured they would invest more care into something that could be a mega franchise. Alas, I wouldn't be surprised if it blew chunks. King has terrible luck when it comes to the motion pictures. I just saw that the movie is one hour and thirty minutes. That's unusually short for the material that it was based on.
  11. As The Dark Tower heads to theaters soon, I pray to the Hollywood Gods not to mess it up. Anyhoo, For the uninitiated, The Dark Tower is a series spanning several decades for Stephen King. It is an overarching story that links to many of King's other works. The books themselves can be hit or miss depending on which book. However, the characters and the overall world he creates are quite amazing. Not as fleshed out as a Narnia. Hogwarts, or Middle Earth but close. So what would you like to see? Here's my list. This makes sense for those who are familiar with the books. So when I say "No Spoilers" I mean whatever you know about the movie itself, not the books. Thankee Sai. (Possible Spoiler Warning For Those That Have Not Read The Books) -I hope the movie is a continuation of the actual Dark Tower book, not a note for note replay starting from The Gunslinger. The books make it clear that Roland is stuck in some type of loop but each time he starts over there is something that changes that could lead to his ultimate victory. -I am curious as to how they'll do Oy, if he's even in these movies. He's part of their ka-tet so I would be shocked if he's not in it. -I hope they drop the whole Mordred thing or severely change it. None of this spider creature thing. That was awful. -I do feel that the series lost it's footing starting with Wizard And Glass. Hope they do something different by then...if the series can last that long. What's your list?
  12. Folks, Homecoming is great! Michael Keaton was fantastic. A very believable bad guy. His motivations are very clear and even relatable. Tom Holland's enthusiasm for the role is infectious. Finally, someone plays PP as a teenager. The humour is out of this league. I laughed so much. I thought it was very accessible to all audiences. Just the opening with the classic melody brought a huge smile. No disrespect Gus but no one cares about this. WWI vs WWII? It doesn't matter. It's a background. Personally, I don't understand why they changed it to WWI. It's dumb but again irrelevant. Characters get reimagined. That's normal. I don't get the criticism about that warrior interpretation though. She's an Amazon. They are warriors. If anything, the comics and tv shows got it all wrong all this time except for the JL/JLU. What's presented there is quite in line with this movie.
  13. Perhaps but it's probably not much to do with her character. Her character was quite solid. Michelle Yeoh is old hand at these type of action flicks. Bond was tame compared to what she's done in HK films.
  14. Agreed. There are some that have something more to do and when they do develop them, or allow to develop them, then you get something cool. For example, Michelle Yeoh's Colonel Wai Lin, was refreshing. Here's someone we know can hold their own. They could have done a spinoff with her character and it would have sold. She has the chops for pun intended.
  15. Jaws was great because it wasn't about a giant sea monster. It was about several humans bonding to defeat some adversity. Most of what came after was basically Alien in the water; a typical monster movie. There is no reason to have that rethreaded since movies like that are on Scify practically every week.