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  1. To those who say I hate the show... Yeah... It's a grind. The only reason why I put up with it is because of the title Star Trek. Thankfully there's only six more episodes to go and then I'm done- I don't wanna see another season. I'm still cheesed off by Captain Georgiou dying. She was the only character I liked who had a nice Picard aura about her. But no- kill off the most interesting and endearing character... I mean why couldn't they have swapped it around- Jason Isaacs plays the Captain who dies in the pilot and Michelle Yeoh plays the Captain of the Discovery. Michelle Yeoh fitted into this show- despite its stupid, insane and inane moments. But Jason Isaacs... He's one of those classically trained British actors and he seems a bit lost with the material. He should work on paper but he doesn't... Why wasn't Captain Georgiou the central/main character? Watching this is like watching the abominable TNG season 1, except there are no endearing characters. No Picard or Worf or Data; even during the worst of TNG season 1 those three had some good moments in the middle of all the dreck. / With each episode I see some promising developments then the next scene happens and smashes whatever good things there are to pieces. I liked the dynamic between Burnham and Georgiou in the 1st half of the pilot and that tense conversation was great. Then Burnham Vulcan death grips Georgiou. Oh God... I loved seeing Georgiou fight and strategise her way through a battle. The Klingon Prophet stabs her right through the heart. Why waste such a great character? I liked the notion of Burnham doing grunt work and of the Discovery being a science vessel coopted by military matters. The characters are either cold to snarky or just out of place (Burnham's roommate). I liked the idea of a Starfleet Captain forcing his subordinates to do unethical things to a creature in the name of the war effort. The creature was actually a docile thing which just needed some spore-feeding; ugh, too easy. At least still make it act violent and aggressive even despite being fed correctly; at least get to act like a cornered, trapped animal would that's wild and wants to get out. I liked the idea of a purely scientific starship... It's powered by spores and mushrooms... I still laugh at this. / This series cannot make up its mind or pull punches. It wants to go dark- then have that creature dissected and its remains used in the name of the war effort. That's exploration of Voyager's Equinox themes and let's go full on dark and gory Alien 3. Give it to me! Nope- it's edgy stuff without the impact to be dark nor the consideration to be lighter. The series wants to go light- it's gets so fully on preachy, obvious and ridiculous that it places subtlety on a blazing neon sign. The problem here is the tone and the lack of intelligence on the part of the writers and story-tellers. They seemed to have forgotten the notion of humanity shining through the darkness, instead the writers are content with the murky depths. That's why every character is snarky, passive aggressive and cold in a monotone way. Adding humanity to the writing is very tricky because you need all kinds of characters to see this humanity and it means considering every situation very carefully in regards to context and feel. You want edgy, dark, viseral and something with humanity- watch Prime Suspect. Watch a show which does this stuff right and with brilliant characters and story-telling. Also, and maybe because I don't haven't watched any new TV series since oh... early 2000s, and what I have watched is nearly all pre 2000. But... Have TV series just got dumber in the last 15 years? / As for the technology and believability. At least warp drive (space-time folding) has been proven to be a method of propulsion- though at sublight speeds. At least scientists have teleported particles on the atomic level. At least replicators may be viable thanks to 3-D printers. At least padds and wireless communication is actually today's reality. The good old Star Trek took scientific and technological ideas and vastly extrapolated their progress and implications. Discovery is utter science mumbo jumbo... Seriously... A spore-powered warp drive.
  2. We have a big, nasty, violent creature which at the time had unpredictable behaviour. Saru's neck mandibles -- whatever they are -- are instinctual, so they're gonna be way out of his head. So what does Saru's neck mandibles know that everyone doesn't? How can Saru's neck mandibles not stick out in fear/caution if Saru himself is feeling cautious/afraid/concerned? Am I making any sense here? You can't explain away this level of dumb.
