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  1. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Watched a really good little movie called "A Ghost Story." It is a slow moving meditation on time and memory, about a man who dies and becomes a ghost, walking around in the classic white sheet with eye holes cut first watching his romantic partner live following his death, and then as he continues his long march through time once she has left him. It was a rather beautiful little movie in my opinion...though it has very little dialogue and is practically a silent movie for most of it's runtime, but there was something about a movie that just felt so completely on the opposite spectrum of the big Hollywood fare. It had barely any special effects, little dialogue, and wasn't even shot in widescreen. It isn't for everyone, but I thought it was haunting and beautiful, and has left me thinking it's meaning over a bit, which is always a good sign.
  2. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Burnham doesn't really know anything in that moment, she has her doubts that it isn't just some brainwashing technique by the Klingons.
  3. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I recently watched the final season of "Broadchurch" which was a fine ending to that series. It had better focus than the second season (though I still rather like the second season despite its flaws), and though it is a completely different type of investigation and story with a lot of new players, it felt like a good way to end the show. I've also rewatched a few episodes from the first and second season here and there, as my wife has been watching it for the first time. I also began watching "Victoria," a British drama about the early days of the reign of Queen Victoria, and starring Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman in the title role. Quite good actually, as I am always kind of fascinated by the whole weird history of the monarch in the UK, particularly against the backdrop of changing times when the Monarch seems increasingly quaint and kind of out of place.
  4. In general, I look at Enterprise as sort of another missed opportunity...not as bad as Voyager in terms of missed opportunities, but still a missed one. I actually find the crew of Enterprise to be one of the dullest in general...but that doesn't mean the show isn't without it's highpoints. I actually grew to like it. I did like the first half of Season 3 a good deal, because at least it had focus...but then it dragged on and felt as meandering as the first two season mostly were. The fourth season is definitely were it all came together and (mostly) began to work. But while I really loved tht Fourth season when I first went through the show (which I did long after the series ended, I too missed it in original airing)...when I tried not too long ago to rewatch my favorite story from Season 4...I found it's entire shooting style and everything to feel quite dated. Not to it's own era either, it felt liek a shooting style that belonged to the 90s Trek. Just rather stiff. I don't know...I still like Enterprise in some ways, particularly that final season, but I think even when the show began to click for fans and become something was still being produced in this antiquated style, that I don't think it would have ever taken off. It was just a victim of a production crew that had been working on the same stuff so long, they had kind of forgotten how to make it fresh, at least in the shooting of the thing. That all said: watch it and form your own opinions. It is certainly not as bad as so many lamented at the time, and I personally rank it higher than Voyager, but for me Voyager was a low low bar. And at least there was less Enterprise to get through. Someday I will probably give this series another go...probably just the fourth season...but I think I have to be into a super deep 90s-ish Trek mood. Deep enough to have exhausted viewings of TNG or DS9.
  5. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Well never finding them is moot...they have all the audio of those missing stories, so they don't need to pay for voice acting or special sound effects or music production or any of that, they merely need to do the animation. But there are missing stories I'd love to see brought to life via animation, more so than I feel I want an new animated tale with a classic Doctor. I have so many Big Finish stories I can still give a listen to for new stories featuring classic Doctors, and the new series is ongoing for new stories of any kind. Since I'd love to see those missing stories in something other than still images, thats just where my interest lies. An argument could be made that if you want to get a Tom Baker animated story, now's the time...but quite frankly we have 7 years of televised adventures, and now quite a few stories for Big Finish (and even his Demon's Quest and so on BBC Audio adventures), that animation isn't going to bring too much to the table for me. I'm glad they did Shada, I look forward to getting to see it...but overall I'm more hopeful for animating lost stories than new ones.
  6. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I'd much rather they just animate all missing episodes before they try and make animated stories for DVD featuring past Doctors or anything. But once all missing stuff is animated? If they did stuff like those Batman animated stories based on the 60s show with the 70s/80s Doctors? I'd be down. I'd take a big ol heaping of anything McGann for sure.
  7. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Exactly, he had a line before they engaged the Ship of the Dead (I think) that when he took over the Discovery it was a ship of scientists, and he had turned them into Warriors. He used the war as an attempt to gain the trust of a crew, make them a little rougher around the edges to take this advanced ship back into the Mirror Universe to have a fighting chance against the Emperor he means to overthrow. That's my guess anyhow.
  8. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Reddit had a thread that was basically collecting together all the clues that point to Lorca being a Mirror character, the most compelling pieces of evidence I hadn't thought of...but Burnham, being someone close to Georgiou (from the looks of the trailer in either universe), is clearly key to his plan, hence his recruitment of her and how he so often wants her kept safe. The other was a line from Burnham in this last episode: even the light looks different here...and Lorca's whole light sensitivity thing! Also another person in that thread noted that Lorca had a similar meal in an earlier episode to that of the one Mirror Saru presented Burnham with in this latest episode...some squid thing. There are some interesting clues that I'd missed earlier, and it makes even some of the earliest episodes that weren't quite as interesting as the path they seem to be on now worth a new look.
  9. General Star Wars Discussion

