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  1. The Association Game

  2. Happy Birthday Hellfighter.

    Ooh, happy birthday!
  3. Three Word Story

    when along came
  4. Person Below You thread

    I have one. I'm working on it, okay? TPBM can speak more than 3 words of Klingon. (Props if you can, I never got past Gagh and Qapla')
  5. What's the weather like in your area?

    Pretty chilly today ... 22C. Very cloudy; looks like it's going to rain.
  6. Star Trek XII Scripting Starting Next Week

    I'm just so sick of space villians. We've got a whole new alternate universe to explore, and all they can think of is creepy guys that look like a cross between Shinzon and the Last Airbender. *Joins in the maniacal Trek rage*
  7. Um I must watch too much Red Dwarf then... my laptop is named Holly and my Media Centre/Desktop is named Queeg I named my computer the USS Excelsior. But I think I must watch too much LOTR. My laptop's Bluetooth name is 'Come on, Mr Frodo! I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!' and my phone's is 'They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!'
  8. A Large Meeting?

    Don't forget Australia, even if it's a really small meet! It gets pretty lonely down here, in the middle of nowhere ... We should so have an OS ST: XII release party (although it's a fair while away)!
  9. Three Word Story

    I'm surprised nobody has started this already. Basically, you continue the story by adding three words. To use Wikipedia's example : Person 1: A fat man ... Person 2: ... walked into a ... Person 3: ... car and it ... etc, etc. So, I'll start. A Klingon was ...
  10. The Association Game

  11. I actually did that once ... we had to invert the ideology of a story, insert it into a well-known TV Show and write a pitch to a film company. I bet you can guess what I wrote about. (Although I don't think my English teacher was too impressed).
  12. Voyager Elimination game

    + 1 Janeway - 1 Torres [38] Kathryn Janeway [24] Chakotay [53] B'Elanna Torres [23] Doctor [41] Tuvok floating around aimlessly in space: - Vorik - Kes - Jenny Delaney - Seven of Nine - Neelix - Megan Delaney - Icheb - Naomi Wildman - Joe Carey - Lon Suder - Tom Paris - Samantha Wildman
  13. Likes and Dislikes

    Hehe. Before I started to watch Voyager seriously, I could never watch more than 10 secs of any episode because Kate Mulgrew's voice put me off so much. But it's all good now. Anyway, likes: - The amazing character development - The emotion - being able to relate to and feel for the characters. I know it sounds really weird, but prior to Voyager I had only seen most of Enterprise and DS9 Seasons 1-2 which were about as emotional as Vulcan soap operas ... - Janeway - New quadrant with old favourites (I was grinning so much in that Ferengi episode, and when we met Captain LaForge ) - Those little J/C moments Dislikes: - C/7 - Everybody is still walking around even though they have 'died' at least twice - Holodeck/hallucination episodes (which make up about 50% of episodes) - Seven taking over ... in those ridiculous spandex suits - Neelix - Neelix/Kes - Seska I love Voyager, really, but there's so much to complain about.
  14. Been designing Trek Sims for the past 3 hours. My back hurts. And my eyes. And my head. I will never look at Sims the same way again ...

  15. Been designing Trek Sims for the past 3 hours. My back hurts. And my eyes. And my head. I will never look at Sims the same way again ...