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  1. Trek Comics

    Wolfgaurd--RE: TNG: The Space Between--Yes, I'm aware of it's upcoming release, but thanks for your tip just the same. The covers, as well as the "alternate" cover for Star Trek: The Manga will ultimately be seen in Trek Artifacts. By the way--I LOVE your mock version of those insideous motivational poster prints designed for offices! PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!! I'd love to see one with the Founders about keeping order....--Zardoz has spoken
  2. Trek Comics

    Hiyasu t'Vuhlkansu Posted Yesterday, 11:22 PM I'll scan the manga...Give me 2 days and I'll get a couple chapters done..I'm slow Here's the cover Thanks to Hiyasu t'Vuhlkansu for the cover scan of the manga ST comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Trek Comics

    Can one of you--any of you--do a scan of the Trek Manga cover and e-mail it to either me or Mike B. (Virogen)? I'd love to include it in one of the upcoming Trek Artifacts articles on comics.
  4. Trek Comics

    For all those interested in the various Star Trek comics--I'll be writing articles on and posting all the covers from the Gold Key series (1967-79) and the first Marvel series (1980-82) in Trek Artifacts, a new series of specials at TrekCore. The first Gold Key issues should be up by next weekend. I had intended to post only selected issues of the various DC, Malibu, 1990's Marvel, and Wildstorm series', but if there are enough of you out there that want to see all the covers--or as many as I have anyway--please let us know. I have complete runs, or near-complete runs, of the DC TOS and TNG series, the Malibu DS9 series--and most of the specials--as well as about half of the '90's Marvel, and '00's Wildstorm material. If any of you have issues I don't and can provide scans of the covers, that would be greatly appreciated. We'll get to those details as I get closer to posting articles on those comic series but those with complete runs of the '90's Marvel and/or the '00's Wildstorm stuff should let me know via e-mail or a post here at the board, or through Michael Broadhead. I know jack about this new TokyoPop ST graphic it out already? It'll no doubt be repulsive to those that don't care for Manga style (like me) but I'd still like to check it out. I'm sure DC/Wildstorm or some other publisher will do more ST comics as we get closer to the release of the next movie.
  5. Denial of Recast Rumors

    When I first saw the teaser poster for STXI my first thought was that Paramount was going to finally do the "Kirk & Spock at the Academy" movie that Paramount's brass has wanted to do since 1988 ( ST:V was originally to be that movie) and that has been the bane of fans ever since. But Abrams comments reassure me that that's not going to happen. The man has done an amazing job with Lost (not to mention all his other stuff) and has always kept his word when it comes to announcing intentions and directions of whatever he's working on. I've long thought that the next ST movie should feature characters and concepts from all the various series, or at least from the modern series, since they all occour in the same time frame. Who wouldn't love to see a meeting of Worf and B'ellana Torres? Or a Picard-Sisko-Janeway team-up? The loose threads of DS9 alone provide more than enough material for a great film, and with the wealth of characters, races, concepts and ongonig plot arcs, they could make the greatest ST film of all time. Personally, I'd be satisfied with something entertaining, competent, and respectful to the Trek legacy and there proabably isn't anyone alive who can do better than Abrams.