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  1. Rekha Sharma .... killed off in a cheap...stupid character moment. A sci-fi actress who did wonderful on BSG wasted that way? Wow ...
  2. Discovery and Me

    I'd actually argue that Spock is the most sensible "cameo" out of anyone from TOS considering his Burnham is his father's ward. Not much to gain from Scotty running into Burnham to be blunt. I think seeing a younger Pike might be really cool too. I like both incarnations of the character.
  3. My Nebula-Class (2D Artwork)

    This looks wonderful. Where is tactical in this? Worf's station is obviously gone from the Galaxy-class.
  4. The Atlantic: Revisiting Star Trek's Most Political Episode

    That's probably exactly why sanctuary districts were normalized in the Trek universe. It sounds almost ... "nice". As if these people are getting a sanctuary from those that would exploit them when really, the rest of the world was turning itself into a sanctuary away from these "undesirables".
  5. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    I was probably wrong in saying he is "evil" but I meant it is obvious that his depiction is meant to elicit the reaction that he is a shady character. Between standing in the shadows (explained by his eye condition) and his laboratory there is something ... off about him. The way he wants this infamous mutineer in his crew and how he is clearly operating this secret project makes one feel uncertain about his character. His nonchalant attitude about the crew of the Glenn as well. It's a lot of little things ... Although, again, I should say that "evil" is a bit much and I shouldn't have used that word. He is certainly different from previous captains (a good thing)
  6. The Atlantic: Revisiting Star Trek's Most Political Episode

    prometheus59650 kind of answered that. It's not so much "pro-concentration camps" as much as it not seen that way. It is seen as a haven to remove the "lazy" or those that didn't succeed in life "because of their own faults". I can easily see something like Sanctuary Districts happening. In fact - if I recall correctly - right around the time of this episode such an idea was being brought up somewhere in the U.S. Once again proving that Star Trek is oddly prescient.
  7. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    Ok .... Um .... This felt like a proper first episode. In fact - I'd argue the show should have started here and not with the other two episodes. Imagine if the show started out with a mysterious prisoner that others on the crew disliked. Someone with a sordid, controversial past being brought aboard. Then as the episode (or season if you want to drag it out) continued, there could have been flashbacks instead of revealing it all in two (what felt like) rushed episodes. Burnham was so much more tolerable here. Maybe the actress just fell into the "curse" of Star Trek pilots where the actor or actress acts wooden until they get a handle on who their characters are meant to be. IDK. But she was far more interesting in this episode than she was in the last two. Lorca was a nice addition to the cast. A bit on the nose in the "evil" department but we'll see where they are going with him. One complain I have if this ship is some type of Section 31 operation? Between the evil captain and the black badges - it doesn't seem like they're hiding they are Section 31. Like the evil admiral who openly talks about it in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Did the show runners forget this is a secret, clandestine organization? Not much is shown of Landry but she was a good character. I love seeing BSG alumni popping up in science fiction (or anywhere in general). I'm not sold on the new cadet character. I'm just not a fan of the bumbling, nervous wreck of a character. She has potential for growth, though. The chief scientists/botanist character is an absolute prick. But maybe that is a good thing? Not all Starfleet have to be these hand holding types. A lot of potential for story-telling. The plot about the universe having some type of nervous system like a giant body is unique. There are some people that think we are nothing more than cells inside of a massive body. Maybe Trek is going down that route? Although, the obvious issue is ... this is destined to fail as we don't see it later down the line. Seems kind of like a waste of time but maybe it can give us some good story telling in the mean while. Personal notes: I find it funny that there is a rejection of doing this as an updated TOS because it would look too corny (even updated). Yet, the tractor beam of the DSC literally looked as cartoonish as something out of TOS. As did the transporters. But oh well... Also, Andoria ... is meant to be a cold, frozen world ... *whistles innocently*
  8. This largely sums up how I feel and your comparison of it being about Sisko solely at Wolf 359 is on point. This really felt like a youtube short that should have aired free before the actual first episode where the Discovery was introduced and the actual crew was shown. Oh well - I guess they wanted to try something new.
  9. "Redemption II" question

