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  1. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    I adore him either way, it really doesn't matter what kind of hair he has. He's wonderful, no matter what. Hair, clothes, beard, it really doesn't matter to me at all. To me, he is always beautiful. (By the way, he stated in a reddit AMA that, if he had hair, he'd have a mullet. No, I'm not kidding, and I'm not sure HE was either, haha.)
  2. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Sir Patrick and his super precious selfies.

  3. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic First timer   

    Welcome, welcome!  
  4. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Bad Reviews for X-MEN APOCALYPSE   

    I'm not interested in Apocalypse either. Wrong Professor X.
    Oh and I also loved Days Of Future Past. Great movie.
  5. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Axanar Countersues Paramount, CBS In Copyright Case   

    I don't understand this either. This is NOT going to end well.  
  6. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Space Elf's Gallery/Requests   

    Aww thank you so much! Very commanding and majestic! I like it! Thanks again! I'll try it out on my laptop ASAP!
  7. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Book Ends!   

    I love them! Amazing work!
  8. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Space Elf's Gallery/Requests   

    Haha it's a good pun, no worries! Yes umm let me see... I'm looking for a new desktop wallpaper for my writing laptop. It's a somewhat bigger laptop, so I guess the wallpaper should be maybe around 1280x800? 
    Text isn't needed, though... picture-wise I really don't want for a specific pic to be used, just maybe a general little preference of mine: Grumpy Picard from the first two seasons is my favorite, so, naturally, I'd love for him to be on the wallpaper. But that's just a general preference, I'll take basically any pic as long as it's Jean-Luc, I don't want to make too many restrictions. Color-wise... I'm okay with everything that fits, really. Like I said, not too many restrictions.
    Yes I probably missed that other wallpaper you made.  But I'll definitely save the one you'll be making now. I'll also add it to my Sir Patrick picture collection, so if you lose it again you'll just have to let me know and I'll probably be able to dig it up for you!
  9. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Back . . . And Looking Forward To Hanging Around   

    Welcome back! (Sorry I'm late with this.) Enjoy your return - AND your retirement!
    Btw, I can totally relate to being mostly all about one Trek show. It's fun sometimes to give all the fannish love to THAT one series.  
  10. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Own up. Who here has NOT yet seen the nuTrek movies?   

    Yes, hello.
    I have never seen any of the Nu!Trek movies, trailers, whatever. Because I'm not interested. What I'm also not interested in, however, is bashing them all over the place. I just don't BOTHER with them and let people enjoy them, because telling others what to like and what not to like is quite illogical. Trek is such a huge franchise, it offers something for EVERYONE. I wish more people would just ignore that which they hate, though - we'd all get along much better that way. (I'm really sick and tired of rabid Niners telling me TNG sucks because it's a "stupid Roddenberry utopia, DS9 is sooooo much more realistic, grow up" or rabid TOS fanatics who will throw homophobic slurs at me for liking Jean-Luc. The fandom HAS gotten more vicious in recent years, that much IS true, but it isn't just with Nu!Trek, and it also isn't new - see below.)
    If there's one thing I've learned about Star Trek fans it's that they are passionate. They can be full of rage about one trailer or movie and then suddenly full of love for the next one. It fluctuates, almost to an extreme. It's all because Star Trek is important to them, it gives them all kinds of conflicting emotions, it can turn them into puddles of SQUEEEEE (like that trailer for the new series seemed to do) or into enraged NOPE-yellers (like the first Star Trek Beyond trailer seemed to do). Most Trekkies grew up with one or more of the shows, Star Trek is their friend and their companion, and they want for it to be a GOOD friend and companion and they get irritated when it isn't (in their opinion).
    That is actually perfectly normal... and not exactly new.
    There's a Tumblr account that posts hate that people threw at TNG/DS9/VOY at first in letters in magazines (I don't know if the account is still there, I try to avoid it because ugh, all the hate), and it sounds EXACTLY like the hate some folks throw at Nu!Trek today. "This isn't Star Trek", "the crew is crap", "Trek is dead for me", "I'll never watch it again". The arguments repeat themselves, they're almost the same ones as the ones today, the only difference being that today the fights are more vicious because people no longer have to write and send letters to magazines, they can now fight directly through social media and get a lot more attention that way. But hate from a lot of folks towards anything new in the Trek franchise that, in their opinion, goes against what THEY perceive as "true" Star Trek? THAT is almost a universal constant. The tone has just gotten a LOT rougher because, like I said, people can fight about this more directly these days, and a lot of them eagerly embrace this opportunity instead of simply focusing on the things they like.
  11. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic CBS/Paramount suing Star Trek Axanar for copyright infringement   

    Yeah, I followed the progress of the whole thing (as I said, as a Trek fan fic writer I do have an interest in this), from how the fandom was outraged at CBS/Paramount at first to more facts being released and then people actually being like "wait a minute, Axanar DID go too far" to, now, of course, having two sides, the "I stand with Axanar" people who threatened to "boycott anything CBS/Paramount until they drop this lawsuit" and those who said "Axanar does not speak for all Trek fans, we are not on their side".
    I just hope you're right. We fan fic writers USUALLY know what NOT to do (although there HAVE been douche canoe writers in the past as well), and I can only hope that CBS & Paramount remember that.
  12. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic CBS/Paramount suing Star Trek Axanar for copyright infringement   

