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  1. Rate Insurrection

    As Expected I gave this one 10... It is my Favorite TNG movie and is Equal to Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country
  2. Voyager Pet Peaves

    As I have long said... give her a uniform... she would still be beautiful and very nice to look at in a blue science officers uniform
  3. Time for the Next Generation part 2?

    Well if you are a hater... so to am I... I am so happy I joined this forum... I thought I stood alone in my beliefs about what trek should be
  4. Time for the Next Generation part 2?

    I wonder if the advicates of dark trek are in fact so numerous or they are just the most vocal. I think that the positive out look on the future... the idea that we communicate and NOT necessarlly fight... that is what trek is to me
  5. Voyager Pet Peaves

    Exactly Mr Picard... The shoes do not fit with seven's personality... "These Shoes are inefficent..."
  6. What series have the best girls?

    I have to say TNG - I was always a hard core fan of Deanna and her outfits especially the season 4 blue dress... yet another reason to hate Jellico
  7. Time for the Next Generation part 2?

    As to a dark trek series we had it... DS9... I love DS9 but I feel that pre-Abrams it was the furthest from Gene's original vision. Just as a new Dark Trek would be far from Gene's vision today. I would much prefer either Star Trek Titan or Star Trek Temporal Investigations that maintain the idea that the future for humanity is bright and we have social commentary and philosophically debate more than bad-ass space combat
  8. Voyager Pet Peaves

    Never really looked at sevens legs... but you are right that makes no sense
  9. Rate Nemesis

    I agree Tom Hardy is a fine actor... blaming him for Nemesis is like blaming Ben Afflek for Daredevil
  10. The House of Quark

    In order to escape Rue Pente all you need is a ship named Enterprise... and your golden... If not guess you are gonna die on the rock
  11. Insurrection. Why the hate?

    Okay Sehlat... Anij is charming, intellectual and quite beautiful. I find is reason's for being attracted to her quite compelling. She is the antihis of loud mouth pushy Lily. I see Anij as a much bethter match for Picard than Lilly. Picard Dancing is a bit out of character... think about him sitting in his quarters or ready room on the Enterprise-D reading Shakespear. I much perfer the more ballanced view of Picard to First Contact. Although I felt he was too much in the role of an action hero in both film. Picard in Insurrection seemed thoughtful and not crazed with revenge. It did take some time to build. But I much perfer the investigation aspect of the movie to finding out about the secret of the holo ship instead of just rushing to action. The Space battle was good for its time. Personally Bodies getting blown out into space or burn victims do not add to the story for me. There battles of the Dominon War had about the same grityness to them. Could we have given a little extra time to Geordi over and above the sun rise.. sure... maybe it would be cool if Geordi missed his super eyes at some point. Honestly I was happy to see any data that not so ridiculous as the Generations Data. I hated Generations for ruining Data's charter. An Episode of TNG... That is excatly what I wanted going into this movie. The Baku have chosen a simple life... No problems here... They seemed like space Amish to a certian extent except with brighter colors No Chacter Growth? What about Will and Deanna getting back together No more boring than a decent TNG Episode.. In Fairness Sehlat I know we will never agree on this
  12. Insurrection. Why the hate?

    Yeah... More valaditon!!! I always felt like the was a TNG Episode somehow... For me it was the 2 part ender of season 11 and the begining of season 12
  13. Insurrection. Why the hate?

    Thank God Sherlock... I though I stood alone! Insurrection is my favorite TNG movie far and away! I think this is what Trek is supposed to be with a strong social comentary. Not defnd Earth at all cost form some cardboard cutout bad guy that is bent on destroying it. The battle is not the Rightous Federation against a Foe but a battle between right and wrong that transcends borders. The choice to do what is right rather than what is easy... sorry
  14. The House of Quark

    Kind of a funny contradiction; Klingons having cloaking devices. I'd attribute such technology to sneaky Romulans or underhanded Ferengi, but for a race of "space-Viking-biker"-types who think that cowardice is dishonorable? Having a device that lets him cower invisibly while they sneak up upon their foes seems kind of out-of-character.... Worf once said of that 'In battle there is nothing more honourable than victory' or words to that effect when someone remarked that cloaking in ambush didn't seem that honourable in DS9 ..(Might have been Way of the Warrior). Then again, as we've all seen, by and large, the concept of honour among Klingons is bull anyway. That said, in Suspicions, we see both the Klingons AND the Ferengi are capable of producing brilliant scientists, even if it is against the stereotypical norm. It stands to reason both cultures have a scientific wing, even if it is largely overshadowed by more typical traits. True... Beverly did say though that the Klingon Scienist was a little defensive. I suppose Nerd persecution on the Klingon Homeworld is much greater than it is here on Earth
  15. The House of Quark

    But I suppose the Klingons are not above stealing technolgy from an enemy or borrowing it from a friend... but you are right it seems a little dishonorable.