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  1. Thinking about London and Manchester, and the UK election. I don't expect a Labour victory, but am hoping the Tories don't get the landslide they want. 

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    2. Sim


      Well let's see if some of her fellow party members will have an axe to grind... I doubt this is over yet.

    3. Robin Bland

      Robin Bland

      Basically, the snap election triggered a massive public backlash and societal swing to a far more reasonable, centrist position. Mayfly's reaction? To form a coalition government with a far-right group who will have the last say on any policy she puts forward. Damn right it's not over.

    4. Sim


      Center-left Martin Schulz of Germany's SPD has recently lost a lot of ground in polls... I hope Corbyn's example will give him and his party the confidence to grow some balls and take a clear leftist alternative stance to Merkel. Schulz kickstarted his campaign with a huge buzz and hype, but since then was too cautious -- being somewhat vague, neither alienating left nor right wing of his party, not scaring voters with the idea of a coalition with the far-left. But IMO the SPD's problem has for quite some time been a lack of authenticity and spine to actually stand and fight for alternatives. Now they see a candidate who does just that, despite the shitstorm he gets from a neoliberal media, can be very successful -- hope they take it as a lesson.

      (Nobody needs an SPD that is basically a "CDU light" -- people will either vote the original CDU, or the far-left that way. ANY kind of clear conviction would be better, even if it's an unpopular one, than being neither fish nor flesh.)