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  1. One of the things I really liked about it was the fact that the legal stuff was backburner. It wasn't about them in court fighting for their rights, or any other generic courtroom focused in on them as people, which made you identify with the plight and struggle and care what happens with them.
  2. My guess is at the very end when he leaves the base and heads towards the TARDIS, he slips off for an adventure with the Twelfth Doctor, and with time travel and all he is returned to the snow for Ben and Polly to arrive outside the TARDIS banging on the door, and then he regenerates. The trailer also seemed to make it evident that part of the plot of this involved Time time-travelling craziness will most definitely be apart of Moff's grand exit (especially as it was a hallmark of his tenure).
  3. Another Doctor Who Magazine comics collection, this time it was "Emperor of the Daleks" a set which essentially wraps up the end of the Seventh Doctor's tenure as the regular Doctor in the strip, before the strip (seeing no return of the show on air in sight) decided to mix it up and move on from the Seventh Doctor and just play around and feature a different past Doctor for each story. That was probably a good move, because while I didn't mind most of this collection, I must say the constant attempt at keeping continuity with a book series not everyone (including myself) was reading was problematic. Essentially to understand some of the things that happen to the characters in the strip (Ace suddenly disappears with no explanation and at the start of this book is just replaced with Bernice Summerfield, who was created in the Virgin New Adventures series)...if you were only reading the comics, you were getting half the story it seems, and you were essentially reading a strip that had to play second fiddle to a book series. I liked some of the stories in this set, and it should be said that while my experience with the character is entirely from some Big Finish adaptations of the NA novels and this strip...I like Benny as a character. But the lack of introduction of her in the strip (and the lack of explanation as to where Ace went) is definitely a problem. But following on from the final story in this collection, they moved on from the Seventh Doctor and began to move on from having the strip play second fiddle to a book series...and when they finally did return the Seventh Doctor to the strip for one last tale before the the Eighth Doctor would take over, they managed to make sure they cut ties with the books entirely and scrap their continuity for their own. It is a story I've yet to read, but I look forward to it (just as soon as that and all of the other Doctor one-offs) gets a book release.
  4. As to which episode I'd air first based on what was in the can at the time, is either "Where No Man Has Gone Before" or "The Corbomite Maneuver." Either would work well as a launch to the show in my opinion. And Lots of first episodes of shows look a bit different than the ultimate form, so I wouldn't find the changes of cast and costumes and sets too jarring. I would find it more jarring for it to all change for like one episode and then back again. I think if I were in charge at the time, I'd start with "Where No Man Has Gone Before" follow it up with "Corbomite" and then just whatever after that. No biggie. I'm always interested in that unaired pilot where it is the show I like but maybe just a little bit off.
  5. Gus I hate to dispute you, I don; I hate to dispute that claim Gus, but it is not true. There have been other shows that shot two pilots, both before and after Star Trek. Doctor Who's first episode (I'm not sure if they use the term pilot over there) was shot twice, the first remaining unaired (oddly it survives though, especially considering how much from that era is still lost). All in the Family had two different pilots before it was passed on by ABC and then bought up by CBS who retooled it for a third time (and into it's famous incarnation and cast). Gilligan's Island, Stranger's With Candy, 30 Rock, The Munsters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer...lots of shows have this distinction. Star Trek gets touted a lot because it was fairly unique for the time, but even then not totally unheard of.
  6. In terms of the founding of the Federation...not nearly as much as there should've been. It really doesn't come into play until the fourth season. Even then, it was mostly just a casual build up of four different species kind of coming together and building some bridges. Whether or not it was laid out in an effective way in which you care is entirely dependent on each viewer. Some like it, some don't some are indifferent. As to the earlier seasons, there are hit and miss. In my view, the first season is kind of aimless, with a few new ideas and a few clear prequel elements, but a lot of it is lost in generic stories and characters that don't truly light up at first. The second season is somehow it seems to have even less aim and a lot of by the numbers stories that feel tired and out of shape. The third season had an goal, which no matter what was a step up from the first two seasons in my book...though the struggle is that I'm not sure the message they wanted to convey ultimately ended up coming across to well. It also has the big disadvantage of attempting to try and modernize Trek for the post-9/11 era of TV 3 years too late and competing with Battlestar Galactica which tackled a similar allegory in a VASTLY better way. So the Third Season is better than the first two in my book, but is still a bit of a mess. And once they sort of wrapped up the awful "Temporal Cold War" running arc that drags the show down from time to time (starting in the Pilot up the opening two parter of Season 4), they show finally resembled actual Star Trek and seemed like a legit TOS prequel. Still, I do think that even now when I look back on the fourth season, it was so clearly shot in a dated way, even for when it was made. It's easier for me to look past certain dated techniques of shooting when I watch TOS, TNG, or DS9...because they all seem a bit more advanced for the era they actually came from (what else looked like TOS? TNG looks a bit ahead of it's contemporaries at the time in my view)....but when I look at Enterprise, it feels like when it launched it was shot in the same style as TNG, and TV had not only caught up to TNG, but advanced beyond it's style...and Enterprise felt like it was lumbering on. That doesn't really say much about its stories or arcs or anything...just a general thought about how the show currently holds up when I look at it.
  7. Neat. Glad CBS has been working with the fan filmmakers that had long followed the unofficial rules, and are finding a new way to get the fanbase engaged.
  8. I wasn't in Vegas, but the TrekCore article about the panel is interesting: Specifically in regards to the possibility of remastering clips in HD...they have been in talks with folks who worked on the CG in the 90s and still retain digital elements....and they will have remastered HD battle sequences from Sacrifice of Angels! That is exciting, if there is one thing I had to choose to see in HD? It very well could be that! Very much looking forward to this doc! Hopefully they can get the ball rolling in some small way towards remastering the show. Maybe just for All Access at first? Eh? Make my $6 worth it!
