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  1. What's You're Favorite Data Moment?

    My favorite is Creepy Data in "Unification":
  2. Alien Covenant

    I was entertained by it, yes. I'll re-watch it again at some point, maybe it'll get a little better then (Prometheus did for me although not by much). I definitely don't regret watching it. It was meh, but not horrible. And yeah, Ripley's crew in ALIEN seems about a thousand times smarter than these people, and they do what, towing other ships around? These people in Covenant are supposed to be SCIENTISTS and yet they ignored basically EVERY SINGLE RULE. I mean what even. The movie would have worked with a smarter crew as well, there was no REASON to make them this dumb.
  3. I watched TNG's "Lonely Among Us" earlier today, and I looooooved it all over again. It's hilarious, and that's why it's one of my top ten TNG episodes. I just can't stop laughing when I watch it. Brilliant stuff. Heh.
  4. Alien Covenant

    I just watched it... and really, I've seen worse. Alien vs. Predator 2 was worse, IMO. Alien vs. Predator is probably on the same level as this one for me. Good: - It didn't annoy me as much as Prometheus did story-wise. This one at least TRIED to be a full Alien prequel. Prometheus just made me frustrated with its "I'm a prequel, no wait, I'm not" approach. - Shallow me raised an eyebrow at the Walter/David kiss - Fassbender really is a good actor, and I so enjoy the fact that his German is accent-free. - That shower scene, mwahahahaha. I cheered for the Xenomorph - Despite being predictable I did enjoy the non-happy ending. I like movies with non-happy endings, what can I say. Bad: - Stupid crew is stupid. How did any of these people ever get a license for space travel? I get it that not everyone can be as smart as Ripley and her fellows, but COME ON. This felt like as if a bunch of scared civilians was suddenly in charge of a space ship. - Someone watched too much "Datalore" and "Descent". - Predictable "OMG IT'S LORE DAVID" twist ending was predictable. I guess they just didn't have a Wesley Crusher to point out the obvious...? - Same old story idea again, but then, there isn't much to do with the source material in the first place. So yeah. It wasn't anywhere near the best of the franchise, but somehow also not near the worst. At least not for me. I'm okay with the fact that I got the DVD.
  5. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Sounds familiar to me. Heh. For me personally I guess the question of this thread is the equivalent of "what will NOT make me buy the DVDs for this show": - War, death, destruction all the time. I get it that these are times we live in and that the show will be dark, but let's not completely lose track of Trek's trademark optimism, shall we. - Too many endless space battles and a focus on "wow look at these amazing special effects!!!". Yawn? Yawn. - Badly written intimate relationships. We had that on every other Trek series, I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to see more of it. - Re-hashing plots from previous shows. At least don't make it too obvious. I'm tired of the whole "hey didn't I see this before somewhere?" thing. - Disrespecting canon. Bend it when necessary - this needs to be done sometimes, I know that from my own writing adventures - but blatantly ignoring it doesn't help either. This kind of "we need to find a way to have aliens from TNG onwards and come up with really lame excuses as to why they're there" really put me off ENT for a long time. There are enough aliens from the TOS era to use AND they can always invent new ones (just don't make it a Xindi thing plz). Anyways... those are the biggest and most blatant things that would make me go "no thanks, not gonna bother with those DVDs".
  6. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    A cute little video: Sir Patrick Stewart's guide to RSC costume sale
  7. Since this is probably the only message board on which I did NOT have such a topic so far, the time has come for me to create one. As you all know, I'm obsessed with a huge fan of Mr. Stewart and his work - and I love be up do date when it comes to "what is he doing right now?". So... I'll post Stewart-related news here, and, if I'm in the mood, pictures as well. Also, if you have any questions about him (serious ones, please... well... okay, somewhat serious might do as well ), feel free to ask and I'll try to come up with an answer. I just say this because I don't want you to see this topic as one that has only me posting news and nothing else, nah, that's not how all this is meant... I mean I don't mind posting news, but I also don't mind if someone asks a question or posts a picture or something. See what I mean? ^^ **************** And now... weeeeeeell, so what IS he doing at the moment? He's in New York City right now, performing Shakespeare's Macbeth (my favorite play!!! *squee*) on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre. And since I found this nice little interview today, I thought I'd just go ahead and post it. Here's a recent picture of Mr. Stewart (this was taken at a Trek convention in New Jersey in March):
  8. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    It's a typically overloaded fantasy movie, but it has its own special charm somehow. I'm biased, though - I just love Sir Patrick as a knight in shining armor. (He didn't like it as much, the armor was very painful to wear and it also didn't help that he had to sit on a horse in the rain for hours. Poor guy.)
  9. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    That (and my JLP ramblings) are pretty much the only things I'm really good at and/or useful with here on this board. But yes. Re-watch Excalibur! It's not THAT bad a movie.
  10. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    You can always watch Excalibur...
