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  1. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Nice review, and congrats! I look forward to more. I’ve fallen off with listening to BF, simply due to a lack of time. But this release really interested me, as I heard it was based on a sitcom format, so it’s nice to see a review from someone whose word on this stuff I trust. (Word to the wise - get a 2nd pair of eyes on your writing before you post. Look at the second sentence of your third paragraph. Sorry, couldn’t help but notice - it’s the editor in me.) io9 put up a clip of the forthcoming Xmas spesh, but I didn’t watch. Want to come to it fresh. Yeah. I’ve seen the McGann console too, plus both versions of the classic console (that is, versions of both - the hero props changed and evolved many times). I liked the idea of the coral control room, but I like the aesthetic of Capaldi’s one much more. I remember that! That was a miniature that Mike Tucker built. It was displayed in the reception area of the BBC TV Centre for a while. I loved the way the central console was supported only from the ceiling above. I like this one, but maybe it’s a little too bright for modern audiences. Maybe with lower lighting: It’s cool how there are glimpses to other rooms beyond the console area. Suggestions of a library decked out in wood. The old chairs. I do wonder if Chibnall will reinstate the roundels? Bring back the round things!
  2. I know. As long as they keep it opaque, the audience has the option to set it in a parallel timeline. If they try to definitely sew it up, it becomes something more akin to Lucas’ Star Wars prequels.
  3. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Didn’t stop her posting this sneering piece today. Just read the last line. Food for thought on S2: Actually kind of disappointed by that. Feels like they’re narrowing narrative options rather than expanding them. Again. For Q’s sake, go boldly. Something completely different:
  4. The showrunners seem determined to narrow their options: I’m always going to prefer multiple options and therefore Vie’s (and Inverse’s) multi-parallel timelines.
  5. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I like the current console room design too. It’s the best one they’ve had since the show restarted in 2005 - it’s got a sense of the old mixing with the new, which is of course very Doctor Who. The original Eccleston/Tennant coral “grown” one with its orangey-green lighting was fun, but I haaaated the first Matt Smith design - just too much going on - so I hope they don’t go in that direction. I understand that the very clean and antiseptic white lines of the replicated original console room are very difficult to shoot on, although it looks magnificent onscreen. Maybe if, as you suggest, they used that as a basis and modernized it, added some color? I’d be happy if they kept the current one (as they did in the old days) but tweaked it to to fit the current Doctor. With the the way the show is made now, with a new showrunner putting both his visual and writerly stamp on the production, that doesn’t seem to be an option any more. I guess we’ll know reasonably soon...
  6. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    She is, but SHOCK, HORROR... ...She's leaving Io9! But she also leaves us with this thought - which, considering how Stamets is pretty much one of the standout characters on Discovery, seems like a very fair assessment: ...and also renders all her previous arguments moot. Sorta. Is a tweet worth a whole io9 review? Maybe not. I'm putting this link to Monique Jones' latest review here, as she tends to err on the side of the positive...
  7. Episode 1.7: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" Discussion Thread

    I'm still hoping for something like that...
  8. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    "And you, Michael Burnham... make purring noises." "Meeeeowww, prrrrrrrrrr, sir." Etc.
  9. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Hopefully Lorca will soon have his eyes fixed as red laser pointers. "Lt. Arium... play with that ball of wool there." "Yessir." "Commander Saru... I want you to bat this piece of scrunched up paper about." "Immediately, sir." ... Oh, the possibilities for real drama...
  10. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    I think Lorca is something we haven't seen a lot of in the 23rd and 24th centuries - a cynical opportunist. As such, he's something of a throwback to 21st century humanity - but I do absolutely think he was genuine in what he said to Stamets, both when he was persuading him to make the 130+ jumps and afterwards, in the shuttle bay. At the back of his mind he probably thought how nice it would be if Stamets would make another jump, because manipulators always are working out every angle, and he can't help being manipulative - that's his whole jam - but the warmth was real. That's how isaacs played it. That's why it's so difficult not to like him, or maybe just be in thrall to him. He's a hugely charismatic leader, and everyone wants to please Daddy. A niggling point - what was the point of showing all those dead, eviscerated Klingon bodies at the end of last episode, if L'Rell's threats towards Kol went precisely nowhere? Dude's dead now, so what was the point of that? It was just a bit "Chekhov's gun."'s_gun Something that doesn't get remarked on much is the beautiful space imagery. I wish they lingered on some of those shots a tiny bit more. It was great seeing Stamets just looking out on Pahvo from the shuttle bay, contemplating the universe. That was a wonderful Trek moment. I hope you're right! As to your other points, i seriously wouldn't mind if Discovery jumped to or from an alternate time stream, or forward in time, maybe to another universe - whatever - if it meant losing the baggage of the whole "prequel" thing.
  11. Blade Runner Sequel

    Haha! Yeah, bought it already. Those photos are mind-blowing.
  12. Blade Runner Sequel

    Very cool:
  13. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Okay, genuine LOL
  14. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

  15. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Sheeeeeee's heeeeeeeeere