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  1. We're going on the 16th! Looking forward to it.....
  2. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    Well, there you go. That's one reason why it's not likely to ever be in HD....
  3. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    I'm glad to see the discussion is still going, but I'm afraid that it looks like "It's dead, Jim."
  4. Attempt at a DS9 "remastered"

    Sad to say, but it appears DS9 on HD isn't at all likely....
  5. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    I don't think there will be an announcement one way or the other. Right now it looks like it's just not happening, sorry to say. "This is the way the lack of DS9 on blu-ray thread ends....not with a bang, but with a whimper"?
  6. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    My guess, after reading the latest post from FrontierTrek on this topic at the Trek BBS forums: DS9 on blu-ray is "Dead, Jim."
  7. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    Thanks for posting this. Gives me a little bit of hope... "Roger Lay: We all love DS9 and its holy mission. Hopefully these TNG Blu-rays keep selling. And if you guys love the show please support them and pick them up. And hopefully we will move on to the next show."
  8. Did DS9 hurt VOY?

    I like Voyager as much as DS9 or TNG. But clearly I'm in the minority. There are more interesting/complex/strong women in Voyager. Even DS9, although better than TNG, had some problems with sexism. Voyager was a very good show imho. About the same percentage as hits to duds as in the other Treks by my count. My 2 cents.
  9. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    Or maybe they should do a selection of c.80 episodes?
  10. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    Thanks for posting that. Sounds like there's maybe a chance.
  11. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    If we don't get DS9 on blu-ray, fans who wait for the full box set might be one of the reasons why....
  12. New Star Trek on Netflix?

    I read on another site that supposedly JJA feels that he now has control and veto power over all Trek—movies and TV. According to this, if it's true, JJA probably won't allow Trek on TV unless his people are in control. If this is accurate, my enthusiasm just dropped a few notches. I would still watch it, but....I just don't care for JJA-produced tv shows much. And actually he has a poor track record in the ratings with most of his shows except for Lost. His shows tend to start with a splash, but then they rapidly tank and get canceled. And, if this is true, JJA is so busy with Star Wars that he won't even have time to think about TV Trek for a while. 50th anniversary Trek tv series? Not likely—again, if this can be believed, and I hope that's a big if. I personally don't see how Paramount/CBS could have or would have ever given JJA contractual control of all future Trek. Doesn't make sense to me. But maybe it's not contractual, just an "understanding"? Or maybe it's just something that JJA assumes even though it isn't true?
  13. New Star Trek Continues episode is up

    I like this episode a lot. But at the same time I mostly agree with Admiral ("Admiral!!? Admiral! Admiral.") Harmon here. But, it was almost certainly necessary to boil down the whole revolt to one episode, and so I think they did a very good job. Excellent entertainment!+++
  14. New Star Trek on Netflix?

    I would be enthusiastic about your show if somehow it came to be. I *love* time travel sci fi.
  15. New Star Trek on Netflix?

    SV: I'm relaxed. We can agree to disagree. And thanks for your clarifications. I do feel better about your ideas now, even if I still don't agree with them or think them likely. Peace.