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  1. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    People sometimes do forget his age - including himself. He then gets unpleasant reminders of it when he finds himself in a tight spot (for example, he readily agreed to carry/run with the Olympic torch a few years ago. Turned out he had to run up a bit of a hill and it all took much longer than he had expected and the torch was a lot more heavy than he had anticipated. He ran and made it, but he says it he was barely able to, he only made it because he thought of the embarrassing headlines and pictures that would happen if he didn’t, lol). I’m just glad that, these days, he actually DOES relax, though. He refused to do this for a long time but nowadays he takes time off. And he takes a two-hour nap every afternoon. Good! But yes, for charity he would absolutely do his Christmas Carol show, of that I have no doubt.
  2. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    He has said that he'd love to do it again but he doesn't think he'll be able to. Last time he did it, it was already beyond exhausting for him, and that was 12 years ago. He says he just isn't in the shape for it anymore. Of course it's always possible he'll try it again, but somehow I don't think so. Maybe for a one-time special event, THAT I can totally see, but a full run of three weeks or so, every evening, not so much. (He might still surprise everyone but really, I do think it would be too much for him, he IS rapidly approaching 80, after all.)
  3. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    A new little animated short movie with Sir Patrick as the narrator: Anomaly's witty Christmas animation with Patrick Stewart takes a dark turn
  4. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    A tiny new interview: Patrick Stewart weighs in on ‘Logan,’ unrealized ambitions and Bitcoin
  5. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    The problem was more the fact that the TNG crew couldn't be as easily adapted to be a movie crew. They WERE massively popular as series characters because the show was usually deep, thoughtful and told tales of morality - it wasn't an action series, and the characters weren't action heroes unless circumstances forced them to be, but that was usually just for one episode ("Starship Mine" comes to mind here). It was easy to make movies for the TOS crew because TOS was a series that relied on leaving meaningful messages, yes, but still often put funny moments and quirky people over plots before those went TOO serious, AND also because the show relied quite heavily on action scenes through somewhat ridiculous means (Kirk-Fu) but still, action was action, even if it was the 60s. With TNG things were different - you had a much more serious crew and, more importantly, a much more serious captain who''s an accomplished diplomat first and foremost.Trying to push these characters into action-oriented plots felt out of place, and it was most glaring with Jean-Luc, who turned more and more into Rambo the more the TNG movies progressed. It just didn't fit. It's no wonder that the only real popular TNG movie is also the one that actually lets the characters do what they do best (Riker gets the away team funny plot, LaForge gets to tinker with a ship, Troi gets to help keeping someone in check emotionally, Worf gets to fight some bad guys, Data basically gets to play First Officer and also gets as many scenes as possible because he's the most beloved character but they wisely decided to NOT make him comic relief like they did in Generations) while also picking the only thing that could make action movie plots make sense for Jean-Luc: Not being himself. (They tried to repeat this in a completely grotesque way in Insurrection with the whole youth nonsense but all THAT did was make him look like Hipster Grandpa who tries to be cool and funny by requesting a Mambo and dancing to it, hurr hurr hurrrrrrrrr, so funneeeeeeh - not.) In short: People noticed that the TNG characters were forced into being characters they really weren't, and that's why the TNG movies (particularly the last two) failed the way they did. Movie audience taste had indeed changed and Paramount tried to adjust, but frankly speaking - they tried it with the wrong crew. TNG movies would have had to be much more like the series, but they couldn't, because ACTION ACTION ACTION, movie audiences want ACTION, etc. If they had used the DS9 crew for movies after First Contact, things might have been different - THOSE guys would have been PERFECT for action movies. The TNG folks just weren't, and it didn't fit, things seemed out of place, and that's why the whole thing fell apart. Add to that some atrocious writing, directing and plot holes (Nemesis, anyone), weird "high school humor" additions (Insurrection, anyone) and you have the perfect failure. It's no wonder the studio decided to go back to what worked - the TOS crew. And since they couldn't get the original crew, they made a new one and adjusted them to make them match the taste of today's mainstream movie audiences. Not sure if that was a good thing, I still haven't bothered with Nu!Trek, but given how much of a terrible rift it caused in the fandom, I'm not sure it was worth it.