    Is the Duras strong hold in the capital city? I can't recall ...
  10. To address the issue of the Klingons - - - My main issue of them looking different is the people behind the scenes said that would be explained. It might later on - but ... it's not looking good so far. And while I understand that the look of the Klingons happened before - I didn't grow up seeing the TOS Klingons to TMP Klingons to TNG Klingons. When I started Trek, they already looked like Worf. Also, the issue with both the Klingons and uniforms is simple - Trek through the other shows made it a point to say they did look like TOS. It wasn't a matter of outdated graphics or designs. Worf in DS9 specifically stated the Klingons looked different. In ENT/DS9, the uniforms specifically looked like they did in TOS. So the argument of "all shows had to update because what passed back then doesn't pass now." Ok .... that doesn't work for Trek because of the time travel episodes. Look at the picture below - they didn't "update" the bridge to look closer to the graphics/designs of TNG. They simply said "Yes, this is how it looked." Period. Picard looked around, not in awe at how brightly colored everything was, but just to say "Ah yes - Constitution Class." But I think ... at this point I'm beating a dead horse on it. I just don't buy the argument of "Look - other shows updated their graphics." Yes, but other shows didn't really have time travel. Look at Star Wars Rogue One - it felt like it could be part of the universe of the Original Trilogy. Do you know why Alien Isolation was popular? Because they went through painstaking details to make it look like the 70s version. There is something to be said for those that make it look like the original. Yes, I know "but the original looked corny and backwards ...." - then do what Abrams did and update it all. I can't believe I'm saying this but Abramsverse looks closer to the original Trek then this does. As for the we should wait on seeing the Discovery .... IDK ... I feel there are somethings that should be introduced episode 1. But that's just me. But within the context of Star Trek - wouldn't this be a violation of the Prime Directive? Why are they helping this pre-warp alien species? Seems odd .... no explanation. Thank you. Same to you. This is mostly how I feel too. Seems so dumb they wanted to set it in the 23rd century but wanted to "update" it to this degree. I also agree that there is no reason that Burnham has to be connected to Sarek/Spock. Why bother? In fact - it might be more interesting if she was a ward of T'Pol's. Although I had Jolene Blalock has kind of distanced herself from Trek. But did this cheap name grab have to be done? Even the Klingon ships look ... radically different. Does the below really look that outdated and too "1960s"? The showrunners claim this will be addressed at some point ... I don't mind Burnham making mistakes but the mistakes she made was pretty glaring for a "pilot". The difference between Burnham and Sisko is .... we got time to see Sisko at his best/noble. So seeing him hit rock bottom and committing a terrible war crime was (to me at least) more powerful. Versus Burnham whom we see as highly irritable, argumentative, and rebellious the entire time. It means more to see our heroes at their best first before we see them fall. But I guess for the sake of the story ... we'll see her redemption arc. ... For what it is worth - none of our heroes looked particularly good in their pilots. Picard, as you said, came across as irritable and "grumpy". Sisko came across as bitter and stand offish. Janeway came across as a fool. Archer just came across as dull and ignorant of alien cultures. It seems like a character growth trend for all our captains. Hopefully Burnham follows suit? That's ... actually a cool idea. ENT definitely dropped the ball on this. The retcon I've heard is "Picard meant first contact between the Federation and the Klingons." Since DSC established the Klingons disappeared ever since ENT (before the UFP) - then it would match up that Picard "meant" FC with Klingons while the UFP exists was disastrous. I actually think that's cool. See how nice things are when they match up? haha. Thanks. Yeah - it helps for me to think that maybe this isn't a pilot. Episode 3 will be a proper pilot and that his was some ... short opener for Burnham. IDK. Yes - true. Perhaps since this is meant to be a serialized show that maybe they can take their time and do more show and less tell.
