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  1. It's visible all over my face how I feel whenever I watch TNG, but she didn't notice since was too busy with both vacuuming and scolding me while doing so. But she did stop vacuuming at some point and asked "are you even listening to m- oh forget it you're watching that show again, IT'S HOPELESS!" (An accurate assessment.)
  2. Don't wish too much for it though... my mother is a LOT like Lwaxana Troi, especially when she starts scolding someone. She'd probably have found some use for you - "clean up this" "take out that"... etc. (I was only protected by the fact that I was having lunch, if I hadn't had lunch, there would have been NO way she'd have let me watch the episode, haha.)
  3. Pulaski is right when she says "Worf, you're a romantic!" I can totally see Jean-Luc and me drinking Klingon tea as well, haha. Amazing how the Klingon idea of romance reasonates better with us than the human one.
  4. Okay, so Sehlat Vie asked me if I would like to create such a topic, and after giving it some thought, I've decided to go ahead with it. Now, everyone knows that I'm incredibly fond of Jean-Luc, I don't have to launch yet another speech about it. One of the zillions of reasons why I like him so much is the fact that he has so many awesome moments on TNG. He is one of those TNG characters who were really fleshed out on the show and YET the writers left some, but not too many things untouched so that they add to the mystery without creating annoying moments and inspire me to write fan fic. People often ask me "which Jean-Luc moment is your favorite", and they expect the warp core smiley in engineering in "Timescape" or the one in which he gets so excited about HORSES in "Starship Mine" that he almost walks into the wall or the one in "Sarek" when he lives through Sarek's emotions. Or the famous "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS" one at the end of "Chain Of Command" when he yells that at Gul Madred one more time before he's finally free. Or the one in which he plays his Ressikan flute in his quarters at the end of "The Inner Light". These are all suggestions and guesses I've heard and yet they're all wrong. Don't misunderstand, these ARE all moments that do make me emotional for one reason or another (the basic rule is "when he is happy, I am happy, when he is sad, I am sad, when he is embarrassed, I am embarrassed, when he is hurt, I am hurt") but there is one tiny moment that I love above all others, and that is the one in which he breaks down laughing in "Up The Long Ladder", a downright awful episode in many regards, it's ironic that it's the one that features this moment. I love the moment because it's a defining one for his character, one that most people don't notice. You have this grumpy captain who seems to smile only when forced to for one and a half seasons and then, out of the blue, he stands there in the cargo bay and starts to giggle helplessly because a group of chaotic stereotypical Irish folks has arrived and is creating a mess in the cargo bay. Riker, who is with him in that scene, represents the surprised viewer when he is all like "Sir?! That's the last thing I expected!" (meaning: the captain laughing is the last thing he expected). And from that moment on we do see Jean-Luc laughing from time to time, and if you ask biased!me, that's a good thing because he has a wonderful laugh. (Not that I mind grumpy non-laughing Jean-Luc, though, haha, everyone knows how incredibly fond I am of my beloved Grumpy Picard.) Anyways. That's my favorite Jean-Luc moment of ALL times. There are TONS more, of course - some people say the man only has to BREATHE and I love it already, but THAT is greatly exaggerated. (There ARE moments I DON'T love. Absolutely. I DON'T love his every step. There ARE episodes - not many - in which I want to slap him to Romulus and back, and there are moments in which I cringe. I do still know how to say "nope, Darling, that wasn't your finest idea but I stand by you, even when you mess up".) Anyways. Let's have a screencap set of my favorite Jean-Luc moment, shall we. < uh-oh here it comes, ANGER AHEAD < wait a second, that ain't anger OMG HE IS LAUGHING < "Sometimes, Number One, you just HAVE to... bow to the absurd!" askdbjashbdjashbdjhsabd THAT SMILE And now... feel free to talk about YOUR favorite Jean-Luc moments. I shall try to post screencaps from time to time in here that have awesome moments. (I'll try to use HD episodes for it because THOSE BLU RAY SCREENCAPS ARE GORGEOUS.) Considering the fact that maaaaaaany of my favorite JLP moments are from seasons 1 & 2 (because GRUMPY PICARD and because those seasons are my favorites), this should not be a problem.
  5. Picard/Q is always enjoyable, even on VHS or something. My mother was here today and she got annoyed with all the breadcrumbs ("you are a MESS, when was the last time you vacuumed?" "Last week or something...?" "OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE where's your vacuum cleaner?") and she vacuumed and scolded me while I was watching the episode so I barely heard anything and somehow that made the whole Picard/Q thing even more intense.
