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  1. If it doesn't, we'll capsize the whole ship and go down with it.
  2. I think maybe in 2016 and 2017 we're just shining a light into all those little dark corners which we always knew were crazy, but now the crazy is trying to scuttle out and hog the stage.
  3. LOL
  4. Loved him. A true gent who routinely downplayed his abilities and gigantic likeability. I can't make a reasonable case for why I love Bond films; it's all too caught up in childhood nostalgia, but Moore was "my" Bond and is a big part of it. I thought he was great, a tremendous laugh, but well capable of playing it straight too. I like the updated, harder-edged Craig takes on the character (more in line with the books), I think Dalton is the most underrated, but I don't really care about taking Bond seriously. It's just grand escapism, great stunts and ridiculous glamour, and Moore took those elements to their heights. I also watched him in both The Saint and The Persuaders as a nipper, so to me he is, in many ways, the archetypal English gentleman adventurer. The fact that he spent so much time post-Bond as a UNICEF ambassador and using his profile for good just underscored the perception of what a genuinely good bloke he was. RIP and godspeed, Sir Rog. You were magnificent.
  5. Sounds like a positive way to approach it.
  6. For what it's worth, Gus, we're all where you're at right now in the sense that none of us have seen the new show. Who knows? We may all hate it. I hope not, but then I've always been a bit of an optimist, which is a quality that may have been innate but was certainly encouraged by watching Star Trek and shows like it, like Doctor Who. But I'm going to try and look for the good in it, the stuff that works for my tastes. May turn out I have to accept this iteration of Trek isn't for me. There's a lot resting on this show. Disappointment is always a risk, but especially with a fresh take in an ongoing story that you've loved.
  7. I think it's okay to approach an Alien movie like that. It's pop art, a scary movie. I guess because the original somehow blurred the lines and somehow became an emblem of high culture and feminist principle too that us thickos who wanted - expected - more got confused. I stand corrected!
  8. I agree, and yes, it was he. It's a mode of thought that's been echoed by anyone from the likes of Alan Moore to Andy Warhol to David Bowie. All artists worth their salt behave as if the thing they make is theirs alone, whether it's based upon an older work or not. Original thinking without influence is rare. In an age where so much is done for effect, with the Internet there as a testing field for instantaneous reaction, culture has become more caught up with surface detail. But the play's the thing. Which appears to be, from reading back over this thread, a consensus of sorts. Hopefully the Discovery troupe will go for it and delight us with their new vision of what Star Trek can be. Or, as Kurt Vonnegut put it, “We have such a young culture that there is an opportunity to contribute wonderful new myths to it, which will be accepted."
  9. Ha! Yeah, it was without doubt one of the more intelligent treatments of Godzill as allegory, the monster as metaphor... but yawnsome! Until, yeah, the G-porn, which was magnifico. Compared to Final Wars, it was Shakespeare.
  10. Ohdearohdear... I may not even be able to summon up the desire to see this in a movie theater...
  11. Got to be honest, I found Shin Godzilla a bit of a chore to get through. The scenes where you actually get to see him in action are mind blowing... all the rest of it, the 'comedy of bureaucracy' was really very dull. That one lost its way for me in expositional terms. Too much, overlong, boring characters. Cut that stuff down and give us the monster, who was very, very cool.
  12. Well, it's a Doctor Who story that consistently makes the top of fan polls, so I guess for a classic one, it's a reasonably safe bet.
  13. Extremis. I enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of this one while I was in it, but it felt like a "shaggy dog story" at the end with its "It was all a dream" outcome. The bairn called this one "Cool but confusing." I agree with her. It felt like Steven Moffat throwing caution to the wind and mixing some Dan Brown with a few horror tropes and his own trademark plotty knots and having fun. It was great to watch, but afterwards, I'm scratching my head a bit. Why would the alien monks include the 'Vertitas' in their simulation anyway? Because it was perfect and such a thing exists in the real world? That would mean the real world is a sim-- oh, wait... Plus, if it was perfect, it would surely randomize the way different simulants guessed numbers, wouldn't it? Uh? So it wasn't perfect? That seemed a bit dumb. I guess that's nitpicking. I liked the Missy bits a lot, though I was hoping the Vault wasn't just a Pandorica for Missy. That really is a Moffat trope, at this point. It's not 100% confirmed she's in there, so that may still be misdirection (and what I really want to know is, how did whoever is in there get a piano in there too if it's been sealed for a thousand years? And is there a candelabra on it? I guess it's bigger on the inside.) Nice to see HUMANS' Ivanno Jeremiah in a small role in those scenes. Fantastic actor who I hope finds his way back to Doctor Who in a larger role at some point. Speculation. The monks' open their mouths and words issue forth just like the original Cybermen from The Tenth Planet. Could there be a connection? We know those versions of the Cybermen are returning before this series' end. This is a simulation; are these monks Cybies without their suits? Nekkid Cybies? Perhaps not, as these guys appear in the next couple of episodes too. Maybe Moffat knows it's just a tremendously creepy effect. But it does seem weirdly coincidental... Overall, I thought it was a cool episode though. When Bill and Nardole were in the hologram generation room, did anyone else get a flashback to the TNG episode Contagion with its portals to other worlds? The bits where the Doctor was being chased with his eyesight failing were great. Nardole's "death" was genuinely disturbing. By the time of Bill's, I felt less invested. The bit with the "guilt" set-up with Penny for the gag with the Pope walking in was a bit of a "What?!" moment. I have to rewatch.
  14. Oh dear. Sehlat Vie and I often have similar tastes about these things, so this doesn't bode well.