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  1. that yellow... it hurts my eyes

  2. that yellow... it hurts my eyes

  3. The Kitty Thread

    :D how sweet. Communicating with cats is different from communicating with dogs. But both can be leaned, are as simple and usefull And looking at them face forward will tell them to stay away. Communicating ( mostly non-verbal ) with cats hapens as soon as they see us. Big advantage is they do not attack as easy as dogs do, and if they do it ends quick. .
  4. My father passed away today

    my sincere condolances. Losing a parent is hard. aspecialy at Christmas.
  5. wishing you all a great Christmas Hope everyone has a great time.
  6. this memorable quote

    No, realy not.
  7. Caption Contest 14 voting

    Sorry bout that Voyager. Thanks for the banner. I somehow got sidetracked. :unsure: what am I supposed to do with the banner?
  8. The Kitty Thread

  9. The Kitty Thread

    they are so good for a smile
  10. Star Trek Christmas Ornaments

    There are stores in Nederland that sell them to. Also at fan gatherings where there are merchandise stands.
  11. TrekMacros

    How big man fall..... :roflmao:
  12. Happy Birthday Chris Mckeown

    Best wishes Hope you had a great day
  13. Hot Trek Men

    there is a DVD? thanks I orderd it to
  14. Hot Trek Men

    I just took it down to two per series. not an easy job for sure. Star Trek - Captain James Tiberius Kirk (William Shatner) - Montgomery Scott (James Doohan) Star Trek: The Next Generation - Jean- Luc Picard (Patrick Steward) - Data (Brent Spiner) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Julan Bashir (Alexander Siddig) - Miles O'Brien (Colm Meaney) Star Trek: Voyager - Lieutenant Commander Chakotay (Robert Beltran) - Ensign Thomas Eugine Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) Star Trek: Enterprise - Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating) - Ensign Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery)