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  1. CBS All Access

    Kind of embarrassed by how good that sounds to me!
  2. CBS All Access

    I think the inertia factor is a very important and therefore well-studied part of the subscription model; hence the dominance of free-trials. The problem for CBS is that they are in sparsely charted territory since they are really the first major network/studio to try going at it with only their own limited, older-viewer-skewed content. I saw a comment from a Netflix big-wig who said that they've determined that they really need new content every week to battle against churn, which is why they are going greased wallet. Mr. M has outright admitted that CBS can't compete with that kind of business model. I'd say the ideal for CBS is to exploit the Trek universe like Marvel is doing. We, the viewing public, don't know the details, but it seems Marvel's The Punisher is a (maybe short term) win for Netflix, particularly because (as I've read, but haven't seen it) the show isn't very comic bookish and is more like a straight-out action piece. This would bode well for, say, a Khan prequel series. But CBS will need deep pocketed partners to pull something like this off. I also wonder if CBS sees The Orville as contrary to their, "Trek can't work on broadcast," notion. CBS would require more than the 3-4 million same-day viewers that The O is getting, but they have higher-rated lead-ins. Taking advantage of the flexibility of Trek, perhaps The Big Bang Theory itself could help with a lighter, more comedic, in the vein of The O, Trek product and we could see some kind of Trek filter back into the broadcast realm.
  3. CBS All Access

    In this article we have the following quote from Leslie Moonves, head honcho at CBS: “Our numbers now have exceeded over two million subs there,” on All Access, Moonves said. “Also over two million subs on Showtime OTT. We said we’d be at four [million] in the middle of next year between the two next year. We’re way over four ahead of schedule, so the plan is working.” This is the first I've seen of him or anyone at CBS actually coming out and saying that CBS AA has topped 2 million subscribers. Still, from what he says here and elsewhere, I suspect that Mr. M is feeling the ground rumbling around CBS with much bigger companies stomping on the same turf. I look for CBS to move even closer to Netflix in the near future. Not necessarily a merger, but not necessarily not some kind of merger.
  4. Kirk Drift

    I take it then that you actually like nu!Kirk? If so, I can understand (but not forgive)!
  5. Kirk Drift

    I think this essay is terrific. I've read it through several times and I can sample it almost at random for enjoyable, thought provoking tidbits. Strangely, I've not yet thanked RB for pointing me to it. So, thanks RB! From the beginning of the essay: You “know” Star Trek before you ever see Star Trek: a ‘naive’ encounter with such a culturally cathected text is almost impossible... This is a major source of my interest and delight in what the author calls, "the Star Trek project." In fact, I would be a bit more grandiose and say that if you strip Star Trek from human history, you venture into the realm of counter-factual speculation; that is, to, "What would have happened if...?" Certainly, Trek's influence on science, technology, and culture can be, and often has been, over-stated. Still, it's not easy to extract it from the path society has taken through the last half-century. It's like that popular demonstration of entropy involving a glass of milk and a single drop of ink and the dilemma of taking it back out. ^ Well put, and to the point. We don't really know right now what, if any, part "Kirk Drift", played in the muddled presentation and development of nu!Kirk. It does seem that Brash-Womanizing-Kirk made the cut when it was decided which characteristics nu!Kirk would have. If, as the author asserts, there was no such character in TOS, then we may have an explanation for why the character seemed flat and empty to some of us.
  6. Another Visual from Another Show

    I think there's still hope that the LHC, even though it really can't produce anywhere near the energy needed to get much beyond the Higgs Boson, will pop-up something that will come to the rescue. I get the impression, though, that this is really a rather forlorn hope for particle physicists and cosmologists. There seems to be a growing suspicion that the concept of space/time will have to go (skip to 15:00 or so) if there's going to be any breakthrough in the near-to-mid timeline. The related principle of locality/causality, so dear to Einstien, seems also in danger. In short, we may be approaching a situation where all bets are, indeed, off. I wish Disco had focused more on Stamets's, "biology is physics", angle. Here's an interesting tidbit, courtesy of Wikipedia: Habitable epoch ca. 10-17 million years after the Big Bang The "Dark Ages" span a period during which the temperature of cosmic background radiation cooled from some 4000 K down to about 60 K. The background temperature was between 373 K and 273 K, allowing the possibility of liquid water, during a period of about 6.6 million years, from about 10 to 17 million after the Big Bang (redshift 137–100). Loeb (2014) speculated that primitive life might in principle have appeared during this window, which he called "the Habitable Epoch of the Early Universe".[25][26][27] Just to be clear, we're talking about what would eventually become inter-galactic space, here! There really is no telling...
  7. Episode 1.6 "Lethe" Discussion Thread

