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  1. So, after The Last Jedi, you won't have to wait as long for the next episode:
  2. There are so many ways of explaining away the lack of force-pushing at opportune moments, some of which you've all already covered here. It's not a coherent world, it's one that develops as more narrative layers are added to it. I actually see this as a boon - something I complain about a lot (many of you longtime Trekcore friends know this) is the modern tendency of media franchises to explicate everything when explanations are not necessarily needed. (Hi, newer ALIEN movies.) Star Wars, with the prequel trilogy, was one of the first SF franchises to do that, but now it's turned that tendency on its head with all the spin-off animations and new movies. I like that it's broadened and deepened the details of the universe (and actually managed to explain away a lot of the awful storytelling missteps of the prequels by adding in the continuity of the Clone Wars show as a kind of narrative glue). It means there's more room for fan imagination, more mysteries where we can enjoy theorizing and coming up with our own lore. That's healthy, I think. Much moreso than how Lucas got in the end, attempting to nail down every last detail and in some cases, causing narrative goofs that'll never quite be mended. (We have to live with those, I think.) Interpretation is where it's at - because it leaves room for the viewer and reader's imagination, too. That attitude - of Star Wars being much more than just a media property - would seem to be borne out by this very uncynical view by the keeper of the flame, Kathleen Kennedy. As the article notes, it's a translated piece, but if she did say this, it's nice to know they're that open-minded. Their current output would indicate it's the case. Of course they know what a cultural phenomenon it is, and that the Mouse demands buck$, but equally if they leave it all open for fandom's own imaginative investments = everybody happy.
  3. Is it my imagination, or are prequels going even further back in time - er, timelines - now? COMING SOON: Peter Parker: The Middle School Years
  4. There's no hard and fast rule that says she'll go - it's just what I suspect will happen. I'd love to be proved wrong. The only precedent in the modern era is the handover from RTD to Moffat. On the other hand, if the BBC ask him to keep Bill, perhaps he will.
  5. I loved ep 1. Delivered everything it promised. Bill is awesome. My only regret is that because of the showrunner changeover, it seems likely we'll have her for only one season. they did used to carry companions over in the classic show, but in this age of authorial ascendancy over any other concern, I suspect Chibbers will come along with all new characters of his own. Which is a shame - I'd like her to be more than "one-and-gone." But then, I was hoping for more Capaldi, too. A full four years, y'know? All good things...
  6. Couldn't agree more regarding implicit vs. explicit. In the Internet age, I think this is almost our light vs. dark ongoing battle. Interestingly, Ezra in Rebels has the very talent you postulate Rey possesses, in that he's sensed both past and future. There's a great ep in S2 where he, Kanan and Ahsoka end up trapped in a Jedi temple while Darth Vader's agents are outside breaking in, and they're assailed by all these visions because the Force is so strong in that place. It's both a playful treatment of the Force in instigating the drama, it reveals more about the nature of the Force being concentrated in certain places, but it loses none of its mystery while simultaneously working as a macguffin.
  7. Darin Morgan, yeah. Darin Morgan just can't stifle his own irrepressible sense of taking-the-piss, so I'll basically watch any X Files ep he writes, in the firm knowledge that there will be belly laughs. I don't want all X Files episodes to be like that, but if he writes, say, a couple of this run, we know we'll get something good. Glenn Morgan and James Wong, also. And Vince. bring back Vince. I know Carter is head honcho, but like the original run of the show, and the episodes he wrote for last year'smin-series, I'm increasingly convinced he's the one who understands what the X factor in the X Files is the least. PS "Glen" not "Glenn." I know how to spell your name, Glen, but Autcorrect thinks it's better than me. THIS IS THE START OF THE TAKEOVER...
  8. If Goyer goes back to the Krypton portrayed in 1950s and 60s Superman comics, I'm all in! If it's the resolutely humorless inside-of-a-fridge or Apple Store experience of recent Supes films, I'm out. READERS! Which of the above scenarios is more likely, do you think?
  9. It's the same thudding "Explain everything" rule that robs a lot of continuing stories of their inherent mystery. It's almost as if big budget cinema, in an effort to build a coherent "Universe," is going around systematically destroying anything that provided a sense of awe and mystery in the first place. I deplore this kind of "gap-filling" writing. It's about misappropriated punctuation rather than broad strokes, crossing Ts and dotting Is rather than focusing on the big picture. You absolutely do have to have a sense of detail, but it's like the notes of a song - play it badly and everyone knows what a bum note sounds like. Bleaaargh. Always wonder what Spielberg thinks about this kind of thing, as he was someone who was particularly good at providing that, doing it extremely well and keeping to it. (Indy 4 notwithstanding. I blame that on Lucas.)
