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  1. Glad you are enjoying it! Yeah, Lynch usually has a plot (even "Eraserhead" has a loose plot), but this show does more of his long lingering slow burn shots, than the original really did. But alas, it is finally picking up on the original's final episode in which Cooper was possessed by Bob and trapped within the Black we've got some weird stuff to get through for sure. As a big Lynch fan, I am loving the show.
  2. "Mothra vs Godzilla" or whatever various title you may know it by (at any rate, it is the 1964 film in which these two beasts first met), is a highly entertaining Japanese Monster film, which moves at a brisk pace, doesn't skimp on the two monsters battling, and throws in lots of other weird stuff like these tiny girls that protect Mothra's egg. It is a weird movie, but most definitely a fun one, and still manages to work in a message about distrust and the perils of the nuclear age. Good stuff all around.
  3. I have to admit, the first trailer seemed somewhat fun, but my interest has utterly waned since. I think it more cape fatigue on my part. I just struggle to care for this stuff as much anymore. But it seems more and more like a movie I have already seen.
  4. Watched the first thre episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (funny stuff), then settled in to watch Parts 3 & 4 of Twin Peaks (funny yet bizarre bizarre stuff).
  5. There is a plot, often in Lynch's body of work, but he does use symbolism and slow methodical tension. I have to watch the third and fourth episodes when i get home, see where it leads.
  6. Yea a bummer. He seemed like a good guy. Not my favorite Bond by any stretch, but I do think "The Spy Who Loved Me" is a solid 70s Bond film...and he was certainly a major component to the series continued success through the 70s and 80s. RIP.
  7. I will say this, the new show is far more Lynch than it is even the original Twin Peaks. It felt closer in tone to Eraserhead in some that was really only the first 2 hour could evolve to be closer to the original...but this was very Lynchian, whereas the original was more Lynch within a network TV mold.
  8. It should be noted that Whedon is only taking over the post production supervision, as well as any pick ups that may be needed, a good chunk of the film will still probably be Snyder. A real shame about his family tragedy though...that sucks.
  9. Which one? Manhunter or Red Dragon? Both have good points and bad points, but I think in some ways I preferred the Ed Norton "Red Dragon" to the highly stylized Michael Mann directed "Manhunter."
  10. Doctor Who - "Extremis." A really great episode that plays with the shows format and reality...loved it. And then the return of Twin Peaks last night. Woo boy...Lynch has gone full David Lynch with the reviva, and it is weirder than it has ever been. And I found it hypnotic and wonderful.
  11. This is a sad tale. I went to the theater the other night for a showing of the 80s bad action film "Gymkata" (a film starring an Olympic gold medal winning gymnist) and it was laughably bad and fun...crowd was enjoying it...and then the theater had a technical issue...and they had to end the showing and give everyone a free movie pass for anything at their theater. Too bad, it was entertaining and the crowd was having a good time.
  12. DS9 - a show that as a kid I didn't get, but as an adult I think it took trek as far as it could go (for now), and really stretched the core concept ideals to the limit, particulary for its time. TNG - the show I grew up on, and when I think of Trek in general I tend to think of this show and the original cast films. It's the mainstay for me in a way. TOS - the original, the classic. It built the concepts and thecore ideal, and despite its age I feel it holds up fairly well, even if the tech and sets and costumes look decidedly 60s. The storytelling could at times be timeless. To paraphrase Futurama, "79 episodes, about 30 good ones." TAS - underrated and fun. It told some great Trek stories on a limited 70s TV anination budget and a shorter runtime, but it felt like Trek where it counts. ENT - a show with promise, but a lot of failures. I think beyond the ever charming Bakula, and Trip and maybe Phlox...most of the cast was too bland for me. Not really their fault, as the writing didn't really excel in characterizations. The premise also took too long to really take shape in any kind of real form that worked. Even the final season which is the most solid of the bunch, is shot in sucha dated way that it just feels like it didn't stand a chance going up against far kore modern shows of its day. VOY - Ugh. Some good core concepts for the show that pretty much never truly get utilized or explored. Alone in the wilderness with a crew mixed of Starfleet and Non-Starfleet Maquis, forced to work together to return home. Except the Maquis put on a uniform and just play Starfleet and they never really have to face the unknown in the wilderness wth no support. Turns out they will be just fine. And the stories were generic and often just plain sucked.
  13. The point the ahologram begins is at the beginning when the Doctor sits at the Vault and recieves a message in the sunglasses, so essentially post opening titles up until the end. The connection to Missy seemed to be more thematic, and I am sure we will get more in the following episode...aso i love that the Doctor's blindness is not yet cured, and it barely could even be cured in the Hologram!
  14. "Trick or Treat", no not the anthology film, but the 80s one about a heavy metal kid that is devastated when his rock hero (who happened to go to his high school) dies, but when he gets a copy of his unreleased final recording, it unleashes the ghost (or something) of the hair metal god, and he then wants to kill people...or something? His motivation as a villain is never really clear, and that sort of drags down the second half a bit. The first half is solid, it just feels like the villain lacked any clear plan once he was unleashed, and it made me question what it was all about in the end.
  15. I do plan on getting to this movie sometime soon actually. I recently watched the classic "King Kong vs Godzilla" and a coworker who loves Godzilla and monster movies lent me his big set of a bunch of classic Godzilla films, so once I dig deeper into some Toho classics, I will probably venture into the new one.