  3. Another average episode which benefited from some much needed lighter moments for most characters; especially the engineer who in the third episode came off as super annoying and arrogant. But the stupidity of it all is killing me and this series. SPOILERS: 1. The security officer gets out a phaser rifle to shoot the creature even though phaser fire doesn't work, and then she DIES! Dumbest death ever. 2. They want a claw or a piece of the creature for weaponry and armour. How about using the transporter and RIPPING it off the creature? 3. The pale Klingon commands a cloaked ship and yet the other Klingon leaders never bothered to get the cloaking device until now. Why did they wait for six months? 4. The last will and testament of the dead Captain Georgiou is in this big clunky box which pings every half minute- dumb, obvious symbolism. A Padd and a gift-wrapped telescope would have sufficed. 5. That spore drive... Ugh... A mushroom-powered transwarp drive... 6. The creature is like some kind of spore-drive magnet- GROAN! 7. Burnham clearly doesn't understand animals, just because an animal becomes nice after feeding it doesn't mean there is no further aggression or aggravating behaviour. Apparently the creature just needs to be fed and its as docile as a kitten... 8. Why didn't the scanners spot the connection between the creature, the spores and the spore drive? 9. Burnham continues to remain insufferable and stubborn, if there was actually one moment where she follows the advice of someone else instead of being so impulsive. All I'm getting from this character is that she hast to take insane risks and simply lucks out- except when Captain Georgiou died. This characterization is head-banging infuriating! 10. This was a comment I noticed on Youtube BUT- Star Fleets Discovery uses robotic animal nipple clip torture to drive the ship now!???? To quote Kim Jong Il from Team America: Why is everyone so _______ stupid? The sooner this series ditches the Klingon war and does something else the better. And no more spore-drive! In fact don't ever, ever try sci-fi again. Seriously... Spore drive...
  4. Withdrawing would have made more sense. Let the Klingons invade a bit of Federation territory, in the meantime Starfleet gathers together some fleets and then gives those Klingons absolute hell. Retreat is one of the most useful tactics out there, but no Starfleet had to hold a line where the clock was ticking. It would have made WAY MORE sense if Starfleet had asked the ship (forget its name) to return to a nearby space station or fleet of ships in order to prepare for a counter-offensive against the Klingons. It's about winning the war not one particular battle. Negotiations would have been good as well- it buys time. Besides why would Starfleet give a damn about what the Klingons think? From this series it seems clear that the Federation has an advantage in economy, technology and most likely military. Attacking first makes the Federation look weak because Starfleet is playing by the Klingon's rules, by sticking to negotiation the Federation is sticking to what it does best. And a foe ultimately respects their opponent when that opponent doggedly sticks to their principles and rules. That's defiance, defiance projected through power ultimately creates respect. In the good old Star Trek that's what made the Federation so potent- even after wars it was still willing to negotiate, find peace and find common ground. It's how the Federation won over some of its foes: Klingons for instance. How could the writers forget all of this? Why? Or... Or perhaps the writers don't know jack about life and just want to squeeze out drama and suspense for the sake of drama and suspense.
  5. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    SPOILER: Pro: Burnham seems a little more human. We get to see Discovery. The Captain is reasonably good. Cons: So cold, so very, very cold! Quantum level spores connecting the universe is the dumbing thing I have seen in Star Trek- and Star Trek has had its dumb moments. Saying that quantum level spores enables some kind of transwarp drive... What? The characters feel like something from today's time. Too much SNARK! Ginger-haired cadet lady- how the hell did she get through Starfleet Academy's pysche test? She seems WAY to fragile. I found this episode cold and boring. The main characters don't have any light inside of them, they seem stuck on cold, frigid and annoyingly sarcastic. It can't just be explained away by the war, it's like even before the war they would come off sarcastic, cold and too serious. It's that classic TV/Film trap of creating "dark" and "edgy" stuff- make everyone into this monotone cold, tense and snarky personality. Too much GoT spiel... I mean don't writers know that to make something dark you contrast it with the humanity: with goodness, with laughter and with sticking to principles? So by showing the lack of it really highlights the difference and has more of a gutpunch effect? Watch Gladiator or Braveheart, those are dark films but there is also a levity to them in general and a gutteral warm feeling- because the characters have humanity and a warmth... Maximus, William Wallace, Proximo... And the science... I don't want to know, it's that bad, I really, really have phased it out of my brain... Insanely stupid. At least I could root for Burnham a little bit, but those first two episodes have murdered this character's storyline. There's no coming back from having seen such stupidity and reckless, which is why it is poor story-telling. The wrong things were shown and they shown in the wrong order. This episode should have been the proper pilot and it should have had more meat to its bone. It also badly needed some levity, some humanity and some soul. Why is everything so blue? Why are the characters so monotone? I'm watching this show to the bitter end, despite the feeling being so off...
