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  1. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    That's a nice meeting story.  It still amazes me how many truly terrific and creative people I've met through fandom; both online and real world.  
  2. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Love his jacket!  Make it so...awesome. 
    And yes, with that little 'engage' gesture, he certainly knows his audience.  Sir Patrick is the best.
  3. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?   

    Ugh... Careful, Gus. That's how "Bowling Green Massacres" and phony Swedish attacks happen.
  4. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?   

    I don't know if he is 'a mess'; do we have any way of knowing that for certain?  I hate to try to guess others' personal feelings, but oh well...
    At any rate, I wouldn't place blame of the current DC movies' creative failures at the feet of Affleck, and I still believe he was arguably the best of the modern Batmen.  Bale was excellent, but his lispy, raspy Bat-voice just sounds a bit silly to me these days (despite my enormous LOVE for the Nolanverse DK trilogy; I still think it was the best DC adaptation since 1978's Superman movie).  
    The fact that the Bale-Bat voice has been parodied on YouTube so often doesn't really help either...
  5. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    ^ Our Mr Picard writes some of the best fanfic I've yet read.  I really hear the character's 'voices' when he writes.  The wit and interaction of the characters is very sophisticated and true.  Another favorite of mine is our own Corylea, who writes TOS-era fanfic that is truly a cut above; really has a 'deleted scenes' feel to it.  Before I came to this board 5 years ago, I didn't read much in the way of fanfic, and to be honest, much of that earlier stuff just wasn't very good in my opinion.  But being a part of this community has opened my eyes to a broader world of possibilities; and I realized that there are some massively talented writers out there that I'd simply not discovered yet...
  6. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic The Transporter as a weapon?   

    One wonders if the Klingons or Romulans have their own versions of PTs, and would they use them as 'ethically' as the Federation?  
    And yes, while Data used his to save Picard's life (inarguably a good thing), we also saw Lore have a hidden beam up device in his thumbnail (in "Brothers"); if a being like Lore had access to miniaturized transporter tech, that would pose a serious threat to the Federation.  What if Lore gave such a device to the greedy, stupid Pakleds (with whom Lore commandeered a ship from)?  They could roam the galaxy kidnapping people to 'look for things' to 'make them go.' 
  7. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic The Transporter as a weapon?   

    I'd almost forgotten that one, and I just saw "Gambit" only a couple weeks ago (don't ask; I was bored...hehe).
    This raises the issue of Starfleet's personal transporters, like the ones seen in NEM. What if one had a personal transporter that could be smuggled past a security screening (since it's not an obvious weapon) and then, when one finds their target, they clandestinely stick one of those PT's on them and either kidnap them or disassemble them?  
    Could PTs be used as abduction devices, or to simply beam some poor, unsuspecting victim into oblivion?   That's a scary thought, especially since a PT could be easily disguised as a combadge or even a piece of jewelry (given their small, discreet size in NEM).
  8. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    I enjoyed the 1996 TV movie (despite its flaws) but I very much agree with KM that its biggest mistake was partnering with Fox TV.  Not to mention that it premiered opposite the then-huge hit American sitcom "Roseanne."   I also agree with Sim that as a 2nd pilot for the series, it was a promising start.  I've seen far worse pilots that yielded excellent series ("Encounter at Farpoint" was a rocky start for TNG in 1987), so I would've been more than willing to cut DW96 a bit of slack to develop itself from an ugly duckling phase of its slightly awkward pilot into the swan it could've been.
    But it wasn't meant to be, I suppose.  But 2005 DW got the train back on the tracks, and thank goodness that the franchise didn't forget or ignore DW96 completely, as it very well could have.   McGann's Doctor is a part of the greater whole, and that's a good thing IMO.   Whatever flaws there were in DW96. McGann's Doctor was NOT one of them.
    Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night.  I've been at the Gallifrey One convention in LA since Saturday and haven't watched anything.  But I did see Paul McGann yesterday, both autographing and onstage.   He still looks every bit the Doctor to me.  When asked if he'd be up for a guest role as Doctor 8 again?  He said, "Oh yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhh."
    Here's hoping he (and we) get his wish in a special "Two Doctors" episode someday...
  9. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic Doctor Who - General Discussion   

    Speaking of the Doctor, I am at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles right now, and it's been a blast.   We had to miss Friday because of flash flooding all over LA (yes, let me repeat that; flash flooding in LA... I know, right??) but we got here early Saturday and it's been a lot of fun.  Seen some familiar faces and friends, and I've met Lalla Ward (the Second Romana in classic "Doctor Who") and Deep Roy, who plays Keenser in the Bad Robot ST movies (as well as 'walking Yoda' in Empire Strikes Back, and the Oompa Loompas in "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory").  I've attended some very interesting panels, including an impassioned speculative panel on ST Discovery.  
    I promise a lot more information, stories and pics very soon.   Allons-yyyyy! 
  10. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic The Transporter as a weapon?   

