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  1. Yeah, I agree. I know some complain about the prefix code, but that is innovative and a good safety feature to have on Starfleet vessels.
  2. Well, they should have come up with something different than that, at least in my opinion. Anyways, I hope they don't overdo it in DSC. I don't want to see "remodulating the scanafranz" and all that. That's what hurt Trek - and was lampshaded in "Galaxy Quest!"
  3. Well, using the deflector dish to imprint a warp signature is Heck, the whole concept of having a central power station for those orbital defense platforms could never work. I know Steve K. of Trekweb blasted this whole concept, and I agree with him.
  4. As long as one doesn't go overkill on it. What's bad about technobabble is it's often used to get writers out of trouble. Some examples of this are in DS9's "Tears of the Prophets" when the way to win was to imprint a Federation warp signature onto the central power station of the turrets (yes another big problem there), or basically remodulating your "scanafranz" if you get the gist.
  5. I doubt that. I think it's probably just a ship's arboretum or botanic garden, that's the most obvious explanation.
  6. It was probably just some means to move water, that's probably it. I joke about it behing hydro-electirc because - well - turbines are used to generate electricity primarily.
  7. I doubt that. Although you never know. Heck, the JJ-prise seemed to run on hydroelectricity (water TURBINE control!) - yeah I know that's not really the case but still. Well, the plant arboretum might just be a botanic garden. The refit Enterprise and Enterprise-A were implied to have something like that.
  8. When you get right down to it, it *IS* appalling. With Synthesis (Extended Cut-wise), it's weird to see everyone with pulsating green stuff throughout them. You have a strong point about that being anti-diverse. Well, the one thing that came into mind of course was TNG's "Relics." Andromeda wasn't meant to be part of a story arc, but they did leave room for sequels. There just won't be some pre-defined trilogy.
  9. The original intention for ME3, from what I heard, was to involve the "dark energy" stuff that was introduced in ME2 (on that world the quarians were studying, etc.) and was spoken about later on by Parassini (?) on Illium. The idea was that Reapers were created to solve the "dark energy" thing that was gnawing away at the Milky Way. From what I heard, the original intention was to give Shepard a choice of sacrificing humanity (by having them melted down to form human-reapers like the larva we saw in ME2) or having them try to fix the problem with the time they had left. This still wouldn't have worked for me if none of the decisions I made added up to this. I know there were some who tried to defend the original conclusions to ME3 by commenting that Joker and EDI were like a future Adam and Eve and that the Synthesis ending was supposed to be the "perfect" ending. Again, kudos to the thirty party devs who "fixed" ME3 with the Happy Ending mod. I wouldn't play it any other way. Back to ME:A Never really had a problem with the way the characters and stuff looked. Yeah there may be a few things off but it never seemed to bother me. The Kett's exaltation though seemed a bit like the Reaper indoctrination, although they transform you completely into a kett. Granted it's not as ominous as the Reaper's indoctrination, but I never minded that much for it. Nor is it as terrifying as being put on one of those Reaper spike-thingies and being transformed into a husk (or one of those other ugly Reaper creations). I know the husks were downright creepy in the original Mass Effect. Though still it did leave an emotional punch on Jaal when he realized this was the case. It was interesting at the end seeing the Dyson Sphere (yes there is one in ME:A) - really something. Wonder where they got that idea from? One thing I would have liked to have seen would be the Nexus being without the ring when you first come to it, and then things get built onto it when you progress. But that's not that big of a concern. Wonder if there'll be any sequels to it?
  10. I was on those boards when it happened. Bottom line is that you can't defend the way that game concluded originally - best thing you could do is make excuses for it. Granted I was spared the pain and misery of actually seeing the nihilistic conclusion since my sister told me about people complaining about it. I looked before I leapt there. I know one person discussed this with one of his English professors, who in turn said that the stunt that BW pulled was a complete and utter travesty. Another thing is that BW lied about how the game was supposed to conclude, and that made things even worse. As my sister said, they said they weren't going to pull a "Lost" - which is pretty much exactly what they did. Ah yes, "artistic integrity," I remember that excuse for them to justify what they did. If this was a more widely-broadcasted form of media, I wonder if "artistic integrity" would have gained a household name like "wardrobe malfunction" did. BW sure had some nerve in trying to stop this. They paid reviewers to give reviews that adored the way the game concluded and smear all those people against it, trying to put a positive spin on things. The only time I played ME3 all the way through was when I had the Happy Ending Mod installed with it. And that gave me satisfaction. I give kudos to the developers who made that all possible. This was more of an epic third party fix to the game that basically saves the trilogy, and I was amazed when I first saw it. Anyways, back to Andromeda - I know some have given it a bad rap, but not me. I enjoy it, and I'm playing it over again. When you get right down to it, the Andromeda Initiative and why they eventually went does make quite a bit of sense (tying into the Reaper invasion in the trilogy). I know, some Quarian or other-related DLC might be good, although it seems clear that BW isn't going that direction with ME:A. Maybe if there's a sequel to it. I hope it's not doing that badly.