  11. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Oooh shiny: 'Hollywood Masters' Series Sets Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, More for Season 8
  12. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    They definitely picked the right guy for the job: Patrick Stewart narrates Taylors of Harrogate's first-ever tea advert
  13. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    I'm not lumping anyone anywhere - in fact, if I were a Trekkie I would be in the same camp as the ones who are sceptical towards the show. I definitely wouldn't want another prequel and I also wouldn't want to pay for a streaming service (no matter which one, I don't have any because I neither want nor need any) just to watch it. I would actually do the same thing I'm doing now: I would refrain from watching and simply wait for the fandom's overall reaction and then draw my own conclusions (if I were a Trekkie would be slightly more eager to see it though). Prom is quite correct - the reasons are what's important. I refuse to take people seriously who throw stuff around like "it's too PC". These are not legitimate concerns, they usually involve bigotry and/or racism, and that's just not acceptable to me in any way. Other stuff like "it doesn't look like as if it fits into the era of the timeline they've set it in" IS a more legitimate concern and it is voiced by a lot of reasonable and concerned fans... but people seem to forget that the show hasn't aired yet. They HAVE said they will EXPLAIN these discrepancies. So why not just wait? Why hack it into pieces without knowing the full picture yet? THAT's what's disturbing. Voicing criticism yes, I understand - but always under the assumption of "this just might be explained but I remain wary for now" and not "I hate this forever and always, this looks so bad, this show is going to suck, I haven't seen even one episode but I hate it". Maybe I'm approaching this from a way too unemotional viewpoint though. I understand that a lot of fans are angry at the moment, they didn't like ENT, the Kelvin Timeline created yet another rift and now they're doing another prequel... I guess an emotional reaction (and sometimes overreaction) towards all of this is somewhat... logical.
  14. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    It all depends on whether DSC will be judged as good or not in the long run. Look at TNG - many fans HATED it before it aired and when it began to air because they were determined to hate anything that didn't feature Kirk. But when folks noticed that the show wasn't so bad after all many came around - I've met a LOT of Trekkies who've told me they hated the idea of TNG at first but then saw how good the show actually was and came around to like or even love it. I suspect the same will happen if DSC turns out to be good. However, there will also be a certain percentage of fans who will always hate it, no matter what. There are still fans who hate TNG (and everything else that came after it) simply because it isn't TOS and not "pure" enough to be Trek in their eyes. Someone on Twitter put it like this recently when people pointed out the similarities in fandom reactions to TNG and DSC: "Some of us still think TNG is unwatchable". This isn't personal taste or anything, it's mindless bitterness and hate for anything that isn't what they perceive as "true Star Trek" aka TOS. The real question is how large that "purist percentage" is going to be. And Axanar plays a big role here indeed - there are a lot of Axanar fans who spread rumors and false information on DSC out of spite because in their eyes CBS "stole our idea and killed our film, we would have been true to Trek and now look at this, we are not going to stand for it". A lot of baseless rumors and false predictions come from the Axanar camp of the fandom - they're a rather determined bunch who readily believe anything negative about DSC that "sources" have "told" them (such as "it is actually produced by JJ Abrams") and are only too happy to spread it. I strongly suspect they will end up in the "we hate the show no matter what" camp, they're too bitter to see things rationally.
  15. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    I don't really care for any Trek novelists but Mack has somewhat grown on me ever since he actually apologized to me on Facebook for TNG's lack of a gay character (even though it was not his fault by any logical means) and for the way some homophobic fans treat me because of my love for Jean-Luc (which is not his fault either but he felt the need to speak up and say something since he was horrified by what gets thrown at me sometimes). So yes, I did look at his Twitter rant about the negativity towards Discovery, and he fully embraces the show and it doesn't seem to be just because he's written the first novel for it, it seems to be genuine approval and affection for both the cast and the writers.
  16. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    I partly understand their reasoning - if they get a show set roughly around the time of "The Cage", they expect a show whose sets LOOK like the ones they had in the 60s, and literally no one is making ANY effort towards that, so, they're angry and bitter. What I don't understand is why they don't simply stop bothering if they hate it all so much instead of tweeting at EVERY Discovery account "not gonna watch your show sorry, this sucks" (why are they following the Discovery accounts in the first place, then? I'll never understand this extreme Trek fan masochism). There's plenty of other Trek to watch, no one is forcing anyone to watch Discovery, and yet they act like as if someone is doing just that to them. If I don't care for the premise of a show, I don't watch it. It sounds simple and yet it doesn't seem to be.
  17. Opinions on DSC's supposed TV-MA rating?

