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    Sir Patrick Stewart Master Class.
  2. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Why Starfleet allowed families on board   

    The saucer separation was not included that often because the writers feared that it would become an overused plot device. It's not that they weren't aware of it being the only way of getting the civilians out of possibly hostile situations - they deliberately refrained from using it too often, if they had done so in every episode that had the Enterprise entering possibly hostile territory, some people would have attacked them for "overusing the saucer sep", much like they are accusing them of overusing the main deflector dish as some kind of miracle thing that can solve any plot problem. Whichever route they went, to some people, it was the wrong one either way.
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    Sir Patrick will voice a statue.
  4. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Why Starfleet allowed families on board   

    ^ This.

    While I may agree that having children aboard starships is a questionable idea, there are FAR better ways of wording things. That article was obviously written by someone who detests TNG. I could easily write the same kind of utterly hateful and biased article on why DS9 sucked for having the Dominion War and abandoning Roddenberry's idea of a peaceful universe, meaning: It is all a matter of perspective, it always depends on who writes things.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that I can't stand: Fans of one series going up against those of another one by attacking its ideas in hateful articles that abandon ANY kind of objectivity in the headline already. Trek fans in particular are supposed to be better than that, but... alas.

    That article doesn't discuss anything - it bashes.
  5. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Time's Arrow, Part II   

    Since I got my season 6 Blu Rays the day before yesterday...

    The funniest thing about this episode is definitely Mrs. Carmichael. "MISTER PICKERT!" I love how she shows up and demands the rent and how Jean-Luc manages to stall her every single time. (Although she really is tough to deal with, I love his face when she's all like NO DUDE YOU GONNA GIVE ME MAH RENT I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE.) I love how he literally makes her shut up with all his irresistible charme (he can be like that if he chooses to) and I ALSO love how he DOESN'T FORGET ABOUT THE RENT. HE actually asks Clemens to take care of it although he really should have other things on his mind (such as getting back to his century ASAP). It's one of the cute things about him - he doesn't forget this sort of stuff.

    ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT RIKER. "I just want you to know that I have the utmost respect for the law." *PUNCHES COP* Oh Riker. Haha! And people wonder why I love his sense of humor.


    Speaking of love that goes beyond anything else: Can we mention how Riker is fiercely determined to GET HIS BELOVED JEAN-LUC BACK and it takes pretty much EVERYONE to keep him from doing so. CAN THESE TWO BE ANY MORE CANON.

    Does this episode also have a plot, ah yes, it has, and a pretty nice one. It has always given me a bit of a time travel WTF feeling but hey in this case I really like it. I love how things come 'full circle'. AND ALL THE PAIRINGS ARE RE-UNITED. LaForge gets his beloved Data back, Jean-Luc gets Guinan (I love how he just walks into Ten Forward at the end and they smile at each other and neither of them says anything BECAUSE THE LOVE IS THERE WITHOUT WORDS /dying whale noise) and Riker gets his beloved captain back. <3


    Goddammit man

    The favorite quote of the moment award for this episode goes to Riker, for his "This is the 24th century, we're on Devidia Two, and you're not supposed to be here" line to Clemens. Gets me every single time, haha.

    The favorite Jean-Luc moment award for this episode goes to the one in which Data picks them up and he jumps onto the back and is all like "Agreed. GET US OUT OF HERE." You can literally FEEL how he has to resist saying "Engage", haha.

    This one gets an 8/10 from me.
  6. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Seventh   

    The good:

    - Travis gets to be on an away mission and gets something to do. Yay!

    - Archer and his water polo ball and how he throws it against the wall.

    - THAT VULCAN CAPTAIN AND TUCKER IMPERSONATING ARCHER LMFAO. "You seem very young for a starship captain."

    The bad:

    - Basically the rest. I almost fell asleep. I barely even took any notes because I just didn't want to bother. This is one of those episodes that just fail to interest me.

    The favorite quote of the moment award:

    - goes to Archer for his "Couldn't agree more" reply when that huge alien dude screams at him. LMFAO JON BB WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE

    This one gets a 2/10. For the lulzy sub plot with Tucker.
  7. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Many Awesome Moments of Jean-Luc Picard   

    Okay, so here we go with the best awesome JLP moments from...