  11. Ok ... seeing the more recent reviews ... I am glad that I am not the only one not liking this show. At first I thought it was just me. Well here is my two slips of latinum coming from someone that honestly wanted to like this. I remember reading all over the internet that this pilot would be better than any of the other shows. I can't say I agree at all. It felt so sloppy, rushed, and seemed more like a youtube short. A "set up" to the show. It didn't feel like an actual pilot ... of any show. Not just Star Trek. The Pros: The opening credits are pretty unique. I think ever since VOY - fans have been waiting for the ship fly-bys, but I guess gone are the days of that ... Updated CGI is always nice. Michelle Yeoh's Captain Phillipa was a wonderful character. I would rather have followed her adventures than Burnham's. Doug Jone's Saru is... interesting thus far. James Frain's Sarek wasn't too shabby. The Shenzou was a nice looking ship. Kind of reminded me of the Kelvin (interior wise at least). I found Burnham arguing with the ethics of the computer to be amusing. It reminded me of Kirk outsmarting machines in his day. Nice nod to the Vulcan society by putting young Burnham in one of those learning pods. The Klingon albino? That wouldn't happen to be the albino fro DS9? The one Dax, Kang, Kor, Koloth hunt? The uniforms aren't bad and I can see how they are an evolution of the ENT jumpsuit. I just ... hope there is a transition to TOS uniforms. Even if it's on the last episode. There is a book that explains the TOS uniforms are already around ... The Cons: The most obvious: A t.v. show called Star Trek: Discovery and no ship named ... Discovery. In fact, the principal ship does not make an appearance at all. Whose bright idea was that? Imagine not seeing the Enterprise, DS9, or VOY in the pilot episodes ... At the very least - the ship should have appeared at the final battle and saved the survivors of the ship. Platitudes abounds. This episode talked a great Trek deal but didn't really display it. Between Phillipa arguing Starfleet doesn't fire first to the injured officer lamenting they weren't soldiers but explorers. It felt like that was tacked on to shut up fans that felt the jump to war was a bit ... too soon. The opening scene ... A captain and first officer go on some mission of mercy to help what appears to be a pre-warp alien species. They just shoot up a well? This was a really sloppy idea for exposition. I understand this scene was to offer us an explanation of what is going on and who they are but it was .... done so poorly. I'm sorry, but I honestly think TNG/DS9/VOY did a better job of introducing us to their respective "worlds" than this show did. The crew - absolutely no build-up with them. So I didn't care when they started dying one by one. They were all, literally, red shirts. Holograms ... I get that in this century we will have holograms so it is laughable that it took until DS9 for holograms to be used as a means of communication. But ... The Klingons ... wow .... they were terrible. I'm sorry, but this isn't a "they look nothing like TOS Klingons" rant. They were just an extremely boring aspect of the episode. The entire thing seemed ... oddly convoluted. This Klingon "Trump" believes the Klingons will lose their purity. Ok - I can stomach that. In Undiscovered Country - the Klingons were scared their way of life would be shattered if they gave into the "homo sapien's only club" of the Federation. And this Klingon's idea of starting a war with the UFP was to lure a Federation ship there and hope a fight would ensue? Also ... 100 years have gone by and the UFP had little to no relations with them? So since ENT they just disappeared? Now onto my "they look nothing like the TOS Klingons" rant. What happened to "These Klingons look different because, like humans, they don't all look the same." Then cue the leaders of the other Klingon houses .... and they all look like the monster Klingons ... Seriously? I understand people were tired of space vikings. Fine. But .... this was the alternative? I'd like my bug-eyed Gowron, reluctant Martok, and honorable Worf back. Just an FYI - this is not a slight to the actors. I think they did a good job and the Klingons, despite their ridiculous new look, felt Klingon. The episode's pacing was off. It felt rushed and convoluted for no reason. Between her passing out in the asteroid belt and being in sickbay ... or her jumping through space from the brig and suddenly being on the bridge in good condition. WTF? This is not the first Star Trek where the principal characters do dangerous away missions but Burnham sent on that space walk? What...? No such thing as probes in the 23rd century huh? Last but not least: Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham. To me - the weakest aspect of this episode. Between shoehorning her