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  1. Yup. The social justice aspects fly right over their heads. I always wonder if they really CANNOT see them or if they don't WANT to see them.
  2. Without getting too much into KM territory here (let's be careful, I'd hate to be forced to move this topic there)... these are exactly the kinds of fans whose existence a lot of folks have always tried to deny or play down because they never were the target (I was told countless times that "ah maybe there are a handful of bigots in the Trek fandom but DON'T WORRY WE ARE ALL NIIICE, REAAAALLY" - nope, there are a LOT of bigots and racists and whatnot). I'm both glad and horrified at the same time that they're finally showing their ugly faces to EVERYONE - showing their faces means exposing them and their views. I'm particularly fond of the "I love Janeway but please don't ruin this with political correctness" thing in one of the comments. Love the line of "I have nothing against [insert group], I like [people from group]/I have [people from group] friends but please don't force me to look at them all the time" arguments. ("Love" as in "please go away".) Although I do feel the need to point out that some of these "fans" might also simply be trolls who have never watched a single Star Trek episode. A lot of these people surface on Twitter whenever there's something they perceive as "controversial" or "too politically correct". I see it all the time with Sir Patrick - whenever he says something "controversial", people who know literally nothing about him other than the fact that he was in Star Trek or X Men show up and voice their "opinions" and draw others to the table as well. It's like a bunch of rabid dogs.
  3. Oops I forgot I wanted to quote this, too. Bad me. Anyways - you are quite welcome! I have observed the same behavior in the fandom. The rabid haters are as bad as the rabid lovers who will tear EVERYONE apart who DARES voice even the SLIGHTEST "but...". I get it that they're fed up with all the negativity (I am too, at least to a certain degree), but there is NO need to attack people who simply state that they see no reason to like what they're seeing so far. There's a whopping big difference between a hater and someone who is simply not seeing any reason to fall in love with Discovery just yet. (Or ever.) Or the new rebooted Dynasty! I'm SO down for that show! I wish I knew more people who are enthusiastic about Dallas and Dynasty - I always shout into a void when I tell my Trekkie friends about these shows. It was the characters who spoke to me when I watched TNG for the first time - it WAS also the plot of the episode, yes, but if I hadn't felt a connection with most of the characters I doubt the episode would have worked on me. The plot is cool, sure, but without the characters... nah. I loved how everyone re-lived stuff and I also loved how they solved the mystery with the three's and all, but then, the characters had to work together for this, and that sense of family that came from them, THAT was what hooked me and made me want to watch the next episode, not the starship or space or whatnot, meh. lol I think this is why I have such a thing for soap operas, now THOSE focus on CHARACTERS in an almost obnoxious way, haha
  4. I SWEAR he's the CUTEST because he's so smol. I had a hard time not squealing "OMG SO SMOL AND CUTE" when I saw him for the first time. I knew he wasn't as tall as magazines and IMDB loved to claim, but when I saw this tiny cinnamon roll on that convention stage for the first time all I could think of was TINY TINY TINY HE'S SO TINY AND ADORABLE. And now that he's shrinking and shorter than I am, he only gets more adorable somehow. I love short men I just can't help it. I mean HIS SHORT LEGS. SO CUTE.
  5. It definitely has to do with me not being interested in sci-fi as a genre in itself - it has to be mixed with another genre in order to become interesting to me. I was never raised with science fiction, no one cared about it, no one gave me anything sci-fi to deal with. The closest thing I had was my favorite book, The Neverending Story, but that's more fantasy than sci-fi - THAT was the world I escaped into. I wanted a Luck Dragon, not a starship, I wanted to have adventures with Atreyu, not aliens. I prefered a world in my MIND, not one in some distant future. If you're not raised with sci-fi and if you ALSO lack a general understanding of physics and astronomy, getting into it is difficult somehow. Of course I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid and my Playmobil space station was my favorite toy, but that was more because of the cool space suits and the helmets than aliens. (The space station didn't even come with aliens, lol.) Anyways. I had no BASIS to fall in love with Star Trek or sci-fi as a genre, and I still don't - for me it therefore relies entirely on characters and stories, you're quite correct. They could set TNG on a submarine and I'd still watch it because JEAN-LUC. Sure it would be cool to watch the stars go by in Ten Forward, but ONLY if Jean-Luc was there, too. Otherwise, sure, a short trip but then please bring me back to Earth and let me continue to watch Dallas. lol
  6. I think he's the most beautiful being in this entire universe and beyond. I also think his perfection is unmatched by anything this galaxy has to offer. And then I also think he should be loved and worshiped every single second of every single day because he deserves it all and so much more. Oh and PROTECT HIM because HE IS SO TINY AND CUTE
  8. Everyone who posts this pic wants to be Sir Patrick... but I would MUCH rather be Hugh Jackman. I would carry Sir Patrick to the end of the universe and back. (Source)
  9. Oh dear, oh dear, it's not getting any better here, is it? I'll now be waiting for the Covenant DVD to be at its cheapest! I mean I HAVE to check out how stupidly everyone seems to behave, this sounds unintentionally hilarious, exactly my kind of humor! Oh and btw Sehlat, if you need a shoulder to lean on, I'd love to volunteer if I could and your wife doesn't want to watch a movie with you for whatever reason, haha. I'm pretty much impossible to rattle when it comes to gore/scary things. I sit through stuff like Human Centipede 2 without even raising an eyebrow. I blame my ex girlfriend, she was the one who sent me the DVD with "since you liked the first part, here's the second, enjoy". Just don't shriek too loudly, I have a very low tolerance level towards loud noises.
