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  1. At the convention, I accidently called a Deathstroke cosplayer "Deadpool", #godforgiveme

  2. Went to Falco Convention at the university of Montevallo (Forgot my camera sorry, my mom took pics though) it was amazing!!!!!!

    Things I bought

    A pic of Obama as a Jedi knight
    A Dragonball keychain
    A Disney grab-box
    A pair of fox ears
    free candy
    a free sticker
    An Umbreon sticker

    (Didn't get any autographs, sorry)

  3. Happy Friday the 13th!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      I survived a couple of close calls from distracted drivers on the freeway today, so yeah; it’s happier than it could’ve been... ;)

  4. But anyways, he deserves to tell them off #goodforhim
  5. Watching Star Trek's "Day of the Dove" on H&I, silly chekov! you have no brother LOL!

  6. Happy 1st of October!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      My favorite month of the year!  :thumbup:

    2. C.Lovett



  7. Just read an article where Lynda Carter slammed James Cameron for dissing the wonder woman movie, damn James you got owned! XD


    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      I love Cameron’s movies, but I’m Team Lynda on this one...;)

    2. C.Lovett
  8. Goodbye everyone.

    Good bye, good luck and god speed......
  9. I have to say that is this one awesome series and can't wait for more episodes, but man it sucks to be Michael Burnham! (Normally I would agree with the main hero's/heroine's plan in Star Trek but I going to side with Captain Georgiu, that was not a good move Michael!)
  10. #StarTrekDiscovery


  11. Watching Star Trek Discovery #SoFarSogood

  12. I also got the Rogue One novel at Books a Million, I'll start reading it after I finish Batman: the Long Halloween!