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  1. I liked Data playing the Frank Sinatra part (of Manchurian Candidate); appropriate for “Ol’ Yellow Eyes.” And yes, more follow-through with Geordi’s condition would’ve been nice; something akin to Picard’s Borg trauma followup. After all, LaForge was kidnapped, tortured, mind-frakked and turned into an assassin (!). That’s got to be at least as traumatic as Picard’s horrible experience with the Borg...
  2. Going to see “The Last Jedi” tonight...:thumbup:

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      Happy belated birthday, by the way. :)

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      Sehlat Vie

      Aw thanks.  Got my gift from Alabama....that was the best karmic present ever. :laugh:

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      That was the biggest shock since 11.8.16....but this last one was happy.

  3. Would've turned that episode into a vignette...
  4. Kind of reminded me of Wesley Crusher and Nova squadron in “First Duty” (another favorite of mine).
  5. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Lockwood was also in the groovy ‘70s space series, “Earth II” (not related to the same-named Roddenberry pilot): The man has a thing for space odysseys...
  6. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Fits my theory, which is pretty much everywhere these days (including the article). You’re welcome, internet.
  7. Ducking autocollect. Luckily, my limited telepathy did the rest... ^ This is a better episode than it gets credit for being; I really enjoyed it. It’s also a nice evolutionary step in the ginormous character arc of Nog.
  8. They have the remastered versions on Netflix; I may have to check "Nth Degree" out again sometime. That was an interesting episode. It's like "Where No Man Has Gone Before" but without the tragic ending. And in both episodes, the ship flies into an extreme in our galaxy; the outer rim and the galactic center. Never thought of that before...
  9. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    Wha--? How did I miss this amazingly insightful post? Wow. That is a spot-on analysis of where the TNG movies went off the rails. Well done, Mr. Picard. As for the movies going from TNG to a quasi-TOS reboot? I think they were following the reboot/prequel craze that had overtaken a lot of franchises at that time (Bond, Star Wars, etc) and assumed (correctly or not) that TOS was next in line. And I agree that the TNG movies were increasingly forcing a square peg through a round hole; they were trying to make the TNG characters action archetypes and caricatures rather than the more subtle, nuanced people that they were in their TV series. My concern with another Bad Robot movie, particularly one under Tarantino, is that it's possibly making the same mistake you illustrate so well in your post about the TNG movies. If one looks at Tarantino's oeuvre, he's a bad fit for a Star Trek movie, even if he likes it ("Kill Bill" opens with a quote from TWOK, which itself is an old Sicilian proverb). Tarantino overseeing a Bad Robot Trek film is like having Michael Bay take over directing duties on a remake of Steel Magnolias. It's just a bad fit. He will make the Bad Robot incarnations of the TOS characters even more caricatured than before; as most of the characters in his recent movies has all been caricatures, and not real human beings. It's ironic, since the older Tarantino movies are quite deft with characterization, but that Tarantino hasn't really existed for awhile. Everything he's done in the last 12 years or so has been wildly over-the-top and almost cartoonish. Since the Bad Robot Trek movies have already 'amped up' the TOS characters a bit (everyone's a super sexy genius all of the sudden...), I think it's only going to take them one more step further from who they really are. But I digress; I still don't think Tarantino-Trek is going to happen at all. I don't know why, but I see it going along the same lines as the twice-aborted Bryan Singer Battlestar Galactica remake that never happened...
  10. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Yeah, that’s true. He’s aged so gracefully I sometimes forget that he’s 26 years older than I am. But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him (someday?) do a one-night charity event of it.
  11. General Star Wars Discussion

    That trailer is deeply cool! I still have my wrinkled, somewhat aged portfolio of the original RMcQ Star Wars production paintings in my home library. I’ve had those since 1978 (!) and I still love them. The artwork inside the aged portfolio is otherwise pristine, save for a bit of yellowing around the edges.
  12. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    As a curious fan-not-fan of “The Room”, I look forward to that.
  13. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Speaking of Sir Patrick and Christmas, does he ever do his "Christmas Carol" show live anymore? I've heard that one-man show was extraordinary; he read ALL of the parts (!).
  14. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    James Franco is an actor I've respected for a long time, despite the hate he tends to get off the internet. I think he's an actor who gets better and better when he's challenged (case in point, "127 Hours"). When doing by-the-numbers action roles like SpiderMan, he delivers what's asked for and little more, but when given something more interesting? He seems to really go for it. I'll admit, most of the reason I want to see TDA is for his performance.
  15. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    I thought they’d make great ‘70s style toilet lid covers...
  16. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Much in the same way as Tim Burton’s brilliant "Ed Wood”; there were biographical elements, but by and large, it was a work of fiction. “Ed Wood” was more of a loving homage than a strict, by-the-numbers biography. I suspect “Disaster Artist” is something along those lines. I still very much want to see it.
  17. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    Yeah, the Porgs bother me a bit. Haven’t seen the movie, but they feel like a 21st century marketable answer to Ewoks (and I hated the Ewoks in 1983, too ). They look like a cross between an Ewok and a Furbee (something I couldn’t stand in the late ‘90s).
  18. The Orville

    Bortus is (IMO) the funniest character on the show, because he has a deadpan that would make a corpse envious.
  19. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    Having just watched "Empire" again this past Sunday? I highly doubt that. I've read early reviews on CNN and from Access Hollywood's Scott Mantz on Twitter; both said it lags in the middle quite a bit. Again, haven't seen it myself, and I read a similar critique of "Blade Runner 2049" (which I strongly disagreed with), so I'm not prejudging TLJ till I see it. But it is over 2 and a half hours...which means no sodas or drinks for me in the theatre (not with my child-size bladder). But "Empire" is one of the greatest movies (let alone sequels) ever made; early comparisons to it are probably post-movie 'glow' (which I myself have occasionally suffered).
  20. Rate Generations

    My latest blog post in defense of Generations:
  21. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Big difference between homage and remake; “Jackie Brown” is actually based on the Elmore Leonard novel, “Rum Punch.” It only has a similar title to star Pam Grier’s blaxploitation classic, “Foxy Brown” (I’ve seen both and they’re nothing alike, save for title and lead actress; same with’s NOT a remake of the spaghetti western classic).
  22. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    Absolutely. Han Solo’s story is essentially a space western; well, Tarantino’s had a bit of experience with that genre (Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, Kill Bill 2). And Inglorious Basterds’ Nazis would feel right at home in the heartless Imperial bureaucracy. But Star Trek? I really don’t see it.