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  1. Rate this Series: Deep Space Nine

    If I could 'like' this, I would. Deep Space Nine was a great, complex show with some wonderful acting.
  2. Concerning Authors and Fanfiction

    I haven't read this article so I admit that my opionion on this isn't as informed as it would be if I had (and I probably will, I'm just not able to right now). But, just going by what you said, I'm offended by it. I'm a fan fiction writer, and I'm immensely proud of some of my work-- one is a novellete of over 38,000 words. One day I'd like to be a published writer, but I know that I'll never be able to do that if I don't study, read and yes, write without the hope of publishing.that work. Fan fiction is a fantastic way for future writers to understand first hand what works and what doesn't, and to develop their own ability as a writer to shape complex characters. I do understand that someone might be offended at a fan disagreeing and writing what they'd change, but the fact is that someone loved their work so much that they devoted the attention to it to finish reading it, analyze it, and are passionate enough about it that they want to go to the trouble of changing what they don't like. I'd also like to mention that if a writer is writing within a fandom (like Star Trek, Aliens, Earth: Final Conflict, etc.) that essentially, they are writing fan fiction only it's a lot longer than the typical piece, they are getting paid and recognized for it, and they (probably) operate within a sef of restrictions. As far as the part about characters being their children, I totally understand that. I feel protective over my stories and characters, but if fan fiction characters are anything, they are clones. These copies of the originals are used for different purposes and develop different personalities immediately or gradually. But, they aren't the original. Fan fiction writers aren't abusing the Westeros, they are inventing a copy, another interpretation so that one day they can create something original and unique enough for someone else to invent a copy.
  3. How Would You Improve Deep Space Nine?

    More Vorta, lol. But seriously, DSN is near perfect. I think I would've liked to see more of the Dominion inner workings though. The other 'bad guys' in Star Trek seem more fleshed out and while I get the Dominion, I would've liked to have seen more complexities there.
  4. DS9 Hunks

    One of my favorite images. I just rewatched the episode last night. *sigh* He should've had more than two episodes. I'm happy (and a bit surprised) to see so many Vorta on here.
  5. Living on a space station...

    Speaking as a mere human in the 21st century, I wouldn't mind growing up on DSN. (I wouldn't mind living on it now either lol.) I like darker places and the more curved, circular feel of it. And, I think as a child I would've enjoyed the variety of people. If I behaved on the station the same way I did as a child, I would've been well acquainted with the security team as they'd be carting me back to my parents' quarters on a regular basis. I was (erm, am now too) a bit too curious for my own good.
  6. A Place Just For Cardassians

    I'm hoping that I'm posting this in the right place. A friend of mine and I created a forum especially for Cardassian fans. It is a community with fan fiction, art, rping, everything having to do with Cardassians is welcomed at this site. If you're a fan, we'd love to have you and have you join in with us!
  7. "Libernobis"

    Libernobis is DONE!! Please check it out at the links I provided. It has come in at 38518 words and twenty-one chapters total (Prologue incl. in that). Whew!!!
  8. "Libernobis"

    I just wanted to let anyone reading this story that I've added another chapter. Two more chapters and it's done!
  9. Night of the Living Trekkies

    Hahaha, wow. That's awesome.
  10. Damar

    Thank you!!! I shall, time is on my side for the better part of this year, lol.
  11. Damar

    Voyager, Hellfighter, thank you both! I almost didn't finish it because of some mistakes, but even with the mistakes I'm glad I did. The uniform turned out better than I thought it would.
  12. Damar

    Haha, you know that his guest appearance in Star Trek should've been as a Cardassian, right? He's a big guy, he would've been a good soldier.
  13. Damar

    I do a lot of Star Trek related art, probably more than my Harry Potter friends would like lol, but anyway, I just finished this one of Damar. There are errors in it, obviously, but I was pleased enough with it to post it. Along with the link below, I also have a list of a few others below it. (this is also my deviant page.) Corat Damar The others Kai Cevdak Kai is an original character in a role play I did. The model is an actress from 300, I think her name is Lena Headey. Original Unnamed WWE fans, look closely at the face!!! You may recognize what somebody is cookin'...... Yintar Also an original character from an rp, one of mine is married to him. I'm thinkin' she's a lucky girl, haha. Anyway, I'll update this thread when I do more. Thanks for looking!
  14. "Libernobis"

    One day I'll learn to watch topics!!! Yeah, I have it on Ad Astra and Deviant. On another forum I have the whole thing copied/pasted onto the thread. I can here if anyone prefers that...haha it's just a lot of work so I'm not going to unless someone asks. On another note, I'm nearly done with the next chapter. I've got two more chapters after this one, and then this story is closed. Though, I'm considering a series that will be a prequel to Libernobis. You'll have to read the story to guess what it is, I don't know how to do the spoiler thingy!