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    I'm also interested in shipping them with other characters :P.
  1. Voyager Cast Join Star Trek Online

    Hmm Neelix doesn't look like that haha. Oh God. Everybody is so hot in that picture haha.
  2. What Star Trek book are you currently reading?

    I finished reading another book about Janeway in Starfleet Academy, it's called "The Chance Factor". Even when this has more action than the previous one (Lifeline) I still prefered that one
  3. What Star Trek book are you currently reading?

    One from Star Trek Voyager called "Lifeline". It's about Janeway in Starfleet Academy.
  4. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    And we've missed you! Aww, thank you!!! I've missed you guys too! I changed jobs and I've been kind of busy (and tired) hope that when I'm fully used to the new one I can come here more often.
  5. Rate the show in order of preference

    Well, I hadn't rated ST since I was watching DS9 5 months ago. I'm in ENT S3 and I even when I can't say my original opinion has changed I can say it has a couple of additions. 1) TOS 2) TNG 3) VOY 4) ENT 5) DS9 Not giving any explanations... it is what it is
  6. Do You have a Trek Guilty Pleasure?

    Well, all my guilty pleasures are episodes I appreciate just because they're awesome for the couple I ship haha. 'cause in my super objective opinion, liking a Star Trek episode just because of the shipping it's like missing the whole point of the show. Some of them are: TOS: The Naked Time, Plato's Stepchildren (just because of the Spock/Nurse Chapel scenes). TNG: The Naked Now (Tasha/Data). VOY: Resolutions, Coda (although Coda was pretty interesting, but I just liked the JC scenes...). Can't say anything about DS9 or ENT... ETA: Actually I can say something about DS9: any episode with pregnant Kira is awesome!! xD
  7. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    Haven't been around in a while. Last night I watched ENT - Doctor's Orders. This episode was a LOT like VOY - One. Since I'm not a fan of Seven of Nine I prefer this one xD.
  8. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    ENT - Dear Doctor. I have mixed feelings about Dr. Phlox. I like the guy but the actor played a serial killer on a tv show I watched ("Cold Case") and he was so creepy that I just can't forget about it xD. Anyway, I like Dr. Phlox
  9. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    ENT. Broken Bow. It was a nice start for the show except for the gratuitous underwear scenes.
  10. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    VOY. Pathfinder. That made me cry... for real. By the end of the episode I was really moved
  11. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    VOY. Barge of the Dead. Klingons... *snores*
  12. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    VOY. Dark Frontier I and II.
  13. Please tell me Voyager can replicate shuttlecrafts. Either that or the ship is just a huge "parking lot"... they must have hundreds of those things :P

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      I would, but that'd be a lie...


      Look at how much trouble it was for them to put together "The Delta Flyer"; and if they are rationing food replicator power, how would they have enough to build shuttlecraft??

    2. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      sad thing is, the delta flyer is actually wider than the shuttlebay doors, so the fx people shrink the visual scale when showing it launch...also season 7, chakotay says they have a full compliment of shuttles...not only should that be a lie, but hes the one who crashed most of them...

    3. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      He's just covering his ass...


  14. Trek Dreams

    Well, this isn't exactly a Trek dream, it's a weird mixture that involves my work, the Borg and the feverish state I was a couple of days ago. I had a fever and was watching some Voyager episode that involved the Borg (lately it seems like the only thing they do...) and fell asleep, this is what happened in my dream: Admiral Janeway (she had white hair so...) wanted to defeat the Borg but some reason she needed an algorithm to do it and I was in charge of writing it and programming it into some programming language. I remember I could see all the programming code in my dream, like "if you do this but that variable is false then you have to do this, else you'd have to do that" (lol!) and I remember presenting it to her and she always rejected it and I was mad 'cause I wasn't feeling very well (neither in real life nor in my dream)... I don't know what happened at the end 'cause another episode started and the music woke me up so...