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  1. ^ my face exactly, lol! So cute! (And I normally do not say this about kids, but Sir Patrick is amazing with kids and that's great, heh.)
  2. Something for the Trekkies again - behind the scenes of "When The Bough Breaks"! Awwwwwww. (Source)
  3. And here we have another video from yesterday. He's so happy and content I love him.
  4. Or a jigsaw puzzle nerd, or a train nerd, or a history nerd, or a book nerd, or an art nerd... he's a nerd about sooooo many things, and he is always incredibly adorable, especially when he starts to talk about one of them.
  5. Today: 14th wedding anniversary for Jean-Luc & me. Yay? Yay.

    1. Sim
    2. Mr.Picard


      Heh. Trying my best to squeeze in a TNG episode because this just how things HAVE to be celebrated!

  6. Sir Patrick was in Huddersfield yesterday - he had arranged for a movie theater and LOGAN - for friends of his and, of course, the players of Huddersfield Town, his favorite soccer club, who are not far from being promoted to the Premier League. (They most likely won't make it but hey, he has hope and that's fine with me.) I know how much this means to him, it's so important that he says he'll stay in the UK to watch all the games from now on (there are six left) and cheer them on and whatnot. He's just so cute when he's in soccer nerd mode. Here's a video from yesterday. And here are screencaps: look at him being a soccer nerd and perfect and beautiful
  7. Aaaand he's doing some voice work again: Dragonheart
  8. Cool, thanks for the information, Gus! *underlines movie on To-Buy-List*
  9. I was tempted to wait a while myself because these games are just so expensive when they're released but then I remembered the Amazon gift card I'd gotten for XMas last year and... weeeeeell...
  10. Okay. I'll put the movie on my To-Buy list then. My mother will be pleased.
  11. ^ Yeah but... what does that mean? Big role? Small role? lol (I am clueless.)
  12. Okay, here we go. It's been a while since I got a game that grabbed me the way this one did and still does, so I figured I'd write a review. I got this game about a week ago - and I'm still busy with playing. I got through the main story the day before yesterday and now I'm doing all the side quests and errands, which is also going to take time, and then there's other stuff on the BIIIIIIG map that isn't a quest (clearing corrupted areas, etc). That's not all, though - they announced DLC for the game, so I guess this will keep me busy, too. First things first - for me, a game stands and falls with the story and the protagonist (graphics are nice as well but ultimately not that important to me, I'm too much of a retro gamer to put emphasis on graphics, although HZD really delivers here, it's FLAWLESS graphic-wise, I have to mention it, it's absolutely PERFECT). The protagonist: I love that the game has an amazing and well-written female protagonist (take note, GTA franchise and also every video game franchise that caters to the "disgruntled loner dude" main guy) and that the guys in the game are there to advance HER story, not the (sadly usual) other way around. There is also no unnecessary love story WHATSOEVER that involves the main protagonist. WELL DONE. The story: It's basically similar to TNG's "The Arsenal Of Freedom" (I wonder if they were inspired by that episode), only more fleshed out and without the "why don't you just shut it off by buying it" solution. The basic story is this: Machines called "peacekeepers", built to serve, almost wiped out humanity and everything else on Earth after turning against it by suddenly hunting for biomass if it had not been for a project named Zero Dawn which was one last effort by the finest minds of humanity who came together in a secret location while the rest of the world's population gave them time by fighting a hopeless battle against the self-replicating machines. Those finest human people and their minds created a computer program to come up with a solution to make the machines more peaceful and re-build Earth from scratch after everything had been destroyed. They succeeded in some parts, but not in others - the part of the program that was designed to give humanity its knowledge back was not implemented (the game tells you why but I won't, haha) and so, after many years have passed, humans live in tribes now and are pre-industrial (they do still have the ruins of the "Old Ones" as they call them though) except for one thing: The machines are still there, and they've been peaceful for a long time but now they're suddenly turning against humanity and you're supposed to find out why and stop whatever it is that's happening (the main protagonist is directly tied into the how and why so she is not a random hero person). I really love this story, the fan fic writer in me has so many ideas (some include a TNG crossover haha) and I just ADORE video games that come with a big story and apocalyptic undertones but also offer hope. This is the stuff I looooooooooooooooooove to explore in my mind. I could write essays about this storyline...! I also love the gameplay - it's a MASSIVE open world and you can run from region to region without any loading screens, the environment just changes around you gradually. Also, there's day and night, and I love the night mode because everything is really beautiful. It also isn't a game that wastes a lot of time on explaining how to do things, you're supposed to try it all out by yourself, and I got the hang of it rather quickly, so it can't be that difficult (I sometimes struggle with controls at first... I almost gave up on Dying Light because I couldn't figure things out and it was so DIFFICULT TO PLAY at first and the zombies were so strong, it's my favorite game now so I'm glad I stuck with it but yeah, difficult controls can irk me a lot). The only few gripes I have is that you can't use one of the flying machines to travel around (I get why, it's probably a programming nightmare to get this to work, so many different environments, so many changes the game would have to make in seconds when you fly over a new region AND you'd need places to land, etc etc) and that the hunting grounds are annoying because I prefer to get the desired results on my own instead of being told what to do and fail the challenge just because I used other methods than the ones they asked me to, but hey, you don't HAVE to do them. And, finally... the soundtrack. SO GOOD. THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD. I hardly ever notice music in games but THIS music is AMAZING, almost as amazing as the one Dying Light has. Anyways. Anyone playing this one? I highly recommend it. Just in case this wasn't clear. lol Wiki Trailer
  13. Yeah by "younger people" I meant 16 year olds maybe, not 11 year olds. I did see that the movie doesn't seem to be targeted at very young folks, and that's a shame indeed - THEY are the ones who are supposed to love the Power Rangers, we adults already HAVE our Rangers. Another shame about the representation, yeah - they finally add HUGE chunks of it and then the movie is bad. Shaka, when the walls fell.
  14. Exactly the way I see it, too.
  15. Okay can anyone - quickly - tell me if Kurt Russell has a big part in this movie? I don't want to read through all kinds of announcements and spoilers and whatnot, I'm looking for a quick answer, lol. I'm asking because I showed the pic above to my mother and she can't stop talking about how good Russell's character looks (I showed it to her because I knew this guy was her type, haha) and now I'm at a loss to tell her whether he has a major role or not. (I'll give her the DVD as a gift if he has. Haha.) Oh and scenario you're not the only one who didn't like the first movie. A co-worker of mine gave me her Blu Ray for a while and I watched the movie and it bored and annoyed (I'll give it credit for that combination) me so much that I switched it off after forcing myself through half of it. I didn't like anything about it, neither the plot nor the characters nor the setting, but then, I'm not into sci-fi, I should probably have known this would happen. I was just curious because everyone was so hyped about it, I figured "it can't be that bad, right"... but it was.