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  1. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    ^ This. I still plan to give TLJ another try soon, but the fact that I’m kinda dragging my feet on it says something... Today I just bought Blade Runner 2049 on blu ray and I plan to break into the bonus features tomorrow.
  2. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    ^ This.
  3. USS ENTERPRISE 1964 - Rare Pics

    Surprised the Enterprise didn’t get a ticket for being illegally parked...
  4. General Marvel Discussion

    Once you’ve flown into The Devil’s Anus, where else can you go really?
  5. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    I’m just as disappointed to see what TLJ has done to fandom as I am with the movie itself. Oh well. There’s “Rebels” at any rate. Interesting and unexpected that a CG cartoon would better capture the flavor of the OT than the current movie, while still showing new things within the universe (another argument against TLJ fans who insist that some of us only want familiar story elements).
  6. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    And it’s not just because he ‘subverted expectations’; it’s because his unexpected twists were simply bad ones. You can subvert expectations in a good way (“I am your father”), but TLJ just doesn’t. The unexpected subversions are just lazy; Luke tossing the saber, Snoke and Rey’s backstories being nothing, etc. And again, I don’t hate TLJ. I really wanted it to succeed. But it didn’t and I’m just really disappointed with it. Instead of us not ‘getting' it, I don’t think Rian Johnson gets it.
  7. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    I love Kevin Smith, but... He can blame it on ‘fan expectations’, and while that may be a factor to some degree, but it’s hardly the SOLE reason the movie is scoring so low on Rotten Tomatoes. IMO, the movie failed, not the fans.
  8. Flickr set from the IMATS makeup trade show; including LOTS of pics like the one in the post above, including pics of makeup artists and other people from Star Trek and The Orville (including “Bortus” actor Peter Macon). Flickr album/ IMATS 2018, Pasadena “Bortus” (Peter Macon), out of makeup: And yes, his voice really IS that deep...
  9. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    That was my take as well.

    And don’t upset the Nomad probe either...
  11. USS ENTERPRISE 1964 - Rare Pics

    Great pics!
  12. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Wow! That thing looks like it could really work.
  13. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    I mentioned her in my blog: She’s one of my favorite characters. You and me both!
  14. Paramount and CBS............Together Again ???

    I could see Tarantino teaming up with From Dusk Till Dawn's Robert Rodriguez and making a Star Trek-meets-El Mariachi style movie..."El Loco Lorca."