    But the synopsis mentioned a bunch of things I have heard of now clap please.
  10. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Last night atched two very good (and very different) movies. First up was "Dunkirk," which is a really solid war drama with tons of great performances, and really interesting editing. Then I watched "Logan Lucky" which is a heist comedy that also has a bunch of good performances. That one won't blow you away with originality, but it is funny for some light but smart entertainment.
  11. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    For the most part, I'd rather they didn't. I really liked Bradley's version, and the boxset he did for Big Finish was quite good at recreating the 60s era...but I'd rather they move forward more often than not. Leave past Doctors to Big Finish where they can soar, often by the original actors who look far older than when their incarnations died. And while Sean PErtwee looks enough like his dad and could certainly sound like him just enough...I think it is a tall ask for the son to step into his father's shoes and try and live up to that. I have feeling in general he wouldn't want to have that put on him. But multi-Doctor stories should be used sparingly, usually for special occasions, like anniversaries. Only one non-anniversary special with a multi-Doctor element has actually worked for me so far, and that's Twice Upon a Time.
  12. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    But isn’t Trek meant to try not to just destory antagonists, but find an understanding with them? Voq/Tyler is clearly a bad dude...I wish him no good feelings, but I do hope that this show can manage the trick of finding an ending that isn’t just killing him off, it would be great for Trek is they did something more humane, imprisoning him makes more sense to me...use his betrayal dramatically to show how Starfleet IS better. He would rather die a martyr? Keep him alive in a prison for years. He gets a punishment that is more impactful than death that way. That was one if my few issues I actually had with Beyond, the antagonist just dies, I’m pleased to see this show taking a different path, and they used his survival for something important, to get the Defiant info to Saru.
  13. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    I don’t need Tyler to live either, but I like that in spite of everything, a Star trek crew isn’t gonna just kill him. They want due process. If they just kill all bad guys then what makes them better? As for the guy in the Turbo Lift, sure, but she seemed immediately to regret that it happened, she also wasn’t nearly as close with even the Prime counterpart. She fell in love with Ash Tyler, and now he is revealing he is not who he is...that would be a huge shock. As for diverse members, I definitely see this point. They have to watch it. But that said, if they wanted to be able to have characters die off (to add extra tension and a sense that no one is safe like old Trek) they just happen to have a fairly diverse crew...they could stand to kill a few more straight white people, but thats like Tilly and Lorca. Maybe that redhead that barely talks. But I am certain that Stamets will live, and I have a feeling Culber WILL be resurrected.
  14. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Hey, I'm on top of this one, already written up my blog review! Guess when I am excited about an episode, that'll happen! In terms of Burnham being the same that didn't hesitate in giving the Vulcan nerve pinch...I think they've done quite the job of showing how much she is no longer that person. That is a day full of regret, and when faced with the betrayal of someone she has become incredibly close to, I don't find that moment to be played too poorly. And as to Tyler's survival...he needed to survive for two reasons in my view, his survival shows that Burnham has not lost herself in her Mirror guise, and that these ARE the good guys. Plus he was a clever vessel for getting the info on the Defiant TO the Discovery, in a way that would not set off alarm bells for the Terrans. And I think the ending with Stamets jerking back to life a bit, and meeting his Mirror Version in his mind made it pretty clear that he isn't going anywhere.
  15. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    While the Second Season could go in wildly different directions, I think seeing a Prime Universe character coming to terms with an inadvertent exile into the savage Mirror Universe to be quite the interesting type of story to explore in Trek. If they don't do that now, I hope someone can do a story like that someday! Interesting thought...if Lorca is a Mirror (and lets face it...he just has to be!), couldn't his Security Officer from the first few episodes (that was killed by the Tardigrade), also have been? She seemed more aggressive as well, and was close to Lorca. Maybe they came together, and his plan was delayed partially because when she died he lost something of the plan. is lovely to have a Trek that is making me think of things again!
  16. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Ahh, but what of my second option...that we get Prime Lorca into the mix for Season 2, they swap them back somehow, and we get a new interesting development for Jason Isaacs to explore in that keep the actor, get a new version of the character who isn't as aggressive...but is maybe a bit screwed up because of time spent trapped in the mirror. As Burnham said, she can already feel it changing her a bit, being around humans that are so aggressive. Maybe Lorca comes back, somewhat himself, but maybe a tad changed. And he has to try and deal with that...there are intriguing possibilities in something like that. Then again, I am just pulling stuff out of thin air.
  17. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Prime Lorca probably got switched by the Mirror Version, and ended up dead somewhere in the Mirror Universe. Or...he is out there surviving, and his reintergration into the Prime Universe or something ends up being a major plot point of Season 2 or something. Just spitballing. But like you, I am pretty much convinced that Lorca is a Mirror counterpart, really began to feel it last week, but now I am pretty darned sure. One thing I am giving this show, it is really starting to hold my interest!
  18. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Annd with this episode, I have begun to love this series. It has found its footing as far as I am concerned...this is now a series. This was a great episode, from the slow build up of what the Mirror Universe is making Burnham feel, to the long coming reveal of Tyler (which sure, a lot of us had figured out, but it was a nice roll out in my view), to that great ending....I loved this episode. My favorite so far, and I look forward to sticking it out with this show. I am officially, 100% sold on it. Also to echo what was said above...that look on Lorca's face when the Emperor appeared...that all but confirmed my suspicions that he was a Mirror Lorca all along. It really did look like he was pleased with how things were progressing. As if he knew this would happen to Burnham. Things are still gonna be interesting!
  19. Paramount and CBS............Together Again ???

