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  1. Genetically enhanced Species 8472 preyed on the Borg with ease, so them.
  2. Although we can't do anything about the massive free space path losses, the bigger the receiving dish, the larger the gain. As dish receiver gain increases, weaker signals can be detected. The radio astronomy dishes are massive, the largest one is in China and is 1/3rd of a mile across. There's no way they are building something that big on the Moon in the foreseeable future. Also, we aren't even close to scanning the entire spectrum in every direction. They picked a small chunk of the spectrum which experiences less interference called 'the water hole'. All that received data needs to be crunched by computers using complicated math called FFT's, this isn't like tuning in your radio and hearing a voice or music... If you want to help out the effort, download the BOINC screensaver and help crunch radio telescope data for SETI@Home. Perhaps your computer screensaver will find ET. http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/#
  3. Growing up I watched TNG and Voyager. I was too young for TOS and only watched all of the episodes as of a few years ago. I tried getting into DS9 but I found myself disliking some of the main characters (Sisko, Jadzia, Odo, Julian and Kira) and was especially turned off by the religious plot threads. I marathoned the entire DS9 series recently and while I appreciated it more, I'm still not that particularly fond of the show. I tuned out Enterprise during the original run but rewatched it on Netflix. Again, with that show it's a character problem for me, I just didn't like T'Pol or Archer. Archer became too much of a Bush analog while I felt T'Pol's character was just off somehow. Being a big TNG fan, I found Voyager to be somewhat more of a continuation of that format so I was able to forgive some of the cardboard characters. The characters I didn't like on that show weren't of much consequence, Neelix and Kes.
  4. Setting aside the question of how tasteful it would be, why would we need more Nimoy content at this point? He had been in 8 movies and there was hardly anything more for him to add to the role. Even if you were absolutely set on having him come back in CGI form, what would they have him say or do that the real Nimoy hasn't already said or done as Spock? We got plenty of closure on that character so I don't see why this would be necessary.
  5. I would have reduced the range of her abilities so that she could only read emotions at a short range. Not all characters have to be human or on the same level playing field as a human but her abilities were overpowered and killed drama. She could still say that she thinks the other ship's captain on the viewscreen is being deceptive, but only because she's an expert at reading body language because at short range she gets a lot of practice confirming her body language reads with actual emotions being sensed. I would have also given her some inter-personal conflicts between the crew to solve. They are on a long term mission through space but everyone treats it like a 9 to 5 job and everyone gets along swimmingly. The night shift was mentioned once I think. There's 24 hours in a day, stuff must happen when the main crew isn't on the bridge and everyone can't get along with everyone. Of course this was a show direction problem, the conflict was mandated to be external only.
  6. I'm doing a radio communications course right now so just for fun I calculated the Free Space Path Loss between Earth and Trappist-1. FSPL (general formula) = 32.44 + 20LOG(distance in Kilometers) + 20LOG(frequency in MHz) FSPL(to Trappist) = 32.44 + 20LOG(3.737*10^14 KM) + 20LOG(1420 MHz) = 386.9 dB of loss Roughly every 3dB of loss halves the power of the signal. 10 LOG (x) = 386.9 dB 10^(386.8/10) = x (Free Space Path Loss in ratio) x = 4.786 * 10^38 so a signal leaving Trappist-1 would be 4.786 * 10^38 times less powerful when it reaches Earth. Of course, there are other factors at play. The source transmission could be in Megawatts (10^6 Watts) and we can pick up picoWatts (10^-12 Watts) just fine. The larger the receiving dish, the larger the gain in dB which would cancel out some of the FSPL. The way some people talk though, it's like the general public thinks we can just point a dish at some far away object and we should be receiving their TV programs. Not only could their transmitters be too weak, they could be broadcasting at other frequencies that we aren't scanning. SETI just picked 1.42 GHz because there is less interference from interstellar gas at that frequency. They could be broadcasting at 10 GHz and we wouldn't see it. We use radio bands from the 8 KHz range up to around 275 GHz so it's likely that another civilization would use the whole spectrum too.
