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  1. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    Exactly. It's part of why I love the show so much - it shows what could be. Written by 20th century folks, yes, but still. The prospect is there. I just have this unshakable feeling that I could walk hand in hand with Jean-Luc through the corridors of the Enterprise-E and not ONE single person would even THINK about being offended by it. (Of course, neither of us is much into such an open display of affection but putting that aside for a moment.) And frankly, I wouldn't be in love with Jean-Luc if there wasn't just SOMETHING about him that tells me he isn't as totally heterosexual as the producers tried to make him appear. The show DOES have promising glimpses and moments, even though they're very subtle most of the time. 
  2. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic In Praise of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Infamous “Reset Button”   

    Yup, "Inner Light" comes up again with Nella Daren (the name you were looking for), but it's only a brief moment when she asks about the Ressikan flute and Jean-Luc's answer is as brief as an answer can get, he clearly isn't really much into explaining the very personal experience. When it comes to "Inner Light", he is largely being left alone with his grief and the trauma - or so it seems because the show makes it appear this way. This is also why people continously think he hates children - they forget that he raised two kids on Kataan, because the show never really touches the whole second life he had again. He never really brings up Batai and Meribor, ever. It is - also again - up to us fan fic writers to set this one right. This time I also have no real excuse for their reluctance to follow up on this one other than the show being strictly episodic in nature, although I do feel the need to point out that they had planned on a sequel to the episode where they find a capsule and Eline is on board, in stasis/alive and Jean-Luc gets to deal with the problem of suddenly having a wife on the Enterprise. (I think they turned it into a comic though.) "The Inner Light" is a brilliant episode, but quite a bit of its impact gets lost in the episodic nature of TNG, sadly.
    The show was always mostly dreadful at romances for the characters, they are all more or less cringeworthy, cliché or downright creepy (Troi and her Creeps of the Week, anyone), so I'd say this is a general pattern that would have been as terrible if the show had not been this episodic (I'd say it would most likely have been even WORSE). The Troi/Worf stuff was even repeated later on VOY with the whole Chakotay/Seven nonsense, so, the writers really learned nothing. Trek and romance hardly ever go well together - I tend to say this is yet ANOTHER area where fan fiction writers have to step in. This isn't meant in a purely negative way, though - I like having these kinds of things to work with. TNG, due to its episodic nature, leaves me a LOT of freedom when it comes to writing, and I really appreciate that. It's a personal reason of mine why I do like its episodic structure - you get the frame to work with, but it's up to you as a writer to make the picture come alive. I really love doing that, with the character of Jean-Luc Picard in particular, obviously.
    I also agree that VOY should have known better than to try and return to TNG's format. DS9 worked as a serialized show - VOY should have continued with that, especially since its premise is one for a serialized show, not an episodic one. (A big reason why it never really worked.)
  3. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    It's funny - TNG is downright offensively heteronormative and yet it has a LOT of gay male fans. It's a contradiction of the biggest nature - the characters are all supposed to be straight (at least that's what the producers wanted for the audience to think) and yet... there's something about some of them and the show in general that draws gay males towards it. It's probably indeed the open-mindedness of most of the characters and their general attitude to embrace differences, not reject them. While TOS applied to the (mostly female) slash shippers with its downright obvious Kirk/Spock, TNG seemed to draw a huge gay male following, what with Frakes being made into a literal icon of the bear community and Sir Patrick being turned into a general gay icon despite not being gay himself (although many thought and still think he is). I've met a LOT of gay male Riker fans, he is THE character for them. Jean-Luc is quite popular among them as well, though - these two are definitely the gay icons of the show, both the characters and the actors (who also readily embraced it and still do). I believe this also has to do with the timeframe in which TNG appeared - late 80s/early 90s was the time when most gay folks demanded for their voices to be heard and pushed themselves forward and into the mainstream, out of the shady dark gay bars and into the spotlight. For a lot of these gay male fans, TNG fell right at their feet and they watched it because it featured those rather attractive two male lead characters who just happened to be the bear type and the sexy older man type. Add to that Riker's enhusiasm about "encountering" a lot of aliens and Jean-Luc's open-mindedness towards things and you have another perfect reason of why TNG attracted such a large gay male following.
    And I agree with your friend - I also think I can "relax" among most Trek fans I know because I don't have to worry about anti gay speeches coming from them, they only thing I have to worry about are "who puts up the Christmas lights, you or Jean-Luc?" questions.