    I'm not complaining.
  18. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    I was called a hater once for simply saying I had no interest in watching Nu!Trek at all. I didn't say it was bad, I just said "I'm not interested in watching it", and the response I got was "I should have known you're one of those haters". (Yeah, umm. No.) There are accusations on both sides of the fandom fence here, it's not always the rabid haters attacking those who are enjoying something, sometimes it's also those who enjoy something who mindlessly attack those who voice even the slightest "nah". Same thing is happening with Discovery now - some folks are so much looking forward to it that they're willing to suppress ALL concerns just for the sake of "it's Trek, come on, we are all Trekkies, we have to love and support this show unconditionally, we must not question ANYTHING". The Trek fandom is already thought of as "very difficult to please" though, and the reactions to Discovery prove this every day. I mean people complain about the SMALLEST things from the trailers, images or soundfiles or whatever else they release. Trekkies are nitpickers, and while this can be charming sometimes, it becomes something else entirely if it is used with an intent to simply hate on something for the sake of hating, and at this point I'm guessing both the cast AND the writers of Discovery are pretty much fed up with the constant negativity that gets thrown at them. (I believe David Mack wrote a Twitter rant thread about this today or yesterday, in fact.)
  19. Opinions on DSC's supposed TV-MA rating?

    Let's not forget the other chest hair carpet that Angel One gives us. Definitely worth it.
  20. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    People who question the issues surrounding Discovery - or the show's premise itself - aren't the problem, and neither are the ones who look forward to it. The problem are those who throw merciless and mindless hate under every single Discovery article/tweet/FB entry AND those who can't tolerate even the slightest criticism towards it and just call everyone who questions anything a "hater". Websites like io9 that have clearly taken sides are NOT helping either. I mean there already are Facebook groups that only let in Discovery fans because the hate has gotten so bad. It's the whole ENT argument all over again that led to ENT fans founding their own message board because they were harassed everywhere else - only this time it's even more forceful because social media. And... the show hasn't even aired yet.
  21. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Most likely. The Roddenberry Vault page says so, but I don't trust their word - they get episodes wrong pretty much all the time.
  22. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Ooooh shiny: The Chicago film fest fetes Patrick Stewart It's always nice to see him getting another award. I'm happy for him.
  23. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    Critics these days tear everything into pieces that isn't a superb A++++++ movie/show. If I were in charge of something I wouldn't allow previews either, regardless of the show's (perceived) quality. That being said... this is really NOT helping with the negative press the show has been getting ever since it was announced (io9 is happily trashing it again, it's like throwing a dog a particularly awesome bone), and it also won't help dealing with the "See? I told you it's bad" faction of the Trek fandom. I get it that a lot of critics have made up their mind already and won't go into this with an open mind and CBS seems to want to prevent them from being all over the show before it even airs, but keeping it from them is probably also not exactly the way to win their approval either. In other words: I'm somewhat torn here. But then, no matter what CBS does at this point, it's always the "wrong" thing.
  24. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Awwww! That smile! (Source)
  25. Mr.Picard's Jean-Luc Picard Collection, Y'All.

    Thanks! I'm also very happy with him. *squishes him*