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  1. Is there something wrong with Trekcore? I keep getting the above message. I hope whatever it is gets sorted soon!
  2. Ok, I’ve seen the first two episodes of Discovery now. While I didn’t hate it, I can’t really say it was good. As a pilot it failed terribly. A pilot is supposed to introduce you to the characters and the setting and such, but this didn’t do any of that. The first episode was geared almost exclusively to presenting Burnham. And in that, it doesn’t do badly. Both character and actor seem ok, she doesn’t make me want to reach for the off switch the way Bakula (and Blalock) did and I think she is someone I could follow (I’m not sure the Sarek stuff worked though. It’s going to get very silly if he just randomly pops up every now and then like a fairy godmother). However, it was all too much Burnham-centric. Ok, she’s the star, but I don’t just want to see one person’s adventures all the time. Star Trek has always worked best as an ensemble series featuring several different characters. This is where Enterprise went wrong; it focussed far too much on the three main characters and everyone else was just there to prop them up. I am worried that Discovery might be going that same way, and this would be unfortunate. Hopefully we’ll get to focus on different characters in subsequent episodes. The first episodes felt very much like a prologue to the series-proper. And this is not a good way to begin a TV series. If I wasn’t already a Trek fan, I would have lost interested and switched off. Certainly the first episode, I kept thinking “When is it actually going to start?”. It was like watching one big teaser. It’s like if the whole of Emissary had been about Sisko at Wolf 359… That would not have been a good introduction to Deep Space Nine. It was a brief sequence to establish what we needed to establish, then it moved on. That’s what should have happened here. As it is, it feels like the first two episodes have been wasted and they can’t really afford to do that. I wasn’t a great fan of Captain Georgiou. Lt Saru was ok, but if he’s constantly going to be “I’m scared, let’s run away” every episode, it’s going to get boring very quickly. The Klingons didn’t work for me at all. The subtitles were incredibly annoying. Subtitles never work. It’s always been assumed that, when you have non-English speaking characters alone, they’re speaking their own language even though we hear it as English. You have to use your imagination there and accept it as a given. Otherwise it doesn’t work. The drama is lost because you’re concentrating too much on reading the text. It pulls you out of the action. This is probably the main thing they need to be careful of going forward. It’s particulary bizarre because the Klingon they were speaking sounded authentic. Someone must have gone to a lot of trouble to translate and work out all that, but it was unnecessary at best. Plus it was largely just the usual Klingon mumbo jumbo we’ve all heard countless times before; honour, battle, death, honour, sword, Kahless, great houses… Practically writes itself. I won’t get too bogged down in the whole “prequel doesn’t work” mantra because we all knew what it would be like. Obviously the makeup, sets, uniforms, CGI and so on all jar enormously with TOS and you can’t really take it as being before that. I accepted this as a given before I watched it though. It doesn’t bother me that much, although I would prefer the uniforms had more colour variation to maintain interest. The music was ok, I liked the use of the Alexander Courage theme. The opening credits however were terrible; not at all appropriate. By far the worst credit sequence of any Trek series. Overall then, the pilot didn’t enthral me, but it wasn’t a complete disaster. It did enough to make me want to see the next episode, but I can’t imagine it maintaining my interest for decades the way I still enjoy TOS, TNG etc. We haven’t seen enough to judge the series as a whole yet. I’m cautiously optimistic it will get better once we actually get on the right ship with the right characters (something that should have happened by the end of the first episode at the absolute latest).
  3. What was Sisko doing during "First Contact"?

    Sisko was busy with the Maquis (For the Uniform) and the Dominion (In Purgatory's Shadow)... That is, he was needed on DS9 (much like how Picard would stay on the bridge while Riker led the away teams). It was not uncommon for Worf to command the Defiant on missions whilst Sisko remained on the station. See for example Rejoined, Rules of Engagement, For the Cause and so on.
  4. TOS BluRay Screencaps

    If you click on "Episode Guide" and do it from there (click on episode desired, then click on Screencaps HD), it works better than going straight to "Screencaps".
  5. I think I might be in a small minority group who actually prefer STID to STB. I can't say that definitively yet; I'd need to see them both again (except I have no burning desire to see either again anytime soon). From what I remember, I found STB to be boring with too much stuff going on that I just couldn't bring myself to care about. There was very little in the way of story, it just drifted from one action scene to another. Don't get me wrong, STID certainly had flaws - very obvious and stupid ones, but the whole thing felt more like a cohesive story and the characters worked better for me (though STB did get a better Bones/Spock dynamic). May change my mind when I see them again though.
  6. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    I agree with those above who have concerns about it being yet another prequel. My heart sank when I first heard that too. Been there, done that. I really don't have any desire to see more TOS-era stuff. And you would have thought they would learn their lesson from Enterprise, but obviously not. Setting it in the far future would have made by far the most sense. If not however, there are many other points throught the Trek history that would have been more interesting (during the classic films for example, or just before TNG). The "it's the only window we could find" line doesn't wash with me at all. And, to be bluntly honest, if it's going to be another free for all, anything goes, Trek in name only... Then I would actually prefer they didn't bother with it at all. I wish Enterprise never happened. I'd rather spend infinity re-enjoying what we already have rather than have some new stuff s#!t all over it. I'm really trying to keep an open mind, but it's hard. I still haven't accepted Enterprise, and this looks like it might repeat those mistakes all over again... Time will tell.
  7. Picard and Data by Pogo

