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  1. So I decided it would be kind to say hello. Hello. I'm Ela, I'm 20, from Poland and I like this forum a lot. I never know what to say while posting an introduction, so... yeah <insert socially awkward pinguin>. My interests include... Star Trek (who would have thought!), science fiction books and movies, modern hebrew and many others. Oh, and the most important of all, the only one I'm an expert in so far - time wasting. LLAP!
  2. Favorite songs!

    I end up listening to this for weeks everytime I watch "The fifth element"
  3. The Turkish version of TOS

    Well... yeah, if you have a group of very talented dubbing actors it's possible to make them sound almost exactly like in the original. I've noticed this while having a kind of nostalgic youtube yourney through my favourite Disney movies in many languages. But... really, I can't stand dubbing in non-animated movies and there's nothing I can do about this Wow, thanks! Actually I've never moved out of Cracow. Maybe, unlike I thought, "ready to beam down", "sickbay" and "vessel" are not the only "frequently used in life" words I've learnt from TOS
  4. Patterns of Force

    Confession time: I expected this entire thread to be about Spock's chest. :C
  5. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

    I think the countdown scene is one of the best in the entire series.
  6. The Turkish version of TOS

    Well... Ela is not my real name, just the first that came to my mind But it's popular here indeed. I know what you mean, you were watching it with a reader. In Poland all movies on the TV are broadcasted like that and we're used to it. I myself don't find it a problem. While watching something on my own, on a laptop, however, I prefer no reader and no subs at all, since it's the only way I don't feel like totally wasting my time instead of studying I'm a Czech philology student, btw, and one many things we, Poles, find weird in our neighbours is that they dubb EVERY.SINGLE.MOVIE, which we find equally annoying as you probably found the reader Here's a nice sample for anyone interested
  7. The Turkish version of TOS

    Haha, nice. Thanks for sharing this. Does anyone know about any other "local versions" of Star Trek? I must say I'm kind of glad my polish folks didn't decide to make their own version, though. :D
  8. Spectre of The Gun

    Wow, nice to see I'm not the only one who enjoyed this episode. Not a long ago I came across a kind of "the worst TOS episodes ever" list on the net and I couldn't believe someone placed it there, next to the "pearls" such as "Spock's Brain" and "Plato's stepchildren".
  9. Can you name them all..?

    I can't, but I'm totally impressed with this picture :O It's from the "Shore Leave" episode I guess :D