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  1. Here we go with videos of his Seth Meyers appearance:
  2. Since this is probably the only message board on which I did NOT have such a topic so far, the time has come for me to create one. As you all know, I'm obsessed with a huge fan of Mr. Stewart and his work - and I love be up do date when it comes to "what is he doing right now?". So... I'll post Stewart-related news here, and, if I'm in the mood, pictures as well. Also, if you have any questions about him (serious ones, please... well... okay, somewhat serious might do as well ), feel free to ask and I'll try to come up with an answer. I just say this because I don't want you to see this topic as one that has only me posting news and nothing else, nah, that's not how all this is meant... I mean I don't mind posting news, but I also don't mind if someone asks a question or posts a picture or something. See what I mean? ^^ **************** And now... weeeeeeell, so what IS he doing at the moment? He's in New York City right now, performing Shakespeare's Macbeth (my favorite play!!! *squee*) on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre. And since I found this nice little interview today, I thought I'd just go ahead and post it. Here's a recent picture of Mr. Stewart (this was taken at a Trek convention in New Jersey in March):
  3. They're press pics (the show hasn't even aired yet, lol) but yes they're terrific. I love that suit on him. Also love the tie. He's just so utterly beautiful.
  4. Then the ones who publish these books should make it easier to scan the pics - I wouldn't have had to cut them out if they had just turned this into two smaller books. It ain't my fault. I wanted scans of my Sir Patrick pics and I got them. Hmm. I guess this just shows once more that I'm not a Trekkie at all. Anyways... here's Sir Patrick on Seth Meyers' show tonight. LOOK AT HIM BEING BEAUTIFUL The HAAAAAAAANNNNNDDDDDSSSSSSS
  5. It's a collectible? Oops. I thought it was just a common but definitely overly expensive behind the scenes book that doesn't come with new information but does have interesting Sir Patrick behind the scenes of TNG pics that I had to have. Ah well, whatever. I'd have kept the pics in the book but I couldn't scan them - the book is too thick, you can't bend it properly. So I just grabbed my scissors and got to work with a "ah whatevs, I'll just frame the best of the pics and put the others into my good old actual Sir Patrick pictures and articles folder" attitude. I was really only focused on the pics because SIR PATRICK and BEHIND THE SCENES.
  6. I never even read mine, I just cut out all the awesome pics that featured him and scanned and framed them. After that I just shoved the book into a corner somewhere, all I wanted was the pics. Hey what can I say I have priorities
  7. ^ Yeah, it's a fairly common pic these days, it surfaced in the TNG 365 book for the first time. (This might even be the scan I did of it, I was one of the first who spread it, haha.) Sir Patrick will be on Late Night With Seth Meyers later and, as usual, he knows how to promote this: (Source) Also, here's a cute little new interview in which he mentions his MUST NOT thing he has going on with gaming (as usual forgetting his Tetris addiction... or maybe thinking of it as a warning haha):
  8. I'm just glad he ditched that green-ish suit jacket after his GMA appearance and decided to go with the outfit above... it just looks so wonderful on him.
  9. Look at him being super precious on top of the Empire State Building today: EDIT: "I am a little naive about many things to do with technology..." WE KNOW HONEY, WE KNOW
  10. Screencaps from his Good Morning America appearance today! Video: 'Emoji Movie' star Patrick Stewart describes awkward emoji text exchange with LeVar Burton
  11. That's perfectly fine, I'm feeling a little weird as well, he's all over the place today and I can barely keep up with what he's doing...
  12. It looks more like a red tribble to me...
  13. Aaaaand he made a new friend behind the scenes of The TODAY Show: (Source) Look at him being precious with that doggo
  14. Sir Patrick is in NYC for World Emoji Day today and he's promoting the Emoji Movie there (of course): (Source)
  15. I'm very sad about this, too. I'm a huge fan of the zombie genre that he basically created... RIP Mr. Romero.
  16. He doesn't always check his Twitter but I do hope he does so today... so many people are tweeting him amazing pics and memes and jokes and cakes...
  17. I sooooooo hope he has a wonderful day.
  18. *runs in with cake* HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR PATRICK

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      Sir Patrick should hurry indeed - Jean-Luc is going to eat all the cake! :laugh:

  19. It's Sir Patrick's birthday today!
  20. Next year marks TNG's 30th anniversary... and so far I've heard... NOTHING merchandise-wise. (I know it's early, but still. Last year around this time they were announcing tons of TOS merchandise for this year because "omg, 50th anniversary".) They apparently aren't even releasing a calendar, at least I haven't seen one yet, all I've seen is - as usual - dozens of TOS calendars. (Nothing against TOS, but it IS getting on my nerves that the show gets practically ALL the merchandise these days. Trek is more than just one series, ffs.) Of course, with the release of that new series in January, interest in TNG will most likely be even LESS present from the ones in charge, and it's a possibility that there won't be any TNG merchandise AT ALL for its anniversary because CBS won't want to distract people from being all into their new show. I thought I'd a) complain about the utter lack of TNG anniversary interest and merchandise so far from the ones in charge of Trek and b) use this topic to post any information on TNG specific anniversary merchandise for next year if they decide to produce some after all. (In that case I shall take SOME things back I said above. I ain't taking back my "TOS gets all the merchandise" statement, though. It's a fact, really - about 90% of the merchandise in the official website's shop is TOS merchandise.) Of course, there is always ThinkGeek and its occasionally brilliant TNG stuff (what would I do without them, I wonder), but I for one would like something OFFICIAL to be released and celebrated by the ones in charge of Trek, y'know, plushies and calendars and t-shirts and whatnot, the full merchandise blast, just like they did for TOS this year. (For example, I really would LOVE TNG Itty Bitty plushies. The TOS ones they released this year were adorable, and I SO want TNG ones. No fair.)
  21. My entire EXISTENCE is a crisis - I don't need a midlife one on top of it. Nah. I'm too old-fashioned in ways of love. I choose ONE guy. For YEARS. Or decades. And that's where it's at for me. Why would I want anyone other than Jean-Luc Picard? I mean come ON. He's perfect because he's not.
  22. lmao! The fans would probably put the K in there as well just to make it clear that it's a pairing. Now, if only the pairing HAD any fans other than me... I swear my rare pair shipping preferences are a curse sometimes. (But also a blessing since I write the only fic, I set the standards.)
  23. Exactly. I just look. And with me, a lot of "looking" is also simply done for science aka fan fic inspiration. Jean-Luc is the only guy I look at and think "YAAAASSSSSS".
  24. That's the beauty of the pairing... its "mix" name given by the fandom youngsters these days would most likely simply be Picard.
  25. Oh yes, he is quite attractive. Definitely! I enjoy looking at him, and I know a lot of folks who are VERY interested in him. (The Bakulettes have adopted me these days - I seem to be the only guy who likes Archer/Bakula, and they're all really nice to me, it's really cute.) He is my second favorite main captain. He has his flaws, sure, but younger me would have been ALL OVER HIM, I used to LOVE guys like him. My taste has changed now but I still find him interesting in a "yes daaaayummmm niiice" way. And HEY Jean-Luc enjoys looking at attractive gentlemen (and ladies) as well so there's that hey it's not just ME here yo, why is it always ME who gets accused of looking at other guys, JEAN-LUC PAINTED A LADY IN A STATE OF UNDRESS HELLO and don't tell me "that was just for the sake of art"