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  1. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I couldn't find the series 9 discussion, and in the absence of a general Doctor Who thread and a year-long sabbatical for the show on TV, thought it worth creating one for, well, stuff and general info and rumors. To whit - here's an interesting one:
  2. Voyager"s planetary landing

    Oh, yeah Timeless - that was the crash onto the ice world, wasn’t it? That was cool. No stumpy landing legs there, just full-on smashdown. The other episode that I think you’re describing (with leequeeeed met-tle ) is Demon, when they land on a demon-class world and are all copied by intelligent mercury. Which is sort of an entertaining, creepy episode that falls apart at the end. I kind of hate the general assumption that Federation vessels can all land now, or are so advanced they have magic gravity repulsors. I can buy it in the Star Wars universe, but I always liked the fact that the original 1701 or even the 1701-D couldn’t land - they were ships built for vacuum, for cruising between stars. But now every ship ever (hi Discovery) can sort of loiter above ground in this gravity-defying way. The JJ movies really took it to ridiculous degrees - having the Enterprise hiding in cloud cover, landing the ship underwater and lame stuff like that. But [looks hard at Voyager], you started it, VOY. Thanks for the list Prome! I don’t remember any of those other eps really. Basics a bit, vaguely.
  3. Voyager"s planetary landing

    I always liked Voyager as a ship design, even if it did look like a bit like a warp-propelled toilet seat. But the addition of the landing struts and its ability to make planetfall just seem like a total afterthought. Like everyone else here, I was like, “Uh, how does it stay upright on those?” Yeah, gotta be some Trek tech, there. How many times does it actually land during the shows seven seasons? I know it crashes once or twice and then there’s a reset.
  4. Star Wars: Solo

    It paid for some grandchild’s college education, no doubt.
  5. Greetings and salutations

    Welcome aboard! Many Europeans here (myself included, though I live in the USA). How do you pronounce -_-?
  6. General Star Wars Discussion

    Now, THIS is interesting...
  7. Star Wars: Solo

    Apparently... Also this on Emilia Clarke’s character Qi’Ra (possible spoilers, though nothing it’s difficult to guess):
  8. General Star Wars Discussion

    But you wouldn’t take the job, right? How could you, when you’ve publicly said this: Shame on you! Stick to your principles! It’s true that it’d take a highly accomplished and inventive filmmaker to deliver something genuinely offbeat within the remit that’s been established. (Sorry Ryan, that’s not you.) Maybe that is indeed Benioff and Weiss, but in my heart of hearts, I’m wary about this announcement. Maybe LF are trying to get to a place where they have something comparable to the MCU, but that feels a bit meh to me too. Maybe the future of Star Wars is in TV. Is it just spectacle? Does it have to be cinematic to work? Or can it be character driven, smaller-budgeted, smaller-scaled? Rebels says it can, but live action? I dunno.
  9. General Star Wars Discussion

    Apologies. You could almost remake Rebels as live action, with a slight tonal shift. It would work. It would be brilliant. Well, they’ve got the blueprint, anyway. They’d be fools not to get Filoni behind it. Came across this list at Tor, which echoes my own sentiments. The only director on there I went “Eh?” to is Sofia Coppola. Not because I don’t think she can do the fantastical, but that I just can’t see her being interested. But what do I know? I, for one, would really like to see what someone like Rachel Talalay would do with SW.
  10. General Star Wars Discussion

    I can’t wait to see your take on it. I bet it will be the most mind-blowingly original thing any of us have ever seen, and civilization will need to shut down for a year just so we can revel in all those fresh ideas and new angles you bring to it. I’m down with that. LF are developing TV shows too, and if they’re anything like the overall quality of storytelling on Rebels, I’m up for it. Amazing isn’t it? Star Wars trilogies are like buses... you wait for ages, for years, then three come along at once. And this just does not make us happy...
  11. Was All of Enterprise Riker's Holodeck Simulation?

    I heartily concur with this.
  12. Star Wars: Solo

    TLJ absolutely needed restructuring and a serious rethink in its attitude to Luke. All that Johnson says he wanted to achieve he could’ve done without making it such a divisive film. I guess we covered that on the TLJ thread... Yeah, it’s a little worrying. I mean, those are huge shoes to fill - you’re not only stepping into a role that’s one of the most iconic in all western cinema, you’re taking over from one of the most iconic and best-loved film stars of all time. There’s not much of a physical resemblance, nor a tonal one, so LF and company must’ve seen something else in Ehrenreich that worked, that simply isn’t spotlit by this trailer. Performance chops; screen presence, whatever. Right? [He says, trying to convince himself, more than anybody...] But I do keep thinking of that Kasdan script. That alone will get a ticket bought by me.
  13. General Star Wars Discussion

