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  1. Crisis on Infinite Treks - IDW December

    Is the villain some version of Spock? That would be interesting (but a little hard to swallow).
  2. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    For the story to merge, as promised, with the Star Trek and starfleet universe we are familiar with, in my mind, something has to happen with Lorca. Either he needs to die, to go some other way, or start to see things differently. He is a very charismatic and nuanced actor/character, but, if I am right about what they are trying to do with the series, TOS era Starfleet does not take kindly to men like Lorca. On the other hand, Kirk had his “hawkish” moments too, so maybe they will keep him around in the end. I would not mind that at all.
  3. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    That’s an interesting idea. I could see him being a little like Neelix was first intended to be interms of being a procurer of things. Perhaps willing to get things that Lorca wants/needs that Starfleet types would be unwilling to do by using questionable means. Perhaps more like Garak in “In the Pale Moonlight.” The Lorca character does not strike me as evil per se, but he has been described as an “ends justify the means” type. As a result, there is an ethical framework he is operating under, but it is not the framework of high-minded governing principles that we are used to in Starfleet Captains. It is classic philosophical Trek—pitting Star Trek’s traditional deontologic rule-bound morality against Lorca’s consequentialist view of morality. I predict he will come into conflict with Burnham over this fungus creature. He will see that torturing it to get where he needs to be (literally) will be a justifiable means toward the end of winning the war. It’s a callback to Captain Ransom from Star Trek: Voyager’s “Equinox.” Eventually, I see Saru and Burnham overcoming their conflict and coming together on this as Saru seems of the deontological rule-bound mindset despite his fears. Stammets too could potentially rally behind Burnham maybe even possibly toward a true mutiny (full circle) or perhaps they “let” the creature kill Lorca. That’s how I’m calling it now.
  4. For me, it read as more of a message to Star Trek fans than "casual viewers." It felt like the writers were trying to say to the fans, "See! See! This is still Star Trek!" ESPECIALLY that ... (SPOILERS) "we are explorers" visit to the brig by the ill-fated crewman. Star Trek has PLENTY of preachy moments, so it didn't feel completely out of place for a Star Trek fan--perhaps a little more jarring and clunky for casual viewers.
  5. Well, technically, if the ellipse finishes a sentence it has four dots. The ellipse plus a period. That's used more when you are editing out a portion of a quote. I can't recall exactly what dialogue your referring to though, so I assume you're right they messed up ... BIGTIME ....
  6. Yeah, I agree. I think it was bad dialogue. The writers seemed to try to convey the optimism and spirit of Star Trek through dialogue, when really, that optimism and spirit was always captured more by how the characters behaved and the decisions they made--not by preaching. That's probably why it seemed forced.
  7. As with most productions these days, I wish I hadn't read so many damn spoilers before I saw the pilot. I blame myself for that of course. In particular, the fact that ... (SPOILER WARNING HERE ON OUT) Commander Burnham becomes a disgraced officer. That was a huge source of the drama and in my opinion success of the episode. It is a good hook. I will say that I did not expect outright mutiny, so that was a shocker! I've read a lot of online reactions and am disappointed but some of the negativity. I will say it is by far an improvement over Voyager and Enterprise thus far. And I loved those shows! So I will love Discovery. I agree with some criticism that the Klingon makeup appliances seem to be making it hard to act through. Otherwise, the show is very aesthetically pleasing. A real step-up much like the Abrams movies but with darker sets. I hope the series moves beyond the Klingon war to some extent. I don't mind the conflict as a backdrop but I do want to see some actual exploration and less pew-pew-pew phasers and batleths. I am bigtime bummed that Michelle Yeoh's Captain Georgiou is dead so soon. I wish the whole show was about her. I loved her. But we were meant to feel that loss, so I can't exactly criticize the storytelling! Sometimes I felt like Ms. Martin-Green was over-acting, but I am overall pleased with her performance. Hers is a complex character in the best traditions of Star Trek, and we have a lit to look forward too. I'm just trying to figure out how to watch this on the cheap (and without pirating!). I'm not shelling out for CBS All-Access just yet :-/
  8. Crisis on Infinite Treks - IDW December

    Intriguing cover art!
  9. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    "Clickbait" ... I could not agree more. You look smarter if you are always the critic, but you lose the joy and anticipation of tv and film somewhere along the way.
  10. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    A rather negative article pointing out CBS's decision to blockade pre-air reviews as the "last nail in the coffin" of Discovery buzz: http://io9.gizmodo.com/has-everyone-forgotten-what-star-trek-is-supposed-to-be-1806528223 I largely disagree with the editorial as I believe it is what fans are reading into the promos and not what the promotion and advertising is actually saying that is the problem (if any problem exists).
  11. Discovery and Me

    You are right. TMP to TWOK changes were pretty dramatic in retrospect. Yet fans accepted it. I wish folks were a bit more open-minded about all this--at least check out the series premiere. I do understand where folks are coming from when it is not what you wanted, but it doesn't mean it can't still be great!
  12. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    I found Loving a very carefully structured and emotional movie. They captured the paranoia, fear, and legal elements all so well.
  13. A New Way to Fly, Fossil Fuels?

    I doubt that! One of the main characters is an expert in space fungus for SOME reason. There will be a point to it. I read an article describing Lt. Stamets as an "engineering-bound scientist." Why engineering? Here is the article: https:ncc-1031.com/news/star-trek-discovery-cast-talk-about-their-characters/amp/
  14. A New Way to Fly, Fossil Fuels?

    Somebody in another duscussion forum reminded me of "Equinox," wherein Captain Ransom took advantage of interdimensional lifeforms who created antimatter to speed up their warp engines. Perhaps they have figured out a away to capitalize on space fungus to create anti-matter and improved warp drive. Captain Ransom probably got the notion from somewhere. He himself was an exobiologist. From Memory Alpha: "Scanning the lifeforms, they discovered that they were emitting high levels of antimatter, and subsequently began to engage in criminal experiments to murder the lifeforms and convert their remains into a source of fuel. Augmenting their warp drive, the Equinox crew were faced with the tantalizing possibility of returning to the Alpha Quadrant in mere months, but also began to come under near-constant attacks by the nucleogenic lifeforms." Nucleogenic fungus ... that's my bet!
  15. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    I agree regarding the 300 cinematic style. It can be used in small doses but not all over the place. It will be interesting to see if Joss Whedon can inject some humanity into the characters for Justice League. Unfortunately, I am not as big a fan of his Avengers movies as most. I expect he will inject some levity, but humanity ... not so sure. The studios usual mistake slapstick one-liners for "humanity" these days. I want a movie with emotion, drama, and a HEART! Wonder Woman had it all, so did Logan in a different way, which suprised me.