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  1. Well, we knew the Kenobi movie was an eventuality, do it’s not exactly like they sprang it on us. I’m just trying to imagine how much Kenobi ‘story’ is left to tell; We saw him retire to a life of hermitude and Luke-watching on Tatooine at the end of ROTS, and we see him 20 years later as a “crazy old man” in SW77. While I really enjoyed Ewan McGregor in the role (one of the few things that actually worked in the prequels), it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm without knowing more. As it is, we should be watching a movie about a guy growing into retirement age in a hot desert while occasionally scaring off sandpeople and going to the local market for groceries, etc. It might as well be called “Florida Retirement: The Movie.”
  2. I’m looking forward to it... though I want to see S1 first before I read spoilers for S2. Kinda weird that way.
  3. Good point. Very good, in fact. It also depends on how long the ship was pushed at warp 9 to meet the deflection point, but yeah; if the ship was at warp 9 for any substantial length of time (even a few hours), it would take a hell of a lot longer than a few months to limp back at sub-light speeds. More like years. I noticed a similar thing in The Voyage Home; the Klingon bird-of-prey’s speed is off the dial (well beyond its maximum warp) and yet it does this nice, gentle parabola around the sun. The sun itself is only about eight light minutes away from Earth. And warp 9-plus whatever, the BOP’s flight to and around it would be less than a blink.
  4. So did I. Stayed with me long after the credits rolled.
  5. Watched two movies recently; “Loving” (2016) Based on the interracial couple living in 1950s-‘60s Virginia whose Supreme Court decision outcome made interracial marriage legal across all of the United States. Understated, but haunting movie. Joel Edgerton deserved an Oscar, IMHO. and “The Founder” (2016) A biography/dark comedy about McDonald’s ‘partner/co-opter’ Ray Kroc, who sort of steals the McDonald’s restaurant franchise and name right out from under the McDonald brothers. Michael Keaton is very good here, but on more familiar footing (playing a lying huckster) than the raw, deeper performance he gave in “Birdman.”
  6. ^ And there he is...
  7. And, to be honest, ST does (often) cross that line between fantasy and science fiction quite often. But even within its made up pseudoscience, there is a consistency. Transporters may be utter nonsense but adding “buffer coils” and “Heisenberg compensators” does a credible enough job of elevating them to a niche beyond magic orbs and crystals, agreed. If you can’t base a ST concept in real science? Then at least couch it in scientific-sounding jargon (the ever-handy technobabble), to give it a shred of credibility.
  8. Ah, thanks for that...
  9. ^ This. Hello? They’re exploring new worlds....? A botanical expert might come in handy. See: “The Martian.” I’m guessing he had a dual major in college... or he holds multiple degrees. Just because he’s expert in one field doesn’t preclude his expertise in another. Sulu was a helmsman, but prior to that he was ship’s physicist (“Where No Man...”) and we also learned that he had a talent for botany, with his own botanical lab (“Man Trap”). In deep space travel, with infrequent stops for replacement personnel, you’d need multiple-science specialists onboard. Just as the ISS currently has science specialists who also learn how to do basic piloting of Soyuz ingress/egress spacecraft, as well as basic engineering/troubleshooting.
  10. Carol Danvers? Isn’t a bit too-close-for-legal-dept’s-comfort to Kara Danvers on “Supergirl”? Just saying...
  11. I saw part of a panel on this at ST Vegas con. Designer John Eaves, a longtime veteran of the Berman-era of ST, mentioned that he was only allowed to work on ST09 after he swore he wouldn’t bring any of his previous ST experience to the job, as JJ Abrams and company wanted a whole new approach.
  12. I would try to maintain some semblance of humility.... which would last all of fifteen seconds before I broke my arm patting my own back.
  13. She’s my new DC superhero... Wonder how much her action figure will go for on Amazon?
  14. Not super-stalking Lois and her family... also a plus.