    There’s criticism of the way they handle female characters, sometimes - a sort of ‘torture porn’ aspect which makes it unpalatable to some. In the early seasons, I disagreed with that, thinking that they were simply trying to cleave to a realistic view of a Medieval-style world and how little human life, particularly female human life, is valued. But I have to say, it’s got grislier and nastier as it’s gone along, and there’s been some stuff, some male-to-female violence and some ‘tittilation’ that has really begun to piss me off. To be fair, they treat all their characters with the same violence and ‘disdain of the fates,’ no-one gets off lightly, male or female. But in the past couple of seasons, there’s been some stuff I really didn’t want to see nor could see the storytelling benefit of. But I realized I was in too deep to not watch to the end, and here I am waiting for the final season. And I have never seen anyone, on any other show ever, sustain such long arcs with such perfect equilibrium, such brilliant balance of characters, events and drama. They are masterful storytellers, and although much of that springs from the source of George RR Martin’s books, it’s they who had to parcel it out between episodes and seasons and make it all work. Part of me is a little disappointed that we’re not seeing more female shapers of Star Wars, more POC on board at this stage, and I hope that’s coming. But, all these things said, with this announcement, I find I’m looking forward to a SW trilogy crafted by these guys far more than I am a trilogy crafted by Rian Johnson. I think their understanding of myth in the medium of TV and Film is second-to-none, and LF will likely rein in their Grand Guignol tendencies. It really fits.
  14. General Marvel Discussion 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!
  15. Star Wars: Solo

    Nice article, Sehlat. I’m also psyched to see Donald Glover’s Lando. Have you seen him in a show called Atlanta? Very, very funny and scathing satirical series. More Dramedy than comedy. I hadn’t analyzed the trailer as fully as you, and you’ve made me a little scared about a repeat of Canto Bight...! The blight of TLJ... I do feel I have to give Ehrenreich a chance. Gotta watch the movie and his performance in it, not make a decision from the trailer. It does feel as if they’ve deliberately edited this spot to feature him as little as possible.
  16. General Star Wars Discussion

    So, this is big, right?
  17. Star Wars: Solo

    Yeah, I remember us discussing that when this movie was first announced and I was certainly convinced by the footage you posted then, too. IIRC, there were feelings across the Internet that Ingruber is not a great actor (I’ve never seen him anything; I haven’t seen The Age of Adeline), but judging from these TV spots, LF are hedging their bets with Alden Ehrenreich too. There’s a sort of Solo-shaped hole in this trailer. There’s a couple of shots where he looks waaaay short, too. That shouldn’t be a characteristic worth noting, but when you’re used to Harrison’s Ford’s physical presence, maybe it was something worth addressing? What’s he going to look like standing next to Chewie? I guess in that shot where Chewie puts his arm around him, they had Aldenreich standing on boxes or something. In the end, I only care whether I can buy the character in the context of the movie, whether I can accept, while watching this, that I’m watching a young Han Solo. I’m excited that we get a Lawrence Kasdan script, at least. And yeah, it does look cool. And (sorry), Emilia Clarke. After the divisive TLJ, I’m hoping we get something more along the lines of Rogue One, that feels like Star Wars without alienating a huge segment of the audience.
  18. The X-Files Season 11

    I don’t pretend to be able to follow all of it any more... the continuity is so labyrinthine. But, you know how it is, the Cigarette Smoking Man is bad. Evil. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been done elsewhere in shows like (UK) CHannel 4’s Utopia, and probably with more finesse, but as a paranoid romp it was kinda fun. If I had a criticism, it’s that Scully is a little sidelined. All the stars (including Mitch Pileggi) are given “something to do,” but as an hour’s nostalgic entertainment, it wasn’t half bad. So I guess I’ll be waiting for the Darin Morgan episode...!
  19. The X-Files Season 11

    Saw ep 1 and was surprised to be entertained and caught up in it. I hated the last Carter episode at the end of S10, and usually I’d complain about the rejigged POV on a cliffhanger like that, but this all works extremely well. I agree with Justin’s post above, that this builds upon some old series mythology - but somehow remains accessible. There’s a few fan-pleasing moments - Monica Reyes is back, and the bit with Lauren Ambrose’s Agent Einstein and her partner whose name I can’t remember seems superfluous to the point of a contractual obligation clause, but what the hey. Everyone seems to be having a kind of po-faced fun, and Carter works in some terrific bird-flippings to current world events and politicians. Not bad at all. In fact, it was quite a hoot.
  20. Logan--WITH SPOILERS

    [Unless your name is Kenman]... That was definitely true with Mrs Bland. Right. It doesn’t cleave to any of the usual cliches of its genre, and I’m fine with it borrowing the elements from others that it did. It felt like someone making a movie they wanted to make rather than a ho-hum industrial jigsaw piece in a set of other films. For me, it’s easily the best X-film.
  21. Star Wars: Solo

    I thought it looked cool. I may be in love with Emilia Clarke though, which might make my judgment a little fuzzy.
  22. Logan--WITH SPOILERS

    Heh, I think Mangold’s earned his right to say what he likes. Standing out from all the other superhero movies out there takes some doing, these days.
  23. Logan--WITH SPOILERS

    How refreshing:
  24. We’re under a week away from general release for The Last Jedi. Some great shots of the premiere, here:
  25. Ursula K. Le Guin, 1929-2018

    Lovely obit, Sehlat. I too, was a fan. She invented a whole new branch of SF and speculative fiction; showed another way that it could be done. She was unique, and she will be greatly missed.