in as Spock's half sister (Why did she need to be his sister? Vulcan is a small place...) and her erratic behavior throughout the episode - I was really put off by this character. I was intrigued by the idea of a human growing up in an alien culture and then being "re-introduced" into human society but her character did not come off as someone raised by Vulcans. She was highly emotional (although to be fair - she had been with this crew for 7 years and they probably "cracked" the Vulcan shell she had). The problem with having a singular POV or main character versus an emphasis on an ensemble cast is ... you better make sure that the singular POV is amazing. It would be like watching TNG and the focus is solely on Riker. Frakes' Riker isn't terrible. Just like Burnham isn't terrible. But I'd rather much more focus on Picard/Data/Worf than Riker only. I found Phillipa and Saru more interesting than Burnham .... not a good thing when she solely leads the show. The mutiny scene was incredibly silly, but more importantly ... not yet earned. It had no emotional pull because I never saw these characters grow together. If Worf betrayed Sisko in season 7 or if Data betrayed Picard in season 7 - it would be far more emotional and impactful because we saw these characters grow together. When the mutiny was done in Battlestar Galactica - it was shocking because it was done by characters we had seen for years. Here - I'm just told I'm supposed to be shocked by Burnham doing this because they've been friends for years. When Spock took over the Enterprise in "The Menagerie" - it had some impact because we had already seen several episodes with Spock. I understand the implication she has PTSD from the Klingons and thus becomes less in control due to their presence - but it just wasn't handled particularly well. Maybe if we got more time with the character under normal circumstances then it would have been more powerful when she betrayed her crew. Her relationship with the crew felt so artificial. This was the reason it was a mistake to simply say she had been with the crew for nearly a decade. While it is ... slightly intriguing that she is the focal point for the bloody war between the Federation and Klingons - I didn't realize a single person was responsible for it ... who knew? Honestly? Besides the money issue - now I can see why Axanar was ... dealt with the way it was. I'm sorry but I am more interested in seeing Admiral Ramirez (Tony Todd) and this war beginning than I am Burnham. I even watched this episode with my girlfriend who is just learning more about Star Trek. I wanted her opinion because I wasn't sure if mine was bias. Even she agreed it felt really rushed and to a casual fan - it was pretty confusing on who all these people were. If I hadn't been there to explain who the Federation was, the Klingons, etc. She'd have even been more lost. I understand that all the pilots of all the Trek shows are weak, but oddly enough ... this pilot made me appreciate the others all the more. The slow build up. The introduction of characters. The majestic shots of the ships/station. I honestly like Caretaker more than this .... ouch. Hell, I feel even Abrams did a better job of making it feel like Star Trek (Even if he made it feel like Star Trek meets Transformers). I will never complain again about Enterprise not doing enough to "fit" in the canon. It did a far superior job on that than DSC. Overall - I am hoping this show improves considerably.
  12. DSC Uniforms Explained

    It might look "goofy" but skirt uniforms go beyond TOS. Even in the TNG era ... Plus I am not focusing on Uhura's uniform as much as the general TOS era. It is not as outdated as people claim as proven by Abramsverse...
  13. DSC Uniforms Explained

    I'm hoping this is the case too. The DSC uniforms are, to me, tolerable because they look like a transition from ENT's jumpsuits to the uniforms we know of the TOS era. The idea that the original uniforms never come about is ... problematic to me. Plus, Star Trek 2009 already proved you can use "updated" original uniforms and pull it off in the "modern" age. In fact her "prison" jumpsuit looks like something from the TOS era - - - - - COULD BE A SPOILER FOR EPISODE 3 - CAUTION
  14. DSC Uniforms Explained

    No problem, Sehlat. It looks like the book will fill in a lot of gaps. I do think this is one area I am more forgiving considering that between TNG/DS9 (including the movies) - the uniforms were constantly changing throughout the fleet.
  15. Hey mods - will there be an episode area for this show like there is for the other shows? I'd like to add a review and not clog up this discussion area with it.