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  1. General Marvel Discussion

    The aggregators mean so little too. I saw a bunch of people getting mad when Black Panther's early reviews knocked it to 97% because some reviewer gave it a middling review. He didn't give it a bad review, just not an overwhelmingly positive one. And people were furious, saying he gave it a bad review for dumb reasons and that it has taken it from 100% to 97%. So what? Why does it need 100%? Does any of that matter in the end? Rotten Tomatoes is frustrating to me because you can get a general idea...but so often if a movie gets enough average reviews, and the average review is painted as "fresh" then the movie gets painted as 90%! When the average rating was 3 out of 5 stars. What that ends up meaning is "there is 90% chance you won't hate this!" I've also seen reviews that aren't glowing but are mostly positive, and yet somehow Rotten Tomatoes gives it a rotten label. So things get skewed weird as well. It's just not a real indicator of quality, and it is also not worth all these comic book fans getting hyped up or annoyed at critics who liked and/or didn't like a movie they wanna see about some dumb comic book character.
  2. General Marvel Discussion

    While that is nice and all I really wish people would stop putting so much stock in a aggregator.
  3. My review of Lolani.
  4. Syfy greenlights Krypton Prequel.

    It is barely worth that.
  5. Well for the first time, I have decided to review a FAN series on my Trek Review blog. Thus far everything was an official release of some sort...but Continues has proven good enough to fit on the site. And now that Discovery is all wrapped up, I will now be releasing reviews to each episode for a little bit. Here is my review of their first full-length episode:
  6. Your overall impression after season 1

    I dunno...there are plenty of things and aliens that are treated by the Federation as old hat in TNG that were never seen in TOS. There are lots of corners of the universe to explore where you don't have to walk on eggshells. It can be something new that doesn't bare mentioning again in series that take place later. I mean we never really saw a Tellarite or Andorian in TNG/DS9/VOY, yet they are clearly important members of the Federation in TOS. I really don't think it is that hard to have a ship exploring something new for a whole season, and not have it be contradictory are screwing up canon in some way. I actually think if an exploratory story unfolds over a whole season, you can have better focus and thus not have as many different stories you need to tell (like Enterprise needed), and as such you can make it easier to avoid canon issues. What I mean, is that Enterprise had to tell about 24 different stories in a single was bound to have more chances to slip up and create canon issues that make fans scratch their heads. But if you are only really telling one story throughout a season, or even just a few, you can make that story something that isn't some big canon violation in a fan's eyes...and the show also avoids trudging out the Ferengi or Borg a century or two early. You focus on one adventure on a planet or in a solar system, and you avoid it being a big ol' canon mess with TOS and beyond.
  7. Your overall impression after season 1

    I think exploration will return in Season 2...just viewed in a new way. The exploration will not be a new place every episode, but the exploration story will last a whole season, with the crew exploring one thing throughout a season, and our characters are further developed. Developing these characters is the wisest course moving forward in my view. We've got their basics, we've had plot heavy stuff...Have year in which they have a lighter exploration theme and explore our characters deeper...from there you can go extra plot heavy or anywhere you like.
  8. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Watched the "The Godfather Part II" last night. I think I really do prefer it to the first in a lot of ways. The first is less complex, more streamlined in a way (which is weird in a 3 hour film), but the second has so much going on that I just love.
  9. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I saw you got retweeted by Michelle Sprecht on twitter in that costume.
  10. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Last night popped in "The Godfather," which is still just as tremendous as it has always been.
  11. Syfy greenlights Krypton Prequel.

    I have never been so disinterested in anything.
  12. I don’t think they’d bump it up to 1080, not even filmed segments, much of the original elements probably dont survive. It is really about finding a better way of repackaging the old stuff for me. I haven’t had enough money or time to really get too deep into collecting the classic series. Having to collect it all a piece at a time is kind of a pain. So for them to start releasing boxsets of each season would make it far easier to collect. If they do it right and port over the special features. Gives me a better alternative to collect.
  13. Right now this is mostly a weird thing and not officially announced by BBC or 2Entertain...a few sites have a listing for a new blu-ray titled "Tom Baker: The Complete First Season", that would be Season 12 of the Classic Series, basically Tom Baker's entire first season being released on blu-ray. It has apparently been listed on sites like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, FYE, and a few others, even Amazon has added it now (they didn't have it when I first saw it being listed). It has a potential release date of March 20, 2018. There has been no cover art or actual confirmation thus far. If this is true, I'd be down. I'd like to own full seasons of Classic Who, but trying to buy up all the individual stories is a chore and a shelf space eater. While the show was shot on video, there won't be a significant upgrade in picture quality, but being that the shows are SD, they can fit more episodes on a disc, so it would thus take up less shelf space and require printing more discs on blu-ray than it would on DVD. So if they are releasing the whole season and including all the special features that came with their original DVD releases...I'm buying these. I've thought for a while that if they were going to give any kind of re-release to their catalogue (and keep money coming in on the valuable product), they would possibly do this...release it on blu-ray to save on disc/shelf space...and finally do complete boxsets. They've already remastered the old episodes, now all they have to do is port it to the new format, hopefully with all the stories and features intact...and they can then keep making money on old content. It also doesn't seem too outside the box that they would go with titles like "Tom Baker's Complete First Season" as opposed to saying "Complete Season 12" because that number can cause confusion as to where other seasons are, and also confuse with the new series and it's new numbering...and starting with arguably the most famous or popular of the classic series Doctors also makes sense. I could see that selling better than a Hartnell season, especially when there is still a missing story from that opening season (Reign of Terror has been animated, but they'd still need to animate or recover "Marco Polo" to complete the boxset, and obviously subsequent seasons fair even worse until you get to Pertwee). Could this be true? A release date of March 20th would mean they'd have to confirm soon right? But they don't announce things that well in advance too often. They just announced that the 2013 recovered episodes of the Second Doctor story "Enemy of the World" was getting a special edition DVD like a week ago, and it's release date is March 19th. So if this is happening, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that they haven't yet confirmed it. But my curiosity is peaked. The lack of confirmation makes me unsure if it will prove true...but this just seems like the move they are bound to make for the classic series.
  14. Star Wars: Solo

    I didn't say anyone did say it would destroy the franchise, I'm just being hyperbolic in that sense. As to the "Event" comment, that is more meant for Vie, who did say that, but also said he will buy a ticket because it is Star Wars. But the biggest difference between us is that I am very not into the oversaturation. To quote my friend, I'd actually give up never seeing another new Star Wars film for the rest of my life, if it meant I didn't have to see any other Star Wars tie-in commercial. But that is me.
  15. Star Wars: Solo

    It is not a default of hating's just seeing beyond the brand "Star Wars" and just looking at what the film seems to be. The point of the trailers and marketing is to entice one to see a movie. To me the marketing, though not much thus far, has only reinforced that the movie isn't going to surprise much. They'll show him do some early smuggling or heisting, the kessell run, gambling with Lando, Falcon, Chewie, blah blah looks exactly like what I thought it was going to be. It looks pointless. Why should I pay to see something that looks pointless because I'd hate for Star Wars to finally take one hit. If this movie fails, they will just change directions a bit, they aren't going to end the franchise. The franchise is going to be run into the ground with a movie every year anyhow...if this movie doesn't succeed? It isn't going to end Star Wars, just possibly slow down their input. Is that a bad thing? Again, in most ways I am indifferent to the movie. I am not rooting for failure. But I do think success is possibly worse for the franchise than it's failure. Because even if it is a solid movie, even a great one (which I severely doubt), they are still going to take few chances. If you miss when Star Wars was an event, you can't blame them when you are a guarantee ticket for anything in the series. Not that any of this matters...the movie will probably do just fine and people will be underwhelmed, others will vehemently defend it, others will despise it..and Star Wars will stay the course for years and years and people will say they'd NOT back Admiral Ackbar: The Early Years but then everyone will still just stay caught in the trap.