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  1. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    See thats funny, because what I enjoyed about it, was that it so perfectly captured the feel of that Era of TV. It got the tone and style and characters right. And I guess...heres the review:
  2. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    They are about to fire....oh wait they just realized they never put anyone in charge of the damn thing...oops! I do believe that because it was WB reshoots, and contractual things...that they would've had to front the bill for the other studio in terms of the cost of whatever prosthetic mustache, and or CG'ing back on the mustache that would be required. Why they are only thinking CG can solve these issues I have NO idea. But I read that they decided it would be cheaper to CG OFF the stache and CG one back on. I agree that a fake stache appliance would've made more sense...but I dunno. Those usually look obvious to me so maybe they felt it wasn't worth it?
  3. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Yea that is the case. He probably, like Affleck, is one foot out the door of this series, and decided to put whatever movie he grew the stache for ahead of the multimillion dollar franchise. And rather than reschedule, or buy a fake mustache for the other studio to glue to his face...Warner Brothers paid different computer graphic companies to smear computer wax on his face and pretend its fine. Now I can't argue to it's distracting-ness or not, as I have not and probably will not ever, seen this movie...but I do know that they spent a ton of money covering it up with computer animation. Which is the biggest waste of money in the world.
  4. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Oops! I've been writing reviews for both Who and Trek on my blog for years, and I do tend to read em a few times before posting, odd that I missed that when I sent it as a submission tho! I've written my second review already, which is on the graphic novel collection the Titan Third Doctor mini-series.
  5. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    My critic buddy saw an advance screening, based on his thoughts, you seem to be making the wise choice. While he did say it was "better than BvS" he also admitted that's a low bar and it is still a turd.
  6. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Buttons and knobs are more fun in my opinion, both for the actor and for the viewer. Visually pushing a button or pulling a big switch is more interesting that tapping a piece of glass. I’d hate for the Doctor to lose the ability to pull a big switch and take his companions to the wrong place. We need those big sweeping moments, they work to the shows visual flair I think. Buttons and knobs are more fun in my opinion, both for the actor and for the viewer. Visually pushing a button or pulling a big switch is more interesting that tapping a piece of glass. I’d hate for the Doctor to lose the ability to pull a big switch and take his companions to the wrong place. We need those big sweeping moments, they work to the shows visual flair I think.
  7. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Yea it’ll probably a complete overhaul unless budgets get in the way. And budgets keeping them from too much change is a definite option. Redress the old, save money. Slight change of gears, I don’t mean to advertise myself here or anything, but as it is Doctor Who (general) related, I wrote a Review for Doctor Who News about a recent Big Finish story. I may become a regular contributor! I don’t intend to advertise my postings further, but as this is the first I thought I’d share with you guys. Enough of my shameless plug.
  8. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I really love the current design...a hint of that classic Console room, yet still very much new and modern. Hopefully it doesn't change too much. I like the Organic bit of the Tennant days...but I prefer the sleeker futuristic look of the current model. Though if they did something similar to the Model seen here but jazzed up or modernized?: Well I would find that cool as well. I got tired of the mish mash TARDIS designs, with quirky items coming out of em (The Eleventh's original interior was a step too far in the quirky dept in hindsight). I like the cleaner looks, that make it seem like this device from a future civilization. Though I like the 12th Current mix of a clean future design, mixed with some clutter of bookshelves and things.
  9. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    I loved it, the best fan film series there probably ever will be. They piced up where TOS left off, and made a show that felt very much like the wrapping up of that original era. I consider the Animated show to be Year Four, and this to be Year Five. As far as I am currently concerned, we have the Five Year Mission. And then movies wrap up the characters later careers nicely.
  10. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Watched all of Stranger Things 2 this past week. Loved it, almost all of it...a great little show with lovely characters.
  11. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Seen a few movies lately, life has me frequenting the forum a little less lately. But here's what I've been getting into. "The Beguiled", Sofia Coppola's latest (apparently its a remake though I've not seen the original), and while it looks great with a decent premise, the movie was just too cold and detached for me. I can definitely enjoy a cold and detached movie, but when it seems like so much motivation hinges on the emotions of the characters, cold and detached feels counter intuitive. I think I felt this way after her last couple of movies, but even more so now...I think I am done giving chances to Sofia Coppola. Beyond her first two ("The Virgin Suicides" and "Lost in Translation"), I can't say I've really enjoyed much of her output. Edgar Wright's latest, "Baby Driver" which is a fun action film with great car stunts and an original feel to it. I like the leads, despite the fact that Kevin Spacey is in it...and I got it from the library like the day that news hit, but mostly it was just a fun ride of a film. It is an entertaining, and fresh take, on the action/heist movie. Edgar Wright knows how to make a fun movie. On the recommendation of my critic friend, brother and I went to see "Thor: Ragnorok" and we both enjoyed it a lot. I never cared for the other Thor films, and had the trailer and the recommendation not convinced me that it would be more like Guardians, I probably would've skipped, as Guardians is kind of the only thing I really dig in the current Marvel line-up anymore. Give me goofy fun schlocky space nonsense over the "save the earth from the robot monsters" generic Marvel fare. My brother and I both agreed tdhat despite having a good time with the movie, it needed about 40 extra minutes of Goldblum. Give that character his own Netflix show! I'd actually watch that. Back on the home front, I have been slowly but surely whittling down a pile of movies my critic friend lent me this year, and I have watched Tobe Hoopers "Invaders From Mars" which is a fairly fun B-movie very much in the style of the 50s sci-fi monster movies, with some updated effects and a bit of creepier gore stuff. I mostly enjoyed it, but found the end a bit of a letdown. Just a bit. Next up was "Dark Angel" or "I Come in Peace" (the box says one and the movie itself said another), which is a 1990 action sci-fi flick starring Dolph Lundgren and his best attempt at an American Accent who plays a cop trying to take down a drug crime lord (a storyline that kind of loses track throughout the course of the film) and an alien being that comes to earth to kill people extracting their endorphins, which are a drug where he comes from. Its a solid action B-movie...not great, kinda dumb, but not completely irritating or frustrating. A solid source of entertainment. And with the wife and kids leaving me alone for the morning, I had a rare opportunity to watch another film lent to me, for with no one in the house but me for hours, when else would I get a shot at watching the Russian 2 hour and 45 minute Sci-fi classic "Solaris." This one has been on my list for years, and it's been on my shelf since nearly April. But finally an opportunity came and I didn't let it slip away. And I'm glad I didn't! It is a really well made film...slow but hypnotic and beautiful. And it features a really good high concept sci-fi premise to boot. If you have time, don't mind subtitles, and have the energy to stay awake during a slow moving foreign film with lots of droning sound design and music that could easily put you to sleep with it's calming effect (I struggled and I LIKED IT)...give this one a go.
  12. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Even the shirt is very Mork.
  13. Doctor Who - General Discussion I'm just gonna throw this out there...looks like she might have gotten some fashion tips from Mork.
  14. Plans for a New STAR WARS Trilogy or Movies ????

    1999? I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.
  15. Plans for a New STAR WARS Trilogy or Movies ????

    Why do they insist on pretending they are trilogies?