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  1. I thought I'd see how others feel about the Planet of the Apes series. How do you rank the films? My rankings are as follows: 1. Planet of the Apes - The original is still the best IMO. It is flawless cinema and showcases movie magic with high concept adventure. It is also completely different from the other sci-fi masterpiece that came out in 1968, yet they both showcase the range of the genre. 2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - I'm amazed a major studio released a big budget major special effects movie that wasn't just explosions, and spent about the first 20 minutes in sign language! This movie took the ideas of the previous film, built on the mperfectly, better integrated the human characters, and made a smart sci-fi action blockbuster movie. When things like this, Intersteller, and Gravity crack the top 10 at the box office, it gives me hope that not all is lost. 3. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes -A dark and well crafted origin tale of the series, Roddy McDowell is great in this one, and despite a few flaws I think this is my favorite sequel to the original film. It crafted a unique human dystopia and sets the stage for a war between Apes and Humans (that ultimately proves a letdown). 4. Beneath the Planet of the Apes -Certainly a flawed movie, but the Atomic people worshipping the bomb and the Forbiddon zone...I think this movie has some cool ideas, if only Charlton Heston had come back for the full movie I think it could have been so much better. 5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes -When this was first announced I thought "why bother?" Time Burton had made it seem unlikely the series needed to be revived. I thought it was just a series of it's time. And the CGI apes disheartened me a bit. But the movie won me over. It is well made, smarter than your average summer movie, and the CG looked pretty good! My only real issue is that the apes turned out to be so captivating that it is kind of frustrating to keep going back to James Franco's uninteresting character...just show me those Apes revolting! 6. Escape from the Planet of the Apes -I like a lot of elements from this movie, but also found this movie to be jarring in it's shifting tone. It is a fish out of water comedy, then a political thriller, and the whole concept of how they managed to get back in time never truly made sense to did they fix a spaceship so fast, get up in the air and manage to go back in time when the planet exploded? That initial premise is always a stumbling block for me, but I do like elements in this movie in spite of that. 7. Battle for the Planet of the Apes -So much promise for a good movie wasted on such a low budget, which cheapens the actual storytelling. Conquest promised such an interesting sequel, but Battle couldn't deliver, the titular Battle is so lame. I don't actually hate it, I just think it's disappointing. Luckily what I wanted in this movie kind of got delievered with Dawn. 8. Tim Burton's remake - Awful, missed entirely the point of what made the original and the sequels so intriguing. It does, however, feature great make-up effects. Can we just have a discussion about the Planet of the Apes series? I'd love to! I'm a big fan of these movies, and I'd love to hear others thoughts on them.
  2. I just never thought it was as bad as so many say. To me it was fun and silly.
  3. I refer you to my previous statement! Its goofy, but Who should be.
  4. Watched the Master trilogy from the end of Series 3 of Doctor Who, Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords. I don't care what anyone says about how it ends, I love it. Just into the Saxon Master right now.
  5. It looks amazing, and though I missed the screening with him, my critic told me it is top notch in every sense. He said the visual effects of the apes are on a whole other level, even better than Dawn, a movie I felt had some of the best CG I had ever seen (in terms of mo-cap and whatnot). And beyond that he just told me it is great in every department, from the writing, to the performances, to the direction. Sounds like another winner to me, and he didn't really tell me anything of the story, just that it is on par if not in someways better than Dawn, and that was my favorite movie of 2014.
  6. So tonight was the premiere of the latest season of Doctor Who, and the show was in fine form indeed. Bill is already a wel-defined character, and no doubt will be a joy to watch this year. And I thought the premise of the episode did a great job of showcasing what the show can do and where it can go. It reintroduced the concepts of the The Doctor, the TARDIS, and all...while also setting up our new companion and adding in a few layers of mystery such as why the Doctor has stopped travelling and is on Earth as a professor, and what exactly is up with him and Nardole. I plan to watch it again when I get home from work and probably write up a full review on my Who blog.
  7. Can't wait! (but I will). It's the one big movie I am genuinely looking forward to this year. If only it's release date weren't so close to my second kid's release date! Can't risk going to the theater if the wife could go into labor, and once we have a newborn and a 3 year old in the house, who knows when I could have time. When early reviews started coming in, I began to regret not becoming a critic so I could go to early screenings. Though if my work schedule hadn't conflicted, my critic buddy was going to invite me to join him last Wednesday for a Private Screening...but alas...someday!
  8. Don't expect it to make a lick of sense, but man was it creepy and at times downright horrific. Relies mainly on imagery, but it was very great.
  9. I keep thinking about how great this episode was...I really loved it. I think a Moff script and Talalay direction are a hell of a combination, and I couldn't be more pleased that is now the case from here on out of the Capaldi era. He deserves a Writing/Directing team this good.
  10. Congrats and good luck! Its a world changer!
  11. I too watched "Twin Peaks" Part 8, and it could be the creepiest and most unsettling horror movie of the year!
  12. The latest Doctor goodness, what an episode!
  13. Just finished up "World Enough and Time" so....AAAAHHHHHHHHH! I loved it. Every second. I had an inkling (or completely figured out) the entire time where things were heading, and yet the tension of where things were leading kept me on edge. It was creepy and unsettling, and the big cliffhanger at the end...a whopper!
