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  1. Well, I bought my copy of it today from one of the comic book stores close to me. What I did like was the USS Endeavour. For those who don't know yet and don't have a keen eye, the design suggests it's an Aegis-class starship, which the prototype, USS Aegis, is what you fly in the upcoming (and unfortunately delayed) VR game "Star Trek: Bridge Crew." It's a cooler ship than the original JJ Enterprise, that much is certain, and most likely on par with the Enterprise-A seen at the end of Beyond. Another plus was Kirk's female Romulan first officer. The Kelvin Timeline has had its problem with gender roles, although they have been rectified a good deal with Beyond big time, and nice that they gave her some pants instead of one of those goofy cocktail dresses, if you get the gist! It's also nice to see New Vulcan, and that it's some small city in the middle of a mostly barren planet and not some sprawling metropolis. I also liked the lampshading that the cadets do of Scotty, commenting about how the Enterprise got nearly trashed in ST:ID and ultimately in ST:B. Yeah, they do have their points there! Carefully excluded is Chekov (because of the Anton Yelchin tragedy). It's a nice touch for Spock to return to New Vulcan. I'm still on the fence about his relationship with Uhura, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I do have a minor qualm with the USS Concord's registry number, which was NCC-6871 - a bit too high for that era. NCC-0871 would be a bit more plausible, in my opinion. And the fact that Sulu is already a first officer. What's going to happen come Beyond's sequel? Will he go back to being a lieutenant or what? And it was a nice touch to include a younger Clark Terrell (the ill-fated captain of the USS Reliant from TWOK) here. But the twist at the end - I'll still buy the others, but SERIOUSLY?! As with their choice - do they really need to go banging around that stuff AGAIN?!
  2. Well, the Sheliak treaty might be an interesting idea. They were one of the more interesting races in TNG without a doubt. As mentioned before, this would take place some time after "The Cage," with the original Enterprise being around, likely under command of Captain Pike. I do wonder if the Enterprise herself will be making an appearance. Wonder if so, then would Mirina Sirtis be be doing Number One? I wonder how long the ship lasts BTW? I think there's a mention of a Discovery in TOS's "The Squire of Gothos." And for that matter, is she a brand new ship or does she have mileage on her? (I'm guessing the latter, but I'm not sure).
  3. Well, perhaps he could say something about the time period it's set in. The biggest speculation is that it's set in between ENT and TOS (early 23rd century), but as some say, it could be set far in the future with a battered Federation as they pick up the pieces.
  4. I liked the director's edition of TMP, which SERIOUSLY cleaned a lot of stuff up. Pity that's not on Blu-Ray, I prefer it over the original theatrical version (and the Special Longer Version).
  5. I half-expected to see these two at the edge of the frame: Ensign Shirley and Lt. Laverne, reporting for duty... LOL good one! I noticed a few have commented (although I never really noticed) that some shots of the brewery had concrete walls or something like that. Is that true?
  6. The Lawrence Livermore Labs key ignition facility was a definite improvement. No doubt about that, I actually liked it myself, but they still used the brewery in other shots (and boy was that brewery an eyesore!).
  7. I was thinking that perhaps that the ship Discovery is thrown into the far past (e.g. 10th / 11th century) and would have to deal with stuff from the far past. (Not unlike that alternative Enterprise from the ENT episode E^2).
  8. IF Picard exists in this timeline at all, for all we know, with the changes, Jean-Luc Picard may very well not exist in this one. I do wonder how fast they'll be going through Enterprises though, considering 1701 lasted only 4-5 years (the original lasted ten times longer than that). I wonder what the inside of it looks like? My guess is more of the same. If J.J. comes back to direct, we can say hello to the dreadful brewery again (which we did *NOT* see in Beyond, at least there wasn't much that I could recognize).
  9. I know, they could for all we know they could bring J.J. back to direct the fourth one. I don't like the idea of George Kirk returning UNLESS it's some kind of flashback deal. Though I have a bad feeling it's going to be some stupid contrived way that's going to cause heads to spin. Justin Lin and Simon Pegg were better. If J.J. directs the fourth one, we can go back to seeing Kirk being an unprofessional Flanderized pimp, I bet. Not to mention no room for Jaylah (unless she's used as cheap-ass eye candy a la Carol Marcus from STID). I don't consider J.J. to be misogynistic especially after "The Force Awakens" but he thinks Trek should be sexist.
  10. I wouldn't go saying that the show would be successful already - there have been quite a few shows that have had good starts but never lasted a full season - such examples include that short-lived 2002 WB network's "Birds of Prey" series and well, CBS's "Supergirl" from what I hear hasn't been doing too hit since it's debut (I know it's being moved to CW which seems a better fit).
  11. I wouldn't call it death by fatigue. I think it was death by poor quality. They should have got new blood to run the franchise 10 years earlier. It was fatigue. Fatigue from fans who were feeling it had run it's course, fatigue from the showrunners who worked for 18 years on Trek and had run out of steam, fatigue from General audiences who found nothing new or fresh within Trek. Yes there was a dip in quality, but Fatigue is what wore Trek into the bad quality and then off the air and out of theaters. Well - it was a combination of both. They really did overdo things during the mid 1990's and that was responsible for a lot of why Trek decayed (though the decay was already going on with Voyager at the time. DS9 though was a different story). It actually started to show in the 7th season episode of TNG which had quite a few stinkers such as "SubRosa," "Genesis," and "Masks." (though it did have some standouts like "Lower Decks," "All Good Things...," "Parallels," and "The Pegasus."
  12. Well, I wouldn't jump to any conclusions based off the Discovery's registry number. I do think the ship needs considerably more refinement - the saucer is pretty much fine but I'm not too pleased with the blockiness of the rest of the ship.
  13. ^ Which is precisely why I think it is always, first and foremost, a creature of the small screen. That said; I think that if this were to be (by the box office) the last of the BR films? I'm glad that the franchise went out with a proper ST feeling and not compromising itself into another soulless Jason Bourne-in-Space clone (yes, STID... I'm looking at YOU ). Boring General Audiences? Seriously? That thing had just about the same amount of action as the previous installments - heck maybe even more so. I'm with the folks who think that Beyond is the best of the three reboot movies - hands down. If this is the last of them, I'll take it.
  14. As with the Discovery's design - keep in mind "young minds, fresh ideas, be tolerant." Though they should make it less clunky and block-y. I have no problems with the saucer section - it's the engineering section and those nacelles. Though I could get used to the design.
  15. Agreed. This isn't supposed to be the Enterprise. The design will take some time of getting used to, and it most certainly could use some more refinement. It's way too premature in jumping to any conclusions about the ship and such. I still wonder if this is a Kelvin-timeline ship that crosses into the Prime Universe. Have a good look at the font used on the ship's name and registry number. That being said, again, I'm not jumping to any conclusions.