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  1. Thanks for the consideration. Much appreciated to you and to Robin. Group hug...
  2. You did. And I’m with you in that I don’t think it was an intentional (and certainly not an overtly political) issue; it’s more of a lapse in sensitivity. I’ve only watched it the one time, but I was a bit... shall we say, uncomfortable (for lack of a better word)... with seeing Bill so degraded (forced to go into the ‘lower’ parts of the ship; it almost had a bad feeling of ‘back of the bus’ to it). But intentionally political on Moffat’s part? I sincerely doubt that. Sometimes that cloud of white privilege can blind even the best-intentioned of people into cultural insensitivity. And the mistake here was, IMO, a failure to ‘sound out’ how some of the things done to Bill might play through other cultural lenses, that’s all. ^ I was assuming after the episode ended that there will be (hopefully?) some reason for his allowing Bill to be converted; maybe it was the only way to save her (?). I’m also wondering why the hell he didn’t just run back into the damn Tardis and undo her shooting in the first place; and I refuse to believe that her being shot was a 'fixed event' of some kind. The fact that she was resurrected into a Cyberbeing speaks to that. He moved heaven and earth (damn near literally) for Clara. When Bill was shot, it seemed to be ‘back to business’ a lot faster than I would normally expect. I also felt the same thing when Bill was missing in “The Eaters of Light”; the Doctor was curiously nonchalant (downright apathetic) about her being missing for DAYS. If Rose had gone missing, he’d put her face on a damn milk carton and put up bulletins across the galaxy... ^ Hoping as well. Bill, and her audience who loves her as we do, need a serious mega-happy ending to make it anywhere near right...
  3. Thanks for the update.
  4. Well, whatever the movie ‘says’, I’ll always have my head canon to fix whatever they get wrong, so...
  5. It debuts the week before Comic Con but I’m seeing it, no matter what.
  6. Depends on the perspective of the viewer. I’m not accusing Moffat or any of the people behind DW of being intentionally racist (that’s taking it too far, I agree) but I think it’s not invalid to feel that parts of WEAT are easily interpretable that way. For me, the image of Bill mopping floors was degrading. That was my feeling from it, and right or wrong, that’s what I take away from it. Neither do I. In fact, this might be a good place to not delve too much deeper into DW and any perceived racism (intentional or not).
  7. Yeah, the success of WW should tell them that dark & brooding is no longer the way to go. WW’s biggest asset is its positivity; its faith in the better nature of human beings. We NEED that message right now. As much as I enjoyed “Red Son” as a one-off, I really think its dark vision of Superman as a Soviet owned leg-breaker is the wrong message for right now.
  8. ^ This. His greatest hits tend to be films where he wasn’t responsible for the writing duties; ALIEN and BR are prime examples. He elevated him far beyond what was on the page, but he still needed that wonderful springboard for his own imagination to take flight and carry those concepts into the stratosphere.
  9. If I lived on your coast I probably wouldn’t let that happen; I’d be dragging you by the arm into the local cinema... Caution? What’s this ‘caution’ you speak of?
  10. Your analysis is incontrovertible and airtight. This is one of those times where a shift in perspective makes me literally rethink everything I’ve just seen... Would Rose or Donna have had a gaping hole in their chest? Highly doubt it. But (and not to play Devil’s advocate here) was it an unconscious act of violence against a gay woman of color, or was it just to up audience empathy and emotion? Would that moment had been as powerful if Bill (who broke my heart in this episode) had just been killed by some kind of ray or wisp of energy or what have you? The hole in her heart (and chest) was almost a metaphor for the doctor’s failure to protect her. Obviously, it’s not the first time a companion has died under his ‘care’, but this one was especially brutal and graphic, I agree. To be honest, I had more of an issue with The Master forcing her to mop corridors and clean up like some turn-of-the-last-century charwoman; that, to me, was even more racist (consciously or not) to me than the character being ‘killed’ in the beginning of the episode. But, in fairness, it wasn’t too dissimilar to the humiliation of Martha; who was forced into servitude, unable to even meet the (white) Doctor’s gaze for too long, in “Family of Blood.” That (and Bill’s mopping corridors) was deeply disturbing. But I was assuming (hoping?) that the Master’s comeuppance in the conclusion would be in direct proportion (or greater?) to the humiliation he (now she) put Bill through in this episode. The story is now painted into a corner, where anything other than Bill living happily ever with the woman of her dreams will feel less than compensatory for the pain and humiliation she’s suffered. ^ The lone tear was a twisting of the knife. I’m really hoping that, for once, a galactic reset button can undo all of the torture and humiliation that Bill went through... but, as you say, we (the audience) can’t unsee it. That’s another sad, too often used trope in fiction; the person of color who’s usually the first to die. Ironically, my wife and I didn’t see the episode on the night of the broadcast (I watched it the next day) because we were at a graduation party for our friend’s daughter; our friends are also black. I’ve known them for almost 30 years and are like family to me. The party we attended had many different types of people. As someone who also ‘has some color’ in me (I consider myself ‘ethnic white’; I’ve got a nice, big, non-button nose to prove it...), I usually sympathize (and empathize) with the ‘character of color’ because I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider in typically WASP-ish gatherings. My last name alone usually gets a few sideways stares from the “Johnsons” in the room (hehe). My friends (the ones who threw the party) are not DW fans; they don’t hate it per se, just never been properly introduced to it. But now that I think of it, I wonder how they would react if WEAT were their first exposure to the show? They too, might’ve rolled their eyes and said, “Another show where the black character is killed off in the opener...” ^ There’s certainly a lot riding on a positive outcome, that’s for sure. Thanks, once again Robin, for broadening perspective. Let’s hope Bill’s horrific fate is redeemed sooner than later, and here’s hoping your terrific daughter (I luckily say that from firsthand intel...hehe) continues to see many role models in fiction (and real life) who will help her to visualize, realize and ultimately pursue her own dreams.
  11. I am a big fan of this graphic novel, but I don't see how they could work it into their current canon. Given WW's recent boost, I think they'd be wiser to save some cash and do it as an animated feature. Keep the big money for another WW movie, to be honest. That's they're hottest property since TDK trilogy.
  12. I think it might even be on Netflix; if not, it’s on cable too. I’ll see it sooner than later. Today, the missus and I went for a second helping of “Wonder Woman” (2017); it was even better on the 2nd viewing. It also made for a surprisingly romantic ‘anniversary’ movie (today was our 18th wedding anniversary). We had a nice dinner afterward too.
  13. Maybe Picard found Soran's blaster and blew a deeper hole?
  14. Congratulations!!! Belated Father's Day wishes to you and your husband, and all the best for a terrific future for your family. and baby makes... PS: Love the name "Viola" by th way; sounds so regal to me. Maybe because it reminds me of one of my favorite actresses; the woman who can make me tear up with just a look, Viola Davis.
  15. Just saw “World Enough and Time” (2017) “I... waited....” * ...sound of my heart cleaving neatly in half... * Had it all. Terrific story, nice callbacks to prior DW lore (and yes, quite a bit of fan service, but so what?), more-or-less correct use of relativity, and a total tearjerker of a cliffhanger. Just...amazing.