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  1. Tell that to the folks who created the #NotMyKlingons hashtag on Twitter and are waving their social media pitchforks at CBS...
  2. I used to be paranoid about the grass OUTSIDE before I gave it to my piggies (I'd wash it twice and go through it to make sure there wasn't anything harmful in it) so I'd be a zillion times more paranoid about grass on an alien planet (or anything else guinea pigs might find tasty)! I mean having this "ah whatevs, nice planet, I'm taking my doggo" attitude is utterly irresponsible but also not the first time Archer does this (he does the same in "Strange New World")... it's a common pattern for him, apparently. I do like him, but sometimes I want to slap him. Yeah I know, asexuality was not "mainstream" enough back then, but you're absolutely right, a gay male officer would have been nice (and that line, too, haha). But naaah, ALL the men are affected by the alien ladies. Bleh. Disappointing... and also downright infurating.
  3. I don't headcanon ENT as a Prime Timeline canon either but the official line of reasoning is that it IS supposed to fit in there, so if I were to write a blog article for a website like io9, I might JUUUUST look things up... I mean all it would have taken was one look at Memory Alpha to see that it there's a LITTLE more to the way Klingons look than just off-handed remarks on DS9. Especially since ENT kinda ruins the entire point/argument the author is trying to make, lol.
  4. Klingons as a society tend to bore me either way, no matter how they look, so I'm honestly indifferent to what Discovery might or might not do... I just found it amusing that the article mentioned above seemed to completely have forgotten (or ignored, haha) ENT.
  5. What irritates me the most about "Bound" is the whole "ALL men aboard this ship are soooo affected by the WOMEN"... like, how about no? This might be total news to Bermaga, but there are actually men who are not attracted to alien ladies at ALL (or ANYONE), no matter how many Orion slave girls someone throws at them...? I can forgive and roll my eyes at TOS for doing this kind of thing in the 60s, but ENT really should have known (and done) better. And don't even get me started on the "OMG THEY'RE MALE HEEEEEEELP" crap in "Two Days And Two Nights". What even. Seriously, this is high school level "joke"... even TNG did MUCH better in "Liaisons" when Anna turns out to be Voval (credit where credit is due, yo, it's a really good scene, that one, nicely done, they never even make it an issue while ENT, of course, jumps right into stupid "humor" because "hurr hurr"... but then, neither Tucker nor Reed strike me as "mature" as Jean-Luc is when it comes to handling this so maybe this IS in-character for them...). And yeah, the LAST thing I'd do if I was a starship captain would be to bring the guinea pigs I'd no doubt have to a planet I know nothing about and that just SEEMS pretty and harmless. I'd make zillions of scans first and then also go down on my own and scan the grass and look at it and examine it AND then take some and let my CMO examine it and its possible effects on guinea pigs before I let them mow the lawn there in ANY way... I'd be seriously paranoid but it's better to be on the safe side and as a pet owner making sure your pet is safe and WILL be safe if you take it down to an alien planet is YOUR responsibility. Blaming the aliens for it all is just immature. YOU are responsible, not the ALIENS. Sheesh. (I guess irresponsible pet owners are a pet peeve of mine as well.)
  6. Someone there apparently never saw the ENT episodes that tried to explain in great detail why the Klingons looked different. Not that I'm really complaining when folks drop ENT from Trek canon, but... ahem....? lol
  7. Definitely "These Are The Voyages" on top of my list as well. It's so bad that I pretend this episode never happened. It insults me as both a TNG fan and a casual ENT watcher. What were they thinking. (Please don't tell me, haha.) Also agree with the "Night In Sickbay" episode. Dreadful although I also feel for Archer when he's worried about Porthos, but then, a truly responsible pet owner would never have brought their dog along in the first place. I get what they were trying to do but it just doesn't work and it does make Archer look like a jerk. I also can't stand "Bound" and "Two Days And Two Nights". The sexism. The heteronormativity. How about no. Disappointing, in so many ways. Oh and "Precious Cargo". *facepalm*
  8. Here we go with videos of his Seth Meyers appearance:
  9. They're press pics (the show hasn't even aired yet, lol) but yes they're terrific. I love that suit on him. Also love the tie. He's just so utterly beautiful.
  10. Then the ones who publish these books should make it easier to scan the pics - I wouldn't have had to cut them out if they had just turned this into two smaller books. It ain't my fault. I wanted scans of my Sir Patrick pics and I got them. Hmm. I guess this just shows once more that I'm not a Trekkie at all. Anyways... here's Sir Patrick on Seth Meyers' show tonight. LOOK AT HIM BEING BEAUTIFUL The HAAAAAAAANNNNNDDDDDSSSSSSS
  11. It's a collectible? Oops. I thought it was just a common but definitely overly expensive behind the scenes book that doesn't come with new information but does have interesting Sir Patrick behind the scenes of TNG pics that I had to have. Ah well, whatever. I'd have kept the pics in the book but I couldn't scan them - the book is too thick, you can't bend it properly. So I just grabbed my scissors and got to work with a "ah whatevs, I'll just frame the best of the pics and put the others into my good old actual Sir Patrick pictures and articles folder" attitude. I was really only focused on the pics because SIR PATRICK and BEHIND THE SCENES.
  12. I never even read mine, I just cut out all the awesome pics that featured him and scanned and framed them. After that I just shoved the book into a corner somewhere, all I wanted was the pics. Hey what can I say I have priorities
  13. ^ Yeah, it's a fairly common pic these days, it surfaced in the TNG 365 book for the first time. (This might even be the scan I did of it, I was one of the first who spread it, haha.) Sir Patrick will be on Late Night With Seth Meyers later and, as usual, he knows how to promote this: (Source) Also, here's a cute little new interview in which he mentions his MUST NOT thing he has going on with gaming (as usual forgetting his Tetris addiction... or maybe thinking of it as a warning haha):
  14. I'm just glad he ditched that green-ish suit jacket after his GMA appearance and decided to go with the outfit above... it just looks so wonderful on him.
  15. Look at him being super precious on top of the Empire State Building today: EDIT: "I am a little naive about many things to do with technology..." WE KNOW HONEY, WE KNOW