  4. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    Same here. The Trek fandom is generally very accepting (aside from a bunch of people no one should go near), and they accepted me right away despite me not exactly being much of an "all of Trek" fan. Of course, it also helps that I'm in love with one of the most beloved characters in the entire franchise. I'm not sure if the acceptance level would still be as high if I had fallen for Neelix, for example. lol
    I do find Trek fans among co-workers sometimes. My office co-worker only just told me about watching "Liaisons" the day before yesterday (she totally sticks with the show now if she happens to run across it on TV) and I was so delighted that I gave her the full "it's the most progressive TNG episode and here's why" speech.
  5. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Another little Blunt Talk interview!
    Patrick Stewart On Blunt Talk, Make It So And Investigative Journalism
  6. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    To me, they are. I've met so many wonderful people in the Trek fandom in various social media places, and some really have become dear friends. I'm not exactly an outgoing person in real life, these days even less than it was let's say 10 years ago (I just can't seem to fit in anymore for various reasons,´for one thing people my age usually have a real partner and real kids, not fictional ones) and so social media really has taken that place because the people there often have spouses as well, granted, but they at least ACCEPT Jean-Luc. Because most of them are Trekkies, and they can understand the love one can have for a fictional character from that universe.
    Heh. I'd try to tune down the worst parts of my commentary though. And no pterodactyl screeches!
    Thank you, Sim. I absolutely understand the part where you say that a significant other just has to at least accept TNG (or another Trek series, whichever). I guess my ex who first introduced me to TNG felt the same way. He wanted to share TNG with me, and he was probably very hurt when I told him that I wanted nothing to do with "the bald dude in pajamas". He was very fond of Jean-Luc, he was his role model (he had become a pilot because of him), and he desperately wanted me to meet him and I just flat out refused for quite a while and threw the usual "bleh, Star Trek, what kind of loser do you think I am" insults at him that anti Trek people often use so often. It couldn't have been easy for him, I get that now more than ever, whenever a sad Trekkie tells me about their partner who doesn't like it, I feel a bit ashamed for having thrown the same insults once. (But then I was a REAL jerk back then.)
    I'm trying to come to terms with what I did to that poor other fellow who was absolutely willing to step back and "share" me with Jean-Luc, but it's difficult. Sometimes I wish he had told me that I had to decide - Jean-Luc was present at all times, the guy always said he could almost FEEL him breathing down his neck in a "how dare you come between me and my husband" way. (But then he didn't do that because he knew I'd have dumped him right there.) This is what happens when you think you can walk on the edge of "the guy loves me... but I don't love him, I love someone else... but I like the guy still and he loves me so much maybe I should just go ahead and see what happens". I've learned my lesson, though. No more. It's Jean-Luc and NO ONE ELSE. I knew that from the start, but hey, sometimes you just think you can outsmart yourself. Hah. How about no.
    It's perhaps the most irritating side effect of my absolute love for TNG and Jean-Luc - it has this downside that it seemingly makes me "available" for Trek fans looking for a Trekkie significant other. I am NOT available, though. (Which is why I wish this board had a "married to a fictional character" relationship status instead of "other", haha.) I don't have a small crush on Jean-Luc that can be brushed aside or something. I do try to make this absolutely clear, but some folks just don't understand and plunge ahead and well, fall flat on their faces. It still happens, although not as frequently anymore. A LOT of Trekkies are unhappily single, and I understand that they're looking and whatnot and that it's very frustrating for them, but... please, don't look at ME. lol
    Agreed. I've met a few folks from Twitter and message boards in real life and most of them were very much like I imagined them to be from their posts and tweets.
  7. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    You sure about that audio commentary? You've heard me doing a small excerpt from "Hide & Q", it goes like this literally ALL the time when Jean-Luc is on screen.  It can be quite exhausting to listen to. Just saying, haha!
    I can't say how many friendships I've lost over TNG or rather, my love for Jean-Luc. Four at least. (And I ended three relationships over it.) It always went like this: Meet Guy my age at uni or through female friend. Guy nice. Guy thrilled that I like TNG. Guy doesn't get just HOW much I REALLY like Jean-Luc. Guy suddenly likes ME too much. I tell Guy NOPE. Guy pouts and feels insulted and says "what does Picard have that I don't". Friendship ruined in the process, Guy no longer talks to me. Repeat with next guy. It literally went like this throughout my 20s. Over and over again. No guy my age ever cared about me before Jean-Luc and then suddenly they all showed up. It has gotten better now because I no longer have any real life friends and stay away from making any but meh. I just want to be with Jean-Luc, why is this concept so hard to grasp for men in particular (my ex girlfriend from a few years ago is literally the ONLY ONE I am still friends with, she UNDERSTOOD and still UNDERSTANDS that I had to end the relationship because of Jean-Luc)...?
