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    Astronomy (I've been with the Planetary Society for 18 years), I also love movies and science fiction in general (in all forms; books, movies and TV shows). I'm also a huge fan of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who (old/new), as well as the 1960s shows The Prisoner and Twilight Zone. New favorites include Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

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  1. Over 50 dead in Las Vegas.  I was just there two months ago.  Grieving for all those lost and injured (as well as for their loved ones).  Saddest part is knowing that nothing will change.  

    1. prometheus59650


      Yeah. I've been where the shooting happened.

      But, really. It's "too soon" to talk  about guns and we should be singularly on "thoughts and prayers."


      I am so sick of this.

    2. C.Lovett



    3. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Nothing ever changes...:(