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  1. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017   

    I still prefer it over any other season from any other Trek series, but then, I'm probably really way too biased when it comes to TNG.  
  2. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017   

    It was mostly because everyone literally told Sir Patrick that the show had no chance. His agent told him to just enjoy LA for a while and then, when the show would no doubt be canceled, he'd have made some money and would be able to go back to the UK and continue his theater career. (He would NEVER have signed the contract if he had known that he would REALLY have to stay for such a long time, he expected a failure because everyone told him that there would be one and his agent said that signing the contract was just a formality and that there was no way the contract would bind him to the show for so many seasons/years because, obviously, it wouldn't LAST for that long.)
    Sir Patrick's disbelief in the show wasn't really because of the first season's plots or anything (he knew VERY little about a science fiction series and even LESS about Star Trek, his kids had to explain to him what it even WAS, he had literally NO idea what he was getting himself into), everyone just told him that there was no way they would be successful in their attempts at continuing what TOS had started, the fans wouldn't accept it, the media wouldn't accept it, etc etc etc. People often confuse this and think he believed the show would fail because of the plots, but nah, it was mostly because Hollywood genuinely believed that TNG would never be able to overtake TOS on ANY level, that Kirk was such an American icon that there was NO way an "older" British actor playing a French captain would be able to "replace" him. And, if I recall correctly, even the TOS actors had a few very nasty things to say about the mere idea of TNG before it even aired. (I remember seeing a few newspaper thingies in which Shatner in particular was NOT happy.)
    Time can change opinions for sure, though. I used to like TNG's season 7, these days I can barely make it through most of its episodes. lol (I make it through, of course, they have Jean-Luc, even if the plot fails to grab me, HE never does, haha.) I also had the same change of opinion you had regarding ENT, btw. I can relate!
  4. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017   

    It's ironic how the first two seasons are my favorites now... I doubt I'd have had that opinion back then. Haha. It took time for them to win me over. This is btw why I do always advise new fans who ask me about TNG to watch the show from the beginning BUT to take things with a grain of salt. I always make it a point to tell them that the first season in particular is bumpy and that it might take them a zillion re-watches to fall into a "omg they have no idea what they're doing it's BRILLIANT, I love this complete anarchy" mood when watching it. Or that the mood might never appear.
    And... not even TNG's lead actor believed in the show and refused to unpack his suitcases AND lived in a tiny toom above a garage because he thought he'd be back in the UK in no time anyway - so, it's normal to have doubts.  
  5. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017   

    I've wondered about this many, many times, actually - how would I have reacted to the show if my ex bf, the one who nagged me into it, had had the show on VHS and had given me Farpoint to watch, since it's the pilot episode and all? The episode is very dear to me NOW, and it has so many great Grumpy Picard moments and I adore him so much in it, but it took TIME for me to love and appreciate it for what it is (I still can't name it as my favorite Trek pilot episode, though, as much as I would like to, that honor belongs to "The Cage"). It WAS easier then to start in season 5 with "Cause And Effect" (which is ALSO not a good episode for a newbie, it's repetitive and the characters obviously aren't really introduced, but that didn't matter much to me, I LOVED the concept of re-starting and trying to get things right, and Riker really seemed rather cute to me, so there was that).
    Still. I honestly can't say how I'd have reacted if Farpoint had been my first episode. I knew nothing about Star Trek, after all, except that there was this bald guy in pajamas named Picard and that there was another series with some pointy eared dude called Spock. Farpoint would have been perhaps a little strange for me, the whole rather weird setting and the awkwardness, and lines like "Farpoint Station... even the name sounds mysterious." (lolwat) I was a completely different person back then, not very open-minded, not very nice, not very much anything even remotely related to "a good guy", and there IS a good possiblity that I'd have told me ex bf to never make me watch an episode of TNG ever again because "WTF IS THIS S**T?"
    But then, TNG's beginning WAS rough for even those who WERE huge fans of Star Trek. To a non-fan who has no interest in science fiction and knew nothing about Trek except for endless then-boyfriend ramblings about how "wonderful Captain Picard is, you HAVE to meet him, he is the greatest", Farpoint would probably have been an even WORSE episode.
  6. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    So, I finally got to see "Green Room" yesterday (got the DVD)... and while I liked it, I do also have to say that it didn't disturb me at all (it seems to have disturbed many others). I think it has to do with the fact that I know Sir Patrick very well as a nasty villain, and therefore his character didn't "shock" me or anything, in fact, I think other characters he has played are FAR more nasty. Darcy has nothing on Dad Savage or Ahab or Macbeth, really. Or even Sejanus. I dunno. I also have no idea why the script disturbed Sir Patrick so much, but then, we're talking about a guy who got (adorably!) scared watching Shaun Of The Dead, so there's that, haha.
    Anyways. Sir Patrick is great in the movie, and the movie itself is good as well, but, to me, none of it is anywhere near "disturbing". It WAS great to see him in this genre, though - he should definitely do it more often. I also really enjoyed NOT having to force myself to watch a movie for ONCE (most of the movies he does belong in genres I really have no real interest in, I watch them only because of him).

