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  1. Yes.
  2. Like the new trailer. Lots of action, but lots of emoting too. Not much in the way of spirit of exploration, but allegory, the other main Trek ingredient, is right there, upfront. Well, the spirit of exploration was always tied in to character journeys anyway, and that certainly seems to be the case for Burnham - the whole trailer hints at that. so, cool. Revealed at SDCC: she is Spock's adoptive sister, hence the presence of Sarek. It looks amazing. Not very prequel-y, prop callbacks to previous iterations of Trek notwithstanding. Said this before: not sure I actually care about that at all, as long as it's a good show. Not even sure if I care that it turns out to be another reboot masquerading as a prequel, if the storytelling is skillful and enjoyably subversive in the sense that it develops its own timeline from Treks we know and love. Bring it on! Looking forward to September 24.
  3. It might explain why it's a prequel that doesn't affect anything (that we know of) in future iterations of Star Trek. Perhaps it's only early episodes of Discovery that are about a Klingon cold war. Or maybe it just is a reboot, and CBS is afraid to say so. At this point, I'm really not bothered if the show is good. So, yeah, I'd be open to it too.
  4. I'm assuming something to do with transwarp experimentation - the faster warp speeds hinted at in the new trailer. Maybe Discovery somehow gets lost from far home? That's something Trek's never done before! Oh, wait...
  5. I have it on good authority - from someone who has seen some early FX footage made available to licensors - that part of the disc does indeed spin. This would seem to tally with the idea that it's something of a reveal as Discovery itself doesn't appear in the latest trailer.
  6. Actually, I'd forgotten he was in that. IIRC, it was a great, paranoid performance, perfect for the X-Files.
  7. Yeah, uhhhhhm... that space between the inner an outer saucer is kind of dumb. Concentrate your disruptor fire there and bingo! Unplanned saucer separation. Otherwise, liking the more streamlined look.
  8. Weirdly, for some reason, just a couple of weeks ago, i watched Catacombs of the Moon, a S2 episode and I hardly ever watch S2, although that's one of the better ones. Landau's hardly in it (it was one of those productions that doubled up with another in the schedule, so the main cast were split between filming different scripts), but when he does appear, he just lends everything a gravitas. But a S1 episode is a better choice, and I'll be doing that soon as I get a chance.
  9. A phenomenal actor, one of my absolute favourites... loved him. Huge range, always superb. North by Northwest, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Mission Impossible, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Ed Wood, that bloody hilarious late turn as the agent in Entourage to name just a few highlights. And of course Space: 1999, as Commander John Koenig, a huge part of my childhood. RIP and Godspeed, sir. "To everything that might have been... To everything that was."
  10. RIP Martin Landau 

  11. Cool
  12. He really has lost his mind.
  13. That's what's called long-term story planning...
  14. Disney are releasing these little shorts that fit in with SW continuity. The first features Rey and BB-8 and is quite a nice little 'toon:
  15. Bwahahahaha