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  1. An Interesting Lorca Theory...

    Hmmm... In the "Context..." thread I posted a tweet from Mr. Issacs that strongly suggests he's still there late in the shooting schedule. Not sure if you have seen it and think that even that is "too soon"? Oh, and, I watched, basically, 2.5 seasons of TNG just because I liked Sir Patrick from I Claudius and Derek Jacobi's Hamlet (which in my view has to be seen), among other things, and I couldn't resist the gravitas he brought to the series. So I, for one, can't be critical of your reason for sticking with DSC!
  2. About Captain Lorca's immediate future... Have y'all seen this? Note the date.
  3. CBS All Access

    The IMDB demo breakdown tends to back you up; Males aged 45+ dragging the average down. Meanwhile, underrepresented females doing their part to prop the average up.
  4. CBS All Access

    Ratings so far from IMDB users... More kind than Rotten Tomatoes users; barely avoided "rotten".
  5. CBS All Access

    Very much agree that, DSC has potential as a loss leader or "prestige" product for CBS. I really wish we knew how successful VOY and ENT are on the streaming services and how much of that success is from which kind of viewer; for example "grew up with Trek", or "Kelvin timeline fan", or "just-curious-and-captured new fan". I don't doubt that CBS and especially Netflix and Amazon know the answers to these questions in minute detail, which in itself gives them an advantage, and perhaps a more flexible business model when compared to Nielsen-dependent networks. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Netflix has simulations that predict minute-by-minute viewership and responses to new content, and that the predictions can be tested in real time against actual viewer behavior. Not sure if I hope this is right or wrong!
  6. CBS All Access

    This LA Times article (good article but the site has become pitifully obnoxious) is the first I've seen that gives a number to Netflix's investment in DSC: "about $6m" per episode. That leaves CBS on the hook for "about" $2m - $2.5m, per episode, if the $8m - $8.5m per episode numbers I've seen are accurate. So, for CBS, $30m - $40m for season one. Triple that for Netflix. CBS/Les Moonves sees by the end of 2017 at least $4 million subscribers for CBS All Access and Showtime streaming combined. Some analysts give each "about" half of that total, including DSC sign-ups. Netflix did sort of pull the curtain back a bit when it said its survey of re-watched Trek episodes tallied numbers from (as quoted by SYFY Wire) "104 million members across 190 countries who have watched" Trek on their service. This language suggests, unlikely though it seems, that virtually every Netflix member has watched a Trek series at least once! Subtracting the US of A and its 50m Netflix members, this suggests "about" 50m Trek viewers outside of the US of A to help pay the bills. Of course the issue is as much additional sign-ups and reduced "churn" (people signing up, cancelling, signing-up again...) as it is total members at any give time. So, it's complicated.. Hopefully these numbers and my arithmetic make sense.
  7. Hello from CA