  6. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    You know what I think? Paramount and CBS should finally come to their senses when it comes to who has the rights to what and they should just wait a year or so and then make an MA-rated Discovery movie. Problem solved. (Well, not for the gatekeepers but they hate the Kelvin timeline as well anyway, so it doesn't matter what kind of movie they get, they'll hate it, regardless.)
  7. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    I do see that point, I guess I was just trying to treat rating and director as separate entities. A lot of fans don't want Tarantino as the director, and I understand, if I were a die-hard Trek fan like them I'd question his ability to make a Trek movie, too, even though the movies are held to lower standards these days - and not just because of the Kelvin time line action flicks, Nemesis and Insurrection carry much of the blame for this drop in standards as well - Tarantino seems like a particularly extreme choice. But if a good director steps in with the right idea, an R rating doesn't seem "stupid" to me. Of course we'd need a good idea, violence just for the sake of violence bothers ME as well, absolutely. I'm just saying that limiting folks to a PG-13 rating is not always a good thing, it can really suppress creativity in some cases. Yeah... but opening your mind to a new interpretation of Star Trek is SO far from the minds of so many fans, and not just the gatekeepers, a lot of them are just fans who simply can't accept that the franchise is moving on and who want their dosage of nostalgia with some kind of TNG 2.0. The jubilant reactions to Sir Patrick's "I want to be in Tarantino's movie" prove this - people are mindlessly all over this idea now, the fandom is buzzing with excitement, but I can guarantee you that if that sort of thing were to happen those very same jubilant people would be the first to scream NO NO NO NO if Jean-Luc as much as BREATHES differently from the way they're used to (which he would, especially in a Tarantino movie). Their "YES I WANT THIS" would turn into "WHAT NO HOW CAN THEY DO THIS" in no time, and it wouldn't be pretty. It's a real problem in this fandom. People want the Star Trek of their youth, and they do NOT want a Star Trek that they don't recognize as such. The Kelvin timeline movies got that reaction, Discovery is getting it, and that new movie, whatever kind of movie it turns out to be, will get it as well. The franchise is moving on, has been doing so for many years, but those fans are still stuck with wanting either 60s or 90s Trek, depending on their age. They aren't moving along with the franchise, they're still clinging to the hope of getting a "real" TNG movie, a DS9 movie, etc, etc, and I just think expectation and reality are SO far apart these days that maybe, just maybe, parting ways with the franchise might be the better idea for many of those fans. It's not worth the aggravation and continued frustration, IMO.
  8. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    A small recap of his Dubai Q&A session: Patrick Stewart raves about ‘sensational’ Louvre Abu Dhabi
  9. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    I like the idea of an R-rated Star Trek. I'd like the idea of an NC-17 rated Star Trek as well. Maybe it's because I've been writing this kind of Star Trek for over a decade, and I really can't stand it when someone wants me to "tune down" things so that they're "fit for PG-13 audiences" (in fact, I will tell people no if they ask me to write such a story - simply because I don't want to limit myself, I want a clean slate when I start to write, some stuff becomes R-rated, some doesn't, I just want the freedom to boldly go). I guess Tarantino feels the same way about his work, and regardless of the quality of that work, which I have zero opinion on since I have seen only one of his movies, I can relate to that 100%. I have no emotional attachments to the Star Trek franchise other than TNG, maybe this is why an R-rated movie wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I don't understand why this is such a big problem. Logan did just fine as an R-rated movie, and people were crying about that as well at first. It all depends on the material and the movie, sometimes a rating just fits that kind of tone. All that being said... they already bent Star Trek over and backwards with the Kelvin universe and now they're bending it over and backwards again with Discovery and now, if they really end up hiring Tarantino, it will be bent over and backwards all over again... it's a clear pattern of "we don't listen to what the fandom wants"... maybe it's time for the fandom to either adjust to the new ways of the franchise or simply do what our own Gus did... choose to not go along and leave the franchise behind? Please don't throw rotten tomatoes now I'm just saying, there's so much anger and frustration these days, why get hung up on this when there are tons of episodes and DVDs to re-watch, maybe I just don't really understand this die-hard dedication that Trek fans have...
  10. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Yup. Irrational in so many ways. This is why I’m VERY opposed to him EVER reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard. The Trek fandom now only idolizes him the way it does because, for now, their nostalgia carries their good mood. Take that away by having him appear in a new Trek movie that isn’t well-received or only even just mediocre and the tables will turn, and quickly.
