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  1. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I think the exact same thing about DS9’s (and VOY’s) characters. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I do agree that B. Crusher is a complete and utter character train wreck though... but that goes without saying I guess. I always have Pulaski to cheer for though so there’s that, heh.
  2. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I haven’t seen that many 80s horror movies, I guess that’s why the show’s supposed charm is so lost on me. But I did take your advice and watched another episode and I guess the show is okay after all. Still not exactly my thing though, and there are still too many kids and teenagers, lol.
  3. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I disagree as to the whole “more real” thing. TNG is as real to me as is DSC - and I’m from the absolute and total TNG corner of the fandom, there is no other series I love the way I love TNG. I do realize that some of its characters aren’t fleshed out in the way some fans would like for them to be - but it’s incredibly difficult to flesh out characters on a show that’s supposed to be episodic and that operates under the assumption that “at the end of each episode everything has to be the way it was when the episode began”. It limits what you can do as a writer, but it also changes your task - it makes you operate under the premise of “what’s gonna happen this week that shows us how the characters operate to get things back to the way they were”. The thing here is to go backwards - look at how the characters respond to what’s happening WITHIN that timeframe instead of throughout the series (with the few exceptions where the show DID have arcs, of course). THAT tells you all about them. I don’t see how this makes characters “bland”. It just requires reading between the lines instead of getting things served on a plate like DS9 often did and DSC is doing now, where you get all the arcs and fleshed out moments that TNG did not (and could not) have due to its episodic nature. I for one still prefer to fill the gaps myself. Also, I look at most of the TNG characters and think “these are folks I’d like to hang out with”. I honestly can’t say the same about any of the other crews - and as much I adore Lorca I wouldn’t want to live on his ship and his crew would make me incredibly uncomfortable, especially Tilly with her weird enthusiasm for everything and her being so nosy and whatnot. (I do like Saru tho, he’s the only one I’d really like to be friends with.) People these days make me uncomfortable to hang around, maybe this is why I like most of the TNG folks so much - they come with an invisible sign above their head that says “safe, won’t backstab you unless malfunctioning/possessed by alien”. I simply prefer harmony, not conflict - I come from a background where conflict happened every evening, and it was NOT pleasant, and I would simply like to live in a place where folks are comforting, not upsetting or devious or “with his person you never now what you get”. I therefore don’t see TNG’s approach as a weakness, I see it as a strength. It makes you dig deeper into the characters in your own time, it doesn’t tell you all you need to know in a detailed long arc - it gives you glimpses and it’s up to you to fill the gaps - but only if you want to. If not, you can also just sit back and watch a few episodes here and there and then switch it all off and watch something else. That’s how the show was designed, and back then it had to be designed like that. It WAS made 30 years ago, and I just think it’s somewhat unfair to compare it to a show like DSC that is neither made for an 80s/early 90s television audience nor has to operate under the strict “Roddenberry/Berman rules”. What I do agree with is that they should have tuned down the “we’re better than you late 20th century folks” tone on TNG though. It WAS somewhat clumsy sometimes, and it did come without enough nuances. They meant well - to me it’s comforting to see a world where most things are peaceful and I’ve always disliked DS9 for its preachy undertone of “its not as nice as you think it is, let us tell you how TNG’s utopia was flawed” - how about no, I like my TNG world the way it is, thanks - but sometimes TNG overdid the whole “we’re better humans now” thing, especially in the first season, but then, taking TNG’s first season overly seriously is usually a big mistake anyway. Still. With all I’ve said now, I should dislike DSC, just as I dislike DS9, because DSC takes things to levels that not even DS9 did. I should be up in arms, demanding for things to be like they were on TNG, wanting peaceful times, etc. But... I’m not doing any of those things , and surprisingly so. I like DSC a lot. BECAUSE it’s different indeed, and BECAUSE it brings in fresh air that the franchise needed indeed. It was a mistake for VOY to go back to TNG’s formula, absolutely. I agree. It was also a mistake to try and force ENT into the same old pattern as well (they had their moments here tho). DSC had to be different, or we would have had another ENT, and I’m as puzzled as others are as to how people can actually still demand for TNG 2.0 to be made. What I’m trying to say is, I guess, that there can be room for both - for TNG love and for DSC love. I love TNG and I dig DSC... just BECAUSE the shows are so vastly different in their approach and yet both belong to the same franchise. I find this extremely fascinating. (Pun fully intended.) In fact, I’m working on a Picard/Lorca fic right now - of course I am - and it’s incredibly thrilling to put these two against each other (both mentally and physically, hurr hurr).
  4. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I don't trust that Tyler dude But I still ship him with Lorca they bonded so well ahem BUT... I don't think Lorca trusts him either. Lorca is a master manipulator. He might SEEM all loving towards Tyler but if there's one thing we know about Lorca it's that, with him, things aren't always as they seem.
  5. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    It's just such... utterly generic horror somehow. And the kids don't help much either, if it at least had adults dealing with things, but it's a bunch of kids and... ugh, kids. I'll see if I can watch some of the second episode but so far I'm leaning towards "nah thanks".
