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  1. Blade Runner Sequel
  2. Blade Runner Sequel

    Now we only have to worry if someone decides to make a third film and it isn’t Villeneuve...
  3. Blade Runner Sequel

    Yeah. They ain't cheap!
  4. Blade Runner Sequel

    In a bit of a cynical mood. I do think it'll find a wider appreciation, though. Like the first movie, it'll take a little more time. Yeah! I don't have a 4K blu-ray player, but want to get one just for this. We have a nice 4K TV and the stuff we get via streaming looks incredible.
  5. Blade Runner Sequel ...I have a theory, if anyone wants to hear it...? It's because people are moronic. Not all of them , obviously. But we do live in troubled, troubling times, and the bovine masses just want eye candy while they chew their gum and blow bubbles. Don't give them anything too... (I apologize for using this word)... cerebral. Another theory - well, maybe a hope of mine to prove the above wrong - BR 20149, like the original, will find its audience via home media. I, personally, can't wait for the blu-ray release.
  6. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I couldn't find the series 9 discussion, and in the absence of a general Doctor Who thread and a year-long sabbatical for the show on TV, thought it worth creating one for, well, stuff and general info and rumors. To whit - here's an interesting one:
  7. The Music of Star Trek

    I know there have been a few threads on soundtracks before, but I thought it was worth being a little more general and starting a thread devoted to the music of Star Trek, as a whole phenomenon and just to celebrate it. I'm a big soundtrack collector - not just of SF soundtracks - and of music in general. But certain pieces of music have found their ways into my personal pantheon of greats, and there's lots of Star Trek pieces in there... Sehlat Vie and I were talking about the greatness of Sol Kaplan's incidental score to TOS' The Doomsday Machine in another thread - aside from being great music for Star Trek, it's got to be one of my favourite incidental scores of all time. Here's a taster (I borrowed your link, Sehlat): We also have a theory that John Williams may have heard Kaplan's incidentals for this episode and, er been inspired a teeny-tiny bit by it when he came to write the theme for Jaws! Do you have favorite pieces of Star Trek music (or Stare Trek-related? Tell us about them here. I have many more and will be posting them soon...
  8. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Yeah, I could see that. The sexual assault piece was extremely good. i still haven't digested everything i read there. ST: DISC is to be commended for tackling subjects like this. That's the allegorical Star Trek I know. Latif and Isaacs both sound like incredibly good blokes to me:
  9. Do we have a general Discovery review thread? Just for online essays and stray Trendacosta rants? No? For those of you who recall this very nerd-a-taining thread... ...I thought you might like to read this: Do please post your other pertinent blog posts, essays and stuff here if you have a yen to.
  10. The Music of Star Trek

    Good news for Trek music lovers:
  11. Ex_Machina and other AI Discussion

    Well, precisely. I’m not worried about AI per se as much as I am the way humanity will pervert it and use it for its own ends.
  12. Ex_Machina and other AI Discussion

    So, I finally got to see Ex_Machina. Anyone who has read the HUMANS thread knows I have a fascination for the subject of AI, which is why I labelled this thread the way I did - I'll probably wander beyond the subject of the film itself. [Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the movie.]
  13. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    I think that STC is of a much higher quality than some of the stinkers from S3 of TOS. (Hi, Spock’s Brain and The Way to Eden!) I’ve seen online criticisms where fans have argued that maybe they shouldn’t have done so many sequels, but I think that’s what long-running shows do after a while when they begin to explore their own mythology. STC naturally fell into that rhythm, and using well-worn Trek icons like Orion slave girls for very different storytelling ends than they were originally created for is to be welcomed. It’s a natural fan reaction to want explore the concepts of a broadcast story further - professionals certainly aren’t immune. The impulse for making Through a Mirror Darkly or all the DS9 mirrorverse sequels is exactly the same as that of Fairest of Them All. And when you have original stories of the quality of Still Treads the Shadow and What Ships Are For, that’s fine by me. Okay, the former riffs off elements of The Tholian Web, but in such a stylish way! I’d add that, the way STC wraps up the five year mission with its attention to character detail is like nothing TOS ever attempted, or probably could attempt due to its episodic format. Prome’s comment that STC is a labor of love is spot on. As a whole, it’s a work of art.
  14. Ex_Machina and other AI Discussion

    Any of those problems I foresaw with AI building itself (he/herself) mobile bodies... forget ‘em! Yeah, this is downright incredible.
  15. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Happens to us all. The “Typo Effect.” Sometimes I find you get a kind of “edit blindness” when re-reading your own work and you just bleep over bits like that! Look forward to the next review.
  16. Ex_Machina and other AI Discussion

