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  1. What's the weather like in your area?

    Sunny and 70*F
  2. Theme Galleries: Starfleet Ships

    Love the new gallery. I chose the Enterprise-B pic as my desktop.
  3. Favorite Christopher Reeve Superman Film

    How do you feel about Donners cut of SUPERMAN II? I thought it was pretty good but not as good as Lesters cut.
  4. Writing of Nemesis

    I have always felt that NEMESIS was a good film. While there are some problems with the script I feel that the two major problems the film faced were Stuart Baird and his lack of knowledge/respect for the Star Trek universe and the December release date. As far as Stuart Baird is concerned everyone probably feels the same way. But the box office is interesting. I have researched not only the Star Trek box office history but have also studied how films make money, what percentage they garner and how many sources a film in this day and age can break even. (It is also important to note that due to licensing & merchandising a film can still garner profits years if not decades). I have calculated that after assesing all sources of income, NEMESIS made about $94.4 million in revenue. That includes... Theatrical Rentals Home Video Distribution DVD Sales (I have no foreign data on foreign DVD sales)(Studios only attribute 20% of a titles sales toward the breakeven point) Licensing & Merchandising Television/Pay-Per View/etc. Since my foreign DVD sales are not available, $94.4 might be a little low. For someone who knows noting about the box office system of course NEMESIS looks like a horriable failure. If the budget had been lower like THE FINAL FRONTIER the film would have had a greater profit margin. It was however able to breakeven. The budget for NEMESIS is as follows. Production Budget: $60,000,000 + Prints: $8,133,000 + Advertising: $24,399,000 = Total Budget: $92,500,000 ($93,000,000) So NEMESIS was able to breakeven. If the film had not gone up against THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS it could have made more. I believe the film would have matched THE FINAL FRONTIER in the domestic box office. It is important to note that in all my calculations I remain very conservative. I would rather under-estimate than over-estimate.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

    I just hope is better than Pirates 2 & 3!
  6. NBC vs the World (Conan, Leno)

    I have never been a fan of Letterman and I especially cannot stand Conan. Leno is my favorite.
  7. Ghostbusters III - No, Really...

    I would love to see GHOSTBUSTERS III with the original cast. I too for many years have heard the rumors and all have turned out to be wrong. But it looks like this may happen. Just hope they have a good story. What confuses me more is why do they wait so long to make a sequel to some of these movies (examples, INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL was released 19 years after the last Indy film; THE ODD COUPLE II was released about 30 years after the first film; and now GHOSTBUSTERS III, 20+ years after Ghostbusters II). Why so long?
  8. Rate Star Trek (XI)

    I gave it a 5. It has its good points as well as bad.
  9. Favorite Christopher Reeve Superman Film

    My favorite (though I love them all) Christopher Reeve Superman film is SUPERMAN III. Which is your favorite?
  10. Favorite Star Trek Movie Theme?

    1. TMP 2. NEM 3. INS 4. TFF 5. FC 6. GEN 7. TSFS 8. TWOK 9. TVH 10. TUC
  11. If you could?

    I'd take the M-113 creature. But the Enterprise would be best!
  12. Fallen Hero

    I liked the episode too. But I do have a question. I taped the episode the night it originally aired on UPN and the total time was 33:00 not the usual 43:00. Was this a fluke in my viewing area or did other people notice the same thing?
  13. Favourite Trek movie quote

    1. "God I liked him better before he died!" McCoy to Kirk (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier) 2. "It's too easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering of a people you don't know" Picard to Crew (Star Trek: Insurrection) 3. "Brought a tear to me eye." Scotty to Kirk (Star Trek: Generations) 4. "Double dumb a$$ on you!" Kirk to Cab Driver (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home) 5. "Good Words. That's where ideas begin." David Marcus to Kirk (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) 6. "And you people are astronauts, on some kind of star trek." Cochrane to Riker (Star Trek: First Contact) 7. "How many have paid the price for your lack of patience? How many have died? How much damage have you done? And what is yet to come?" Saavik to David Marcus (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) 8. "No if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the gym." Picard to Crew (Star Trek: Nemesis) 9. "Nor have you, as your continued predelection for irrevelency demonstrates." Spock to McCoy (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) 10. "Parting is such sweet sorrow. Have we not heard the chimes at midnight?" General Chang to Kirk (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
  14. TSFS Expanded Score Releasing!

    I got mine last month. I hope they do the same for the other movies.
  15. Favorite Season 7 Episodes

    1. "Unimatrix Zero, Part II" 2. "Imperfection" 3. "Drive" 4. "Repression" 5. "Critical Care" 6. "Inside Man" 7. "Nightingale" 8. "Flesh and Blood, Part I" 9. "Flesh and Blood, Part II" 10. "Shattered" 11. "Lineage" 12. "Repentance" 13. "Prophecy" 14. "The Void" 15. "Workforce, Part I" 16. "Workforce, Part II" 17. "Human Error" 18. "Q2" 19. "Natural Law" 20. "Homestead" 21. "Renaissance Man" 22. "Endgame, Part I" 23. "Endgame, Part II"