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  1. is it known which subtitles are available for this Blu-ray box?
  2. Final Frontier Media - Star Trek Music Videos

    My last post went bad somehow... so I repost my message from 14 days ago.. I've created a new music video called "Time of our Lives". It's a DS9 Tribute. It's all about the people who live at and around Deep Space Nine and were part in those seven years of joy, pain, life, death and all those other remarkable moments. You can watch the music video through youtube: or watch and download it at my website Here Just let me know what you think of it
  3. Star Trek (2009) Music Video

    it's a unique music video in terms of length. Most music videos are nog longer than 6 minutes. I must say after 3 minutes I started zapping accross the video and saw it's 17 minutes long :o . While I think you've edited it very nice, does it takes ages before something happens. It's almost watching the movie in the first 5 minutes. After 7 minutes the music changes and so does your editing, that's a very nice moment. Nevertheless, this is my own opinion in how I think music videos should be, maybe also because I create them myself (see also topic in fan trek). Still it's a good music video, and I would love to add it to my website, so a broader audience can watch and download it, if you'll agree
  4. DS9 Fan Trailer

    Wonderful music video. May I upload it to my website? Please let me know. Off course you'll be credited.
  5. What are you doing?

    waking up... slowly just catching up with the news etc.
  6. Where did everyone go?

    Don't forget that when these forums game online all more than a decade ago, or longer... a lot of people have grown older and life is changed. People who were working than, are now retired. People who went to school, now work and live together. This is combination with no new trek.. as mentioned a lot above, means little new people.. and those "old" people leave one by one.. All though this was never my number one forum (i'm on a dutch Star Trek Forum) you see it everywhere. I also can see it in my visitors count of my website. It went from 40 to 50 people a day back to only 10 people a day.
  7. know the name of the episode after watching the first 10 seconds and knows what will happen in that episode... Only have this with Star Trek DS9, allthough a lot with TNG.
  8. What are you doing?

    enjoying my first hours of my holiday... three weeks off yay!
  9. Rare Photos: July 2012

    why weren't there any "ultimately human" pictures for June?
  10. Sins of the Father HD screencaps

    I've seen this episode on blu-ray and what I found really funny was that K'mpec said something (twice) and his mouth didn't move
  11. Is TNG Remastered closer to reality?

    depends on how much it will cost... if it's 30 euro's .. i'll buy it!! but if they ask too much (say 80..) than I won't.