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  1. This episode could be seen as Sisko's own "Breaking Bad"...
  2. And I just picked up "Logan" on blu ray combo pack this morning. Can't wait to dig into the bonus materials...
  3. He was my 'gateway' Bond. First saw him in "Moonraker" (1979) when I was 12. RIP, Sir Roger Moore...
  4. ^ You see what I mean? I'm shocked it wasn't you...
  5. My mistake; I hadn't realized you did ALL of DS9 and all of VGR too (you poor thing! LOL). But yes, your reasons for investing in ST are different; you approach it more from a love of the characters, and not the genre or the format per se. I very much understand that. There are a handful of westerns I've enjoyed but I am NOT a fan of westerns as a genre. Certain comedies are like that for me as well; I find the vast majority of comedies to be just boring and stupid (esp anything with Will Ferrell acting like a man-child). But occasionally, one will come along that really works. So, your love of ST is specific, that's all. And yes, ENT is probably the series I find myself rewatching more and more these days. And like you, I wasn't terribly impressed on its original run either....
  6. No worries...I'm more of a quiet gasper. But usually I have to be invested in the characters to feel that during a movie or TV show (or a good book), but with AC? I felt NOTHING. I was a pure Vulcan. So help me, this movie was devoid of character, personality or anything worthy of emotional investment. Even the gore and 'scares' were so coldly calculated that I just had no reaction whatsoever. Other than to sate my curiosity, it was a total waste of 2 hours. And yes, I tried to recruit my usual 'movie buddies' who go with me on these kinds of things, and even they weren't interested. After seeing it? I get why...
  7. I thought it was you (?).... surely there can't be TWO people out there with your wonderful snarky wit.
  8. The Manchester attack.  My thoughts are with everyone who's suffered any connection to this horror.  Can't imagine what the performers themselves are feeling as well (!).  

  9. Better Call Saul, "Expenses." Once again, this show comes as close to perfection as television allows. Liked this just about as much as the (IMO) series' best, "Chicanery."
  10. Think my hating of her began whenever she called Kira 'child.' Yech... I hate condescending types, especially those cloaked in some kind of false moral authority. As for Bariel? I think our own Mr. Picard coined the name I prefer for him: Bore-iel. Perfect.
  11. ST fans have a long history of being irked by change; TMP had a lot of folks complaining about the lack of character chemistry, etc. Then I remember a handful of folks back in '82 complaining that TWOK was 'too militaristic' and that the alien slugs were too violent for little ones, etc. Both movies were big hits (yes, contrary to popular myth, TMP made a boatload of money back in 1979/80). The difference for the complaints about format changes for DSC are largely because DSC is supposed to 'fit' in preexisting canon (somehow); TMP and TWOK didn't have that issue, as they advanced the story forward, not backward. Now, if TWOK were supposed to be a prequel to TMP, I think it would've caused more than a few eyebrows to be raised. But people accepted the new uniforms (which still look overly 'costume-y' to me) and Nick Meyer's new 'nautical-but-nice' tone as just another change in the nature of Starfleet somehow...
  12. You might want to just rent it... seriously. This is the first ALIEN movie (not counting the AVP movies, of course) that I've had NO desire to add to my ALIEN DVD/BR collection. And yes, I even own "Prometheus" on blu ray. This is ALIEN by the numbers.
  13. Yeah, but the sad part is; the movie wasn't even vaguely surprising, let alone scary. So help me, I was nearly yawning through some of the gorier, more visceral scenes. And not one person around me jumped in their seat... AT ALL. I found that really weird in an ALIEN movie. Like I said in my blog, it was about as surprising as the sun rising in the east.
  14. What I'm curious about is what specifically seemed "un-Star Trek" about the trailer? Is ST only about Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the look/trappings of TOS, or is it more than that to you? What was specifically 'missing' that made it so painful to watch? I'm not trying to grill you, Gus (not trying to push your buttons at all here); just curious what seems so 'anti-ST' to you that you won't give it a chance? Maybe it's just me, but for me the trailer felt very "Star Trek-ish" overall; there was the shining optimistic future represented in diversity and a spanking new, gleaming ship. There were Klingons. There was gender equality. There was even Sarek (!). I'm just failing to see (or understand) what was so 'not Star Trek' about it...? Would you have been happier if it were more like Star Trek Continues? ^ In your case, I understand; you are not really a science fiction person to begin with; and your devotion to TNG is as much personal as it is anything else. That I can relate to. And you've tried watching other versions of ST (you've watched TOS, much of DS9, and even enjoyed ENT). So from your perspective of fandom, I get it.
  15. Well, I saw this one solo (wife wasn't having it this time out), so maybe if I had her clutching my arm and shrieking I might've enjoyed it better (). Then again, my wife isn't the clutchy, shrieky, femme-fatale type... that's usually ME.