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  1. I'd prefer Sir Stewart to take care of the ship :D
  2. How You Became a Trekkie

    I became a fan, when I watched my first ST ever, which at that time, when I was a kid was TNG. So Picard remained my favourite captain . I do not know, if he is the best cap. but he is my personal favorite.
  3. Rare Photos: April 2012

    Thanks for the share. Some really interesting pics.
  4. Into Darkness Screencaps!

    Still early to say what will be their exposure, though. 1-2 words, or just grunts, or more significant roles and characters. Who knows...
  5. Greetings!

    Just wanted to say 'hi. I found this great site today and I saw how much useful info it has on it. Accept me with honor!