  9. Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. As a massive fan of the original movie (one of my all time favorite comedies), as well as the prequel series they did a couple of years ago, I couldn't help but enjoy this ridiculous series.
  10. Watched Shin Godzilla te other night. I really liked it! Loved the new ideas they put into the monster itsef, his eary forms and evolving...and thought that all the stuff with Godzilla felt very true to it's roots, and all the socialcommentary felt true to the spirit of the original yet unmistakenly a modern critique of Japan and their governments reaction to the Tsunami and subsequent Nuclear meltdown issues they went through a few years ago. Unlike the American version from 2014, I didn't mind the lack of screentime for the big guy as I enjoyed the characters, the story, and the social commentary presented within.
  11. Reading some more Doctor Who Comics, first I diverged from the Doctor Who magazine volumes for a bit, and read "The Dalek Chronicles" which is a collection of the entire run of the Dalek comic strip that ran in the 60s. Interesting that unlike the separate Who comics from the same era (featuring the First Doctor and maybe this ran into the Second Doctor), this is a lot less juvenile, has better art, and seemingly has better stories (I've only glanced at the old TV comic Who stuff, but it seems not quite as evolved as later incarnations of the strip). The stories actually flow well into each other as well, which makes it a good read as a graphic novel. Rather fun to see the Daleks attempting conquer the universe from their point of view, even if some origin stuff doesn't quite mesh with the show proper. Then after I wrapped that up I moved back to the Seventh Doctor collections, and read "Evening's Empire" the fourth volume of his adventures in the DWM strip. The titular opening story was actually sort of a director cut of the original, as only the first part ran in DWM before production issues ended up canceing the whole story. Then they apparently finished the story as a graphic novel in color, but this new version restores the original black and white art and a few tweaks that they never did, with the original artist contributing brand new artwork. And it was a great story! Shame it never got to run in the strip as originally planned, but nice that the writer and artist finally were able to get it out there and have people see a story that sort of fell apart for them back in the day. The rest of the collection is solid, but the attempt at trying to tie the strip in with the Virgin book series that was running concurrently sometimes hinders the strip. This collection also goes right up to Ace's exit from the strip before the Virgin created companion Bernice Summerfield joined the strip. I think a decent collection of stories that is elevated by the really great opening story that has all new life in finishing a lost comic story.
  12. Oh yeah. He shows up in UFO documentaries in like horrible skype interviews and he is big time into all this stuff.
  13. Have you seen him in an interview? The studios want money, yea... no kidding...but it isn't like Aykroyd is the sole proprietor of the franchise or that he is milking it purely for money. He GENUINELY believes in all things paranormal. I've always seen his want to revisit and rehash the franchise because he has this notion that his initial idea was bigger and more brilliant than anyone else conceives. Maybe he is just out for money...but that doesn't really explain why he is essentially retired from acting and just going on paranormal documentaries and spouting kooky theories about aliens and ghosts.
  14. Well last night the second daughter decided to finally arrive!

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  15. Well I am not saying they haven't been good stories, I just noticed that I happen to find a lot of the more original stories to be more engaging and entertaining. I actually hope that the Continues gang get together for a whole new project. I'd follow and support them even if it weren't a Trek fan series at this point. Take the creativity and good writing and do something original and new!
  16. A lot of the things that Craig did with the role that he gets such heaps of praise for, I feel Dalton did first, and he was criticized for it more often than not. Just an oddity. But I would rank his first outing among my favorites of all of Bond. His second one, while a bit flawed as a Bond movie, is a pretty good 80s action movie.
  17. I'm very opposite there...I have always fet the Dalton films are sorey underrated. Moonraker on the other hand...seems appropriatey rated.
  18. I definitely find that the episodes that are a wholly original story I enjoy more than I do the episodes that have a bit of a sequel or follow up mentality. Probably because classic Trek was always about going forward (boldly going where no man has gone before), and they rarely had follow ups and sequels. So oddly enough the ones with completely new and fresh story elements end up feeling more like Classic Trek than the ones that are sort of sequels to classic episodes and bring back classic characters or plots.
  19. Without giving anything away, watched the Donor Preview of the latest episode notch, among the best the show has produced in my opinion!
  20. I understand....I'm not really commenting on the good or bad of it, more just making the statement, that seems to be where Starfleet is setting up base lately.
  21. And I do believe that is where Discovery currently resides...the Great White North is becoming the home of Starfleet!
  22. Oh I think the second half has some pacing issues...and theres lots of little things, like the Party the Joker invades....Batman saves Rachel out of the window...and that's it! What happens with the Joker from there? I guess he is done and leaves! And while thematically I get what is going on with Two-Face, it sort of feels like another movie crammed into the final 20 minutes. And it definitely feels longer each time. Again...I still like it, but I just notice the flaws in it more, whereas Batman Begins actually improves more for me each time I view it, which is funny because when it initially came out, I was sort of lukewarm towards it.
  23. While I do quite enjoy the trilogy on the whole, none of them are what I would call tightly structured. TDK gets longer with each viewing (that boat sequence feels especially padded)...Begins is solid but lacks the real villain that the other two at least had...and TDKR is definitely messy but I rather enjoyed it. But TDK has flaws that show more upon rewatches for me. It's great, but the cracks are definitey more visible than they had been when I saw it in the theater.
  24. The final two episodes have a bit of a change in release date, as to not compete or distract from the launch of Discovery. So instead of release in September and then October, it will now be October and then November for the final two episodes.
  25. "Everyone" and "loves" are a bit of a stretch Gus!