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  1. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    First impressions, then... [SPOILERS] I felt like it took a really long time to get started. Not the space battle, which was very cool and exciting, but the Ach-To stuff between Luke and Rey, which was a big letdown. The lightsaber chucked over the shoulder was funny, and I liked that Johnson wrongfoots you a lot throughout the film with both characters' intentions and the moods of scenes and where they might be heading. It's quite unpredictable, and that's a big plus when used properly. It isn't always, though - sometimes the humor almost lapses into self-parody, that self-referential knowingness that a lot of modern filmmakers use to wink at the audience and let us know they're fans, too. Just tell the frakking story. To that point, some of the vernacular seemed really out of place also - "Bigass door, " Godspeed." they're just too obviously Milky Way local, not from a galaxy long ago and far, far away. I always loved that Star Wars had its own, completely homegrown set of rules when it came to language and profanity. You Nerf-herder, Johnson. Hamill is magnificent - he's so raw. He elevates every scene he's in, even if i didn't like the way the scene went. It's his film. Loved Rose. She's terrific. Boeyaga as Finn is terrific. The Canto Bight sequence is not. In fact, it really drags. At this point, i was beginning to get nervous that, for me, this one was going to go the way of Attack of the Clones. But it didn't. The drama between Rey and Ren is superb - this is really top-notch character development. The progression of both, how they come together and then are repelled, and the consequences thereof, is great stuff. Really enjoyed this, really enjoyed the Snoke throne chamber lightsaber scenes and how their interactions all played out. Fantastic stuff. Need i commend the actors too? Ridley and Driver are exceptional throughout. Elevating Ren to chief baddie was a stroke of genius. If it's true that Rey really is just ordinary, I love that too. Please don't out her as a long lost Kenobi in the next film. Carrie Fisher doing a Mary Poppins when she's been blown out into space is a bit much and strained my credulity a bit. I loved her - and all the manipulative bits, like Artoo projecting the "Obi-Wan" message got me exactly as intended. But I felt like she was sidelined, and not onscreen enough. Even so, seeing her, hearing that Leia theme was an emotional experience. They got old too, didn't they? Luke and Leia. Just like all us ten-year olds who met them first back in 1977 did. I also felt like Chewie and Artoo were sidelined to what amounted to cameos. I liked that Chewie ate the porgs. Frak the frakking porgs. At least Threepio got a few lines. Phasma was totally pointless. I like Gwendoline Christie, but bringing her back to make me read a comic about how the character got out of a trash compacter at the end of The Force Awakens is so cynical I now just hate the character. I will not bend to your marketing will in this area, Disney. i just won't. That was deeply tedious and frak you. But the cinematography in that sequence was mind-blowingly gorgeous. The whole film is based around a retreat, albeit a worthy one, but it's a brief event in story terms. In character terms, it's huge, and there's an undeniable emotional turbocharge towards the ending. I'm going to have to see it again to process all that, because quite honestly, when i saw Hamill and Fisher onscreen together again, something really big got caught in my eyes and i missed that bit. Rose saving Finn, and the subtle acknowledgement of Rey seeing him care for her later, after she and Finn's genuinely heartfelt reunion, is nice. Still thought Poe and Finn had the hots for each other, though. I've missed things - I'll remember and say later. I liked Isaacs and BB-8 and Laura Dern. While lacking some of the feelgood color of TFA, it also feels like a more mature Star Wars. And when those twin suns are going down at the end, it does feel earned. That said, it's far from a flawless entry and is no Empire. It's no AotC, either. There was a lot of really good stuff, but it needed a tighter script, just a polish to rid it of some bumps, plus a tighter edit too. Might have known you would've picked up on loads of the same points, Sehlat...! Yeah, exactly my problem with those scenes too. Ha, I hadn't read your post when I wrote mine - I picked up on the exact same phrases. They had the effect of jolting you out of your immersion in the SW world. I'm not sure if it's lazy writing so much as a cultural shorthand that almost every mainstream filmmaker uses these days. It's comprehensible to everyone - but I totally agree; he should've gone the extra mile to express stuff like this within the established SW lingo rules.
  2. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.
  3. Data's great in this one - the way he slowly but methodically unpicks the mystery.
  4. Nog is a great example of what DS9 did with its characters, even the recurring ones. He could’ve easily been a throwaway, one-note character, but they developed him and many others, giving them all sorts of unexpected layers. I think it’s a big reason why DS9 remains they most fully fleshed-out and memorable of Star Trek shows. I’m hoping Discovery more fully pursues the same writing philosophies into its second season. Watched TNG: The Mind’s Eye (on a bit of a season 4 kick), which is great Manchurian Candidate riff for Geordie and one of his better solo episodes (I hated it when they did a Geordie’s love life story - gah). It’s a shame they didn’t later explore the psychological ramifications of his conditioning by the Romulans though. And, partially because Prome and me were talking about it recently, also watched Descent, part 2. The memory doesn’t lie. It still kind of sucks.
  5. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    I think at this point, it’s more about how this plays out than any element of surprise. This ad campaign feels like an attempt to ameliorate some of the Internet derision about how little of a “surprise” this could elicit.
  6. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

