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  1. There are worse episodes, really. You will probably also pleased to know that, thanks to you, I wrote a little story about a shuttlecraft trip today. It involves strawberries and whipped cream and it's all YOUR fault. I watched TNG's "The Emissary" today and am now watching TNG's "Peak Performance".
  2. I'm beginning to understand why I used to be called "a bad/corrupting influence" when I was younger. Also, don't tempt me into writing a story about what Jean-Luc and I would be a doing in a shuttlecraft for six hours. I watched TNG's "Shades of Gray" last night. This time WITHOUT any vacuum cleaner interruptions, haha. Still don't think the episode is as bad as people say. It may not be "Inner Light" but it does have its moments.
  3. It's visible all over my face how I feel whenever I watch TNG, but she didn't notice since was too busy with both vacuuming and scolding me while doing so. But she did stop vacuuming at some point and asked "are you even listening to m- oh forget it you're watching that show again, IT'S HOPELESS!" (An accurate assessment.)
  4. Don't wish too much for it though... my mother is a LOT like Lwaxana Troi, especially when she starts scolding someone. She'd probably have found some use for you - "clean up this" "take out that"... etc. (I was only protected by the fact that I was having lunch, if I hadn't had lunch, there would have been NO way she'd have let me watch the episode, haha.)
  5. Pulaski is right when she says "Worf, you're a romantic!" I can totally see Jean-Luc and me drinking Klingon tea as well, haha. Amazing how the Klingon idea of romance reasonates better with us than the human one.
  6. Picard/Q is always enjoyable, even on VHS or something. My mother was here today and she got annoyed with all the breadcrumbs ("you are a MESS, when was the last time you vacuumed?" "Last week or something...?" "OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE where's your vacuum cleaner?") and she vacuumed and scolded me while I was watching the episode so I barely heard anything and somehow that made the whole Picard/Q thing even more intense.
  7. LAST thing I'd ever do would be to go to Jean-Luc's door and beg. Same thing goes for him going to my door. We're both too hopelessly stubborn for something like that. The read-love-poetry-and-duck-a-lot approach, though... THAT one would work. I can see us doing that.
  8. I hope you'll be able to enjoy THE Picard/Q episode in HD soon.
  9. Or go to his door... beg like a human.
  10. He'd better smile or he'd have to duck a lot later when I start throwing things at him during the "yo I just tried to be nice and make people see that you're a loveable dork it's not that any of what I wrote is a secret" - "yes but did you consider what Starfleet might think" - "no because I don't give a S**T what Starfleet thinks and neither should you" argument.
  11. You HAVEN'T watched "You wanted me to say 'I Need You'... I - NEED - YOU!" and "To learn about you is frankly provocative" in HD yet? You HAVEN'T seen Q almost kissing Jean-Luc's ear in HD yet? You HAVEN'T seen sassy gay Q lying around on the bridge while staring at Jean-Luc's butt in HD yet? *gasp*
  12. I wonder what Jean-Luc would say if he saw how I write about him. I mean he'd be the first to insist on a proper and decent essay and yet here I go, being all over his DRESS uniform.
  13. Just finished watching TNG's "Q Who".
  14. The article is nothing but re-hashed news bits that were already out there, nothing in it is new in any way. It's designed to rile people up and convince them that the show is going to suck. I see this sort of "journalism" all the time these days with Sir Patrick news - geeky websites in particular seem to be on a hunt for old news and/or quotes which they then re-hash them into a new article and sell that one as something new, and you only realize that it isn't new if you click on a source link to the original article and check the date of that one. These articles are then written in a very skillful way so that you never suspect that the information is old, AND they are written to influence the reader's opinion according to the agenda of the one who wrote it. It's frightening how many people then FALL for these articles.
  15. Yeah he says helpful things on a lot of occasions. I always live by his "sometimes, Number One, you just have to bow to the absurd" statement. Very helpful, especially in these crazy times. I published a Jean-Luc Picard Character Spotlight on Imzy today in which I took an unusual approach to the subject. Anyone else would probably have written an essay on how brilliant Jean-Luc is as a captain or how wonderful his speeches are and how he's oh-so-deep and thoughtful and whatnot... but I wrote about horses and cosplaying instead. I'm hopeless