  14. CBSAA launeched like 4 years ago. Everyone seems to not realize this, they have had this service available for 4 years or they aren't launching a new service with reruns and two original programs. They launched a service to provide classic reruns and there current line-up...and now they are expanding it. They are doing originals, they have added some movies, and they also have streaming access to the NFL now, so games can be streamed live...which is certain to bring in some people. I don't either, but it makes sense...part of the target audience is new fans who got in with the Kelvin films, and if they join up, enjoy the new show, having all of Trek's back catalog there for the taking is certainly a plus. I have a feeling the international deal with Netflix is the beginnings of Plan B. If CBS AA fails to take off, the show is unlikely to fail. As the international deal has essentially already turned a profit, or at the very least taken care of a lot of upfront production, then the likelihood of a second year is higher, and unless it is a huge critical disaster and fans don't watch on either Netflix (around the world) or CBS AA...then they will can it. But if it has it's fans (and what Trek doesn't?), then it will likely get a second year on CBS AA, and if that just completely becomes economically disastrous for the CBS Corp...then they will probably move it to Netflix in the US, because I think they know that no matter what, they can make some kind of money off of Trek for a bit. I think the Netflix deal was a way to use Netflix to compete with Netflix domestically, attempt to become a player in it's own right long term, and then I wouldn't be surprised if Plan A succeeds, they make plans to expand from US only to other markets around the world. If Plan A fails, then they probably shift into a deal where they hold the content rights on Trek and produce it FOR Netflix. We will see where it all lands, but I have a feeling that with Trek grabbing in one type of audience, The Good Fight attempting to lure in another type of target audience, and then the NFL being there for such a huge swath of people...they've got a fighting chance to succeed in this first year or so, and they will slowly build from there.
  15. But while Original Content is down to 2-3 shows, they do have ALL of previous Trek, Twilight Zone, the original Twin Peaks...and all current CBS programming. Granted, they could use more, and they will get more. But they are starting slow on original content (a spin-off of The Good Wife already launched, and we are awaiting Trek). They are also using Netflix to compete with Netflix, which is interesting. The plan is to try to get CBSAA to be a true competitor, and yet internationally it is on Netflix, and the production of the show has been pretty much paid for by the Netflix deal. So they can have a major product that WILL bring in fans, and it hasn't been a major upfront cost for CBS itself. And to your point about Netflix and AMC both slowly rolled out their original content as well. AMC's first original drama was Mad Men, and they waited another year before Breaking Bad premiered, and another year before Walking Dead and so on. They slow rolled it out. Netflix first real launch of original programming was House of Cards, and while they did some imports and brought back Arrested Development, it took a while before they went full throttle with Orange is the New Black and several other programs. CBS has all it's primetime/daytime/late night/news content streaming, and they have three originals launching this year (The Good Fight isn't getting too much press, but it has good reviews and they also launched a Big Brother spin-off I don't care about), and they are probably already in the works for creating more original content in the next year or so, hopefully they can get some big names that can draw in subscribers (I'm certain that is the plan). Just because right now they are talking about Trek, doesn't mean that they are stopping there. I find that highly unlikely. So the big difference is the base content. AMC had regular showings of movies before they launched the very cinematic Mad Men and then Breaking Bad. Netflix was developing a huge list of subscribers because they had easy access to tons of streamable on demand content, both classic shows and movies. CBS unfortunately has their TV line-up. I don't care about most of that...but it is the #1 Network, so some folks do (they are probably just the least likely to be into streaming as of right now). But I think their rollout is no different than the approach of the Networks/Services you mentioned, it is just a matter of time before they expand.
  16. Money still ends up in the box office for the movies is all...the returns is what greenlights these things...oh well.
  17. Where we differ is not whether or not you can see both, my point is merely that I don't see much point in supporting the rehashes too much anymore, and I'd rather have less money in their pockets, and more money in the smaller and/or more original stuff. You can always do both, sure (unless you have a 3 year old and work nights and just getting to the theater is a major chore), but really what I am getting at is that the big Hollywood stuff, like Alien Covenant, that just rehashes familiar things and doesn't seem to really take any chances...why support that financially? Sure you are always taking a chance...but I would love for Hollywood to take more risks, and the only way to do that is maybe a little less money spent from audiences on the rehashes, and a few more dollars going to see new/smaller stuff.