    Viacom made a major mistake in spinning CBS apart from itself in the first place. They basically thought they should keep the major movie studio and some cable channels, and they unloaded the major broadcast network. But as more and more folks of my generation and younger are cord is more likely that they are to watch a broadcast channel than they are to watch cable. At the time they spun them off I'm sure they assumed Cable was going to be the bigger asset...but more eyes are watching streaming services and more are actually returning to broadcast...its free and people are watching event shows and contests and live stuff...more of my generation than you probably think. The old style didn't really return to favor, but it is doing better than most cable outlets. That said...with fewer outlets to make a movie or TV show, its gonna be a harder playing field for artists. People were high fiving all over the internet because Fantastic Four and X-Men get to be in the MCU now...but to me that is a high price to pay for what this merger truly means in the long run.
  20. I noticed, not every detail... but it looked off to me.
  21. A Discovery Writer did say that the intention is that the Mirror Universe modified the ship.
  22. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    This is probably the most excited I've been about the show since it launched, and I've actually enjoyed a lot of it...but it feels like it has a really intriguing new direction.
  23. General Star Wars Discussion

    Yeah...there is no way they are gonna deviate that hard from the formula. Disney can do a decent job with their properties, but they also don't take THAT many risks. Which is why they can buy up a major studio and crush all competition.
  24. General Star Wars Discussion

    People talk about a Kenobi movie and I have zero interest in that as well. I like Ewan MacGregor, he's a great actor who got underserviced in the role...but if he was off having adventures it just seems to diminish the idea that he was out in the desert living as a bit of a hermit, watching over Luke from afar.
  25. General Star Wars Discussion

    Pretty much. I don't care about young Han Solo because Young Han Solo is in the original movie. I already got him. And lucky me I managed to see that version played by original actor Harrison Ford! But hey the movie is determined to give us something fresh because we will see stuff that was already referenced in previous movies! Finally! And we will learn how he got his name which is weird because I thought it was just his name. STAR WAR. I will absolutely NOT see this film in the theater, if at all. I just can not muster anymore enthusiasm for Star Wars. I am pretty much at the "get me through episode IX already so I can move on with my life" stage of Star Wars fandom.