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  1. ....hmmm....dunno. (okay, that was me just messing with you....again.... ) I think (to play Devil’s advocate for a moment) that the dialogue about Starfleet’s ideology and such was a overplayed to remind casual viewers that their universe, despite what we see later on, ISN’T Battlestar Galactica or The Expanse. It was a reminder that this is a utopia, however bloodied its knuckles get at the end of the episodes. That said, I think the mission of mercy to the dying aliens in Act One more than conveyed that without hammering it in so hard, but I get why they might’ve felt an editorial need to add a bit more.
  2. Fan Comic created from 2nd TOS Pilot Episode

    Ack... Kelso’s murder... can’t look!
  3. The Orville

    It is nice having two space shows running simultaneously again; party like it’s 1999...
  4. Not unless Burnham has a daughter who’s already 12-15 years old at the start of DSC. And with a Jamaican accent... Sorry, but they look (and sound) absolutely NOTHING alike. Or because time was running out? Given her anxiety, Burnham wasn’t relishing the moment. Agreed. If you look at episodes in production order, the first two didn’t really have most of the regular cast; Spock is the only constant throughout. TOS didn’t really start ‘feeling’ like TOS till about “Corbomite Maneuver” when the cast and ship are more or less settled. That said? I thought “Vulcan Hello” & “Battle at the Binary Stars” had more genuine ST feeling in its 85 min. running time than most of the Bad Robot movie trilogy combined (and I say that as someone who liked ST09 and STB). While I didn’t find them tortuous, per se (I was too busy gawking at the exquisite makeup & costumes ), I agree that they did kinda slow things down a bit. Probably my biggest nit with the premiere episode(s).
  5. DSC, "Vulcan Hello" and "Battle at the Binary Stars." Watched them again this morning while They still hold up. On a TV or an iPad, DSC works.
  6. Saru is terrific. I've been a fan of Doug Jones since the Hellboy movies, and my wife and I met him 5 years ago at Comic Con. He was very open, kind and gracious. So yeah, I was sort of predisposed to like Saru anyway but Jones really delivered. He could be this ST's Data in terms of popularity.
  7. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    That’s a common thing on these boards; each person’s favorite vision of ST is usually rooted with the first series/time they fell in love with it.
  8. USS Discovery Final Design

    Ironic... **** MINOR SPOILER **** We don’t even SEE the USS Discovery in the first two episodes. But from the brief exterior glimpses seen in the E3 preview? Pretty cool...
  9. ^ I think this is one of the advantages to a shorter season; more money spent on individual episodes. My wife said that if she’d walked in on it and didn’t know otherwise, she’d swear she was watching a feature film. I can’t help but agree. ^ Very much sympathize. I was surprised by my own level of excitement. And it wasn’t just an overreaction of gratitude brought on by 'ST drought’ either; this show really hit the mark in ways I wasn’t sure that it could. I was also impressed with how vividly some of the characters registered. The first two episodes also managed to fuse a solid war story yet still retain a few moments of wonder and awe about space as well. This is a new standard that may be difficult to sustain in the weeks ahead, but I’m very excited by the possibilities. Also belated kudos to the designers of the title sequence for avoiding the ST-cliches of generic ship porn and flyby shots. This was new and fresh; celebrating many bits of ST iconography, and even ST history. Reminded me a little bit of HBO’s Westworld (in a good way, because I’m a fan of both).
  10. ^ Pretty much mirrors my thoughts on the pilot. As far as pilots go? This was one of, if not the most entertaining ST pilot I’ve seen since “The Cage.”
  11. Discussion thread for the first two episodes of DSC, “Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars.” Please place warnings AHEAD of any major spoilers! Just want to throw down a few, non-spoilerish impressions: * Looks like the Kelvinverse, but ‘feels’ like the prime timeline. A nice, streamlined mix of both. * Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) IS the show’s lead; there is no disputing that. * The Klingons look more like their Kelvinverse counterparts; for better or worse. Personally I think they look more ‘alien’ but others might disagree * The action is much more visceral than regular ST; the TV-14 rating isn’t entirely unearned. * Lots of nice nods, touches, references, and even sound FX nods to TOS woven into this new series’ DNA. Looks modern, but definitely has the ‘soul’ of Star Trek. Overall? I loved it! I think it’s a nice compromise between old and modern. Love the serialized format too; really keeps you on the edge of your seat. No sedentary, ‘all is groovy now' codas where everything is neatly wrapped in a bow for next week.
  12. I agree if the star were within say, the bounds of where Neptune is within our own solar system, yes. But if this other star within their system were a dwarf star and maybe a good light year away? It's possible the planet could survive relatively intact. It'd take over a year for the full effects to reach them anyway, if the star were that far out. As it is, I don't think the star was that far away, otherwise the Bynars wouldn't have been in such a hurry, right? I also cling to my initial feeling that the writers meant to say 'extreme solar event' but wound up mistakenly labeling it a supernova. An ESE would fit all the criteria of the episode (as far as I could infer, anyway) but it lacks the dramatic punch of the word supernova.
  13. I really enjoy this one. The last time I visited Venice beach’s boardwalk, I was tempted to do a “Future’s End/Torchwood” tour...
  14. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Like the generous use of color in your console displays! Feels like a nice nod to both TOS and TMP’s sets.
  15. Don’t feel bad. I was lucky enough to get a hand-me-down, as-yet-unused Roku streamer from a friend of ours only Tuesday (so we could watch it on our main TV). Otherwise I was prepared to watch it only on my computer, iPad or that’s cheap.