    I'm actually even MORE scared now that, as a result of all this, Paramount/CBS will establish STRICT rules for ALL kinds of fannish things, INCLUDING the thing that concerns me the most, written non-profit fan fiction. (I'm still traumatized from the thing from quite a few years ago when we fan fic writers in general, any fandom, were all terrified of being sued and frantically added "I only borrow these characters" disclaimers to our work.)
    In cases like fannish productions, no matter if written or filmed or both, it REALLY sometimes only takes ONE douche canoe who goes too far and ruins the fun for everyone else.
  13. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    From what I know, they did try a few scenes from Farpoint with a French accent (just reading, not actually shooting tho, I think) and it just sounded utterly ridiculous. It's not just the accent, it also has to be done in a CONVINCING way, and there was NO way Sir Patrick was perceived as serious as Jean-Luc was supposed to be. (Years later he appeared in LA Story with a French accent, but in THAT scene it is totally done for laughs, and that's where/how it works best. "You can't have ze duck!" *snicker*) It would have been TERRIBLE to have Jean-Luc with a French accent. They would have had to hire a French actor for that. THEN it would have worked AND would have been convincing. But as it was, they had two options: Change Jean-Luc into a British character (which would have messed up the whole "we name him after an explorer named Piccard" idea) OR just go along with it and hope that the fans would accept him and make up their own explanations as to why the French captain sounds British.
    I for one find it far more fascinating that Jean-Luc's name was supposed to be Julien Picard at first. I like that idea quite a bit, although I am glad they went with Jean-Luc in the end. It's really strange how everything just came together there for Sir Patrick. I mean he didn't think he'd get the part, and then he didn't think it would go much further than a few episodes, and then suddenly he was a Hollywood star. (He always says he's glad he was 'older already' when this happened, he says he doubts he'd have been able to cope with the sudden success and media attention if he had been younger. He was STILL completely unprepared for it, tho.)
    Someone uploaded a (privately filmed) video one of his very first convention appearances (he only started doing them after season 1, and that convention was done right after season 1, it really was one of his very first) on Youtube a few months ago (the video is no longer there, sadly, I have no idea how they even filmed it, the camera must've weighed a ton, lol) and he was so shy and uncomfortable with/confused about all the fans and the screaming fangirls (he really did NOT exaggerate when he compared his first convention appearances to a Beatles concert, BOY did the ladies freak out when he walked onto that stage), and it was one of those conventions where it was still okay to just hand him things while he stands there and does his panel, it was really strange for me to see how so many fangirls just walked up to him and handed him gifts. He also got questions mostly about Dune (another strange thing, Dune seemed to be the only thing people knew him from) and he actually remembered episode names from season 1 and talked about how much fun he had shooting "The Big Goodbye" and how this was his favorite season 1 episode. He also actually became a little grumpy when it became too loud for his taste and he asked people to be quiet and everyone actually WENT quiet... it was one of the strangest things I'd ever seen and yet it was also really, really, really cute. (I think he'd facepalm at himself if saw the video today, haha, he's really quite stuffy but that's actually mostly because he's terribly scared and not used to the situation of having an audience that actually talks BACK and ASKS things and LOVES his every step.) BUT he was also cheeky already, there was a really adorable moment... oh I remember, I wrote a little incoherent Tumblr post about it that has the exact things he said:

    Look at his FACE and how CHEEKY he is and how relieved that the audience finds him funny. (The flower is btw one of the items that a fangirl put on him, it was not part of the original suit. lol)
    I'm still not over this entire thing
  14. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Many Awesome Moments of Jean-Luc Picard   

    Thank you very much! It took me quite a while to write the review - Jean-Luc has so many great moments in this episode. And I can't wait to write the next Pansexual Picard part - there are SO many Picard/Walker Keel moments that need a MUCH more thorough look. It's practically canon... and you're right, Keel IS the only one who EVER pronounces Jean-Luc's first name correctly, and you're also right that it's most likely because he said it so many times when they dated and STILL did so many years later because they stayed VERY close friends (who, occasionally... still met if they were both unattached at the time, and why not).
    I mean REALLY.

    How can this NOT be obvious?
    I absolutely ADORE the line about the "exotic" bar... it's SO obvious. I mean if the episode was shot today, Jean-Luc WOULD say "gay bar" and they WOULD mention that they're ex lovers because it would REALLY give the episode an additional drama factor. And a character like Jean-Luc WOULD be canonically pansexual or at least bisexual and there would be no need for me to put all the facts together manually and to read into subtext that is often so obvious that it's no longer even subtext. Ah well, I must admit it IS fun sometimes, especially when it opens peoples' eyes, haha.
    Oh and the Picard/Walker Keel fan fic is not only standing by... it's already here.
  15. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Favorite Alien Designs   

    I vote for the Borg. It's all the leather and the tubes... I can't help it, it's just a fascinating... err... design.
    And REALLY, how can this NOT look good?

    Although it's not very comfortable, granted.