  18. I'm not suggesting that you don't actually seek out indie stuff. That wasn't necessarily my intention. And Hollywood big budgets can still make a good film, but there seems to be this branding and franchise loyalty thing that I really don't get anymore. So often they feel more like products than the franchises I used to care for. I give stuff a shot often, but I tend not to bother in the theater too often with them, because feeding the beast that bites you seems silly. My point is more on this whole "oh god they are making another one! Why? Guess I'll have to pay to see it just in case they finally made a good one again!" mentality. I'd rather spend MORE money on smaller stuff at the theater, than continually get suckered by the mega corporations. You can see both, obviously, but I figure it is better to put my money towards the little stuff more than I go to the bigger stuff. For example, our good buddy Gus has made it clear on many an occasion that he doesn't care for Star Trek anymore. I don't begrudge him not paying his money on Trek anymore anymore. Brand loyalty is silly. If he is truly done he need not worry about it anymore. I have an active interest in Trek, so I will probably go see em. But hell...if some of the trailers (particularly the later ones) and the early reviews for Beyond hadn't promised a better experience than Into Darkness had offered, I would've skipped that myself. The first trailer had me pretty much assuming I would not pay to see it in the theater. But they released better trailers and reviews changed my mind. But Gus doesn't need to pay for Trek ever again, and I don't need to pay for all these endless sequels and franchise stuff that feels more assembly line and less artful, and I can just look out for and try and help out the smaller stuff. But obviously my money doesn't do much good, because only big name franchises can make any real splash anymore. I am just tired of the same logos permeating our pop culture. That's me. I haven't seen an Alien movie that really did something new and fresh since really Aliens. Prometheus tried some new stuff, but didn't truly my love of the first two Aliens doesn't make me just want to slap more money down to see someone half try to expand on the new stuff from Prometheus and turn it into yet another bland take on the Alien...I've seen it remade too many times, to pay to see it when I can just watch the original for free at home anytime. Buy your ticket, hopefully you can be surprised. But I would rather be surprised by new people and new ideas, rather than the surprise that they did a good job recreating my nostalgia or some character I enjoy from the past. I don't mean to offend in any way, I love tons of pop art, or I wouldn't be a regular contributor to this forum about a pop art icon. I'd rather go to the theater for Arrival than for Alien Covenant is all. At least one was new and different.
  19. Sure art is never a sure thing, but there was never a trailer for this movie that promised anything new or exciting, and Prometheus was a letdown to many. I personally didn't think Prometheus was as awful as it's reputation, but everything about the trailer for Covenant led me to believe it was a rehash of the entire Alien franchise, with some connection to Prometheus. Then reviews pretty much said "yeah its exactly what you think it is." So I didn't see it. I don't want to go see most of these reboot/sequel/endless rehash movies nowadays...because I am interested, mostly, in stuff that is new. I'd rather support something smaller that seems to have fresh ideas than pay to see the big budget rehashes, because even if the smaller budgeted thing doesn't end up feeling fresh, hey at least its the little guy. I'm not saying boycott anyone, but they keep making these rehashes of franchises that should've died years ago, people will complain that they are beating a dead horse, but then everyone lines up to go see the dead horse get a whoopin! My point isn't so much "boycott Ridley Scott!!!" because I am a mild Prometheus defender and I really liked the Martian. It has nothing to do with him, more to do with the studios. I won't pay to see Jurassic World 2, because I didn't like Jurassic World and the franchise seems artless and out of ideas to me. I hated Man of Steel, didn't waste my time and money on Batman v Superman. I find it somewhat strange that so many on the internet will slam a big movie made by a corporation, lamenting that it doesn't hold true to it's source material or whatnot...and then pay to see the sequel and complain some more. Why not go see an indie film that might actually have a fresh take or just take a risk. There have been some great sci-fi/horror/fantasy indies in the last decade.
  20. To paraphrase the great Red Letter Media guys, "this is all your fault! stop paying to see em!"
  21. So weird.
  22. It seems too unlikely for him to not want some control of pre-production. Coming in and finishing a film just doesn't seem like him. I could see him running a Star Wars flick from beginning to end, but I just think this seems a
  23. Even if it comes to nothing it is nice to have a former employer reach out and ask if you might be interested in returning. Just nice to be remembered and missed. See where this leads...

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      Oh man...I talked to him, and it sounds like since I left, they've made an even bigger mess of the place.  Long time employees have left and moved on, and they just have a revolving door of temps doing my former job, and the reason he reached out is because he just wants someone he knows wont be horrible...but its a temp gig, so I passed as my current gig is temporary (9 mos out of the year...unless I get the nod this year, as there is an opening to be full time).  But man...honestly talking with him just made me glad I moved on when I did.  I thought they treated me bad when I was there, sounds like it just got worse and worse. 

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      Yikes!  Indeed, it does.  :(

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      Its still nice to remembered for good work, but a shame the place seems to have fallen apart internally. Despite my issues that lead to my leaving, I used to like working there. But now it seems like there is nobody really working there. Would be a real bore now.

  24. Just a reminder, this is a long game for CBS. Yes right now there isn't tons of content and a lot of us will subscribe during the time the show is on and end the subscription when the season is up, but the plan is to grow the content available as time goes on, particularly exclusive content. They want this thing to be their long term plan as network television changes and adapts for the future. I know it seems frustrating or annoying now, but jeez, maybe if we all give them a chance to build up their brand, they could end up having a bit more content for fans like us year round.
  25. But Howard has clout, and he probably wouldn't be pushed around by Lucasfilm...and to come in and finish a movie that is already mid-production? He is a filmmaker, and in now way will this be a "Ron Howard" film. Seems more an odd choice for HIM to go for it than it is for them to want his name slapped on it. But he isn't totally outside of the Lucasfilm realm, he did direct Willow. It just seems odd for where he is now.