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  1. I'm also guessing no one in the writer's circle foresaw nature's ability to adapt; when there is super-immunity, there are super-strains of opportunistic infections that rise to the challenge. And yes, maybe you're right about the Gideon inhabitants getting ahold of the schematics, etc. I haven't see MoG in years, so I may be remembering that part of it wrong. But either way, the idea of a planet with ZERO personal space having room to house a starship replica? Yeah, I cry B/S on that, too.
  2. There's a tremendous contradiction in TMOG; this species claims that their reason for overpopulation is that all life is too precious, and that they can't use birth control, etc. I get it; life is too precious, hence overpopulation. But...if life is so precious that things like abortion and birth control are unthinkable, WHO came up with the plan to reintroduce fatal disease back into the population?? Murder by biological warfare (whatever the motivation) would still be mass murder; surely THAT is unthinkable for a planet where life is too precious to even consider birth control, right? Not trying to KM the topic, but it demonstrates a clear violation of the writers' own intent. And yes, the 'fitting a 1:1 replica of a starship on a planet where people can't even take a dump in private' thing never made any sense to me either; even when I was little. If they had the technology to mass produce an Enterprise replica so quickly (based on long range scans, no less!) surely they had the technology to build massive space stations and off-world colonies to deal with their insane population growth.
  3. ^ Could be a nice, quick way to make the entire crew simultaneously vomit, but otherwise? Yeah, an outer spinning ring does nada.
  4. Oh, maybe it was someone else (?). I dunno. The prison camp angle took it to a different place; it’s also the darker, less heroic side of war... the side that usually isn’t seen in a shoot ‘em up war movie. I agree that this movie wouldn’t have been as interesting if it only featured apes and humans shooting at each other (see: 1973’s “Battle for the Planet of the Apes”; IMO the nadir of the old Apes movie sequels).
  5. "Space: 1999”: the pilot “Breakaway” (I needed a Martin Landau moment...) and “The Invaders” TV series (1968), “Beachhead” (the pilot).
  6. Using the enslaved to build the futile wall reminded me of “Let Mexico pay for it” as well. It’s also interesting that Kenman and others pointed out the structure of the latter half of the movie is based on Steve McQueen’s “The Great Escape”, and it was (as was last summer’s “Star Trek Beyond”), but to me, there was also a bit of “Stalag 17” and even “Schindler’s List” thrown in as well.
  7. True. No, you’re a unique type of Trekkie. Those are terrific screencaps! That man could pull off a suit & tie or a hoodie & jeans with equal aplomb.
  8. Well, I have may exaggerated calling it a ‘collectible’; more like expensive for an average fan. But I know some Trekkies who would probably faint at the sight of anyone cutting up a bit fat ST book like that.
  9. ******* SPOILERISH TALK ******** ^ That was my take on it, anyway. I’m thinking he just automatically equated muteness and regressed mental acuity as ‘animalistic.’ Obviously he couldn’t stand it in himself as well. I adored Bad Ape! And yes, normally I puke inside my mouth a little bit at the sight of obvious ‘comic relief’ characters in movies/TV, but this movie REALLY needed one; it was end-to-end heavy, and would’ve been a true downer without a bit of relief somewhere. Steve Zahn’s Bad Ape fit that bill for me perfectly. ^ That was a powerful analog, wasn’t it? The other “donkeys” at the labor camp reminded me of the Vichy French, or the Polish Nazis during WW2; the ones who sought favor with their captors by emulating them and, in some cases, nearly surpassing them in their own cruelty. There was a LOT of commentary with that idea, and in the best science fiction tradition, it was able to speak it freely without naming names. It said some things that needed to be said. I also raised an eyebrow at the labor force creating a futile ‘wall’ to keep out the ‘bad guys’ (sound familiar?). That was really clever! I thought I was the only one who remembered anything about “Beneath the POTA.” I also LOLd at how “Nova” got her name in this version. Also enjoyed the shot of the apes on horseback along a beach... a nice homage to Nova and Taylor at the end of POTA 1968. Really nice to see Maurice graduate to speech. I don’t know if I’d see it again in theatres (it WAS pretty intense), but I’d definitely buy the blu ray to dissect certain scenes/moments/etc.
  10. OMG, that is too funny! I would love to make a video of you cutting up a collectible ST book and post it on YouTube... just to mess with collectors’ heads.
  11. D’oh... you’re right. I need to leaf through my copy again. Oh well... Picard with Romulan brows and no shirt. That’s gotta be worth a repost, right?
  12. Speaking of greenish, you’ve no doubt seen this pic but this is the first time I’ve seen a behind the scenes pic of SPS during the filming of “Unification”; found it on Pinterest:
  13. It’s like going from my iPhone to two tin cups and a string...
  14. ^ This is a big tipoff; the music is the soul of the movie. Change the composer, and you change the whole feel of it. Curious...
  15. Yikes... I thought that was some kind of metallic reflection. Didn’t realize it was a ring-gap (!).
  16. Put this together in his honor tonight:
  17. I could very much see that working. And why not, right? If one were an alien who landed on Earth in a region where one only saw dark skinned people and then saw an albino nearby what would they think? Would they assume the albino was another species? What if one saw a human male and female but had no concept of gender? Would they assume the man and woman were different species? Or conversely, if one saw a bunch of horses and then saw a zebra, would you just assume the zebra was merely a striped horse? It’s fascinating territory to explore. I’m very curious to see diversity within the Klingon genome, and since we don’t see as much of it in the 24th century, can we assume there was a war (or plague) that wiped out some of those houses and some of that diversity?
  18. ^ I was in that near-exact spot only a year and a month ago... of course, I didn’t look 1/100th as cool or dashing as he does.
  19. Even if the sweeping new design is not entirely in keeping with the look of TOS’ Enterprise, I really don’t care; it’s close enough. Even today, some naval ships and aircraft are made to look more sleeker than others, because they have different aeronautical needs (or in Starfleet’s case? Different warp engine configurations or what-not).
  20. I really liked Catacombs of the Moon; it was a real tour de force for Landau.
  21. Agreed. Makes it look a bit less clunky.
  22. Works for me. Considering the biodiversity of life on Earth? To expect a similar diversity elsewhere in the universe is okay in my book.
  23. Well, I suppose sequined spandex spacesuits for the Icarus astronauts are out too, then? Still thinking Val Kilmer would rock as Dr. Zaius...
  24. Pretty sure no one wants to see Cornelius’ vulcanized rubber nipple suit...
  25. That man, at 77, has 100x more energy than I have at 50. Looking at him makes me feel even more old and withered...