  11. The first JAWS is one of my favorite movies of all time, and that’s largely because the characters were front and center. The monster shark was simply a device for bringing them together in the same orbit. The 2nd JAWS still had some legitimacy and some interesting ideas, but the 3rd and 4th one just lost me... they were just pure crap (esp. the 4th). Still thanking my lucky stars that Spielberg never made a sequel to “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”; that’s my 2nd favorite movie of his. Well, the first "Jaws" was a classic, from what I heard. I never watched it so...maybe I should. Thinking of all the bad vibes I heard about the "Police Academy" franchise - that's another franchise that had worn out its welcome (a long time ago). I know a fan-made Simpsons script considered watching every "Police Academy" movie as being tortured. Though who is to say they won't reboot it? I was also thinking about Disney's direct-to-video stuff like "Cinderella II," "Cinderella III," etc. Charles Perrault must be spinning in his grave!
  12. I remember the horrible backlash that happened with the game - this was a real disaster for Bioware (and for EA). I wonder what James Rolfe thinks of it - it'd be interesting to see him rip on the conclusion as part of his "Angry Video Game Nerd" shows. The bad thing is with the original conclusions to ME3, they don't just ruin that game, but they retroactively ruin the first two as well. I know my sister commented that the people behind ME3 said that they wouldn't pull a "Lost" (that series finale that know) and afterwards, the people behind "Lost" said they had nothing to do with it. In some ways, it was like tacking on the "2001: A Space Odyssey" ending to "Star Wars." I know many wrote the original conclusions off with the "Indoctrination Theory" but there was this "Last Hours" thing that was basically a smoking gun - what Casey Hudson wanted was "LOTS OF SPECULATION FOR EVERYONE." Obviously, the original conclusions - you just basically screw the galaxy in different colors, probably the most nihilistic thing ever. The original final minutes of ME3 were a travesty worse than stuff like the Voyager episodes "Threshold" and "Spirit Folk," TNG's "Shades of Grey," or DS9's "Let He Who is Without Sin," etc. As with Mass Effect Andromeda, it seems Bioware learned their lesson never to pull a stunt like this again.
  13. Well - just because it's a prequel doesn't mean it's going to automatically stink. Heck, "Rogue One" is a prequel and there are many who think it's second only to "The Empire Strikes Back."
  14. Agreed, I liked ME:A better than both 1 and 3 as well. I never thought SAM was that bad, he was fine with me. As with ME3 - oh gosh don't get me started on Starbrat. In only a few minutes they wrecked things big time - he's many times worse than Jar Jar Binks from "Star Wars" fame. This is a "What Were They Thinking?" kind of deal. When I heard about how bad the conclusions were, I decided to read in advance before playing any more of the game and what I saw kept me from playing any more of it (which spared me of the shock). They salvaged it somewhat with the "Extended Cut," but the true saving grace to this game is actually a third party mod known as the "Happy Ending Mod," which completely cuts out Starbrat altogether. Shepard is rescued from the Citadel before the Crucible fires, re-untied with his crew, etc. The Reapers are destroyed, etc. Though it's only for PCs though. They never mention the fate of Earth in ME:A - I guess that's left up to us to think - since Andromeda is supposed to be a clean slate. Glad they went with this instead of a prequel.
  15. Personally, I don't find the game to be bad at all, although I know some people have given it a bad rap. I do think it's quite clever with the Andromeda Initiative, which is eventually found out to have taken off thanks to the Reapers in the original Mass Effect arc. Yes it's not the same people, but I don't really have a problem with it. I enjoy making things more viable for the Andromeda Initiative once we enter, colonization. Feels like you're helping humankind out in the Andromeda Galaxy. And of course they keep things open ended so that there can be more sequels - this isn't a serialized trilogy deal. I've been playing it on my PS4. What do you folks think about it?