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  1. You know, I own it and I still haven't watched the extended version; is it that much of an improvement? You can reply in the DC thread if need be. As for "Guardians"? My expectations are a good time, nothing more than that.
  2. Ha! I love it. I'm finally able to say that I'm corrupting you for a change... My life's work is done.
  3. One more week for us here in the US. But nice to hear some encouraging things...
  4. Trendacosta's interpretations (and that's all they are; little better than tea leaves) on delays/news of DSC feel as if she's trying to strangle the baby in the cradle, because, well...that baby might've grown up to be a jaywalker, who knows? If the show delays another month, it's not because they are fine-tuning or trying to make the best-possible product; it's just chaos and another sign that TPTB have no idea what they're doing, yada, yada, yada... Frankly I find her reports one-note and tiresome. Io9 can do better...
  5. ^ I agree with you that grief isn't a negative emotion; it's for coping and closure. But... that's one of the issues with such 'binary' robot thinking. They see someone sad and they assume it's not 'good'; it's one of the reasons that the early part of this episode reminded me of the McCoy-era "The Happiness Patrol." Now, you also bring up a good point; how do the robots make the quantum leap from such binary 'yes/no' 'good/bad' 'crying/happy'-thinking towards full sentience? Now that I think about it a bit more, that part WAS really rushed through without much forethought, I suppose. Can't robots or AI have a social order without sentience? Is that impossible? Maybe that's one of the inherent native qualities of robots; they can think and organize without feeling or becoming self-aware. It is also consistent with their failure to properly understand human emotions (i.e any emotion that isn't ridiculously saccharine). They don't ACT self aware. Um.... yeah, good point. (* feeling somewhat embarrassed for not noticing that...* ) I didn't think it was one of the 'great' episodes, that's for sure, but I enjoyed it a bit more than you did; it was a decent time passer. And yes, I very much agree that Bill and the Doctor have terrific chemistry; and her wonderfully sarcastic line "penguin running with its ass on fire" still works for me... Admittedly nothing special, but for me, "Smile" is not "Twin Dilemma"/"Time of the Rani"/"Fear Her"-level bad, either.
  6. I doubt they'll tackle Muslim religion/artifacts; too hot-button these days. And, as you say, Eastern religions potentially bring the cliche of martial arts and mysticism, so I wouldn't be surprised if they went that route. But yeah, UFOs and aliens never really fit into that pattern for me.
  7. We're seeing it the following Sunday morning.
  8. I'll be honest; I haven't watched SOG since its initial broadcast back in 1988. Truth.
  9. I would've saved Nomad the trouble and sterilized it myself...
  10. Nice to see Rheka Sharma added to the lineup! She is not only a veteran of Ron Moore's terrific version of "Battlestar Galactica" but she also starred in E8 of Star Trek Continues! She's practically part of the family already! Welcome aboard, Rheka. The rest of the new cast members I"m not as readily familiar with, but I'll take a better look...
  11. Well, this morning I had an hour and 20 minute window for exercise so I dragged the Exercycle to the living room and popped in some TNG blu-ray (* inspired by none other than Mr. Picard himself * ): Saw "Pen Pals" (a VERY underrated episode; in fact this episode is pretty much what Star Trek is all about; it's the "Devil in the Dark" of TNG. Saw "Q Who" blu-ray resolution. Still fanboying over it! Watched part of "Samaritan Snare" and thanks to Mr. Picard's influence, the only thing I could think of was what Mr. Picard would want to do with Jean-Luc in a shuttlecraft for six hours.... Oh, the corruption... And to those who think S2 isn't a 'strong' season? I'd really advise them to give it another try; it's the perfect boundary between the 'anything goes' quality of S1 and the well oiled machine of S3 and beyond. In this case, the 'anything goes' quality makes it slightly less predictable than later seasons, and as a result I think there is a lack of conformity that is somewhat missing in later seasons. And I STILL miss Dr. Pulaski. Her final scene with Picard in "Samaritan Snare" is pure gold. I was going to watch "Up the Long Ladder" but only got as far as the tea ceremony before I was soaked in sweat and sore as hell. The old beat up body has limits, and I really pushed them today...
  12. That's a great anecdote. I almost feel like I was there in the room with you two...
  13. Who knew the Klingons would get romance right?
  14. I saw it in ( * under my breath *) standard def a while back; it was amazing then. I can't wait to see it now.
  15. Begging works... I prefer to think of it as tenacity.