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  1. CBS could have spared EVERYONE a great deal of grief if they had just set this waaaaay after VOY, but hey. They saw more profit in setting it in the TOS era, and now we'll see what this gets them. I have a feeling that this is either hit or miss - if this show fails, there won't be any more Trek series for a long time. If it does not fail, the fandom might just sail into a new "90s era" of "lots of Trek". It really all depends on Discovery now. (Which is yet another reason why I would have thought CBS might actually be interested in NOT deliberately antagonizing huge parts of the Trek fandom like this.)
  2. Speaking from the purist side of the fandom camp now: It's as you said, Sehlat - Trek has always had an "evolution" of uniforms... but through TIME. It's a lot easier to accept a change in uniforms that goes along with the timeline. TWOK is set after TMP, which is why it's easier to say "yeah, these uniforms look different now". Same goes for TNG being set after TOS, it's only natural that a uniform change occurs somewhere along the way. Even ENT's uniforms weren't really THAT hated for this since the show's set WAAAAY before Kirk - the writers had a bit of leeway there. (AND they chose to pay respect to the TOS division colors, even.) It's different with Discovery, however. It's set around "The Cage", so it stands to reason to expect the uniforms from that era. It makes zero sense to suddenly have such different uniforms that look literally NOTHING like the ones we see in "The Cage". I can absolutely see why the purists are up in arms against this whole thing here. I get it that they can't have the "Cage" uniforms 100%, but they at least could have made SOME kind of effort to make the uniforms look like the ones from that era. They didn't. For purist fans, uniforms, phasers and ships DO play a BIG role. They need for everything to look like the stuff from the era the show is set in to be able to sit there and say "yes, I believe this", and since we have a measurement of what things looked like with "The Cage" and Discovery chooses to mostly simply conveniently and frustratingly deliberately ignore it, I can absolutely understand why they are up in arms against this whole thing. In short: I still don't get why CBS deliberately chooses to anger and divide the fanbase they need to make their show successful. Wherever Discovery is mentioned these days you get a whole TON of hate comments, and those hate comments don't come from folks who have never watched Star Trek, they come from FANS. And if half of your fanbase hates the idea of your new show, you ARE in trouble. As much as there are excited Trekkies, there are also those who are determined to hate the show's guts, which will REALLY hurt it since folks have to pay extra to watch this in the US, and a LOT of them simply won't do that. And it's not just the US. From what I've observed, the German fandom is as divided over the show. A lot of people dislike the apparent focus on war. Others dislike the Klingon redesign, etc. But the difference is that we get it on Netflix and since most folks do have Netflix here the fans can simply watch the first episode and then decide whether to continue watching or not. Fans in the US can't even do THAT, they have to pay extra for something they don't really want to watch in the first place, which... is unfortunate and makes me think "what can POSSIBLY go wrong here". Just playing devil's advocate for a moment here - I'm still utterly indifferent towards Discovery but I CAN see why folks are complaining about the show. I CAN'T see why they can't just move on and leave it be and "let their wallets speak" by simply ignoring it and its merchandise and whatever else there is and I honestly can't see why they have to flood EVERY single Discovery article with hate, but then that's human social media nature these days I guess. (And I know how passionate Trekkies are about Trek, I guess they just CAN'T "move on".)
  3. They could make Discovery x-rated and I wouldn't be bothered. (I guess this is where the fic writer in me speaks - I'm used to this sort of thing. TNG's 'innocence' may help to fuel my imagination but it's also rather frustrating sometimes, the show can be such a tease... silver speedos, anyone? )
  4. Welcome aboard!
  5. This is a truly amazing interview with him, check it out:
  6. I can't help it, I mean look at him, he's the tiniest guy on that stage and he's so ADORABLE.
  7. To be honest I'm more interested in Sir Patrick being tiny and cute on his chair than in where that chair actually IS.
  8. This looks really interesting indeed! *puts it on GAMES TO POSSIBLY BUY list*
  9. Nope, it was a Fox Studios screening. Zanuck Theater or something. It wasn't anything "public", it was a somewhat private screening for actors and actresses, as was the Q&A afterwards.
  10. Sir Patrick and James Mangold attended a LOGAN Q&A in LA after a screening of the movie last night: (Source)
  11. Look at this soccer nerd celebrating Huddersfield Town's first Premier League match win today: (Source)
  12. He also just finished shooting another movie in Canada/Switzerland, so yeah, he's busy - although he also makes it a point to relax more these days. I'm very glad about that.
  13. The first "The Wilde Wedding" trailer is here! Check it out.
  14. I'm really obsessed with what he's wearing, I don't even know why. I just love to analyze his outfits (probably because I'd love to wear most of them myself, haha).
  15. Since ENT is the only Trek series besides TNG that I'm actively interested in watching these days I'd say giving it another chance is always a good idea, there is just SOMETHING about it. I used to LOATHE it until I sat down and established a headcanon for myself that enables me to enjoy it for what it is. Season 3 has grown on me a LOT while season 4 tends to simply bore me because it's mostly fan service and a somewhat desperate attempt (to me) to make the show fit into established canon. If they had made the entire show like season 4 I would probably have enjoyed it, but pushing all the 'must make this show lead up to TOS now' episodes into one season in one last futile attempt to get the fans back who had left during or after season 3 just seems unfortunate and desperate to me. But, whatevs, it's still not horrible television or anything. ENT is ENT and it's still not exactly everyone's darling show, but there are a lot of fans who like it better now than they used to. That planet-based first season idea sounds terrible even to me, btw. ENT was a show supposed to be about the first folks out there in space, not the first folks on Earth preparing to go out there for an entire season. One or two episodes, sure... but not an entire season. It would probably have been dreadful, sorry. lol And yeah, the Federation is pretty much a somewhat minor plot point throughout ENT. There are occasional episodes but the show is more about meeting aliens of the week and later on working with the Andorians and Tellarites for the first time than actual early pre-Federation politics. At least that's how it has always seemed to me.