    Interesting topic, ethically speaking. 
    Given the delicacy of disassembling mass into energy atom-by-atom I imagine there are many ways such a device could be perverted into a weapon.  Besides the obvious (beaming weapons onto an enemy ship), there are also far more cruel and unusual methods that would be exploited by less ethical species (like the TOS-era Klingons, who were not above poisoning grain shipments or sneaking arms shipments to disrupt a planet's balance of power).  Even in TOS' "Day of the Dove" when Kirk and Spock arranged to have Kang and his Klingon landing party 'suspended in transit' to await a security detail, Scotty (admittedly under the influence of the 'hate entity') toyed with the idea of leaving the Klingons in 'non-existence.'   Basically beaming your enemies into energy and NOT returning them to mass (!).  A more insidious way of killing an enemy than simply aiming phasers at them.
    There was also that scene in TMP which was nightmare fuel to my then-12 year old self, when the refit Enterprise's transporter malfunctioned, turning Commander Sonak and a female crewman into inverted blobs of screaming protoplasm.  I'm not sure why, but that moment really screwed with my head when I was a kid.  Maybe it was the muffled, agonized screaming, but wow; that would be the most HORRIBLE way to die I could imagine....
    Besides tricking one's enemy into allowing themselves to be disassembled (or inverted, as in TMP), there is also (as suggested above) the potential tactic of beaming off 'chunks' of an enemy vessel, or beaming out a piece of a vital system that would cause an overload if removed (such as a warp core containment system).  But since nothing can beam through shields, this would require either lowering the enemy vessel's shields through more conventional means, or tricking them into allowing access.  Either way seems a bit time-wasteful or perverse than a direct attack.
    Maybe there is some kind of intergalactic Geneva convention that prevents the transporter from being used in certain ways for all species that have the technology (?).   I don't know.  If not, perhaps there should be...
  11. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    The Tardis interior of 1996 is one of my favorites.
    And yes, there was a bit of 'ticking off the DW boxes' at first (though that whole Daleks/Master 'trial' thing left me scratching my head...), but it kind of finds its own rhythm after awhile.   Not as out-of-the-box successful as the 2005 incarnation of the show, but it was a step in that direction.   And yes, Paul McGann is excellent.   I think that's one point most DW fans can agree upon, even detractors of the 1996 movie.  
    I loved his 'Jesus/Frankenstein' regeneration scene as well...
  12. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    It's far from perfect, but I enjoy it too.  
    It is a very nice bridge between classic and modern DW.  In fact, I'm leaving today to attend the Gallifrey One convention in L.A and Paul McGann is supposed to be there.  I met him in 2014.  Nice, soft spoken guy.  
    The last non-ST thing I watched was more Battlestar Galactica S3: "Taking a Break From All Your Worries" (one of the worst of this otherwise amazing show") and "Day in the Life."
  13. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    First.... hehe... 'dirt' on his 'poop'.   
    Secondly, interesting press junket; and I liked this quote from the director of "Logan":
    I wish more action movies would take that stance instead of showing dead characters constantly resurrecting; death should have permanence, even in art.  It's important to convey that.  Young people learn from entertainment; and to learn the value of human life, even in fiction, is a very potent and powerful lesson. 
  14. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic General Star Wars Discussion   

    That is why I like and respect the original trilogy so much; it was such a neat, self contained universe with good consistency.  Then the prequels came along and blew so much of that internal logic to hell that I guess I just don't care anymore.
    Now  I just want SW to be good, and to entertain me.  It's integrity was seriously breached with the prequels and all of the other tie-in stuff that it's no longer as 'special' as it used to be for me all those years ago.  Now I see the seams and the patches where I didn't before.  
    I must say that Disney's SW movies have done a lot to restore much of my old feeling for the SW franchise. 
  15. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    War reparations in a society with replicator technology and no money would be redundant.  The only real 'loss' would be life, and that's irreplacable. And no price tag can be put on that.   
    I think the greatest reparation would be a peace treaty to prevent it from ever happening again.