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  1. Problems recruiting?

    I am in agreement with you guys on this. I started writing, ir rather simming - a year and a half ago. Up until then I had not written anything creatively in approximately a decade. I had been thinking about writing for a long time but never taken the jump. I didn't consider myself a good writer having not done anything since school and I wanted something social where I could join in with other writers and just have some fun. How I wish I had discovered simming sooner. I have grown considerably as a writer and even now I feel there is always more to learn. To me it really is the best fun and i love being able to explore the Star Terk universe my way. Through my characters I have explored so much, wrestled with every day issues, made friends for life. All whislt having more than a few laughs. I wish more people would give it a try, there are plenty of excellent sims (games) out there for people to try and most of them are very friendly to new and inexperienced writers. I've even had people in the sim whose first language is not English but they like Trek and use simming as a way to not only have fun, but improve their English.