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    I been a Star Trek fan all my life. As far back as i can remember. I orginally liked it for the space adventure and the Pew pews, and the shaking bridges and exploding consoles (Come on i was kid, i liked stuff like that) But i mostly into the meanings and the cerebralism now. My favorite Starship is the Connie Refit, which i can never find anywhere. I missed out on the Artasylum and Diamond Select released which were the most accurate (and rough on my ships) released. Stupid stores wont carry it.
    My other interests are BABYLON 5 (close 2nd to Star Trek), Twilight Zone (the show that made the word "Twilight" cool before wimpy vampires destroyed it), Seaquest DSV, The Original Battlestar Galactica, and The Outer Limits (Both the 1960s orginal and the 90's one).

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  1. VIACOM CEO on Star Trek Movie Franchise

    What the Hell? A Dud, only reason Beyond was a dud is because how f'ed up the release dating was- oh and very very craptastic trailers. Here at my Library, we have 2 copies of Beyond, and we can't keep it on the shelf, it stays checked out. Paramount Network....I thought they tried that....UPN...United Paramount Network. It was that network that canceled Enterprise due to low ratings...and those low ratings were the highest ratings they had at the time for any show on the network.
  2. Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK 4

    The Color palette of Nemesis was the worst thing about it. Well, besides the look of the Bridge, thats the best that bridge ever looked. The problem with Nemesis isn't the script (Read John Logan's entire uncut script, its actually pretty good) , the problem was the editor for a director that couldn't stop cutting important stuff out, and couldnt get away from his "dark" palette. Listen to his commentary, he says "dark, darker, more dark" over and over and over again. Not to mention Digital Domain did a very crappy job with special effects. Star Trek Insurrection was cinematic enough. I had a blast watching it in the theatre wan i was 12. Anyways, Ill take Baird's DARK over JJ's OH MY GOD I CANT SEE ITS SO BRIGHT LENSFLARE any day.
  3. Has anyone wondered what Sisko was doing while Worf took the Defiant to fight the Borg? I mean the Defiant was Sisko's baby. Why was Sisko not in command? Any theories (In universe) why Sisko wasn't present to fight the Borg? Or why Starfleet would send Worf and not Sisko.
  4. Apparantly, none of the Living Machines were equipped with brushes to give V'ger a bath. I guess hygiene is not a priority on a planet of living machines. Bet they are all rusted and stinky!!!
  5. Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK 4

    See, thats what I like about Insurrection. It actually has that TNG feel to me, plus some action from the Awesome Enterprise E that spent most of the movie just sitting in orbit in First Contact. Not to mention Jerry Goldsmith's great score (for example "The village" and "New sight")
  6. Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK 4

    All the 90's movies were better than 2009 and into darkness.
  7. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    YEs, I mean the trailer didn't promise TOO much, it promised a good enjoyable movie, and thats what I found when I watched it. A nice enjoyable movie. Only other time thats happened where the movie delivered as the trailer promised was Age of Adeline.
  8. V'Ger. The Borg, the Dominion, Federation, Klingons, Romulans combined would never be able to penatrate that 2 AU (or 82 depending which verson you watch) in diameter. And it would seem those plasma bolts would finish a ship in 1 or 2 hits.
  9. Nicholas Meyer Slams STAR TREK VI

    I guess it could've been worse click bait. "Nicholas Meyer says STVI is a piece of garbage" or "Nicholas Meyer says that he's a sucky director" or "Nick Meyer compares his movie to Health Bill"
  10. Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK 4

    Because apparently, each movie MUST take 4 years to make....I miss the 2 year gaps of the 90's. I hope they keep JJ away from the director's chair.
  11. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Passengers. I really liked this movie. I don't understand critics' beef with this movie.
  12. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Quantum Leap.....things gone a little Kaakaa
  13. Nicholas Meyer Slams STAR TREK VI

    How dare Nicholas Meyer bash the greatest thing he's ever directed. The best of all Star Trek. The most mature space drama. This makes me almost as mad as Spielberg being ashamed of directing "Hook", the best adventure movie of all time!!!
  14. The Alternative Factor

    This is the only TOS episode that I actually HATE. (I even like Spock's Brain, and Way to Eden) This episode is just unwatchable. I feel a bit of nausea while watching it.
  15. Thread for helping us cope with how different Discovery will be

    People seem to be a fan of serialized stuff. Not me. Im tired or dragged out arcs. It worked out for Ds9 because it would inject one off stories with he arc. Modern tv today, you just can't tell one episode from another. The more episodes, the better for me. variety!!!