  6. With Sisko and Garak one could feel the intelligence and cunning, it was a risky gambit but a clever one. They read the situation and managed to successfully manipulate. With Burnham it was just reactionary and based on some chance encounters historically with Klingons, perhaps the Vulcans fired on an aggressive Klingon tribe/clan/faction. How could Burnham extrapolate like that given the many years of zero contact between the Klingons and the Federation? Caution was the best option but Burnham just seems reckless and it came out of nowhere. That and the episode was poorly written. Burnham's actions make no sense in regards to the seven-year relationship between herself and Georgiou. This is a relationship which respects the command structure and one where the first officer is supporting the captain. The answer is quite simple- keep the peace and don't provoke the Klingons! Let them make the first move. Anyway, Burnham's character suffers from atrocious story-telling. It would have made more sense to see her character from the third episode onwards and hinting that she has done something bad, but by showing what she did it destroys the believability of the good aspects of her character. Because of the first two episodes I struggle to see Burnham keeping a cool head, where the series says logic and intuition I see recklessness and dodgy assumptions.
  7. I have zero love for Burnham and she ain't an anti-hero and worse still her actions killed off the best character the show had going which was Captain Georgiou. Put it this way the more episode 1 continued and the more episode 2 continued the biggest drag to the show's quality was Burnham's character, I also think her redemption arc is going to be as emo and as dumb as hell. Basically there's no coming back from the mistakes she made, her actions caused a war to break out between the Klingons and the Federation. There is NOTHING to sympathise with for Burnham because her actions are so stupid. It's... It's botched story writing and characterization. The show's creators have focused on the wrong character. Let's hope the other characters yet to be introduced are more interesting.
  8. Second episode was better because... SPOILERS: Burnham went to prison for life! Yay! You stay there for a LONG time and think about the HORRIBLE things and RECKLESS things you did. BUT...... Captain Georgiou dies! Why? Why? Why? It was like a dagger through my heart... Oh wait... I did cry out "NO!" though because we had such a good character here. You have a Sun Tzu spewing strategist and someone who was like a female version of Captain Picard and one with this warmth, compassion and humanity. For some moments I could see what Discovery could have been and it was glorious. Dare I say she was even better than Janeway... I've never warmed up to a Starfleet captain character so quickly, it was an incredible. What a waste of Michelle Yeoh because she was so absolutely brilliant. I did say a month or two ago that Michelle Yeoh as a captain would probably be like a female version of Picard and I was RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Michelle Yeoh should have been the main star of the show, but no... No, no, no... Let's kill off the best character going. Cos' LOGIC! But overall? I think Discovery has got it all backwards and these first two episodes should have been placed somewhere in season 2 or season 3- it would have made for a great cliffhanger. Problem is now we're back in the dark again and what worries me is that there may not be a core set of cast members and characters, I fear this show is going to jump around and so it's going to be very hard to appreciate the characters. This means the show must rely on ideas to be interesting but... I have some serious concerns on that front. The one actually interesting thing was how T'Klath that Klingon messiah, leader, whatever you want to call him was an emulation of the Prophet Muhammed. Because in Islam race and colour and creed is irrelevant if you are Muslim, but the man died... He died before his character and motivations could be truly explored. Hmm... Here's another interesting and good character killed off way too soon. To paraphrase Donald Trump... This show's a mess.