    Has to be seen to be believed
  17. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    SPOILERS! John32070, I think that’s a fair point about the ESPers - after all the build-up, that plot thread was sidelined a little. I guess they had a lot to fit in to this final episode. That said, for me that’s a very minor nitpick. I loved this final episode. No... I adored it. I think Star Trek Continues is, simply, the best “fan” show ever made. It’s made by people who fully comprehend and are imbued with the spirit of Star Trek, and through determination, talent and the support of others... made these eleven episodes. As far as I’m concerned, STC is canon. Overall, it’s a stunning achievement that doesn’t just recall classic Star Trek but broadens it and adds all sorts of character layers and motivations which make greater sense of what is to come in TMP. It’s seamless, in so many ways. Am I heaping on the superlatives? Yeah, because it deserves it. The writing - the attention to concepts, beliefs, character continuity, philosophy - alone deserves applause. (I’’m especially looking at you, Kipleigh Brown, and the episode What Ships Are For.) The production is incredible - the recreation of the sets and style of lighting, direction, the SFX inserts that so lovingly recall the 60s look but expand upon it with all manner of cool angles and subtle flourishes. (Is that a contradiction in terms? I don’t know how they did it, but it all works.) Then there are the performances. Maybe this is where most fan productions fall down, where you become aware as a viewer that what you’re watching might’ve been tweaked and honed in a “professional” situation. But there’s little-to-no complaint here. In fact, with Vic Mignogna’s Kirk, I’d go so far as to say he encapsulates the character in these eleven episodes in a more complete way than any other fan reading of him and perhaps moreso than Chris Pine’s take in the three JJverse movies. This is Kirk, the one I grew up with; a man of deep integrity and compassion, who needs his friends and crew as much as they need him. That Mignogna is also the driving force of the show gives you a sense of the achievement here. All the other cast members also turn in fine performances - they really bring these characters to life again. Also, I’m just going to say - McKenna! Aw, man. That's got to be one of the most poignant scenes in all Star Trek. Hats off to Specht, Mignogna and especially Todd Haberkorn who gives us a Spock that we can believe is torn between his human and Vulcan selves. Now I know why he attempted Kolinahr. Thank you, Star Trek Continues, and all involved, for bringing us some of the best Star Trek ever. I loved it, and it brought this old fan a lot of joy. You went boldly. Thank you. Peace and long life.
  18. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Nice review, and congrats! I look forward to more. I’ve fallen off with listening to BF, simply due to a lack of time. But this release really interested me, as I heard it was based on a sitcom format, so it’s nice to see a review from someone whose word on this stuff I trust. (Word to the wise - get a 2nd pair of eyes on your writing before you post. Look at the second sentence of your third paragraph. Sorry, couldn’t help but notice - it’s the editor in me.) io9 put up a clip of the forthcoming Xmas spesh, but I didn’t watch. Want to come to it fresh. Yeah. I’ve seen the McGann console too, plus both versions of the classic console (that is, versions of both - the hero props changed and evolved many times). I liked the idea of the coral control room, but I like the aesthetic of Capaldi’s one much more. I remember that! That was a miniature that Mike Tucker built. It was displayed in the reception area of the BBC TV Centre for a while. I loved the way the central console was supported only from the ceiling above. I like this one, but maybe it’s a little too bright for modern audiences. Maybe with lower lighting: It’s cool how there are glimpses to other rooms beyond the console area. Suggestions of a library decked out in wood. The old chairs. I do wonder if Chibnall will reinstate the roundels? Bring back the round things!
  19. I know. As long as they keep it opaque, the audience has the option to set it in a parallel timeline. If they try to definitely sew it up, it becomes something more akin to Lucas’ Star Wars prequels.
  20. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Didn’t stop her posting this sneering piece today. Just read the last line. Food for thought on S2: Actually kind of disappointed by that. Feels like they’re narrowing narrative options rather than expanding them. Again. For Q’s sake, go boldly. Something completely different:
  21. The showrunners seem determined to narrow their options: I’m always going to prefer multiple options and therefore Vie’s (and Inverse’s) multi-parallel timelines.
  22. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I like the current console room design too. It’s the best one they’ve had since the show restarted in 2005 - it’s got a sense of the old mixing with the new, which is of course very Doctor Who. The original Eccleston/Tennant coral “grown” one with its orangey-green lighting was fun, but I haaaated the first Matt Smith design - just too much going on - so I hope they don’t go in that direction. I understand that the very clean and antiseptic white lines of the replicated original console room are very difficult to shoot on, although it looks magnificent onscreen. Maybe if, as you suggest, they used that as a basis and modernized it, added some color? I’d be happy if they kept the current one (as they did in the old days) but tweaked it to to fit the current Doctor. With the the way the show is made now, with a new showrunner putting both his visual and writerly stamp on the production, that doesn’t seem to be an option any more. I guess we’ll know reasonably soon...
  23. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    She is, but SHOCK, HORROR... ...She's leaving Io9! But she also leaves us with this thought - which, considering how Stamets is pretty much one of the standout characters on Discovery, seems like a very fair assessment: ...and also renders all her previous arguments moot. Sorta. Is a tweet worth a whole io9 review? Maybe not. I'm putting this link to Monique Jones' latest review here, as she tends to err on the side of the positive...
  24. Episode 1.7: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" Discussion Thread

    I'm still hoping for something like that...
  25. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    "And you, Michael Burnham... make purring noises." "Meeeeowww, prrrrrrrrrr, sir." Etc.