  6. LAST thing I'd ever do would be to go to Jean-Luc's door and beg. Same thing goes for him going to my door. We're both too hopelessly stubborn for something like that. The read-love-poetry-and-duck-a-lot approach, though... THAT one would work. I can see us doing that.
  7. I hope you'll be able to enjoy THE Picard/Q episode in HD soon.
  8. Or go to his door... beg like a human.
  9. He'd better smile or he'd have to duck a lot later when I start throwing things at him during the "yo I just tried to be nice and make people see that you're a loveable dork it's not that any of what I wrote is a secret" - "yes but did you consider what Starfleet might think" - "no because I don't give a S**T what Starfleet thinks and neither should you" argument.
  10. You HAVEN'T watched "You wanted me to say 'I Need You'... I - NEED - YOU!" and "To learn about you is frankly provocative" in HD yet? You HAVEN'T seen Q almost kissing Jean-Luc's ear in HD yet? You HAVEN'T seen sassy gay Q lying around on the bridge while staring at Jean-Luc's butt in HD yet? *gasp*
  11. I wonder what Jean-Luc would say if he saw how I write about him. I mean he'd be the first to insist on a proper and decent essay and yet here I go, being all over his DRESS uniform.
  12. Just finished watching TNG's "Q Who".
  13. The article is nothing but re-hashed news bits that were already out there, nothing in it is new in any way. It's designed to rile people up and convince them that the show is going to suck. I see this sort of "journalism" all the time these days with Sir Patrick news - geeky websites in particular seem to be on a hunt for old news and/or quotes which they then re-hash them into a new article and sell that one as something new, and you only realize that it isn't new if you click on a source link to the original article and check the date of that one. These articles are then written in a very skillful way so that you never suspect that the information is old, AND they are written to influence the reader's opinion according to the agenda of the one who wrote it. It's frightening how many people then FALL for these articles.
  14. Yeah he says helpful things on a lot of occasions. I always live by his "sometimes, Number One, you just have to bow to the absurd" statement. Very helpful, especially in these crazy times. I published a Jean-Luc Picard Character Spotlight on Imzy today in which I took an unusual approach to the subject. Anyone else would probably have written an essay on how brilliant Jean-Luc is as a captain or how wonderful his speeches are and how he's oh-so-deep and thoughtful and whatnot... but I wrote about horses and cosplaying instead. I'm hopeless
  15. Another "Spark" trailer has arrived:
  16. Since this is probably the only message board on which I did NOT have such a topic so far, the time has come for me to create one. As you all know, I'm obsessed with a huge fan of Mr. Stewart and his work - and I love be up do date when it comes to "what is he doing right now?". So... I'll post Stewart-related news here, and, if I'm in the mood, pictures as well. Also, if you have any questions about him (serious ones, please... well... okay, somewhat serious might do as well ), feel free to ask and I'll try to come up with an answer. I just say this because I don't want you to see this topic as one that has only me posting news and nothing else, nah, that's not how all this is meant... I mean I don't mind posting news, but I also don't mind if someone asks a question or posts a picture or something. See what I mean? ^^ **************** And now... weeeeeeell, so what IS he doing at the moment? He's in New York City right now, performing Shakespeare's Macbeth (my favorite play!!! *squee*) on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre. And since I found this nice little interview today, I thought I'd just go ahead and post it. Here's a recent picture of Mr. Stewart (this was taken at a Trek convention in New Jersey in March):
  17. I watched TNG's "The Icarus Factor" and "Pen Pals" earlier today.
  18. I watched TNG's "The Dauphin" earlier. Love Jean-Luc's part time job in security that he seems to have in that episode.
  19. This is a good idea - I don't want to write a sociopolitical essay (don't want to bore people, it's still a fandom community, and I DEFINITELY don't want political arguments in the comments, ugh) but touching on TNG's generally optimistic tone might be very good in a paragraph about the show's popularity! *takes notes* I'm sure I can use this somewhere! Thank you, Sim!