    Thanks guys, for the feedback. I realize now that I was taken in by the performances! Tracing back, I can see where I've gone astray. Since, Context is for Kings, the toughest nut for me, and I guess a lot of others, to swallow was Lorca being in the position of power he's in; we have to believe Starfleet is really desperate. His status is even tougher to take after the reveal of Lorca's trauma. I guess I had already managed to accept that before Lethe, but it left me already suspicious of Starfleet top brass. And given C and L's earlier encounters, I saw a certain amount of tension, even envy on her side, and she seemed to me more focused on their interpersonal than their professional relationship. Meanwhile he was in, "my ship, my way", mode, confident that his status as a savior and his successes in the field made him untouchable. In Lethe, he decides to help Burnham and, typical of the Starfleet captains I've seen over the years, does what he thinks is best for his ship and crew, regardless of what higher-ups want. When Cornwell showed up, I was surprised because I thought she was over-stepping the authority I, and Lorca himself, assumed Lorca had been given to do as he saw fit. Then, in his quarters, I saw her talking to a friend who she thought was pushing too hard at the edge of what Starfleet command would put up with. She had previously remarked a couple of times about how he was making enemies. I didn't think she thought he was losing it and that she needed to intervene professionally; rather that she wanted to help a friend who was, she thought, over-confident and pushing too hard. So, I wasn't at all put off by the alcohol coming out, and the more "casual" interactions. In fact, I thought this kind of person-to-person contact was just what she had come there for. For me it's only when he attacks her that she really sees him as a danger. I was actually shocked when she threatened to relieve him of command and how seriously he quickly took the threat. I think I had internalized the idea that she really didn't have that much power over him. It really would have been her word against his and, again, Starfleet command had already anointed him. My take was that we saw here just how much the command actually meant to Lorca; to the point where he couldn't stomach even the slightest chance of being relieved. Once again, I wish the writers had done a better job with setting up the trap, but my head was so full with Burnham's (remember her?) well-earned trust and admiration for her captain, in contrast to what I had just learned about him, that I didn't have time to catch up, until the Klingon's all-too-easy betrayal elicited a, "Really?" Still, all-in-all, judging from your comments, I allowed myself to get suckered! For someone who doesn't much like reading, let alone writing, reviews, I'm in pretty deep here, but while I'm at it I must say that I like how the two threads intertwined in this episode. It wasn't really an A/B division since it was Lorca's loyalty and commitment to his crew, and his mutineer in particular, that set off and (albeit sloppily) terminated the events.
  8. Episode 1.6 "Lethe" Discussion Thread

    For me, at this point, the issue is how he could not be a spy, probably Voq the Albino himself. There are too many things pointing to it, from an external viewer's POV. If he isn't, then I think either we'll get a real hot pretzel of a twist or there are a number of things that we'll have to dismiss as deliberate and clumsy red herrings. Help me out, here. I'm not sure what you're referring to as being "daft". Perhaps it's the dumb, narrative shorthand trap at the end? Not to be coy: I was exhilarated by the Cornwell/Lorca scenes and they are the main source of my resuscitating hopes for this series. The trap sequence bothered me, because I think that kind of thing is simply lazy when you don't have run-time constraints and they've done it several times already and really should stop it. My suspicion is that it's, that bane of Hollywood narrative, so-called pacing that's at fault. This time, however, in my case, I have to forgive it because I hardly noticed it the first time through, so caught up was I in the drama. Also in addition to giving her a chance, he hadn't hesitated to launch a rescue for her father. I found the moment of her acceptance and expression of admiration rather chilling. I can't see how anything but heartache can come from it, at least not until a very turbulent course has been traveled. Interesting that she seems to have been "infected" with Vulcan telepathy, to some extent. Her captain might need that kind of support, especially if something awful happens to the Admiral while Discovery waits for orders.
  9. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Been looking for a place to post this. Thanks RB! I'm an atheist who likes good thoughtful stuff like this.
  10. Star Trek Discovery - Season 2 Confirmed

    Let's not forget the "31", in NCC-1031. Could assist L in staying in command and get him some choice assignments if he makes himself useful. I hope S1 doesn't end with Burnham in command, but there's a real danger of this guy stealing the series. My fanon has L becoming dependent upon her, perhaps via Vulcan/Sarek mind games, to stay sane.
  11. Episode 1.6 "Lethe" Discussion Thread

    I know you're on the West Coast, USA, like me so it's not that late, but still late, and I appreciate you taking the time to quickly post and insightful summary and critique!
  12. Episode 1.6 "Lethe" Discussion Thread

    Admiral Cornwell (Jayne Brook) and Lorca (Jason Issacs) together blew my socks off. Just terrific work, in my view. Relieved at getting reeled back in!
  13. The Klingon Redesign?

    OT... Just happened to view, Seinfeld, S08E1 (1996), The Foundation. Prominent: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, (George, heaven help him, finds himself still more moved by Spock's death, than the recent demise of his fiance, Susan), and, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Kramer gives Elaine rather disjointed advice based on his Katra). George also does a variation on the Khan-wail. Both of the movies are mentioned by name. Strange the way pop culture so often swallows its own tail.
  14. Episode 1.6 "Lethe" Discussion Thread

    As do I. Very disappointed with , The Butcher's Knife..., and, Choose Your Pain. So much so that I'm dreading S0106. Good to see that others here are more pleased than I, since I really want this series to have time to improve, though I'm getting further and further away from feeling myself in the target audience.
  15. An Interesting Lorca Theory...

    Hmmm... In the "Context..." thread I posted a tweet from Mr. Issacs that strongly suggests he's still there late in the shooting schedule. Not sure if you have seen it and think that even that is "too soon"? Oh, and, I watched, basically, 2.5 seasons of TNG just because I liked Sir Patrick from I Claudius and Derek Jacobi's Hamlet (which in my view has to be seen), among other things, and I couldn't resist the gravitas he brought to the series. So I, for one, can't be critical of your reason for sticking with DSC!