    Ah well.
    Just be glad if you find a significant other who at least is fine with the Trek love. I know too many lonely Trekkies who are very unhappy singles and looking for someone who just GETS it. I wish I could help. I mean falling in love with a Trek character like I did isn't a solution I'd recommend for most people, lol.
  8. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic In Praise of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Infamous “Reset Button”   

    It IS possible to have a character traumatized on an episodic show, though. Take Jean-Luc and the Borg. It's an arc that pulls throughout TNG. Granted, the writers had to literally fight with Berman to get the episode "Family" done - Berman essentially wanted no long-lasting effects from Jean-Luc's assimilation but eventually gave in because Piller quite frankly told him that this was complete nonsense - and whatnot, but the Borg arc is always there. It starts in the second season with "Q Who", goes to "Best Of Both Worlds", to "Family"... and then lies dormant until it comes up again with a HUGE bang in "I Borg" and later, to a lesser extent (and also poorly executed, granted) in "Descent". And then it even gets its own movie with "First Contact". So it's really a bit of a myth here that TNG never had ANYTHING serialized and that it never allowed for ANY long-lasting trauma or moral effects. Of course, by today's TV standards the whole Borg arc is "tame", a show from today would linger on the effects for an entire season and endless talks and would show the nightmares and Jean-Luc's PTSD in much greater detail. But back then something like that just was neither wanted nor possible. As others have said, you couldn't binge watch the show on Netflix. The only shows that didn't operate with a reset button were soap operas but those had to be written in a particularly obvious way that it didn't really matter if you missed an episode, you still got back into what was happening simply by deducing what had happened last week. TNG was too complex for that sort of storytelling.
    And yet they smuggled serialized elements in. Worf and his Klingon heritage issues are another example. Or Data, he evolves along with the show. They DID do things that weren't about hitting a reset button. Of course sometimes they didn't do enough - Jean-Luc's Cardassian torture trauma, for example. It's never brought up again, but then I suspect the reason for that was not just the episodic nature of the show - it was also the "family friendly" aspect. "Chain of Command" is already quite heavy stuff, and the aftermath would have been even heavier, sometimes not just bordering on non-con BDSM but literally overstepping the line - who knows what horrible things Madred and maybe also some of his soldiers REALLY did to Jean-Luc, and there was NO way the censors would have allowed frank and disturbing Picard-and-Troi discussions of this on TNG. The moment the writers would have chosen to go into this, the subject would have been a VERY VERY heavy one that would have sent their show right into R rated (or even NC-17 rated) territory. They could find metaphors for it with the Borg thing, they never explicitly had to call it what it was, meaning: mind rape, but they would not have had this "luxury" with "Chain of Command" because there was a huge physical element to it as well, it's not just the "How many lights do you see" pain button thing. This episode and the issues it created for Jean-Luc are, in the end, something that have to be left for for fan fic writers to deal with. It would have been too much for the show itself, episodic or not.  
  9. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    Probably how my ex felt when he desperately tried to get me to watch "just one episode, PLEASE?" He never really even mentioned the movies to me, though - he didn't even bother to go and see Nemesis. His loss, he missed how I realized I had fallen in love with Jean-Luc and therefore also the ultimate reason for the fall of our "relationship" that came soon after that. Too bad for him.  (Introducing me to Jean-Luc and TNG was the one good thing he did for me, anything else he said/did was mostly the opposite of "good". But, alas, I was 18/19/20 when I was with him, and therefore rather young and also pretty naive.)
    I tried a relationship a few years ago with a Trek fan I'd gotten to know in a German Trek message board. It was one of the most idiotic ideas of my life and I deeply regret it because he REALLY loved me whereas I just loved Jean-Luc. I liked him a LOT, he was so sweet and loving and cute, but that was all. He always said "let's watch TNG together, we can do this if you want, I don't mind that you love Picard". It was the most uncomfortable thing EVER for me to watch the show with him. I restrained myself and hardly commented on anything because I knew it would hurt him - of course it did, I know he only accepted it all because he knew he'd lose me IMMEDIATELY if he didn't - and oh it was so cringeworthy. I just... no. Jean-Luc always stood right between us anyway and when he literally was there on the screen it became downright unbearable. It was... unfortunate. Not recommended. I have no doubt that he hates the show today because of this. And that he hates Jean-Luc in particular (he can stand in line there with quite a few other guys who feel the same way because I "picked Jean-Luc over them", but unlike them, Message Board Guy got through to me in some ways, they never did because they went down the "but what does Picard have that I don't" road, and that's an immediate no). He was so hurt when I ended it all after only a few weeks (I couldn't bear it anymore) and he has never spoken to me again. Ever. I left the message board shortly afterwards because I just didn't want to hurt him even MORE with my avatars and signatures and whatnot. Like I said, idiotic me was idiotic. I have a unique talent for getting myself into relationship mess because I tend to underestimate feelings, both my own and those of others.
