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  1. No, it's funny! Me too! This does feel a lot like that!
  2. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Total fanboy reversion - [drops all pretensions to sophistication and shouts] CGI GORN! Yaaaaay!
  3. Beltran too, as I recall. Both those guys were really underserved by scripts. Tim Russ was excellent as Tuvok when he was given something meaty. I always liked McNeill as Paris, but in the end, he felt underserved too. All the characters were. It sort of turned into the Seven-of-Nine show after she arrived. And she was great, but as whole, Voyager just doesn't hang together as satisfyingly as every other iteration of Trek. From this moment forward, I'm stealing the phrase "numbingly homogenous" to describe it!
  4. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    THIS - so much. Apparently that was a model of the original 1701 faithfully recreated by Greg Jein, IRRC. All motion control. You and me both!
  5. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    I'm not wildly opposed to it or anything; I just don't think it's a good idea too early. And given the design differences between the clean, 60s lines of the original Enterprise and the design of every single ship that followed TOS, respecters of canon on the production side have been trying to square away the differences in their looks ever since. It's a similar sort of problem with things like the design of the Klingons and Romulans. You don't really care or notice when you're watching the original episodes because you're caught up in the story. But when these aspects of their fictional world are addressed, onscreen, in-Universe, you then run the risks of comparisons. The modern updates will always look more sophisticated to our eyes! The one instance I can think of when this really worked is when DS9 did Trials and Tribble-ations and they added these incredibly graceful, oh-so-subtle lines to the Enterprise and the K-7. But when they did the Klingon ship, suddenly it was all bristling with detail, which struck me as a minor misstep. Fan service is one thing - mentions, tips of the hat - but anything that puts you out of the reality of the current story being told is a bad idea, IMHO. Agreed. I still kind of wish they'd have just started there and set this show post-Voyager, but anyway... I hated that beyond words. I think that was at the point I knew I was watching a moronic hit parade of the most shallow ideas of what Star Trek is. Terrible movie. STB was by far my favorite of the JJverse movies, simply because it felt much more like its own thing - except that it was also the most respectful and celebratory in terms of honoring other iterations of Trek. For example, I found the scene when JJ-Spock opens his predecessor's box of personal effects extremely moving. That, and the scene where Spock tells McCoy of Spock Prime's passing, are examples of modern Trek acknowledging the past in-Universe and using it to great effect for purposes of character development. It absolutely can work if it's done with respect to the characters involved and not as a huge fanwank, as STID played as.
  6. That song...! Ubiquitous in moments like these... I've forgotten loads of Voyager, too. I watched every single episode on its original run, but I've since rewatched so few. It's not that I ever drummed in other iterations of Trek into my memory, it's just that I never felt drawn back to rewatch in the first place. I'm now pondering why I never felt particularly impressed by this show (but remained loyal to it). There's a sameness to all seven seasons that just isn't true of all the other shows. Some of it really is very good - I'm cherry-picking episodes and looking online to see "best of" lists - but it remains, to me at least, less impactful than all the other versions of Star Trek. I think it might be the crew, as well as the writing and overall sense of production - at this point the producers were so confident in their game that it almost felt a little bit processed, a little too McDonalds in space. Occasionally they'd live up to the premise of the show, but most of the time, Voyager was this impregnable, indestructible little ship. Characterwise, you had the Doctor, Seven, Tom Paris, but the rest of the crew were really kind of meh. No disrespect meant to the actors; they worked with what they were given. This is the great advantage all the other shows achieved - an eclectic, but somehow balanced and deeply interactive set of characters. Even on bad days (and even though I initially loathed the prequel premise), Enterprise had a great crew. I'd watch for that chemistry alone.
  7. I got excited this week. I've been watching old episodes - mostly DS9 and Voyager, the latter simply because I'm less familiar with most of it than all other Trek shows, DS9 because I've tended to watch it all in sequence and just wanted to see a couple of faves. Also a few eps of Enterprise. On Sunday I'll probably be counting down minutes to 8.30pm.