    "Heart Of Glory"

    It all starts when they are told by Starfleet to investigate the battle and Data mentions the Romulans. "Now there's a name we haven't heard for a while." NO KIDDING

    And then a typical funny season 1 line: "Stay sharp, everyone." I LOVE THIS

    "And, Number One? Everything about this seems wrong." NO KIDDING. I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED, MISTER TROI

    AND THEN MY FAVORITE MOMENTS FROM THIS EPISODE: Jean-Luc being an absolutely adorable dork about LaForge's VISOR. Screw the fact that the freighter is about to go KA-BOOM, meh, who cares, WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE LAFORGE'S VISOR. "Extraordinary." "Now I'm beginning to understand him." It's SO CUTE how he's fascinated by it and asks question after question until Riker is all like "I hate to break this up, but..." AND THEN HIS REACTION: "Oh yes, umm, of course, Number One, I, umm, proceed." BB HOW CAN YOU BE SO PERFECT PLEASE STOP BEING SO WONDERFULLY ADORKABLE NO WAIT PLEASE DON'T

    Also, I love how he tends to turn a sentence into one big word when he's excited or, in this case, worried. "What is it, whatdoyousee?" "Klingons." "Klingons?!" SEASON ONE I LOVE YOU FOR YOUR OVERLY DRAMATIC HILARITY. Also, the way in which he whispers "Klingons?!" is HRRRRRRRR, I love it when he whispers.

    AND THEN. "I'm Jean-Luc Picard, captain of this vessel." I love it when he introduces himself I can't help it.

    AND THEN HIS FACE when that Klingon tells him that weird little story and it's so OBVIOUS that he doesn't believe even ONE word.

    Also, can we appreciate the fact that he tells Worf that he knows how difficult it must be for him to witness two of his fellow Klingons being hunted by other Klingons, yes. I love how sensitive he is towards other people and their feelings. "He must be torn. These are his people." BB U SO PERF

    Can we also mention his B***H PLEASE face when that Klingon captain is all like U MIGHT NEED HELP 2 HANDLE DAT GUY.

    And then he accompanies Worf to Engineering BECAUSE HE IS WORRIED about both Worf and the ship. PRECIOUS BB

    AND THEN more favorite moments. HOW HE STARES AT WORF after Worf has had that little final conversation with the Klingon captain and is all like "I was just being polite, sir." and Jean-Luc has this cute puppy face and says "Ah. Commendable, Lieutenant." I AM UNABLE TO HANDLE THE CUTE

    AND THEN: "The bridge wouldn't be the same without you." That is JLP English for I LUV U WORF BB.


  8. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Mauraders   

    The good:

    - Hoshi's badass weapon moment. Given the way ENT often treats its female characters, this is a welcome change.

    - T'Pol's martial art moment. ^same thing applies

    - That boy. He reminds me of a young Jean-Luc somehow, what with his interest in starships and such.

    - "I've never liked bullies, Trip - not on Earth, not here." JON BB.

    The bad:

    - Klingons DO NOT surrender. Whoever wrote this episode had no idea how Klingons work. The Klingons I'm familar with would have beamed back to their ship, left the system, waited for the Enterprise to leave and then they would have come back and killed every single colonist. That they just left and were like 'screw this, we can get deuterium anywhere' is VERY un-Klingon. If they had used another species, maybe the Andorians or the Tellarites then yes, I would have understood, but KLINGONS would NOT react like this. They don't respond well to someone telling them not to bully anymore.

    Favorite quote of the moment award: TRAVIS TRAVIS TRAVIS when T'Pol asks him to attack her with that bat. "It's not you I'm worried about." HAHAHAHAHA I love his sense of humor and I love Travis have I ever mentioned that.

    This episode isn't among my favorites in any way, pretty much the opposite because it's such a dull episode with a rather unimaginative plot that also has quite a few plot HOLES. (For example, the colonists and the NX-folks re-build the colony. That's all very nice but don't the Klingons have schematics? They might not be the brightest alien species in the galaxy but even KLINGONS notice when previous beam-down coordinates no longer match the new ones.) It gets a 3/10 from me. There ARE worse episodes, though, no doubt.
  9. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Simon Callow, Albert Finney and Patrick Stewart Join Chichester's 2014 Celebration of Peter Shaffer
  10. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Dead Stop   

    I really enjoy this episode. One of the best ENT episodes for me.

    The good:

    - Archer being suspicious. Sometimes things are just TOO good to be true. Besides, I'd be suspicious of replicators as well.

    - That scene in which Tucker and Reed end up on the bridge because they were sneaking around. T'POL'S FACE. "Evenin', Subcommander." LMFAO oh god I lol'd.

    - Speaking of which, I love how Archer dresses them down for their little mission. HRRRRR JOB BB I LOVE IT WHEN YOU'RE BEING SERIOUS and I also love how he PWNS Reed, what with his 'discipline is too lax aboard this ship' crap and now he himself is the one who gets involved in unauthorized side missions. SERVES YOU RIGHT. Mmm Jonathan Archer btw did I mention that I love it when he's SRS BSNS and in captain's mode


    - THAT CREEPY STATION THING and that they never reveal who built it. FAN FICTION HERE WE COME.

