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  1. Theory on the Klingon redesign

    And considering the embarrassment surrounding the QuchHa', it perhaps isn't that surprising that they would not be on the High Council.
  2. Theory on the Klingon redesign

    Well, anything could have happened in the years between DIS and TOS for the "new look" Klingons to have fallen out of favour. Side-effects could have cropped up which proved to be dangerous for the species, leading many to undergo reverse-treatment back to TMP and TOS types. See, ENTERPRISE went to great lengths to explain the disparity between TOS Klingons and TNG Klingons. We cannot just ignore that and leave it to bigger budgets.
  3. Theory on the Klingon redesign

    Bear in mind, the 24 Great Houses that make up the High Council at the time of DIS do not comprise the entirety of the Klingon Empire. There are dozens of minor Houses, a number of which may not share the same characteristics as the main Houses on the Council. This new look is a "fad" that is extremely popular with the majority of Klingons. Even among the Great Houses there may be some members who don't have the new look, but they are not particularly prominent at this moment in time.
  4. So what do we call the universe that Discovery takes place in?
  5. Theory on the Klingon redesign

    Well it is extremely popular with many Houses.
  6. Theory on the Klingon redesign

    If that is the solution, the show is wrong. It is not part of prime continuity.
  7. Theory on the Klingon redesign

    Well we never saw any TMP-TNG types in TOS; doesn't meant there weren't any.
  8. My personal theory on the radical redesign of the Klingons on the show is that, in-universe, it is the result of an attempt to cure the QuchHa' (Unhappy Ones) taint introduced in ENT "Affliction/Divergence." While those administered with the treatment regained many of their Klingon features, it also had the side-effect of introducing a number of new genetic traits, but was still seen as an improvement, so it was accepted. By the time of DIS, it's become very popular within the Great Houses, even those not originally afflicted with the augment virus. Most offspring born to Klingons of this new type possess the new features, however there are occasional flukes, so Klingons of the TMP-TNG-DS9 type and the TOS type are still born, and there are still plenty who did not accept the new treatment in the first place, so they're still around.
  9. Kol and the House of Kor

    Well, even though Worf was effectively the head of the House of Mogh for a while, the House did not change its name to the House of Worf, most likely because Mogh's sons kept their father's name out of respect. Perhaps the House of Kor was initially named for Kor's grandfather, and the same thing happened? Also, didn't Kurn represent the House of Mogh on the High Council, despite his brother being the real head? Then again, Worf was serving in the Federation at the time.
  10. Kol and the House of Kor

    Why is it called the House of Kor then?
  11. Kol and the House of Kor

    Why is the House of Kor represented by Kol on the High Council? Shouldn't it be Kor himself, seeing how the House bears his name??
  12. Regarding the Organians, I think they did care about others beside themselves; they rescued Kirk and Spock from Klingon capture, after all, despite knowing they would doubtless resume antagonizing the Klingons on the surface. They could have just stopped all fighting in the vicinity of their homeworld, but instead they manifested their power everywhere, so I reckon they did have an interest in the well-being of the rest of the galaxy. As for why they never intervened in future conflicts.....perhaps they didn't stick around for very long after Errand of Mercy, and departed for some higher realm, believing (rightly or wrongly) that the lesser species could handle themselves?
  13. I believe it is mentioned in "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" and shown on a tactical map in "The War Without, The War Within."
  14. Thing is, if it does use time travel to avert the war.....the show's done. And if it doesn't......well, it's still done, because this is a development that simply does not square at all with Errand of Mercy.
  15. Characters in the TNG era frequently brought up the Romulan War of two centuries earlier when Romulans were encountered. And now we know Organia has been conquered, which flat out contradicts TOS "Errand of Mercy." Good luck reconciling that....