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  1. Listened to a WTF podcast with Eugene Levy, and it lead to me popping on the always funny "Best in Show." Always delivers laughs!
  2. The TV movies are a bit hit and miss. Some are like side stories that aren't necessary or memorable, and some were solid. The spinoff Crusade is pretty much completely avoidable in my opinion. JMS talked a lot about how the changing of episode orders screwed it, but I watched it in his intentional order, and it is still pretty crummy (and as Gus pointed out, one of the TV movies is essentially set up for a show that didn't really work and was canned before it would've had any time to course correct. Anyhow I remember liking "In the Beginning" alright, but beyond that I was hit or miss on the TV movies.
  3. Doctor Who, Smile, for me as well. Enjoyed it and plan to give it a second watch and write up my review soon.
  4. Oh Pulp Fiction is hilarious. I think Goodfellas is very funny at times, but it is alsp dramatic at times, and tense at is the whole fin package. But yea, if you think Scorcese only makes heavy pictures (like the phenomenal Raging Bull or Taxi Driver), I suggest you give Goodfellas a go, because he makes movies like Goodfellas purely to entertain and make some money, so he can work on one of his many passion projects about religion. Dude knows how to make a picture!
  5. Oh I think Goodfellas is really funny too, but it isn't, like, a comedy. It is a fun gangster movie with lots of humorous moments.
  6. I will recommend his strange dark comedy "After Hours." Its one of his lighter efforts. It is weird, so I can't say that you'd actually like it...but he is too great a filmmaker for me to allow you to avoid all together! Goodfellas, by the way, definitely isn't like a comedy, but it isn't too heavy or introspective really...just a great film, that is pretty fun. Changing gears, has anyone else seen Scorsese's latest film "Silence"? I am not religious, but I thought as a film is quite an effective look on faith and the depths one can go to protect that faith even in adversity.
  7. Not always. Tenth was alone and we started afresh with Eleven. I too hope she sticks around with Chibnall. We do know he asked Capaldi to stay (or at least the BBC did), there is a chance he is hoping for some continuity and could keep here on. I do like Nardole, but I think it is very clear he is only around for this season.
  8. I think they have a compulsion. They feel like it is such a part of the show that it can't go without, particularly in this modern era where standalones are far less frequent. But I think it would be a nice refresher to have the X-Files return every couple of years with just a shorter season of standalone stories. Unless they can finally come up with something good to be a running arc again, time to just do monster of the week stuff.
  9. I LOVED the early mythology stuff, right up until about halfway through Season Six with the Two Fathers/One Son wrap up. After that they didn't really have a goal. I did like the Super Soldiers/Search For Mulder thing in Season 8 (mostly it felt like there was a genuine direction again and I thought Doggett was a nice change of pace for a show that was getting stagnant), but everything else never truly worked for me. But in the mini-series the new attempt at mythology just felt a little forced and never truly clicked, whereas the monsters of the week stuff seemed like X-Files in it's prime kinda stories.
  10. Fox is bringing back for a 10 episode season. I am down, wrap up the humdrum cliffhanger from that last mini-series, and just get on with fun X-Files cases. I am done with the mythology personaly, but if the monster of the week episodes are as solid and fun as those from the mini-series? I want. By the way I meant to post this when it was initially announced, but Audible is also doing a series of original Audio Dramas starring Duchovny, Anderson, Pileggi, and many other castmembers, which I believe is meant to be set between the second film and the launch of the mini-series. It is also being run by Dirk Maggs, who made phenomenal full cast adaptations of the latter three Hitchhiker's Guibe books (the first two books were originally adapted from Adam's own radio series, but then he moved purely into the books. Those were released after his death, and Maggs did a great job with both the latter adaptations and Adams' other series Dirk Gently). So I am pretty down for these as well.
  11. just did little for me. I had little expectations, didn't know the cast before watching. Only got it because the kid's Great Grandma (who will watch anything with a cute dog in it), might have watched it...or gotten stuffed animals for, so when she was over at Grandmas (where Great Grandma also lives), the kid became obsessed with all the pets and their names. So I grabbed it from the library. But I don't even know if it lived up to her expectations. She might just enjoy the toys at Grandmas a little more.
  12. Kid and I watched "The Secret Life of Pets" tonight (a prize for her perfect day on the accidents!), I personaly found it to be a bit average. It was he "Toy Story" formula with pets instead of toys, mixed with the more brash style you'd expect from the people who make the Minions. I've not really seen those "Despicable Me" movies, but I can kind of tell they aren't aimed at me as an audience. There wasn't much that grabbed me while we were watching it. Kid seemed to like it for the most part, though at one point she seemed scared, and at another she seemed rather upset. She might've just been really tired though. She is just starting to not take naps, so I'm not sure her body has totally acclimated to it yet. Myself tonight I watched Jim Jarmusch's latest film, "Patterson." It is a methodical slice of life showing the week in a life of bus driver that writes poetry, and his daily routine. It kinda feels throughout like something big is about to happen, as movies tend to have, but really just ends up being an average week in the life of an everyday guy, with a few bits thrown in here and there that stray from his daily routine. It probably sounds boring, and to many it probably would be, but I found it to be quite a good watch.
  13. Pretty nice that for the blu-ray they upgraded to "anthology."
  14. I already have a great set of the first four movies with more features than I have time in this life to ever get through completely.
  15. I've no watched the opening episode of the new series of Doctor Who three times. It has been a while since I've done that this quickly after it premiered. I really enjoy it! I think it may be that this series is coinciding with me in a pretty big Doctor Who mood.