  20. I'm doing a TNG Fandom Showcase on Imzy this week (I wrote an introduction for today) with a TNG-related post every day, and I thought "why not ask others what they would put into something like this". I have two ideas already: - TNG Ships & Fan Fiction (will focus mostly on slash since this is my expertise AND since TNG has such a tiny slash fandom it deserves to be in the spotlight for once) - Most Popular Episodes (the usual suspects here, "The Inner Light", "Chain Of Command", etc) I have a third idea called "TNG Controversies" in which I'd love to write all about how the show failed in regards of female character treatment and the inclusion of LGBT characters/issues, but I'm not sure if I should do that. A Fandom Showcase is not supposed to be overly negative, you want for people to check out the show, not stay away from it. Also, people who know me are aware of my complete and utter love for TNG and that my rants about this subject don't mean I dislike the show, but to people who are not familiar with me it might seem strange to see me tearing things apart like this. So, I'm really on the fence here, but I'm leaning towards "do not include this". So... what would YOU put into something like this? Remember, this is NOT meant to be NEGATIVE towards TNG. It's supposed to show the STRENGTHS of the show. Should I do episode spotlights? Character spotlights? We all know which character I'd pick. Actor spotlights? Oh dear, self, don't. I'm genuinely looking for input here. The Imzy community did give stuff to post about in a general fandom showcase outline, but I always think it's better to ask people who are familiar with the material, they tend to come up with better topics. One suggestion in that outline also touches on the one who posts - what I think about TNG, what I like, what I do fandom-wise (y'know, fan fics and stuff), my favorite episodes, seasons, ships, etc. Do you think something like that is even remotely interesting to people? I tend to go completely against the mainstream fandom opinions when it comes to TNG, maybe this would be interesting to see for some folks? (I mean people sometimes DO say "we want to know who's posting all this, tell us about yourself", so I'm guessing stuff like that is important? I'm really bad when it comes to judging this sort of thing.) So... again... what would YOU write about? Remember, GOOD things about TNG. While still remaining at least SOMEWHAT objective, of course. This can ALSO include the movies although I'd rather not because meh, the movies... unless we're talking about First Contact and the Borg arc. (Would that be a good subject? The Borg arc? TNG rarely did arcs, maybe this is special enough to warrant its own topic?)
  21. Okay, so I thought I'd post this fic here. It does NOT have any explicit/naughty scenes, and the R rating is due to violence but nothing TOO much, it's just the usual thing you get when your story is set in a zombie-infested city. (The focus is NOT on the zombies, though. Which is why I think posting it here is okay. It doesn't have a lot of gruesome scenes, maybe one or two and that's it. And since R-rated stories are allowed here, well... it's all fine, I guess.) The idea for this fan fic came to me very early in my Dying Light gaming days, mostly when I noticed all the little Star Trek hints the game has - and not just TOS, which was a pleasant surprise. Here are a few pics: There are more in Dying Light - The Following, the game's extension, but I guess these are enough for now and enough to drive my point home... this game DEMANDED a TNG crossover fan fic. My original idea was to place Jean-Luc and Alex in Harran, the city in which the game takes place, but then I realized that a) the HOW was a huge problem unless we involved Q, and why would Q place them in Harran, he's pretty much a somewhat nice guy in the Picard/Alex universe and b) Alex and Jean-Luc would both be able to cope with Harran, each in their own way, neither would freak out and they wouldn't be throwing rage fits at one another either because they just work so well together as a couple. So... I took the next logical step, take the one pairing that DOES make sense for a setting like this, which means a pairing that tends to be at odds and that isn't exactly a very uneventful one... which naturally means Picard/Q. It's all Q's fault and Jean-Luc is angry, yadda yadda yadda, we know the drill. Although this story comes with quite a few surprises regarding Q, so... it's not all the usual bickering. Anyways... on to the first short chapter/introduction. ACT I - SAFE ZONES Chapter 1 At first Picard thought it was a dream. He had gone to bed early the night before despite knowing that, if he went to bed earlier than usual, his dreams would be a lot more vivid and memorable than they usually were. This was why, at first, he didn't even stir when he felt a rather insistent hand tugging at his right shoulder. "Jean-Luc! Wake up!" Picard groaned softly - and then, suddenly, the voice registered in his mind and was matched with a face. His eyes flew open and, sure enough, there he was, kneeling beside him, his hand on Picard's shoulder. "Q...?!" "Finally." The entity seemed relieved, and yet also somewhat panicked. "We don't have time for your usual grumpy mood and useless questions. We have to leave. Now." "Q, what are you talk-" Only now did Picard realize that he was no longer in his bed, the pain he felt in his left shoulder a sudden proof that something was wrong, very wrong. He slowly sat up - and then gaped at his surroundings, at first completely incomprehensive of what he was looking at.
  22. I couldn't resist having Crane throw some serious shade. Poor Jean-Luc. I considered having him start an argument with Crane, but Crane has no patience for this kind of thing, he'd just walk out and be like "whatever, find your own way to the Tower, I don't care". Glad you liked the chapter!
