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  1. Quark's former girlfriend?

    yeah lol :D
  2. "Tell Morn your problems"

    YAY! its me again how are you... I just want to say you rock! Quark: hey what about me?....You rock to Quark. Quark: aww thanks.. so what can i get you? mmm...Rootbeer Quark: rootbeer it is
  3. Why do they diss Star Trek?

    Because the don't understand it I guess
  4. Reward comes to those who are patient :)

  5. Quark's former girlfriend?

    Anyone know what happen to her? I forgot her name but she was a cardassian
  6. Deep Space Nine Thoughts...

  7. Watched Take me to the holosuite one I love that episode :D I want the autograpth baseball from them :v lol
  8. George takei Birthday

    Happy Birthday George
  9. Best Ferengi in DS9

    So weird the other day when I was calling out to my mom and she wouldnt listen and when I yelled out Moogie! she answered 0_0 lol
  10. Deep Space Nine Thoughts...

    I say its the best show I have ever seen
  11. Rate this DS9 character: Ezri Dax

    I gave her a 7 shes cool
  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Picard!

    Happy Birthday
  13. Rate this TNG Character: Dr. Beverly Crusher

    I rated 5 and yeah I hardly know her very well
  14. The Siege of AR-558

    Best episode ever :D
  15. The Storyteller

    I felt bad for that one guy who was supposed to be the storyteller and the bajoran wouldnt forgive him about last time :/