    Welcome, and happy posting!
  8. Well, you sure don't have to apologize to me! I think punctuation is fun. I should have used one of these in my original comment. (Should there be commas around a smiley?) (Pretend I didn't ask that!)
  9. Just a few thoughts after watching both episodes on CBS AA. I don't usually watch "linear" TV along with the masses. For example, I watched Mad Men by waiting until the end of each season and bingeing. I really don't like the, "tune in next week", gambit. I have a high tolerance for spoilers so that's seldom an issue. But this time I felt the need to support Trek's return and, strange to say, I was, and am still, afraid that signing up and waiting to view wouldn't have been, and won't be, enough, since they will know if I don't actually watch DSC. I actually considered "watching" with the window behind other windows, but they might know that, too. When I found myself considering "watching" with the sound on my stereo muted, which surely they couldn't detect, I gave in and watched like one of the masses; which of course I am anyway. So now I've put myself in the "linear" trap and I really am anxious to "tune in next week." I knew that, "Vulcan Hello", was 42 minutes long because I checked before watching. I was pedantically engaged in critically assessing every aspect of the show when, to my surprise, the end credits appeared. A fast 42, in other words. For me, Burnham's back-and-forth with the computer in the brig was pure TOS, and done with a delightful wink and nod. I have to watch it again to analyze it but I thought SM-G brilliantly channeled Kirk-like confidence and guile. I wonder if Saru is influenced by Larry Niven's Pierson Puppeteers (a crafty bunch)? Even if so, I doubt the DSC crew would own up to it. Mild spoilers follow!!! I read so much about how tight-lipped the DSC folks were being leading up to the debut. But, really, was there anything in these two episodes that wasn't heavily hinted at in the lead-up? Also, I think it's becoming clear that Hollywood writers think that the best use of a Starship is to wreck it. I thought I wrote a post on this forum about why I think this is so but I can't find it. The gist: Starships are too big for dog-fighting and no one can tell how majestic they are because they're always in space and too confining for any real action and everyone is always sitting or standing at a desk or a conference table or a console. They are also too powerful compared to a single-hero so for the sake of drama they have to be wimped out via some hard-high-tech or by being hugely outnumbered or... But they blow up like buildings. I fear for the NCC-1031. End of mild spoilers!!! And speaking of conference tables... I think STID had the only sit-down conference in the Kelvin Timeline movies and that one was interrupted by a madman with a Gatling gun. None so far in DSC. Someone should tell them that True Trek has true meetings. The "tune in next week" trailer, on CBS AA, looked different in tone to me when compared to these debuts; and a couple of reviewers who have seen episode 3 (and maybe more, the born-out-of-wedlocks!) have said as much. And if I write, "debuts", it's because I'm finding myself increasingly annoyed (but not, "four dots", level annoyed!) by the term, "pilot", when applied to this series which, I recall, was "green-lit" and pretty-much paid for before they even had a script, let alone a leading lady. The DSC crew wasn't making episodes that they hoped would entice a distributor. The distributor had already enticed itself. And don't get me started on, "Utopia", or, "Post Scarcity"! Will watch again soon!
  10. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Feeling so much envy right now! <looks at face in phone and, yes, it's green.>
  11. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    /\ I see this as being so critical it almost goes without saying... almost. My concern is the DSC troupe getting so caught up with big, raw and gritty that they miss it and don't see that new visuals, new tone, new Trek, don't allow this old foundation to be ignored. I really suspect this was what made TNG so attractive to people who weren't actual fans of sci-fi or Star Trek. The setting was inviting, recognizable and looked like some place they would like to be and know. As The Founder wrote earlier: " Star Trek the ship is a character. It's not just a location in the back drop. It's where our crew has their adventures (most of them) and have development." To which I would add, it's where the viewers are being asked to return each week. Maybe the DSC troupe can pull this off at the same time as, or even with the help of big, raw and gritty. I think one thing they will have to do, if they haven't already, is to get in touch with why they named their series after a Starship. Hamlet agreed! In fact, he said: The play’s the thing Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king. but, of course, he was murdered before he could catch the broadcast. I think it was Pablo Picasso who said that good artists borrow, but great artists steal. My interpretation of this is that if you're great enough, you will take possession of the work you based yours on and it's your work that will be definitive and remembered. This is, I think, the task that CBS and the DSC troupe have set themselves; to take possession of the Prime Star Trek universe, and I agree with you that if they succeed, we, the fans, the viewers, will be the ultimate benefactors.
  12. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Searched on, star trek park seattle, so you don't have to, and found, "Outdoor Trek". Looks like a Feminist conspiracy to emasculate theater! Then there's this completed 5 year mission. My understanding is that these weren't so much Trek fans as aspiring thespians hungry for fresh, challenging content. They made a pretty big splash in Portland, OR, before they were through. Meanwhile, literally thousands of U-Tube commenters contributed to pop-culture by letting us all know how much they hate lens-flares and how easy it is to judge the writing in a 15 episode series, that of course they've never seen, from snippets of dialog in a 2 minute trailer.
  13. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    I am not one of those people! But I did watch a lot of TOS in B & W in the sixties; at my sister's, on her tiny, tinny, TV; because, weed (and she's still fun to watch TV with). Sometimes it was a few years before I literally re-viewed an episode. I was not always pleased with the change. Something that had looked stark or dramatic might end up gaudy or cartoonish; not a unique phenomenon for a hater of colorization like me. I do suspect that significant attention was paid to B & W visuals since color TVs were far from universal then. Of course this just makes it more likely that Trek would have attained the same status as, Casablanca, or, The Maltese Falcon.
  14. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Agree that it's too early to know how far the DSC troupe will take their shiny new toys; scenario's Warp 75 can't be ruled out. Trek has, in my mind, always struggled with Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (e.g., STEM) issues because the writers aren't prepared or disposed to deal with them. It's because of this, I think, that we get a starship, like the Enterprise D/E that's a deep space Holiday Inn, with replicators. The STEM is just a backdrop; except when it isn't and then we get the dreaded Treknobabble. Yes, I agree that TNG (let us leave the 'V' word out of the discussion and move on) suffers from this, and to a sci-fi groupie like me, it does so needlessly. Still I have friends who really like TNG I think because the environment is so tranquil and clean and doesn't try to take them harshly into tech-heavy outer-space to tell its stories.