  7. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TOS & TNG Adult Coloring Books   

    Definitely not. I do wonder if the books will come with riddles and stuff though. I think there's already a TOS coloring book thing out there that has a picture of the crew with ridiculous hats and carrying nonsense stuff around, and it asks "what is wrong with this picture?" (absolutely nothing) and you're supposed to color the wrong items... something like that. I'd find that hilarious with TNG, too. Makes the book even more interesting. Or little quiz thingies. Or that stuff where you can't see the entire pic and have to draw it yourself by connecting dots that have numbers. Oh, WANT!
  8. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017   

    The show is 3 years younger than I am, I continue to find this hilarious somehow.  
    However, I, too, will never forget my first TNG episode, "Cause And Effect", some 14 years ago. But, of course, that moment in the pilot episode, it gives even ME a feeling of "yes, my show, my love", and Farpoint was nowhere near being the first episode I ever saw. 

    But... fan appreciation and The-Ones-In-Charge-Of-Trek appreciation have never really been on the same level, and I very much doubt they'll do anything special, except maybe arrange for a cast reunion at some convention, but that isn't new either, we've had quite a few of those before. TNG is still the most successful series commercially, and yet... crickets are chirping merchandise-wise these days. Not sure if they'll really want to change that for the anniversary. I sure hope they do, though, and I would love to be pleasantly surprised for a change. It's not that I already have tons of JLP stuff or anything
  9. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017   

    I hope so, I really do. But I fear that after STB, the new series will replace the attention and there will be none left for TNG... again.  
  10. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic San Diego Comic Con 2016 pics   

    Careful, or I'm gonna start shipping you with a certain other Borg.

  11. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic TOS & TNG Adult Coloring Books   

    I actually considered making a remark that goes like "just HOW adult are these books going to be", so, you're not the only one, lol! Unfortunately, "adult coloring book" simply means that it's a coloring book for adults, it doesn't mean the PICTURES are for adults.   Although I totally could point them to a piece of artwork I have had commissioned for myself that shows Jean-Luc in ALL his glory, the artist and I would both gladly give them permission to use a non-colored version for the book
  12. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic San Diego Comic Con 2016 pics   

  13. Mr.Picard added a topic in The Next Generation   

    TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017
    Next year marks TNG's 30th anniversary... and so far I've heard... NOTHING merchandise-wise. (I know it's early, but still. Last year around this time they were announcing tons of TOS merchandise for this year because "omg, 50th anniversary".) They apparently aren't even releasing a calendar, at least I haven't seen one yet, all I've seen is - as usual - dozens of TOS calendars. (Nothing against TOS, but it IS getting on my nerves that the show gets practically ALL the merchandise these days. Trek is more than just one series, ffs.) Of course, with the release of that new series in January, interest in TNG will most likely be even LESS present from the ones in charge, and it's a possibility that there won't be any TNG merchandise AT ALL for its anniversary because CBS won't want to distract people from being all into their new show.
    I thought I'd a) complain about the utter lack of TNG anniversary interest and merchandise so far from the ones in charge of Trek and b) use this topic to post any information on TNG specific anniversary merchandise for next year if they decide to produce some after all. (In that case I shall take SOME things back I said above. I ain't taking back my "TOS gets all the merchandise" statement, though. It's a fact, really - about 90% of the merchandise in the official website's shop is TOS merchandise.)
    Of course, there is always ThinkGeek and its occasionally brilliant TNG stuff (what would I do without them, I wonder), but I for one would like something OFFICIAL to be released and celebrated by the ones in charge of Trek, y'know, plushies and calendars and t-shirts and whatnot, the full merchandise blast, just like they did for TOS this year. (For example, I really would LOVE TNG Itty Bitty plushies. The TOS ones they released this year were adorable, and I SO want TNG ones. No fair.)
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  14. Mr.Picard added a topic in Trek Books   

    TOS & TNG Adult Coloring Books
    A few days ago I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear that there will be a TNG adult coloring book soon! And a TOS one, too, but then, TOS gets all the merchandise anyway these days, it's practically a given.
    More information here.

    Needless to say... WANT. (The TNG one, that is.)
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  15. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic San Diego Comic Con 2016 pics   

    *crush on Sehlat intensifies*