  9. So I watched the first episode and I would say it is pretty mixed and strangely lacks focus. I liked the Captain (Georgiou is it?) and the Klingons were interesting if a bit confusing. But... SPOILERS: 1. Why did Burnham have to Vulcan death grip the Captain? They mentioned their seven year working relationship and mutual trust for each other and for one moment it almost shone when Burnham apparently backed down. It's awful characterization and a horrible kick in the stomach- we are supposed to like the Burnham character right? 2. And now Klingons are racist!?! So white coloured Klingons (Kelvin Universe Klingons) are untermensch? When did the Klingons care about skin colour? All they cared about was castes and honour. 3. And Burnham is so stupid and impulsive. Fly to an unknown object? How about send a probe? Speculating about Klingon motives and jumping to action despite little Federation/Klingon contact? How about trust the Captain's advice and stay put and don't do anything rash! Ugh- so she's supposed to be smart and a good person, yet the writing makes her out to be the opposite. It's like a covert racist slap in the face- it's like the episode is covertly saying black people are stupid and impulsive. Seriously Burnham's character is the main character and what this series has done with her... I still can't get over that Vulcan death grip... {---} Oh well... On to the next episode. Lord of mercy I am scared as to where this is going to go next because something about the story/plot is offski. Pray for me...
  10. Discovery and Me

    For me the bottom line is dialogue and story. If Discovery can come anywhere close to TNG and DS9 then that will be good. But the new look for the Klingons just annoyed me, the Klingons in JJ Trek looked awful. I'm not sure what the viewing options are for the UK or when UK Trekkies can see Discovery, but I will be tuning in to see the pilot and the first series. Personally don't be surprised if Discovery does turn out to be a trainwreck, the first season of TNG and large parts of DS9's 1st season were train wrecks. The second season of both of those shows alternated between greatness and a trainwreck, finally when it came to the 3rd season the show found its groove. If Discovery makes it to the 3rd season then it can only be great- every series post-TOS has proved this to be true. So it should hold for Discovery. In fact I would be more worried if Discovery was very good in the first season because things only go downhill: look at TOS and Voyager. With TOS it started dipping downwards from season 2 and with Voyager it got stuck in a rut and was often very cautious with its story-telling; unlike DS9 which went places.
  11. DS9-approach or go home. DS9 was great because of its deconstruction approach. It explained a bit more about how the Federation worked, what were the limits of the Federation utopia and what it actually took to defend utopia. Discovery needs to continue on with this deconstruction approach by trying to answer the following questions: is the Federation an ideal Communist state or is it something else? Is there a place in the Federation for SJWs, 3rd wave feminism and PC culture sweeping through the West today? Where does religion fit in to all of this- where are the Christians and Muslims? How does the Federation economy work with no money and/or use of energy credits? Does the Federation have vassal states? Does the Federation have member worlds which are troubled: politically, militarily, culturally? If a Federation member's world is undergoing problems does the Federation eventually kick out that member? These are questions which can form the backbone for dozens of episodes. Heck even just having a religious character, one who is either Christian or Muslim, could have all kinds of story possibilities and it would be a VERY bold thing to say: in the 23rd century religions get along on Earth, there are no more religious wars and sectarian disputes. But why? Perhaps even juxtapose all of this growing waves of secularism and spiritualism. I feel Star Trek was at its best when either exploring morality or deconstructing morality/politics/ideologies/philosophies. I also feel the Star Trek universe and the Federation badly needs to be deconstructed to provide new stories in Star Trek.
  12. So a bit of a who's who, though I'm not sure where in the article it mentions the four year Klingon War. As for T'Kuvma, he looks very much like Michael Dorn...
  13. Carrie Fisher

    That's the role I most remember from Carrie Fisher, she was brilliant in The Blue Brothers. RIP.
  14. DS9 Documentary Helmed by Ira Behr

    I'm leaning towards that being painkiller issues in regards to his back. ^ Didn't even think of that; I certainly had my moments when I was on heavy prescription meds 20 years ago... May have been a factor in his DUI as well. Not trying to justify it, but perhaps he was self-medicating. If Avery Brooks is self-medicating on painkillers, and perhaps prescription drugs, then he needs to be careful. Heath Ledger died from accidental overdose, MJ and Prince died from painkiller overdoses too.
  15. Carrie Fisher

    Bummer! I know she is very famous for Star Wars, but she was brilliant in the Blue Brothers as the jilted bride seeking revenge and also her role in When Harry Met Sally. Hope she recovers soon because it's never good having heart attacks at that age...