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  1. The Music of Star Trek

    Clean cut Harry Mudd...
  2. The Music of Star Trek

  3. The Music of Star Trek

    So, we’ll soon be listening to... (wait for it).... Disco’s music?
  4. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Aaaaaaaand we all know better.
  5. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Lorca has a thing for outsiders; like his affection for Burnham. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he'd enjoy having a secret Klingon in his crew (secret to Starfleet, but not him...).
  6. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    It really lines up when you think about it; though I don’t think Tyler is aware that he was Voq. My guess is that he is a programmed sleeper agent, with memories of his Klingon life buried deep underneath his now primary human memory implants. If you’ve ever seen 2003’s Battlestar Galactica and its character(s) of Sharon/Boomer, you’ll get the idea. For me, it’s more about what if he discovers who/what he really is, but CHOOSES to be Ash Tyler? The same way BSG’s Sharon chose to remain Sharon instead of a Cylon? And that’s possible, but ultimately (for me) a less interesting idea than a human who doesn’t know he’s something else. But upon learning the truth (someday?), he chooses to be a human being instead. To be honest, the actor’s ethnicity never really factored into my theory, since he’s playing a generically named “Ash Tyler.” He could’ve just as easily been caucasian or African-American or hispanic and I still would’ve held to the theory that he’s really the former Klingon albino Voq. Because if the Klingons are that good at cosmetic surgery (Arne Darvin in TOS’ “Trouble With Tribbles” being another example), I suspect he could’ve been made to appear as any kind of human.
  7. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    I could imagine...
  8. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Yep. Too true. I told his son on Twitter that I wish I had a tenth of the charm of his pop.
  9. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    This. And STC was always careful about inserting new elements into the sequels that put a fresh spin on the original concepts as well. The most ‘sequel-y’ of the STC episodes was, IMO, “Pilgrim of Eternity”; but even that was given a fresh coat of paint by remaking the former ‘villain’ as a reformed hero by episode’s end. I also liked the message of altruism being its own best reward (literally). I’m pretty sure if TOS had been given a finite time on its own ending, we probably would’ve seen a lot of sequels to earlier episodes in its final year as well. I second that emotion...
  10. Ex_Machina and other AI Discussion

    And this may be a tiny bit xenophobic on my part to admit this, but... also a little scary (?). I was worried enough to hear about flying drones clandestinely killing people through night vision, but this smacks of next generation Terminator tech. Whenever I see some super development in cybernetics, my next worry these days is ‘how will the military co-opt this and pervert it?’
  11. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    ^ I’m a fan of those. Got the whole run at the L.A. Gallifrey One con last year. The Third Doctor was never really a favorite of mine in live-action, but the graphic novel mini-series was amazing.
  12. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    I've seen very convincing mustaches and beard appliances, but I also think there's a certain arrogance creeping into the field of CGI art these days. The belief that 'we can do anything' and that no matter what gets screwed up in production, 'we can fix it in post.' Sometimes you really can't just fix it in post. It needs to be shot with care and with forethought. I guess that's becoming 'old school' filmmaking, who knows...
  13. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    It would’ve been far easier for the production team on Cavill’s other movie to devise a really believable fake mustache than it would be for an army of computer artists to try to digitally erase a real one.
  14. Ex_Machina and other AI Discussion

    I saw this yesterday on the news, and I about blew coffee out of my nose. Both amazing and a little scary; I still remember “Asimo” taking tentative, slow steps. Now robots do freaking gymnastics... As I told my wife, meet our successors.
  15. Fan Comic created from 2nd TOS Pilot Episode

    Really coming along nicely!