  7. The more I watch TOS

    The whole parallel Earth thing was originally a budget-saving device thought up by Roddenberry so they could use studio backlots for things like 'Wild West' planet or 'Gladiator' planet. Then he went and wrote The Omega Glory, one of (IMHO) the worst TOS episodes. It's also weird how it gets mentioned at the beginning of Miri and then quickly forgotten. It works well as a storytelling device in A Piece of the Action and maybe Patterns of Force, though. I wouldn't count Mirror Mirror as it's standard parallel universe, but that's just me. The in-universe explanation refers to it as Hodgkin's Law:'s_Law_of_Parallel_Planetary_Development
  8. I said, “Hadn’t watched the remastered erosion before,” but fortunately you knew I meant “episode.” Damn you, Autocorrect! I can remember when spelling errors used to just be typos; now you get a completely nutty alternative meaning to your whole sentence. It’s really good, because you don’t know where it’s going and it’s quite sinister. But in true Trek fashion, it does an about-face and gives you a positive by the story’s end. Sometimes I find Barclay a bit irritating, but he’s really good in this one. Yeah, I Iike those ones where the ship really does go far beyond the comfort zones. Q Who is another like the ones you mention (with a less positive outcome) and obvs Where No One Has Gone Before which is one of TNG S1’s most memorable episodes.
  9. TAS: More Tribbles, More Troubles DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations TNG: Night Terrors TNG: The Nth Degree I’d really forgotten what a neat little episode The Nth Degree is. Hadn’t watched the remastered erosion before - some lovely FX too.
  10. General Star Wars Discussion

    Very cool: I gots me those Ralph McQuarrie books and they truly are lovely items.
  11. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    I am not gonna dispute how ludicrous that story was. It's been hinted that Tarantino's idea riffs on a particular TOS episode... wonder if that ep is Patterns of Force?
  12. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

  13. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    It could work! Just struck me that with his oeuvre, Star Wars might be a better fit than Star Trek. With the Weinstein Company, I believe Tarantino always had final cut of his work. Wonder if that would be true here, too? That, I think, could be a deal breaker.
  14. The Orville

    Soz, didn't mean to steer thread down KM path...! Okay, just saw season finale Mad Idolatry. I thought that was such a blatant rip-off from Voyager's Blink of an Eye...! That's actually one of the best VOY episodes, too. But, whatevs, if you're going to steal, swipe from the best, and Orville actually did it with some style. It was another good episode, with an affecting ending purely because it suggested adherence to religious dogma is just a civilization's growing pains. What an enlightened outlook - and completely at odds with the daft humor of Mercer's reignited courtship of Kelly. I was willing her not to get back together with him, so that was another high note for the ending. He may be the captain, but he's a bit of a smug dork; she can do much better. (Sorry again, Seth.) All right, his heart is in the right place. But herein lies some character stuff that's actually mildly engaging, even if the jokes are lame. I'd also like to know more about Isaac's age differential - what he learned, how he coped, what he did, what he contributed. 700 years a is a loooong time, surely even for an AI, so it'd be great to find out that he's brought back some experiences that help with his interactions with organic lifeforms and this isn't just forgotten about. He's a good character too, and along with Dr. Finn and Alara, my fave of the show. It strikes me that all the female characters on this show actually have some promise, but Isaac is the only wholly likeable "male" character (if he even counts. He can probably vocalize as a female too.) Bortus is okay, I guess - at least he's genuinely amusing. It would be great if the human male characters became slightly more sympathetic - or even admirable - in S2. I don't mean they have to lose their existing traits, although ti would be great if Gordon became more than "Bad one-liner guy." Kind of an odd story to go out on, but I liked the optimistic tone. And, isn't it great to acknowledge that The Orville got better and better as it went along, and we have a season 2 to look forward to...? I actually am. I hope they smooth out some of the stuff that doesn't quite work, but here's to it.
  15. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    Hey, did you guys hear this rumor? TARANTINO TO direct A Star Wars Story: OBI-WAN KENOBI: ONCE UPON A TIME ON TATOOINE (I made that up)