  6. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I can't stop thinking about that scene, I mean... I MEAN... this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff that I ADORE... and then "Congratulations, Mr. President" me: Oh btw, I tried to watch the Stranger Things pilot episode last night but didn't care much for it. Not my thing. Too many kids, and I don't like kids, sorry.
  7. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    Not Gabriel Lorca. He just flat out leaves Mudd behind because "you tried to sell us out, kthxbai". This is why he is my favorite on this show.
  8. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I enjoyed it a LOT. My face hurts from grinning all the way through it, actually. (I don't smile often enough I guess.) It couldn't have been easy for Lorca to make that decision indeed. I'd love to see a flashback to the whole thing as well - how did he manage to blow his own ship up? Did he have consent from his crew (probably not)? How did he manage to blow it up and escape (this suggests that his crew DIDN'T know what he was doing)? Did he leave a bomb next to the warp core or something...? Hmm. I NEED TO KNOW
  9. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I just watched the House of Cards episode with the STAIRWELL SCENE earlier today and I'm like HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG I knew Frank would end up with Eric in some way (it was UTTERLY OBVIOUS) but I didn't expect this... IT WAS SO UTTERLY RELATABLE I could have written this seriously I mean oh my GOD can it get even BETTE- OH MY GOD IT CAN me, watching that entire scene thinking about Picard/Alex
  10. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS like, MASSIVE ONES ... ... ... ... Okay, so we now know more about Lorca's past, most notably HOW he got his eye injury and why he keeps it around. He blew up his ship rather than letting his crew fall victim to Klingon torture. Like, whoa, Gabe, slow down there. (Kinda reminds me of Jean-Luc deciding to blow up the Enterprise rather than letting half of his crew being tortured to death/experimented on by Nagilum, tho. This is NOT unprecedented, the only difference being that Lorca went through with it while Jean-Luc didn't have to.) I absolutely ADORE how Lorca dealt with Mudd. Leaving him behind was my favorite scene in the entire episode. I kept cheering "LEAVE HIM GABE, LEAVE HIM, YOU ARE GONNA DO THIS, AREN'T YOU OH MY GOD YES YOU ARE, DON'T LISTEN TO HIS WHINING ABOUT WANTING TO GET BACK TO STELLA, THIS TOTALLY WON'T MAKE YOU DECIDE TO TAKE HIM WITH YOU, RIGHT OH MY GOD YOU COULDN'T CARE LESS, AND RIGHTFULLY SO - GABE YOU ARE MY HERO" Also, Lorca in that chair. HNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG excuse me but HNNNNNNGGGGGGGG HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG did I mention HNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG Sorry. Also. This. I mean how much more OBVIOUS can they make this? I squealed in three different languages. I SHIP IT
  11. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    *runs in* SO MUCH LORCA IN THIS EPISODE *flails wildly* I liked this one, I really did. I'm still not keen on the idea of Mudd being there, but it could have been done a lot worse. There was a lot of respect for the original in the performance and I could see the parallels. HOW RELATABLE IS LORCA THO WITH HIS EYES. I also need to constantly put something into my eyes, I can never go anywhere without my eye drops, and I soooo feel Lorca here, with his "turn off the lights!" hiss to the admiral and later his eyes acting up when he woke up and then him rubbing his forehead because pain in the eyes causes headaches. This is EXACTLY what it's like! Did they speak to someone with a chronic eye condition? Because they nailed it. Either someone knew this from their own experience or they talked to someone. OH AND SHUTTLE PILOT WHO DIS Too bad he was only there for a few seconds, haha. But still pleasant to look at. And I so ship Lorca/Tyler now. I don't trust Tyler at all, but I still ship it. The way Lorca came back for him and the way they looked at each other in the transporter room. And bwahahahahahahaha, Lorca leaving Mudd behind! I liked that. I also like how he was ready to pick Mudd when the Klingon made him "choose your pain". HAHAHA I also enjoyed the non-Lorca parts of the episode, though... they finally realized Ripper is sentient and probably doesn't like it very much to be used in this manner so yay for them setting it free. And I adore the ending. We already know the mirror universe will play into this, so I guess this is some kind of hint. Also, SO MUCH SARU this time. I enjoy seeing him in command. Not as much as Lorca tho Anyways, good episode, this. Me like!
  12. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I guess I knew Lorca would be it for me - he'd have either sunk the show for me or salvaged it, and I guess, so far, he's salvaged it.
  13. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Oh yeah, there's a car in the picture as well I guess...
  14. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I can relate to Lorca so much, the whole eye thing (although there’s no surgery that could help me) and his very clear lack of emotional bonds to the people around him. Whether it was caused by something traumatic OR whether he simply IS this way (I’d love this approach just as much although I don’t think I’d like the “lack of emotional bonding automatically means someone is leaning towards the evil side” undertone) remains to be seen. I love complicated men and Gabriel Lorca REALLY fits in there.
  15. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Look at him being tiny and wonderful and perfect His LEGS