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  1. I found Loving a very carefully structured and emotional movie. They captured the paranoia, fear, and legal elements all so well.
  2. I doubt that! One of the main characters is an expert in space fungus for SOME reason. There will be a point to it. I read an article describing Lt. Stamets as an "engineering-bound scientist." Why engineering? Here is the article: https:ncc-1031.com/news/star-trek-discovery-cast-talk-about-their-characters/amp/
  3. Somebody in another duscussion forum reminded me of "Equinox," wherein Captain Ransom took advantage of interdimensional lifeforms who created antimatter to speed up their warp engines. Perhaps they have figured out a away to capitalize on space fungus to create anti-matter and improved warp drive. Captain Ransom probably got the notion from somewhere. He himself was an exobiologist. From Memory Alpha: "Scanning the lifeforms, they discovered that they were emitting high levels of antimatter, and subsequently began to engage in criminal experiments to murder the lifeforms and convert their remains into a source of fuel. Augmenting their warp drive, the Equinox crew were faced with the tantalizing possibility of returning to the Alpha Quadrant in mere months, but also began to come under near-constant attacks by the nucleogenic lifeforms." Nucleogenic fungus ... that's my bet!
  4. I agree regarding the 300 cinematic style. It can be used in small doses but not all over the place. It will be interesting to see if Joss Whedon can inject some humanity into the characters for Justice League. Unfortunately, I am not as big a fan of his Avengers movies as most. I expect he will inject some levity, but humanity ... not so sure. The studios usual mistake slapstick one-liners for "humanity" these days. I want a movie with emotion, drama, and a HEART! Wonder Woman had it all, so did Logan in a different way, which suprised me.
  5. I feel like Snyder has never really departed much from his gladiator-like "The 300" heroes. He superimposes that onto every hero he depicts. Superman is not a steely gladiator, he has emotions! The sad thing is that Henry Cavill is perfect for the role and has the acting range. He just needs the write material and director. Give Patty Jenkins the reigns to "Man of Steel 2."
  6. Saw the third today. Matt Reeves closes out this trilogy with style. Great action, great pathos and nice closure! Can't wait to add this trilogy to my shelf.
  7. You know what I might be on board with is a "Captain's Table" set-up where there is a Captain's Lounge where they get together, drink, and spin yarns about other Captains. There was a Star Trek book series kind of like that. It could be anthology set-up where Captains are all sipping Romulan Ale and some Captain says, "You know, they say that Captain Kirk survived the Enterprise-B disaster. I heard . . ." (fade to some Kirk legend of his after-death heroics, obviously not Star Trek VII). Call it Star Trek: Legends. Might be a fun way to tell some NON-CANON Star Trek tales filled with exaggerated feats and all our beloved Captains. That said, I'm generally against any of it!
  8. I am really excited to see her character and love the background story. I never thought about it, but you hit the nail on the head with the "ugly American" analogy regarding Archer/Trip. And you're right, Earthers would be lining up to visit Vulcan and appropriate their culture. I know I would!
  9. Looks like I will be a CBSAA member for October and April. Screw the intervening months.
  10. Positive or negative, the man has a right to weigh in. He's been involved with the franchise for so long, it is inevitable that people will seek out his opinion. While I'm relieved he's sending a positive message, I'm fine if he expresses disappointment if the show ultimately doesn't stand up when compared with his idea of good Star Trek storytelling. (I will certainly keep in mind that he wrote Star Trek V if he does.) At least Shatner is correct that it is more about stories and themes than the look of the uniforms, the ships, or the aliens.
  11. Ditto! Just ordered my copy today.
  12. The first time I heard someone describe the Enterprise as a character, I immediately could relate. Hopefully, Discovery can recapture that connection to the ship. When the NCC-1701 was destroyed in Star Trek III, it was heartbreaking. By First Contact, I did not have that same connection. I cringed a little at Picard's line "there are plenty of letters left in the alphabet." If the Shenzhou is lost in battle (which I suspect it will be), I would hope I am connected to it and feel the emotional impact of that. If it is destroyed, I expect much of the crew will be too, and that may deepen the sense of loss. "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." With regard to your sidebar, I don't like the way that Starfleet ships have flattened out over time. When I first saw the Enterprise-E, I was immediately struck by how the ship lacked "dimension." It is probably the main reason I was never drawn to it. At the time, I thought it had something to do with the digital effects, but we have seen the pattern of flat ships repeated. Perhaps they are trying to make the ships more like sports cars or stealth ships for the coolness factor. Unfortunately, the USS Shenzhou seems to carry on that pattern. Hopefully, the Discovery will not.
  13. I had a chance to see Star Trek in the Park's "Amok Time" in Portland. It was PACKED! I had a great time. Wish they still did it.
  14. I agree. This planetscape in particular reminded me a lot of an updated TOS matte paintings:
  15. I agree with you that the look is unimportant. When I watched this trailer, I think that is what TOS might have looked like if it was filmed for modern audiences. With technology advancing the way it is, Star Trek needs to adapt visually as well. My primary concern are good stories that are character driven, meaningful, and reflect a somewhat hopeful portrait of humanity's future. I see a lot of positive signs in that trailer that Discovery will live up to my expectations. I can also sense Fuller's strengths and influence at work even if he is no longer showrunner. He wrote so many stories for Star Trek that delved a little deeper into a specific character's background and motivations. I can see we will get a lot of that with Commander Michael Burnham.