    Excellent, love it! Very well done.
  8. 50 Years Later : My Favorite Episode

    Late to the party perhaps, but my vote goes to The Enterprise Incident. An unusual choice perhaps, but I've always loved how we got to see inside an alien ship - and I know it wasn't their first appearance, but the Romulans were a great adversary; not a one-dimentional race of evil mad men, nor a one-trick pony of tired cliches... This was culture quite like our own in many ways (except unlike the contemporary Federation, Romulans actually allowed women to command their ships!) I probably like it because it was one of the first episodes I ever saw and that nostalgia feeling is quite powerful. But even on its own terms, it's got drama, tension and Spock (by far the most interesting TOS character) gets the limelight for much of the episode... And it isn't just another "Kirk kisses a girl and gets his shirt torn" episode. I also like some of the moral ambiguity... Arguably, Kirk is the bad guy here and the Romulans are just reacting as anyone would to a hostile invader and a spy. It's also incidentally, one of only nine TOS episodes that include all 7 regulars and Nurse Chapel. Amok Time and The City on the Edge of Forever also deserve mentioning, both very good too.
  9. Meh. The film did nothing for me I’m afraid. I found it bland and on the whole rather boring. It’s not that it did anything bad as such, it just failed to do anything good. Like Into Darkness, a lot of effort obviously went into the design, makeup, costumes, CGI and whatnot, but the actual story seems to have been a last minute addition, inserted only as a necessary evil to connect the various action scenes (after about the fourth, all I could think was “here we go again”). Why don’t film makers put effort into the story-telling anymore? - I’m afraid the whole genre is becoming something to which I can no longer relate. I honestly struggle to think of anything positive to say about it. The best bits were undoubtedly the Spock/McCoy scenes - I felt this relationship had been missing from the previous films so it was nice to see it finally get some attention. The best scene of the film had to be when Spock told McCoy that the Ambassador was dead. That’s probably the only bit that actually made me sit up and give the screen my undivided attention. Otherwise it just plodded along… It kinda slipped into something, then slipped into something else… Like the previous film, it was a bit all-over-the-place with too many competing elements. I thought destroying the Enterprise so early in the film was definitely a mistake. It was vaguely like killing off Kirk in the first act - where do you go from there? I didn’t even think it was done particularly well; crashing the Enterprise-D in Generations remains much more enjoyable for me. For about the first half of the film, I could never quite shake the feeling that this was only the introduction and that the real story would start soon… Except it never did. After the first hour, I was bored. Yet another variation of the mad-man-with-a-WMD scenario that by now has been done to death. I couldn’t care less about any of the aliens; by the time we found out who they were and what they were doing, I had lost interest anyway. Character moments were few and far between. Some of the lines were delivered painfully slowly, the main alien guy’s voice got very annoying, and the universal translator and subtitles were distracting. Chekov also had major issues with pacing due to his accent. And seriously, how many uniforms does Kirk need to have?! - And where does he find time to change between them all so quickly? There’s a few other plot holes and convenient coincidences that seem part and parcel of the Abramsverse. There’s a quite a few references to the Enterprise series which, I suppose if you like the series you’ll appreciate. Didn’t really do anything for me though. As for the fuss about Sulu being gay? - Honestly?! - A very brief arm around the waste of another guy who could just as easily have been a good friend or family member… If anyone thinks this comes even remotely close to Star Trek finally accepting homosexuality, they are seriously mistaken. Maybe it’s just my mood or other stuff going on in my life, but I’m tempted to rate this the worst out of all three reboot films. Nothing about it makes me want to see it again. I actually hope we have a break from the films for a while and let Trek shine on the small screen for which it it is much more suited.
  10. DST returns to London this October. Tickets are now on sale and guests have been announced to include William Shatner, Jerry Ryan, most of the TNG cast (except Sir Patrick) and others. See their website). I've never really been to one of these things before, but my circumstances are such that I'm actually tempted this year. But after reading so many negative reviews from previous times, I'm not sure. My budget is very tight so I'm currently thinking of just the basic entry ticket for either Saturday or Sunday, and maybe one photo or something... But I might not be able to resist spending more on the day! My expectations are low - a lot of the hustle and bustle really doesn't appeal to me, and I'm not going to pay through the nose to stand in a cue for hours to get some ageing actor's autograph, but it's a day out, and it would be nice to say I've been to one of these things. And considering I'll be just an hour and a half away on the train, would I regret it if I didn't go when I had the chance...? What do think; is it worth the money?
  11. star trek.com trivia

    Yeah, there was one a few months back that they got totally wrong too, I can't remember what it was now. And their polls are so silly; they ask a ridiculous question and give only a handful of possible answers which are all valid for different reasons... And people seem to take it so seriously, like they're actually asking the fans for their input into the franchise or something!
  12. Ah, you and I know she was in almost all season 2 episodes (off the top of my head, I think Q Who is the only exception but there might be another), but a casting director of another show (back then) might not have done. And especially if TNG had failed, a closer association to it probably wouldn't have looked great. As it turned out, it was a huge success and so she (or more likely, her agent) didn't have anything to worry about, but back then... who knows.
  13. If you were teaching a Star Trek class

    The TV Classics book by Ina Rae Hark isn't bad, though it can be a bit opinionated (but I agree with all of it). Otherwise, most stuff is generally available online these days.
  14. An actors life is a funny one. I don't profess to be an expert on such things by any means, but it could well be that she thought saying she made a "special appearance" on selected TNG episodes looked better on a resumé than saying she "also starred" in an entire season. There may have been fears of getting typecast and such like, and if it was true that she only intended to be there temporarily, then it might look like she was fired if she was listed as a star for just one year (as mentioned above). Remember the show back then was rather unstable and still finding its feet; it could still have turned out to be a failure. It's much harder for a star to disassociate herself from a show than it is for an occasional guest star.
  15. I don't think she was fired. She has said that she never intended to do TNG more than the one year anyway. That's (partly) why she declined to have her name in the opening credits. But of course that could be a handy excuse to use in retrospect so it doesn't look bad on a resumé. I guess we'll never truly know the answers to all this.