    tl;dr: So, always be careful when introducing your significant other to Trek. You might never know what you really start. lol
  10. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    I'm so glad these days that my ex was persistent enough to nag at me for weeks to watch that one episode. I fully expected to hate the show, but the opposite was the case. I understand completely, Mutai - sometimes it takes others to give us a gentle push into the right direction, hehe.
  11. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    Thanks for your post, Robin! So sorry to hear about your friend though. I hope he pulls through despite the odds!
    I sometimes wish I had had the chance to watch TNG with friends back then, but, alas. I lost all the real life friends I had who liked it as well (two of them over unfortunate feelings from them that I couldn't return) - but I made and keep making so many new ones on social media that it really doesn't matter that much. I prefer watching the show alone anyway although I do understand the amazingness of watching it in a group. I just prefer for it to be personal, just for myself, it's always a very personal experience and I haven't allowed many people to witness me watching an entire TNG episode. It's like being with one's partner because Jean-Luc is there, and for me this is just very private somehow. /ramble
    TNG was groundbreaking, yes, and it found its way into television history as well - it had a cliffhanger episode that could and (still can) almost compete with the legendary "who shot JR" mystery, something that no one had expect it to ever achieve when it started.
  12. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic A Little Love Letter To TNG   

    Thank you, Sehlat. Maybe this is why I tend to react a little strongly when people mindlessly hate on TNG. The show has its flaws, no doubt, but it simply means so much to me. It has given me so much, and it continues to do so. It's my favorite series of all time, not so much because of its brilliance but because of what it stands for and what it has given me personally.
  13. Mr.Picard added a topic in Fan Trek   

    A Little Love Letter To TNG
    ... in honor of its 29th anniversary yesterday. (Didn't get around to write something, it was late when I finally found the time and I didn't want to rush this.)
    Anyways, here's the letter. It can also be found on my Medium blog.
    Dear TNG,
    I didn’t meet you in 1987 when you first aired in the US. In my country, you first aired in 1990, but I still didn’t meet you. It’s not that I wasn’t there, I was 7 years old in 1990, age wasn’t a problem — but the fact that no one bothered to introduce you to me… well, that WAS very much a problem.
    I first became aware of you in the late 1990s. I was a teenager, and Star Trek wasn’t cool, Star Trek was literally anti-cool, and since I wanted to be cool, I stayed the hell away from it. I knew Kirk and Spock, and I knew “the bald dude in pajamas”, but that was it.
    So, it took me until I was 19 to really get to know you — and for that I have my ex boyfriend to thank who nagged me into watching you. “Just one episode”, he said. “I promise you‘ll like it.”
    And he was right.
    I saw you, and fell in love. You showed me a family consisting of people who (normally) did NOT yell at each other — a novel concept for 19-year-old me. You showed me what things CAN be like. What they ARE like in the 24th century, on these magically majestic starships called the Enterprise-D and the Enterprise-E, the latter of which I consider to be my home these days.
    You didn’t stop there, however. You not only introduced me to a family I knew I wanted to be a part of, you also introduced me to the man I love. It took me over a year to realize that I had fallen in love with your captain, but it was the best thing that happened in my entire life. Because he — and you — SAVED that life that was about to go into a very wrong and terrible direction. You pulled me away and showed me that problems can be solved with words, not fists. Of course, you weren’t perfect, far from it, you DO have issues, but then, who doesn’t? I still love you, and I have a feeling that this won’t ever change.
    Speaking of change: You changed my life, TNG, and your captain completed that change in his own wonderful way.
    Thank you so, so much for this. Happy (Belated) Birthday, my friend.
    With all my love,

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  14. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic What Do You Look Like?   

    Thank you! I hope you mean the pic is professional, not me though, haha! (I'm just one those who'd never want to be in Starfleet, I just enjoy putting on Jean-Luc's old uniform every once in a while!)
  15. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    New interview with Sir Patrick!
    Patrick Stewart On Why His ‘Blunt Talk’ Character Owes Everything To Kelsey Grammer’s ‘Frasier’