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  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Yeah - I too am excited for this. Even though I prefer the novels to the movies. I prefer the darker/moral relativism/scientific ethics in the novels than the adventures of the movies. But I am so excited to finally see Baryonyx and the Carnotaurus actually make it to the big screen. There are rumors (nothing concrete) we may even see a Dilo again. :D Haha why thank you.
  2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World Trailer
  3. Agreed. I just don't see how this all will connect... To be fair - it's not too late for them to say this is an alternate universe or a reboot.... So far, nothing has them "locked" in the prime time line if you think about it.
  4. Absolutely. There are some fans that will never be pleased, but if this at least looked like Abrams' TOS - DSC would not be getting this level of push back. Nor the disbelief that this will somehow reconcile with the prime time line.
  5. Exactly. I really don't get why they are so uptight in trying to keep this in the same time line/universe/whatever. Hell - at this point - I'd be all for them saying they are rebooting the franchise and the originals are no longer canon at this point. I'll always have my DVDs. They're just determined to lure the old school fans like me into this by constantly reassuring me this all connects. That's pretty much where I am at. I hate to sound like one of those fans but to me Star Trek isn't the Twilight Zone. It isn't Law and Order. It isn't an episode of Saved by the Bell. This is all meant to connect. Yes, I know. The other shows had a ton of discontinuities. That wasn't a result of them declaring the shows aren't connected. That is a result of decades of television and movies changing hands with writers and directors. Nothing more. I get that to some people Star Trek is more than just flipping the right switches. It's about themes and ideas. Great. Lovely. But this isn't a zero sum game. The two are not mutually exclusive. You can have continuity (with some bending here and there) PLUS great ideas that push boundaries and makes viewers think. I think it fit from the beginning actually. They just over used/abused the whole "This is Starfleet. Not the Federation." excuse. In other words, "Did we say there were only 5 Enterprises? We meant during the Federation's run." kind of thing. Yeah - it was a stretch but it kind of works. But I agree there were a ton of mistakes that didn't work throughout the entire run of ENT. Yeah, that's what I mean. As a show/concept - I'm sure many are enjoying it. It may even be very successful. But as a Star Trek show? Aligning with the universe we all grew up with? It doesn't. I don't see the other shows as reinterpretations or the like. Any changes from TOS onwards can be dismissed by saying it's happening years later. This show is meant to be ten short years before TOS. It just doesn't fit at all. I don't really mind "updating" the technology, but this doesn't even look like the same universe. If the Abrams' movies can "update" the technology but still have a TOS feel then why couldn't this show? I get that Shatner's TOS was 60s television. But I can genuinely believe that Abrams' movie is a modern spin on Shatner's TOS. This show has done nothing to make me feel this is a modern spin of The Cage era. Not at all.

    A flawed movie with some decent moments. I couldn't tell if I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy 3 or a Thor movie.
  7. I'd have been satisfied if they started this with "This is its own continuity. Thus we will do whatever we want. Get over it" OR "This follows the Abrams time line. Get over it." The issue (for me) has always been their insistence that this is the prime time line. It doesn't appear to be working fine if fans are still trying to justify the presence of DSC in the prime time line. If they're at the "Bleep it. Let's just say this is another universe." then it is not working. I mean - that isn't an attack on the story or graphics or cast. All of that may be working out very well. Just ... not its presence in the Trek universe.
  8. ENT did a much more phenomenal job at reconciling with TOS than DSC has so far. The small things that don't fit can be dismissed by the (admittedly over-used) "When we said so and so was the first to do this ... we meant during the Federation. Not Pre-Federation." DSC doesn't even have that much. Hopping to the "It's an alternate time line...." is just an admission that this doesn't work with DSC. Again, the reason this is even an issue is before the show started we got a lot of "Don't worry. We'll explain how this all connects. Just give us a chance!" And now that a chance was given, it didn't really mesh well, the idea is to just give in to an alternate time line? In other words - the very same idea I put forward months ago ala DC/Marvel's multiverse reboots? SIGH Can we just never have Trek prequels in the "prime" time line anymore? Apparently, no one outside of fan films, can make that work.
  9. Rekha Sharma .... killed off in a cheap...stupid character moment. A sci-fi actress who did wonderful on BSG wasted that way? Wow ...
  10. Discovery and Me

