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  1. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. The characters all fit in so much better and Burnham is getting accustomed to her new job, and it suits her. I dunno. She fits much better into the Mirror Universe. I doubt this was ever the intention of the writers, but so many people are suddenly liking the show much better (and Burnham, too), so this really is having a big impact on it all.
  2. Paramount and CBS............Together Again ???

    Same but only if he gets a post credit scene where his hand rises out of the ashes of his palace in a "I am not defeated just yet" way... for the sequel.
  3. Paramount and CBS............Together Again ???

    I'm also not THAT fond of the idea, and I also remain somewhat doubtful about Tarantino's involvement, but if a CBS/Paramount merger smashes the Tarantino idea into tiny little pieces and gives us a Discovery movie with lots of Lorca instead I won't be complaining either, haha.
  4. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I literally purred and was like "rrrrr don't we all, Michael, don't we all"... Honestly she spoke for the entire Lorca fandom
  5. Paramount and CBS............Together Again ???

    Would this mean we'd get a Discovery movie instead of that Tarantino nonsense? If so, I'm in.
  6. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Okay, this episode didn't have enough Lorca. *pouts* I love how the agony booth apparently strengthens his southern accent. Hehe. Aside from that... I also have a few issues with the episode, but all in all it's a solid 7/10 from me. I'm having a thought now and it's probably a massively unpopular opinion: I wish they had set the entire show in the mirror universe from the beginning. Burnham suddenly works as a character, and the show makes me want to watch the next episode, like, NOW, instead of "meh, whenever".
  7. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    That SMIRK when he saw Georgiou. Oh, Mirror!Gabe. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, stay until the season finale at least, PLEASE. I also almost spat out my tea when Burnham said she wanted Lorca and "a private interrogation"... yeah well a lot of us do I suppose
  8. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    He's so cute! I'd seen this before but in horrible audio/visual quality, this is much better. I love how he orders people around even on his first TV appearance.
  9. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Check out this precious baby - like, literally.
  10. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Sir Patrick at the Critics' Choice Awards tonight: (Source) Also, this: Sir Patrick Stewart to headline Huddersfield Literature Festival
  11. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Sir Patrick last night at the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society Award Ceremony: (Source)
  12. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I'm not just worried about myself here... Leather Lorca pretty much broke the Lorca fandom already with his attractiveness, imagine there being TWO Leather Lorcas...!
  13. Mr.Picard's Jean-Luc Picard Collection, Y'All.

    I got the Minifigs.Me LEGO Jean-Luc Picard today! I wish they'd given him a slight smile but hey, can't complain too much. I'm so glad I finally have a professionally made LEGO Jean-Luc! (Still unofficial tho, of course.)
  14. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    The real question is... if Mirror Lorca held the reigns ever since the Buran incident (which is the one that seems to be the big change, Cornwell did say to him he hasn't been the same since then, my guess is that this is the turning point)... then what happened to Prime Lorca? Did the Klingons get him? Did he end up in the Mirror Universe? Did Mirror Lorca get rid of him? (Wouldn't put it past him, lol.) If he's still around, is he going to show up and we get an epic Lorca vs. Lorca showdown? TWO Lorcas in one episode? YES. PLEASE.
  15. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I’d be down for a Lorca Mirror Universe spin-off show. I’d be down for a mini series. Whatever. If it has Lorca, I’m in.