  10. Oooooof. That's sooooooo clunky. That sound you heard was the leaden weight of the prospect of it crashing through every floor of the building I'm sitting in. I really hope they don't go that route. Or at the very least, are so vague about the possibilities of it that fans can take away what they want. This desperate thirst for onscreen confirmation of every fan theory that exists in the modern age bothers me, because it no longer leaves room for a reader/viewer's own imaginative backstory. Why does every damn thing have to spelled out for simpletons? (Yeah, I'm looking at you, ALIEN franchise as one of the chief offenders.) At least Star Wars has a story unit to keep it all coherent now. A little deliberate vagueness goes a long way to preserving the sense of mystery in a multi-tiered story. On that note... Rebels does a really good job of keeping the Force mysterious. They explore the mythology of it, while remaining oblique. I have to admire the way they do it, because it expands all sorts of storytelling possibilities without contradicting anything we already know, or providing a hamfisted "scientific" explanation like the infamous midichlorians. Further to this... I think I'd actually prefer it if she just turned out to be naturally gifted with the Force and was no relation to the Skywalkers at all. But that's not going to happen, as the saga "episodes" are supposed to be about the continuing adventures of the Skywalker family. But I'd be totally okay if her connection to Luke turned out to be about the wonder and vastness of the Universe, of the life energy threaded through it; that they were connected purely through their natures rather than via some forced (no pun intended) familial connection.
  11. I'll watch it - of course I will. But I agree with all - no more mythology. In fact, please no more Chris Carter conspiracy bore stuff. Just do the weird one-offs - mysteries, japes, monsters, mutants, whatever. Even aliens, but new aliens, not all that dullsville arc stuff. Also, please bring back Lauren Ambrose as Agent Einstein, because she was great. PS Give them all to Vince Gilligan to write
  12. I'm so okay with just waiting for this to be revealed. I really don't mind if she turns out to be Luke's daughter, Obi-Wan's or the reincarnation of Aunt Beru. It's just a bit of a non-mystery for me, which I'm happy to wait to find out about. What matters to me is the substance of her character, and how Daisy Ridley plays off Mark Hamill, which I think is going to be fantastic. I honestly think Rebels is some seriously great genre TV!
  13. Right. I think the "talented or gifted individual" is totally the way to see it. Even people who draw do it differently from the next person, so why should it always be the same? Different Force-strokes for differnt folks! It's safely away from the prequels and much more McQuarrie-like in its design and OT in its ethos, so I think you'd like it. Taken as a whole, it's some seriously engaging Star Wars. The finale of S2 is still some of the best Star Wars I've experienced, in any medium - it's where the myth, the SF, the fantasy, the characters and great visual design all come together and make some seriously great drama. I found season 3 to be a bit patchier than the first two, with a few more filler episodes, but there are still some bits. Any time Thrawn comes onscreen, you're riveted. they respect all the traits of the character from the original EU, and he'll be back for S4. Also, it's got Tom Baker in it, voicing a character who is neither light nor dark but strong in the Force. Seriously, what more could you want?
  14. Here's some pics they could make into some more postcraps... sorry, postcards...
  15. This, pretty much. Depends on the wielder and how much "as one" with the Force s/he/it is. Honestly, first time I saw TFA I thought Kylo Ren's ability to hold a blaster bolt was ridiculous... but then I began to consider what a blaster bolt is. Not a laser beam, as such? SW is more myth than SF, so a blaster could shoot something that's more of a cross between a lightning bolt and raw energy - and that idea appealed to me. Visually, it's a brilliant way of selling Ren's prowess. Besides, at that point I've seen so many ace acrobatics on the part of both Jedi and Sith in the animated shows, this wasn't such a stretch. On another note re: animated shows... Rebels S4 will be only 15 eps long instead of the usual 22. I suspect the show is making way for another iteration of the rebellion on a bigger scale. Hope so. At least we know Hera and Chopper survive (they make it into Rogue One, and Hera is soon to be retconned into ROTJ)!