    I'd actually argue that Spock is the most sensible "cameo" out of anyone from TOS considering his Burnham is his father's ward. Not much to gain from Scotty running into Burnham to be blunt. I think seeing a younger Pike might be really cool too. I like both incarnations of the character.
  11. My Nebula-Class (2D Artwork)

    This looks wonderful. Where is tactical in this? Worf's station is obviously gone from the Galaxy-class.
  12. The Atlantic: Revisiting Star Trek's Most Political Episode

    That's probably exactly why sanctuary districts were normalized in the Trek universe. It sounds almost ... "nice". As if these people are getting a sanctuary from those that would exploit them when really, the rest of the world was turning itself into a sanctuary away from these "undesirables".
  13. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    I was probably wrong in saying he is "evil" but I meant it is obvious that his depiction is meant to elicit the reaction that he is a shady character. Between standing in the shadows (explained by his eye condition) and his laboratory there is something ... off about him. The way he wants this infamous mutineer in his crew and how he is clearly operating this secret project makes one feel uncertain about his character. His nonchalant attitude about the crew of the Glenn as well. It's a lot of little things ... Although, again, I should say that "evil" is a bit much and I shouldn't have used that word. He is certainly different from previous captains (a good thing)
  14. The Atlantic: Revisiting Star Trek's Most Political Episode

    prometheus59650 kind of answered that. It's not so much "pro-concentration camps" as much as it not seen that way. It is seen as a haven to remove the "lazy" or those that didn't succeed in life "because of their own faults". I can easily see something like Sanctuary Districts happening. In fact - if I recall correctly - right around the time of this episode such an idea was being brought up somewhere in the U.S. Once again proving that Star Trek is oddly prescient.
  15. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    Ok .... Um .... This felt like a proper first episode. In fact - I'd argue the show should have started here and not with the other two episodes. Imagine if the show started out with a mysterious prisoner that others on the crew disliked. Someone with a sordid, controversial past being brought aboard. Then as the episode (or season if you want to drag it out) continued, there could have been flashbacks instead of revealing it all in two (what felt like) rushed episodes. Burnham was so much more tolerable here. Maybe the actress just fell into the "curse" of Star Trek pilots where the actor or actress acts wooden until they get a handle on who their characters are meant to be. IDK. But she was far more interesting in this episode than she was in the last two. Lorca was a nice addition to the cast. A bit on the nose in the "evil" department but we'll see where they are going with him. One complain I have if this ship is some type of Section 31 operation? Between the evil captain and the black badges - it doesn't seem like they're hiding they are Section 31. Like the evil admiral who openly talks about it in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Did the show runners forget this is a secret, clandestine organization? Not much is shown of Landry but she was a good character. I love seeing BSG alumni popping up in science fiction (or anywhere in general). I'm not sold on the new cadet character. I'm just not a fan of the bumbling, nervous wreck of a character. She has potential for growth, though. The chief scientists/botanist character is an absolute prick. But maybe that is a good thing? Not all Starfleet have to be these hand holding types. A lot of potential for story-telling. The plot about the universe having some type of nervous system like a giant body is unique. There are some people that think we are nothing more than cells inside of a massive body. Maybe Trek is going down that route? Although, the obvious issue is ... this is destined to fail as we don't see it later down the line. Seems kind of like a waste of time but maybe it can give us some good story telling in the mean while. Personal notes: I find it funny that there is a rejection of doing this as an updated TOS because it would look too corny (even updated). Yet, the tractor beam of the DSC literally looked as cartoonish as something out of TOS. As did the transporters. But oh well... Also, Andoria ... is meant to be a cold, frozen world ... *whistles innocently*