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  1. What Class of Ship Would You Want?

    Intrepid class or Prometheus
  2. Invasive Procedures

    4 Nothing special
  3. Alliances

    9 Fun episode and one of the best kazon episodes.
  4. Endgame pt1 & 2

    Strongly disagree. This are one of the best episodes of star trek. Borg was the main villain of the series, so it is logical that they used Borg for the final episode. Same way as DS9 uses Dominion. Same way as in DS9 we do not see Bajor join Federation, and whole series was about that. Voyager returned home, and that was the point of the series. 1. Old version of Janeway changed the timeline, not our Janeway. Our Janeway did not do anything. She did not changed timeline. 2. Janeway was one of the best character in star trek. The best captain in my opinion. Definitely not insane. She did not committed any crime. And she did not break any fedaration rule in any way more than any other captain in star trek. Sisko has committed far more violation of federation rules. 3. Janeway deserved her promotion. And if Star trek 2009 is a canon, then old Janeway did not erased anything, but just created new alternative timeline. And how is that any different than founders virus created by section 31 in DS9??? Or mathematical Equation with whom they wanted to destroy Borg in TNG? Borg is not perfect. Virus in Endgame was from future. That is only your opinion. I'am strongly disagree with that your opinion. We have cool battles in all star trek series. DS9 is full of them. So DS9 is cheap then??? And if Star trek 2009 is a canon, timeline can not be destroyed. They can just create a new alternative timeline. Plus timeline was changed in TNG in several occasions. Not in my opinion. I do not like 7 of 9 and Chakotay together, but she and the Doctor would be far more worst. Because Doctor was her mentor, her close friend. It would feel almost like incest. Voyager with futuristic tehnology looked cool. Really??? Nothing boring in this episode at all. Plus all goals of the series are achieved at the end. Voyager is home. B'elanna and Paris child is born. Borg, main villian of the series is destroyed....
  5. The Siege

    5 Nothing special
  6. Endgame pt1 & 2

    This was the great finale in my opinion. 10
  7. Couldn't VOY just be a sleeper ship?

    Plus it would be very dangerous. Crew and the ship would be defenseless.
  8. Prey

    And what exactly do "real aliens" look like? Have you seen one? Like aliens. Alien. Not like humans, like most of the species in star trek. I always disliked that. And what exactly do "real aliens" look like? Have you seen one? Don't ask, don't tell.... I don't care if Species Arex--er, 8472 look more 'alien' or not; they have no physicality. They're about as 'realistic' as a 1990s Tomb Raider video game. And Zef'No is right; NONE of us really know what an alien will look like... for now, anyway. I just think that a human actor under latex makes them relatable. Something you can look in the eye and get a reading off of emotionally. Species 8472just looks like pretty pixels rendered on my Mac. That is the whole point. You can not read emotions of the aliens, because they are alien. They are strange, different. They evolved differently, they whole structure, constitution is different, exotic. That is the whole point of something been alien. To me actor under latex is not belivible. To me almost all aliens from star trek look like different races of humans, not like aliens.
  9. The Nagus

    2 Ferengi episodes are not my favorite.
  10. For the Uniform

    7 Ok episode
  11. Prey

    I disagree. I love CGI aliens. Because these look like real aliens. All other aliens in star trek are just humans with spot there, bump here ect... Specie 8472 are real alien specie. Specie that looks and act like real alien. In my opinion maybe the best alien specie in star trek. The best star trek would be in my opinion with alot of CGI alien species, that look like real aliens, not humans.
  12. Q-Less

    Yes that episode was bad too. Tied with this one.
  13. Prey

    10 Awesome episode. It was great to see specie 8472 again.
  14. Retrospect

    8 I liked this episode. Not my favorite episode. But it was good.
  15. Q-Less

    3 I think this is the worst Q episode in star trek.