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  1. It's really too bad that we won't be able to sit down and watch the pilot episode (or any other episode) together. We'd probably have a lot of fun with this particular reboot.
  2. They could also just add a bit of static and make it a bad comm channel and there you go, no one would notice anything not sounding 100% like Young Sulu.
  3. I am SO DOWN for that Dynasty reboot I SWEAR. I can't tell if it's intentionally or unintentionally bad, which gives it a TNG season 1 vibe AND I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. The trailer makes me LAUGH and LAUGH, first time I saw it I was like OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG DID THEY JUST? lol It also seems to center on Fallon vs. Krystle, and I'm SO DOWN FOR THIS. CATFIGHTSSSSS! (I know it's terrible but honestly, the show HAS to have catfights. The original ones are LEGENDARY.) The original Fallon was killer at first as well but they really ruined her (which was also because of actress changes... and when they had that UFO storyline, ROFLMFAO!!! I LOVE IT this is what I'm talking about when I say I want GOOD STUFF TO WATCH) And yes, I love how they easily fixed the Steven problems by simply making a Sammy Jo a guy. It never even occured to me but now that they've done it I'm like "OF COURSE, THIS SOLVES EVERYTHING" And HIS LINES. "What the hell are you doing here?" "Who the hell are YOU doing here?" OH SNAAAAAAAAP STEVEN NOOOO. LMAAAAAAOOOO. Oh God. I WANT THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW. THE GAY SASS! He's my favorite already. Also, role model. Hmmm.... it seems that THIS is how to excite me with a trailer.
  4. Yeah she is the blunt type when it comes to people and stuff she dislikes (I know where I got that one from, haha) - she also once told me "I'm so glad you like Patrick Stewart and not Shatner... I would seriously doubt you're my child if you had fallen for Shatner" - LOL. (She used to be hesitant towards Sir Patrick as well but ever since she saw him in London when she was there with me in 2005 and he was so kind to everyone - and me - at the stage door she has come to accept him.) LOL it wouldn't even have to be a meeting, Saru could just be READING the name or something. Or a voice cameo. I'm pretty sure Takei wouldn't mind doing that.
  5. I watched the trailer for the "Dynasty" reboot earlier and honestly I wanted to hate it as much as I hated Nu!Dallas (but then that one's a continuation, not a reboot, doesn't matter, still terrible) but I actually liked that they put Fallon in the center of everything (they should have done that on the old show as well, she was really cool until they completely ruined her) and that they finally have the freedom to expore Steven's character the way they couldn't explore him back in the 80s AND that Sammy Jo is a guy, just as it should have been on the original show because Steven and all, I got really tired of them using Sammy Jo as some kind of "alibi wife" for Steven. Now Sammy Jo is a guy - problem solved. LOL. I LIKE THIS. MORE. Still... I'm sure the show will be cancelled in no time but really it's kinda cool and hilarious. I'm sure the Dynasty fandom is appropriately furious tho.
  6. I also like how Saru channeled Troi with "I sense..." I'm hopeless sometimes I just spoke to my mother on the phone and told her about this topic and she told me to say hi to everyone and that she hopes "Shatner won't be on the show, I don't want to see any new images of him on the news or something"
  7. Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! The next chapter will be much longer. With a little more action.
  8. OH yes, Burnham's Vulcan ties are something that is VERY interesting for me as well, I love Vulcans and humans who actually GET ALONG with Vulcans instead of just always clashing with them because "hurr hurr humans have emotions and Vulcans don't show them hurr hurr" - that isn't relatable to me AT ALL (Miranda Jones is my favorite TOS guest character and one big reason for this is that she likes Vulcans and prefers logic over emotions). Oh and I liked that alien as well. Lt. Saru or something...? He seems cool. Oh and I hope everybody noticed how Yeoh's captain used a JLP line when she went like "we have engaged the Klingons"... "we have engaged the Borg", anyone? I love the haters who are like "this doesn't even SOUND like Star Trek!!!111!!!!" and I'm like DID YOU EVEN LISTEN As for Shatner... I'll just quote my mother now: Whenever I say the name "Shatner" to her: "SHATNER? SHATNER, NO! NOOOO, NOT SHATNER! I CAN'T STAND HIM!"
  9. Yeah the second act of this story is written entirely from Q's perspective - it's much more effective to have Q (and the reader!) worry about Jean-Luc than to write about what's happening to him.
  10. Me, too. I SWEAR I want to write another Picard/Troi fic at some point. They really go well together.
  11. 11 A loud roll of thunder outside woke Q up. He sat up on the couch, momentarily disoriented until he realized what had happened: He had fallen asleep. 'Wonderful. Trust a human body to fail right in the middle of a crisis.' He slowly stood up from the couch and looked at the clock on the wall: It was 1.15 AM. 'At least I didn't sleep all through the night.' He rubbed his tired eyes and then his gaze fell on the katana that he had put on the couch table earlier, right next to the map of Harran that Picard had spread out there a few days ago when he and Brecken had gone over possible locations for additional Safe Zones. 'Why did he involve himself in all this, anyway? What is it with him wanting to help all the time? Look at what it got him!' Q frowned - anger was the last emotion he had expected from himself. But... was it really anger? 'Come on - you know he only accepted Brecken's offer because he knew you wouldn't make it out there on the streets. He did it so that you could be safe. It's your fault that he's dead.' Q sat down on the couch and clenched his hands into fists, refusing to believe what his mind had just told him. Who said Picard was dead? The blood on the katana didn't mean anything, and the fact that there didn't seem to be a body also suggested that something else had happened. But... what? An exhausted Picard, bleeding and weak, backed into a corner by a bunch of Infected, calmly accepting his inevitable fate - 'No!' Q jumped up from the couch and ran his hands through his hair. Human imagination was not something he had come to enjoy in the past few weeks - it had a way of bringing up certain facts about his feelings for Picard - and all he wanted was to use his powers to distract himself before things became completely unbearable. However, here he was, helpless against a merciless onslaught of horrifying mental images of Picard dying; or worse, not really dying and staggering through the streets of Harran as a mindless zombie instead... He banged his fist against his forehead. 'I have to know what happened.' He glanced at the window against which rain was now pouring and sat down on the couch again, reached out his hand, took the katana from the table and then looked at the map on which the train yard Safe Zone that Crane had mentioned had been clearly marked. How hard could it be to get there and take a look around?
  12. Let's look at the bright side here: At least Discovery will MOST LIKELY be better than Shatner's books. Honestly, as much as I enjoy trying to figure out where my "meh" opinion towards the show and its setting in particular comes from, I am ALSO fed up with those fans who hate on EVERY SINGLE LITTLE thing in that trailer. I'm like "chill out, y'all, it's just a freaking TRAILER". I get it that the setting of the show raises certain issues and questions and I share most of the concerns about it, but hating on every single second from that trailer doesn't really cut it for me either. It's just a TRAILER, ffs.
  13. No, YOU are CUTE! *blush* *massive Sehlat crush*