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  1. "Everyone" and "loves" are a bit of a stretch Gus!
  2. I've seen the 70s show, airs on MeTV Saturday nights (or did, I dunno if they took it off completely or not)...and I have to say that while I tried to like it, it just didn't do much for me. I guess I'm just not much of a fan of the Hulk.
  3. Well for my money, Ant-Man only sort of carried a movie. I thought it was okay, but I seem to be in the minority on that. And maybe the Hulk could carry a film with Ruffalo, but I just don't find, in any incarnation, the Hulk to be that interesting a character.
  4. I am sick of the Marvel formula mysef, but I found the Norton movie dull and uninteresting, he faces off with another Hulk, doppelgangers used to be the old Marvel formula...but the Norton movie is why I believe that the Hulk can't carry a movie.
  5. With Aykroyd is less about money, and more that he genuinely believes in ghosts and thinks that the Ghostbusters are great big concept, that's bigger than the original movie or characters. It is not. And Reitman is need of a hit. He hasn't had a hit in a long while, and securing money for even people that used to make hits can be difficult, unless they are promising a return to the old favorites. Hence Reitman is like "sure Ghostbusters...a Twins sequel....just give me money so I can work!"
  6. Jack Sparrow vs Aliens
  7. They did. It was boring.
  8. Broadchurch is a great murder mystery show starring Tennant and Olivia Coleman, and Whitaker is also a main character, playing the mother of the show's main victim.
  9. Jeez the titular "Battle" of that movie is also like 5 minutes and is so lame and cheap. There are so many problems with the final chapter of the original run.
  10. Having not seen The Great Escape I will admit I don't think I made that comparison, but to a small extent I could see some hint of "Bridge on the Rive Kwai." I kind of loved that it became a War Prison movie, its sucha great angle to take it. If it had been straight war filmwith Apes in the trenches and whatnot, I am sure it would've been good...but the fact that a good chunk of the film was in a prison camp made it feel less action movie generic.
  11. I have a feeling that Matt Reeves is going to move on after this. He's made two great films, and did a hell of a job stewarding the franchise here. Now moving onto Batman doesn't mean he is out for good, but I suspect if he does remain involved it would be in a producing capacity, maybe contributing to the story or something...but he may be ready to move on having left his mark on the series. But if the production team they've had behind the scenes, particularly Writer Mark Bomback sticks around, I'd be quite pleased.
  12. I have a feeling the novelty of it all will guarantee ratings are ok, the shows ratings remain steady each year despite the many panic pieces. I doubt they will truly dip becaus eof a change of gender. The worldwide brand is too strong at the moment for that to truly shatter it.
  13. Martin Landau! Great actor...its tough day for celebrities I like. His performances in Ed Wood, Crimes & Misdemeanors, Mission: Impossible, Space: 1999...and so much more! Just a great career.
  14. Halloween wouldn't be the same without him! An icon of the horror genre, the Godfather of the Modern Zombie, and just a heck of a guy who always seemed nice and sincere, and proved you don't need a studio to make iconic horror films.
  15. This is very good news in my opinion, because War is one hell of a smart summer movie. And frankly, I want to see the franchise carry on since it has been so good in it's current form.