  23. 6 Picard slowly opened his eyes, rolled onto his back - and froze when he realized that he couldn't pull at his blanket. Wha- Oh. Right. There was no blanket. He was in a sleeping bag on a mattress on a floor that belonged to a living room that was located inside a house that stood in the middle of a zombie-infested city. And it was all Q's fault. Q...?! He sat up quickly. "I thought you'd never wake up," Q remarked and Picard turned his head in order to look at the entity, who was sitting on the couch, an old-fashioned newspaper titled VOICE OF HARRAN in his hands. "What time is it?" "How should I know?" Q muttered without looking up from his newspaper. "Aren't you the one with Starfleet survival training that makes you able to look at the sky and tell the time?" Picard ignored the insult and glanced at the window in the back of the room. The planks that sealed it allowed for a small amount of light to shine through, enough to determine that the night was over. He slowly pulled himself out of the sleeping bag and cringed when he noticed his dirty socks. "I really wish there were fresh clothes in here somewhere..." "Tell me about it - I had no idea just how badly humans start to smell once they've been exposed to a humid environment," Q said and put his newspaper away. "Didn't Crane say something about taking showers in that other place... what did he call it? The Tower?" "I think so, yes." In that moment the hatch in the ceiling opened, a pair of black boots appeared, and then Kyle Crane walked down the wooden stairs. "Morning." "Good morning," Picard said and quickly put his boots on. "Didn't you say you'd bring us weapons?" Q asked, eyeing Crane suspiciously - the man was still carrying the same weapons as he had the night before. "Change of plan," Crane said. "Brecken wants to talk to you." "Brecken?" Picard echoed. "The leader of the Tower and the guy who's one in charge of all the Safe Zones in the Slums. I spoke to him last night and he said he'd like to see you and have a talk." Picard slowly stood up. "About what?" "How to make yourselves useful, for one thing." Crane raised his hand in which he was holding a huge bloody knife. "I cleared the path to the Tower on my way here, so if we leave now we shouldn't run into any Infected, at least not on the roofs." "Are you suggesting that we jump from house to house?" Q exclaimed from the couch. "Yes - it's the only way to avoid the Infected in the streets," Crane replied. "And really, Parkour isn't that difficult once you've gotten the hang of it." "Parkour...?" "A technique that enables a person to move around using whatever they find in their immediate vicinity," Picard said. "I'm familiar with it - it was invented in France, actually." "Yeah, the French really came up with something useful there for a change," Crane agreed, ignoring the massive glare from Picard. "I don't care who invented it," Q complained. "To me this whole idea of jumping from roof to roof and climbing up houses sounds more like a perfect suicide method." Crane waved his hand. "You won't have to worry about it." Q frowned. "Why not?" "Because you're not coming with us." Crane pointed at Picard. "It's just gonna be him and me." "What?!" Q exclaimed. "Why?" "Because he has the necessary physical strength," Crane said calmly. "You would only slow us down, and I for one would like to arrive at the Tower before it gets dark." Q glared at him. "I'm not going to stay here alone!" Crane rolled his eyes and then looked at Picard. "Is your boyfriend always this insistent?" Picard felt his cheeks redden in embarrassment. "He is not my boyfriend." Crane raised an eyebrow. "Really? I could have sworn you two are an item." "We most certainly are not." "Whatever," Crane shrugged. "Fact is, he can't come with us. You've seen how horrible he is at climbing, and I suspect he's even worse at jumping." "Don't talk about me as if I wasn't sitting right here!" Q demanded. "I'm not going to say this again: I will not stay here alone!" Picard sighed. "Mr. Crane, didn't you say that the Tower is the safest place in Harran?" "Yes...?" "Then it would make sense to take us both there, wouldn't it? If you take only me you will have to come back for him at some point." Crane made a face and then pointed his knife in Q's direction while his gaze remained focused on Picard. "Okay - but he's your responsibility. I'm not gonna pull him out if he ends up in the middle of a bunch of Infected." Picard nodded. "Very well." "Do I get a say in th-" Q began but stopped immediately when he saw the way in which both Picard and Crane glared at him. "Alright, alright. Fine. I get the message. Suicide it is."
  24. Yeah, that too. Yech indeed. Sir Patrick's head, on the other hand, always remains smooth, shiny and fluffy.
  25. There's also a distinct difference between a shaved head and one that "naturally" lost its hair. A shaved head is NEVER as smooth and fluffy. (It's because there actually IS a tiny amount of fluffy hair on a hair-loss-head. Sir Patrick was mortified when they had to shave that hair off for the X Men movies because it would have been visible otherwise and Charles needed to be COMPLETELY bald. lol)