  11. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    He was made to look older in “Logan”, so much of this was make-up and he also lost weight for the part so that he looked extra frail, but you’re right still. Age would be one of the first fanboy complaints - they keep saying “Stewart doesn’t age ahahahaha” but that’s more because they don’t want to SEE that he’s aging, they have this extreme and strange notion that JLP 2017 would look the same as 2002 JLP, and once their illusions are shattered, they will get angry. Even in 2002 a lot of people were whining about how “old” the TNG crew looked. And now? To put it bluntly: If Sir Patrick we’re to put on the exact uniform from 2002, it would be too big. It would look like a potato sack on him. He has shrunk and has also gotten more frail. A little while ago they did a photoshooting at a con with fans that was done on an exact replica of the Ent-D bridge, and Sir Patrick looked very, very tiny in that captain’s chair, very far from the extremely muscled and fit JLP fanboys know. This sort of information is stuff that these fans don’t want to hear or see, and they ignore it usually, but a movie would throw it all into their faces and boy, would they be shocked at first.... and then angry. But I can’t (and won’t) subject myself to any of this - if this JLP return thing comes to be, I will definitely pull myself away from the Trek fandom and do a LOT of muting, blocking etc. I can NOT deal with Trek fans and their relentless hate if they choose to direct it at Sir Patrick (which they absolutely would since they complain about EVERYTHING, Tarantino could deliver the best Trek movie since Undiscovered Country and they’d hate on it).
  12. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    I'm in no shape to deal with anything like this, so I would welcome for it to be a hoax - it's only been a few hours since he said it, the major Trek websites haven't even picked it up yet but my nerves are already stretched as thin as a sheet of paper. It doesn't help that my sources are starting to fill up with the whole thing either. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I wish he hadn't said anything. But then, Sir Patrick has never been in the habit of "not saying anything". lol That's precisely the issue. Nostalgia fanboys are screaming "OMG YES PLEASE COME BACK" all over the place NOW, but if it REALLY turns out to be happening, they will be the first who pick up the pitchforks once they notice their "beloved Picard" is unrecognizable... which he would be, not just because this is "everything is dark and gloomy" 2017/2018 but also because TARANTINO. And then the hate will start, "why did Stewart sign on to this", "why did he allow for Tarantino to mess up Picard"... etc etc etc. These fanboys don't think things through, it's almost frightening sometimes how they fall for every bone that gets thrown at them and only after a few bites they realize it doesn't taste the way they're used for it to taste. And THAT is what I would DEFINITELY want to escape, I really don't need that kind of hate being thrown around.
  13. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    The Trek fandom is about to explode, the headlines are here and already misleading enough so that there are already people thinking this is set in stone and he will actually BE in Tarantino's movie. I hate today's internet culture of "we don't check facts and we just read misleading headlines and spread rumors around". Every. Single. Time. Sigh. Anyways. If they really throw Jean-Luc into this supposed movie, Imma leave the fandom. For a long while. No way I'm gonna subject myself to either that movie or the fandom fights. NO WAY. Ugh. I don't get why so many fans want for him to return... ah wait I do get it: Nostalgia, again.
  14. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Same. It still manages to speak to 10 year old dinosaur nerd me who was too young to go to see Jurassic Park but so DESPERATELY wanted to do so.
  15. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    He will come back to the X Men franchise if they give him enough reason to, I have no doubt about that. (He was all eager to hear about "Legion", for example.) He just keeps saying he won't because he's a deeply emotional person who is still moved by that moment in Berlin when he and Jackman cried. I want him as FAR AWAY from the Star Trek TNG franchise as possible and I really hope Paramount will remember that they own the rights to the Kelvin universe and that's what Tarantino can direct all he wants, I don't really care. lol I would grudgingly acknowledge it if Sir Patrick played a different character in a Kelvin universe movie tho. Whatever, I'd buy the DVD and that's it for me, I have zero emotional attachment to anything other than TNG. All that being said... I would prefer it if Sir Patrick worked with Tarantino on something other than Trek. I honestly don't want Sir Patrick near the franchise these days, but Tarantino can do whatever he wants, I'm indifferent to this.