    The bad:

    - I can't think of a single thing. This is rare.

    Anyways. This one gets the highest rating an ENT, TOS, DS9 or VOY episode can reach, which is 9/10. WELL DONE ENT, MUCH APPROVE, SUCH AWESOME, VERY EPISODE, WOW.

    Favorite quote of the moment award for this episode goes to T'Pol, for her "This facility may have the knowledge to repair Mr. Reed as well." HER FACE WHEN SHE SAYS THAT OH GOD T'POL CAN U NOT

  11. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Sir Patrick shares his World Cup thoughts... and doesn't think Arjen Robben and he look alike.
  12. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Many Awesome Moments of Jean-Luc Picard   

    Okay, so here are the awesome Jean-Luc moments from....


    It all starts with the opening scene in which the Enterprise arrives at the starbase and Jean-Luc is proud of his crew and how they have all done their respective duties. "Thank you, Number One. Well done. And... well done, all." Nothing like getting praise from your boss.

    Also, I love how he immediately accepts the agender Bynars. He isn't 'weirded out' or anything (like Worf would be), no, he just walks behind them and is all like OKAY NEITHER HE NOR SHE LET'S GET ON WITH THINGS SHALL WE THESE FOLKS ARE INCREDIBLE OKAY. It's just one of those little moments that only make me appreciate him even more.

    AND. Jean-Luc's "personal relaxation light". Headcanon: IT IS A LAVA LAMP. Random remark: I also want to see him in that Parrises Squares outfit.

    AND THEN THE HOLODECK SCENE. In which he speaks French. And in which he gets a seriously naughty moment when Minuet is all like "Come, join us, Jean-Luc".

    HIS FACE. He clearly likes the idea, though. I can't blame him, both Minuet and Riker are rather attractive. Is this show supposed to be a family show? Because if so, WTF is happening. hah

    Also, he doesn't dance. Good! Because neither do I.

    AND THEN the holodeck scene comes to a rather awkward end when he realizes that there's something going on and that Minuet wants to keep him and Riker on the holodeck and he goes into captain's mode again and it's just adorable. "This ship must not fall into hostile hands." I don't know why I like this line so much, I just DO.

    ALSO, his interactions with the Bynars. "They appear dead." HONEY CAN U NOT. "Why did you steal my ship?" HRRRR. "This system is absolutely incredible!" (I love how he can suddenly read Bynar language. Haha.)


    How perfect is this moment srsly.

    "Everything is under control." I'm sure everyone feels safe now, Darling.

    ALSO: "But you know, Number One, some relationships just can't work." HIS FACE WHEN HE SAYS THAT TO HIS BELOVED NUMBER ONE.
  13. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Minefield   

    First thing I thought: Ugh, no, a Reed episode. I still can't stand the guy, and I like him less and less and less and less. If that's even possible.

    The good:

    - I really like how Archer handles things, what with going after Reed and being worried about his crew after the ship has run into the first mine.

    - Also, there is the way in which Archer looks at Scruffy!Trip when he walks out of the turbolift AND Trip trying to prevent his beloved captain from going after Reed. OTP, y/y?

    - It needs to be mentioned that TRAVIS is the one who gets them out of that field. TRAVIS. We need to appreciate TRAVIS.


    The bad:

    - Reed. Did I mention Reed? Archer just wants to have breakfast with him and he acts like as if it's some kind of execution. If Archer asked ME to have breakfast with him I'd be there in a SECOND and be like SO WHAT IS FOR BREAKFAST DUDE I AM HUNGRY.

    - Reed's "suggestions" as to what Archer could do better. Honestly, Archer's style of command is just fine for both his nature and for his crew. Having breakfast with your chief engineer and your first officer won't make the universe end, ffs. It fits to Archer and it's his style, so why the hell not, and who the hell is Reed to offer "suggestions" on this anyway. I'd have left him out there on that piece of hull plating with the mine. Maybe IT would like to hear some of his SO-not-useful "suggestions". Meh. This isn't a Royal Navy ship, this is a Starfleet vessel. Next thing he'd ask for is for Starfleet officers to salute or what. jfc I can't stand that guy.

    Favorite quote: "What's more important? My leg or your ship?" "I intend to save both." JON BB YOU ARE PERF <3

    Rating: 7/10. I like the plot a LOT but there is still too much Reed.
  14. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Sir Patrick at Wimbledon:

  15. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Sir Patrick & Robot Chicken