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  1. I have no problems whatsoever with gender-swap castings, and in this case I liked it even more because it turned the tables so wonderfully. The men in the movie are often weak and clueless or clumsy or eye candy and the women are the competent ones in charge (there's still plenty of stuff that goes wrong tho lol) without taking things to the extreme (a la TNG's "Angel One"). I really appreciated this message most of all and can forgive a general lack of substance much more easily. Besides, Ghostbusters of ALL franchises isn't exactly one that has an incredible amount of substance in the first place, so there's that - it's four quirky people (and sometimes also a green slime ghost) hunting and catching ghosts with technobabble-ish equivalents of water guns. No one's expecting deep ethical and philosophical discussions about ghost rights and how about communication and do we have the right to trap these ghosts don't they have a right to live WITH humans instead of being hunted down, yadda yadda yadda. It's GHOSTBUSTERS, ffs, but listening to the whining dudebros one would have thought it's a TNG-ethics-discussions-level franchise that gets ruined by EVIL FEMALE ACTION HEROES OMG. And the whole "this is ruining my childhood" nonsense from the dudebros... their childhoods are still intact, no one replaced the original Ghostbusters in the original movies, I don't get what they were even whining about. How fragile must a male ego be to be cracked by a simple female re-cast? lol But... in the end, Sehlat... you'll have to watch the movie in order to form a full opinion.
  2. Nothing was lost, really. It's still Ghostbusters, easily recognizable as such, and it has many hints towards the original franchise. And yes, the dudebro snowflakes who were up in arms because FEMALES DO NOT HUNT GHOSTS were probably a big reason for it not being what it could have been at the box office. (Not saying it would have been a smashing success, it does lack the substance for something like that, but it still might have done better than it did.) And yes, a lot of people my age love the old animated Ghostbusters series. I'd still put this series over any of the movies because it's just so good - they could do a lot of stuff in it that they obviously couldn't do in a live-action movie. With a franchise that relies on weird ghosts as a major plot point, an animated series is the best way to go, IMO - you have ALL the opportunities there.
  3. My entire Twitter timeline loved the movie, especially Kate McKinnon indeed. I'm very difficult to please and I have an eccentric sense of humor but the movie still appealed to me. So I'd say give it a shot. It wasn't a disaster at all. I've seen worse. MUCH worse. But then I've never understood the hype towards the original GB movies anyway - I prefer the old animated series.
  4. Its premise annoyed the Dudebros. That usually means it's a movie I will enjoy, which is why I bought the DVD now that it's reasonably priced. It has a bit of a slow start but once it gets going it also gets really good. I looooved all the references and cameos (Ozzy Osbourne LMFAO) and I liked all four Ghostbusters immensely and also much better than the originals (sorry but not sorry). It's not a masterpiece of meaningful discourse but then neither were the other Ghostbusters movies. I also loved how a guy was the eye candy and clueless assistant for once instead of giving that role to a woman like Hollywood usually does. Turning the tables, making the dudebros even more mad. Good. And I'm glad I watched the credits at the end. SIG WEAVER MY FAVE. I might have squealed. Just a bit. Or more than a bit. All in all I'm glad I got the DVD.
  5. I can practically start to smell the whole "they're gonna start a new time line somewhere" plot. "Universe-changing" just might mean precisely that.
  6. I finally watched the recent Ghostbusters movie earlier and I loved it.
  7. Awww this is a really awesome photo!
  8. I only wish Jean-Luc's uniform pants had been as tight. Nah seriously, the pose is definitely very Jean-Luc indeed.
  9. Are we going to talk about this now, y/y? This is seriously the first time ever since Discovery was announced that I found myself thinking "WHY HELLO THERE, YES PLEASE".
  10. I also like her affiiliation with Vulcan. I probably wouldn't have picked Sarek as her mentor but hey, I can appreciate the effort they're making. I do hope it's written in a much better way than the whole "you poor girl, a WOMAAAAAN like YOUUUU doesn't belong on a planet like Vulcan" stuff Miranda Jones has to listen to from Bones and Kirk, though. (I love Miranda Jones. I can relate to her quite a lot, and it always irritates me how she's treated by Kirk and Bones - like as if she's some kind of weirdo for wanting to be among Vulcans because their emotional control is soothing.) Anyways. I do like this aspect they're introducing here. Gotta give credit where credit is due.
  11. There are lots and lots of episodes where Crusher messes up and/or pushes her questionable medical ethics on her patients... but "Genesis" has one big advantage over the others: She isn't there most of the time, which means I can just sit back and enjoy the episode.
  12. I watched TNG's "Genesis" earlier today. And I'm soooo looking forward to the next episode on my list: "MASKS". One of my top 5 TNG episodes. *squeals* (I swear I'll get myself a TEAM KORGANO t-shirt at some point)
  13. I hope he wouldn't be TOO horrified, but then, he's come across stuff that's a lot worse. I just like him so much. It's his fault - why does he have to be so wonderful? lol
  14. You know... I never know if Sir Patrick would be horrified or flattered if he knew what I'm typing here sometimes. lol
  15. Please self PLEASE don't say something about "ooooh, you dropped your keys, Jean-Luc?" and how this is a perfectly legit start of a certain kind of movie now PLEASE SELF DON'T Erm. Yes. Would watch! Plot twist: Livingston stole them.