  7. Episode VIII will take on a new meaning, as Carrie's footage has already been shot and she will be in it.
  8. She was without a pulse for 15 minutes, this doesn't look good.
  9. Carrie Fisher just suffered a Heart Attack on a London to LA flight. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-38423963?ocid=socialflow_twitter
  10. This is pretty much what I've been saying. The main characters weren't fleshed out enough. They spent some time on Jyn's backstory, but the time jump made things confusing for me I didn't care about Jyn's apparent death at the end, and didn't even realize there was romantic tension until someone else mentioned it. I'm glad you brought up the scene where the little girl was saved, only to have Jedha turned into plate glass 3 hours later with her presumably killed. That was kind of a cheat. CGI Tarkin looked grainy in 3D, and yes I like your description of Leia, she looked like an exhibit from a wax museum. I didn't read any spoilers before going in, only having watched the trailers. From the trailers, I thought that since Jyn talked about the force a lot, that she was force sensitive. I felt a bit deceived when I realized that she wasn't, like the filmmakers were trying to fake out the audience by making it not too unfamiliar.
  11. For ANH fans, this probably would be a welcome addition to that story, it's episode 3.5. The amount that they showed Jyn talking about the Force in the trailers, I went in thinking that she had the force but was untrained. Instead we have Vader reduced to mowing down Red Shirts while Jyn is pulling a heist. I think that if you are going to have Vader in a movie, you have to have someone to fight him and that certainly wasn't Jyn. I thought the Tarkin rendition looked realistic although a tad flat, but Carrie Fisher's younger self was noticeably off in 3D. I just thought that with these independent format movies, they could have gotten away from the main story line for the first time and got into Yoda and other Jedi's past, the past of the Sith Lords, etc., even before the Republic, Make the outcome be in doubt. I was entertained, but not blown away by this movie.
  12. If anyone here watched the recently completed South Park season, Trey and Matt were ripping on TFA with their running gag about 'member berries' and how eating the berries made someone think that TFA was good. 'Oh, (re)member Chewbacca? Yeah I (re)member!' I think they've gone to the well too much with the nostalgia while failing to provide fresh material. It seems that Bad Robot thinks that the Empire vs Rebel fight was all there was to this franchise. The climax seen at the end of RotJ no longer has any meaning because the Empire fought on in another form. To enjoy Rogue One, one must be emotionally invested in ANH and wants more backstory. For me, I really don't care how the rebels got the death star plans, or care for the retconning that the vulnerability was by design by an objector. That the movie was so lacking of the force itself, which I feel is the defining characteristic of this galaxy not the geopolitics, it was nothing more than a Heist/War movie dressed up like Star Wars. I know of the EU, I never read the books but I've heard about it. Seeing some of that brought to life would have been exciting. This movie scratches an itch that I didn't have in the first place. I didn't need to see this story to expand my understanding of the OT.
  13. Dawn, as in, beginning of, hyperspace flight. I want to see the galaxy as it just opens up to interstellar travel. See the origins of the Sith and the Jedi. This wasn't a story that adds much to my understanding of the Star Wars galaxy.
  14. I'll bring this over from the other thread. I don't think anyone saw it behind the spoiler tag anyway: On a day's reflection, I'd say that the characters that stood out were the blind monk and K-2SO. Despite being the main character, Jyn did not stand out for me. I had a hard time finding any daylight between this character and Rey from TFA. Apparently, if you take away the lightsabers (except Vaders), what you are left with looks like a cross between a Call of Duty game and WWII footage. With the force not playing a prominent role, it didn't have the feel of a Star Wars movie. Yes it was used, the blind monk's evasion and Vader's force choke, but it wasn't a big part of the movie. There were mentions of the force, and no, not every character needs to wield it. Han Solo was fine without it. What we were left with though was a heist movie cross with a WWII movie skinned as Star Wars. I'd give this movie 3 stars out of 5, or a 6.5/10. I just think that with a one-off movie they could have left the restraints of the serialized trilogy and told a story from a different time altogether. The main revelation was that the vulnerability exposed by Luke Skywalker was by design and no mistake. It does explain things, but I don't think it necessitated a movie to explore.
  15. Yeah, it was an improvement over the PT, but that's a pretty low bar to rise above. ^ This was close to my initial reaction too. And yes, I liked the eastern Shinto-Buddhist feel of the force religion in this movie; no super-choreographed lightsaber fights, no telekinesis. More about faith and resilience. Personally I think it was more interesting than super-humans whirling and twirling like Cirque de Soleil performers. I think it's fine to have a Star Wars movie where the lead isn't an advanced Jedi, not everyone should be on Luke's level of mastery. They left it too ambiguous though. She continually referred to the force, but never used it and it had no bearing on the outcome. Was she simply force-sensitive? Why not just make her a force-skeptic like Hans Solo? The force references were kind of 'forced'. Also, for someone who apparently believes in the force, she's rather non committal to the Rebel's (it doesn't matter which flag is flying if you don't look up... seriously?) which is surprising considering that the Jedi purge had already happened.