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  1. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    Star Wars is just a haven for "get excited fans, here is a thing from the original trilgoy that you've heard of!" Oh I miss Star Wars being fresh and new amd full of ideas and possibilities. Seems very narrow nowadays.
  2. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Video games as movies have almost never worked. I dunno why they keep trying.
  3. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Yea "It" was good, just stinks that sound design could be an actual detriment at times.
  4. The Orville

    I work for a Fox affiliate, and I think they want this show to succeed, because of their ties to MacFarlane and because it probably was a bit more expensive for a comedy than they are used to. My main reason is that usually on Sunday nights with Football, they cut into whatever show they've got on. Rarely do we have to worry about them pushing shows back, and thus pushing back our news. But they pushed it back because it was "new." Where was that mentality when Futurama was on? So I think Fox is definitely trying to help it along. But I don't think the audience rarely is gonna care. It's aiming at such a niche audience, as it seemed to be trying to grab those offended by the "not your father's Star Trek" campaign of 2009...saying "oh but we kinda look like your fathers Star Trek!" And ultimately that's only a sliver of loud Trekkies. MacFarlane, maybe counting himself among them (who knows really), is overemphasizing the size of such a group...and then filling his TNG fantasy with nothing but predictable humor. And Sci-fi or anything off kilter and weird never lasts long on Fox. I joke each year at work that they should just title some shows "Soon to be Cancelled!" This fits the bill of that kind of show. I think it is being given a chance because of the guy behind it...but I think it is more of a "throw him a bone Family Guy makes money" kind of deal. Unfortunately MacFarlane hasn't constructed an actual joke in years.
  5. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Not particularly, but thanks for asking!
  6. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Brother and I went and saw "It" last night. Stephen King's novel is given a new life on the big screen (originally adapted in 1990 as a TV mini-series), and for the most part it is a solid movie. This is essentially only part of the book, focusing in entirely on the kids portion of the novel, though updated from the 50s/60s of the source material to the 80s (so when they make the second part featuring the Losers Club grown up, they can set it in modern times). This is not an issue, as the key idea behind the story seems to be there. I've yet to read the giant novel that is "It" but I gather this doesn't stray too far from the point to garner much criticism. The young cast is solid, the direction is great, it visually is a winner...the biggest problem lies with something simple and seems like it should be minor, but ends up being a detriment to the whole experience...and that is Sound Design. It is riddled with the problem so many modern horror films have, which is loud noises to emphasize when something scary is happening. The moment Pennywise first appears in the sewer to Georgie should've been totally frightening, but it is undercut by a loud musical sting that lets us morons immediately know that the clown is evil. It totally takes the scare out of it for me, makes it all less scary, and is unfortunate because the obnoxious sound design upends what is otherwise a totally solid horror picture. I still liked it, but that little thing hurt the movie more than it needed to. Then tonight, against my better judgement, I watched Alien: Covenant. I am so bored with this franchise. I love the original "Alien," I liked "Aliens," and I can forgive a lot of the flaws of "Alien 3." But after that it just feels like a constant retread of ideas, never feeling fresh or new. I felt "Prometheus" was flawed, but I liked that it felt like it had some ideas...even if they were all muddled in the end. This film sort of expands on those ideas, but not really enough, and then it is just a generic Alien movie. And it was tedious to sit through. I liked some of the David stuff, but it wasn't enough to get me through the dull action and scares, and it still didn't feel like it had a solid enough philosophical statement to warrant a 2 hour movie. The franchise needs to has just become too boring to bother with for me.
  7. The Orville

    I watched the second episode last night...or at least part of it. I thought it was lame. The humor felt obvious and derivative. And all the Trek stuff just made me wanna watch TNG.
  8. Wow...kinda weird that someone who is such an original filmmaker and his best idea is to adapt old episodes. Lame.
  9. Doctor Who - General Discussion Kinda neat news. Could be fun to get a full on solo First Doctor adventure with the Adventures in Space and Time cast. I'm interested to see them playing the parts...and from the sounds of it, they are attempting a sort of Star Trek Continues style...the parts are recast, but they are trying to faithfully replicate an era, without getting into parody in the performances. I'm down for that, particularly since Bradley captures that gruffness and warmth of Hartnell (in his own way) rather well. Much like Mignogna captures the spirit of Kirk without mimicking Shatner. I definitely prefer Bradley's recasting of the First Doctor to the Richard Hurndall of the Five Doctors (which wasn't awful but only got the grumpy side of the character, missed all the humor and warmth).
  10. I know few will care, but my favorite baseball team just set an all time MLB record for longest winning streak (without a tie)...and man what a team they currently are!

    1. Tupperfan


      I do care, and if that 1916 Giants tie* is a weird one - and the Indians couldn't actually break the official record - it doesn't take away anything as it is an impressive feat and they are quite the team indeed!

      Now if my Expos could come back...

    2. kenman


      It was a fun ride to watch! And even though the streak ended...the have (so far) not lost again since. They are just playing great baseball. And a good chunk of the core players are homegrown through our farm system. That is harder to do than buying up the best talent like Some teams can afford to do. Now if they could just win a World Series in my lifetime...I have been waiting since 1995 for them to seal the deal. 

  11. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Had a movie night outside with the projector the other night (sort of a birthday celebration deal for me), and my buddies and I watched two bad movies, the Roger Corman Fantastic Four, and then Megaforce. Then following up on my own I watched "Doomed" the documentary about that Fantastic Four movie.
  12. Doctor Who Spinoff Class news As expected...Class is officially cancelled. I grew to like the show over the course of its short season, and while i thought it ended on an intriguing note, I can't say I am too bothered that there will be no more.
  13. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I recently rewatched those Seventh Doctor stories myself (though I think I only rewatched episode one of Delta). And funnily enough recently my daughter told me that when she is bigger she'd watch Who with me as well! She also has a plush Dalek. Makes me listen to the theme a lot in the car.
  14. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Oddly enough I feel exactly the opposite about those particular Sixth Doctor stories. I rather enjoy Mindwarp, and found Terror of the Vervoids to be a bit tedious. Both would have been better served without the Trial stuff....the Trial had intriguing stuff early on but then fell apart pretty quickly. The last non Trek show I watched was the end to Twin Peaks. What a great revival. Loved it.
  15. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Colossal. In this sci-fi/fantasy/monster movie, Anne Hathaway stars as a down on her luck woman who moves back to her hometown, gets a job at a bar owned by a childhood friend, and then discovers that a monster attacking Korea is actually controlled by her own actions. And when the bar owner turns out to also be a robot that moves throughout Korea, he uses his power to hold over her, threatening to destroy Seoul if she doesn't follow his every whim. It is really a movie about abusive relationships, and has one of the strongest female empowerment messages I have ever seen put on the screen (as well as its message about alcoholism and toxic relationships) without being hamfisted and overbearing about it. I thought it was a great concept for exploring a real world issue, and it managed to do it with some nuance, subtlety, and without ever getting preachy. Both Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis are great in it as well. I rather liked it!