  8. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Not want 2 C: Less reliance on canon and continuity for story ideas. I can live with updated and reimagined Klingons with deepened cultural detail, if there's a strong story purpose to that, and the new direction is as sophisticated as promised. But no new takes on Q, Borg, Ferengi, Tribbles, etc. thanks. I hear we're going to get Tribbles though. No cameos of other TOS characters. No ancestors to Lt. Barclays or whomever. No Constitution class ship cameos. Want 2 C: More original concepts. Exploration, as per the original remit of Star Trek. Boldly going. Big SF ideas that look at inner as well as outer space. 2B or not 2C, that is the Q.
  9. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    Ha! I've seen Troops (more than once!) and loved it. It also proves that a broader SW comedy works! I mean, I dunno if LF could go this broad (reading between the lines, sounds as if Lord and Miller may have tried) but I reckon it could work with the right characters. But yeah. I'm thinking that Han Solo is going to be played much straighter than Lord and Miller envisaged it, the humorous aspects of the Han Solo character notwithstanding. Obi-Wan's pretty straight-laced anyway, even if you get Ewan McGregor to play him (who is brilliant at comedy). It'll be drama with some funny bits. ...But expanding the universe? Keep wishing.
  10. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    Not disputing any of that. I think it's inevitable, and I agree that the fleshing out of a single line in SW77's crawl into a whole story was executed mostly very satisfyingly and with a lot of class. I expect anything Kasdan does in that vein to be moreso. It is also, however, to a certain extent, playing safe. Even if some of the main players are new, many characters aren't, and both R1 and the Solo film essentially rest on structures that the fanbase already knows. To a certain extent, even TFA does that, so I'm hoping The Last Jedi really takes a left turn and gives us something more along the lines of Rebels - still Star Wars, but throwing so much new mythology into the mix that we want to explore that, that we're enticed in by it. When the spinoff films were announced, I did hope we'd be getting more movies of that nature - smaller, tighter films, perhaps not so vast in scope but set in the SW universe. I guess that may yet happen, further down the line, but recent behind-the-camera events all point to a tightening of the creative parameters as to what a "Star Wars" movies actually entails. So far, we have Rogue One, Han Solo and next up, Obi-Wan. I'm all for an Obi-Wan movie, but what about something a little left-of-center? How about unseen adventures of Ahsoka, or another rebel crew somewhere else in the galaxy fighting different aspects of the dark side of the Force? Young Maz Kanata, the siege of Mandalore, or just a film following the life and death of a Stormtrooper? There are so many possibilities. In time, I'd just like to see a broadening and deepening of the universe, not retellings of offscreen events that really were lines of expositional dialogue. That stuff is the connective tissue of storytelling, and it's fun to see it given shape, but in overall terms of the epic story of the galaxy, it doesn't really take you to new places. But both The Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows really do - they gave you new characters to really care about, showed you new aspects to the Force, to the Rebellion and the Empire, showed you how both how similar and how alien the Star Wars universe is. That's what I want to see on the big screen.
  11. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    Yow. I'm glad Phlox only ever smiled that way once!
  12. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    Me too. Being optimistic is never hopeless.
  13. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    I'm looking forward to the new age of fewer spoilers. I don't look for them, I deliberately avoid them in a lot of cases, but still it's rare to go into a movie or begin a TV show nowadays without some sort of idea of the overall plot. The Internet just bathes you in unwanted foreknowledge.
  14. Logan--WITH SPOILERS

    I think if Logan earns a nomination other than the usual SFX and technical stuff genre films tend to be acknowledged by, that will in itself be a huge win. But Keen's performance really was exceptional. Most superhero films, enjoyable as I find them, don't make much of a mark on my memory. They come and go; they're fun, I forget them. Logan was different - although ostensibly an action film, there was enough else in there about the state of the human condition for me to really rank it a good way above almost all others in that genre. It really was a cut above. [No pun intended]
  15. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    I'm less convinced. I dunno why we have to see this stuff. On the other hand, it's Lawrence Kasdan, one of the great living screenwriters, so I'm hoping it doesn't turn out to be the join-the-dots fest that I fear. I think you've got a point, at least regarding the films - or the sense of where the films are heading. But maybe I should wait until i see The Last Jedi before I get too worried about that. And it's certainly not true of TV Star wars. Rebels has remained pretty damn fresh throughout its three seasons, and I'm hoping the fourth and final one will stay true to that approach.