  10. Nope... although I will admit that it DOES sound like me - like, "people who bought Boreil also bought Blandij Botoxface, Redhead of Doom and Vash-Means-Cow-In-French".
  11. I've watched ALL of DS9. Several times. lol And all of VOY. Once and never again lol It just didn't click with me. Ironically, the only Trek show these days that still clicks with me somehow is ENT, the ONE show I hated with passion when it aired. I'm even finding TOS rewatches to be tedious now because there are just so many episodes I could totally have done without. The only TOS episode I still truly and absolutely enjoy watching is "The Cage" - because I like Pike so much. ENT I enjoy because I like Archer quite a bit. All that being said, I DO seem to need a connection to the captain in some way these days, and I don't have that with Kirk and I DEFINITELY don't have it with Sisko AT ALL or, even worse, Janeway. That being said - it's entirely possible I'll have that connection again with the captain of the Discovery even though he won't be the main focus of the show. That's why I say I might get the show on DVD at some point - but so far I feel no need to check it out. If they release another trailer that focuses on the captain of the Discovery and I feel a connection, I'll take it from there. (It's an immediate thing - I felt the connection with Archer right then as well when ENT was introduced, but I was too busy with hating on the show to pay it any attention. I don't want to make that mistake again - AND I also don't want to make the mistake of "ugh a bald dude in pajamas" again, haha. Indifference is the best course of action for me at this point.) But thanks! It's nice to hear that someone understands. I'm REALLY trying.
  12. Nah, wasn't me. I call him Bareil from Snoreville.
  13. I like the MINOR SPOILER you mentioned, Sehlat. Sounds like something I'd write.
  14. This. A lot of fans are struggling with Discovery, for more than one reason. Sure there are the "fans" no one really asked, such as the bigots and racists and sexists who won't watch "because the gays are ruining Star Trek", "Star Trek is now run by feminists", "a BLACK woman in charge?", but I'm not talking about those "fans". I'm talking about folks like Gus who simply feel they no longer have a "home" with Star Trek. I see reactions from THEM as well and it's NOT fair to throw them into the same category as the haters. (Which no one has done here, of course, I'm just making a general fandom statement because I've seen people getting attacked over saying that they simply can't bring themselves to be interested enough in Discovery and that every new picture or trailer only leaves them more frustrated.) Most of these folks have been fans of Star Trek for a long, long time and simply no longer see it being/representing the Trek they grew up with or want, and they DON'T find it easy to make the adjustment and/or leap of faith into thinking that Discovery will be good or interesting for them. They've been disappointed over and over again, ever since ENT came out, Nu!Trek certainly didn't help either, and now Discovery won't cut it either because it will naturally be different as well from the Trek they used to know and love. This is traumatic for many fans - it's like looking at someone you used to love and realizing that they've changed so much that you can no longer do so. This is a painful and also depressing process. These fans are often angry and bitter but some are also simply sad that, for them, an era in their lives has come to an end. Now: I'm not interested in watching Discovery either, so, Gus is not alone. (Although my reasons are different, the result is the same for now: Not watching, no thanks, enjoy, everyone, but it's not for me.) So... Gus, I know how you feel and what you mean. There are a lot of other fans who feel the same way you do.
  15. It's really too bad that we won't be able to sit down and watch the pilot episode (or any other episode) together. We'd probably have a lot of fun with this particular reboot.