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  1. So I was watching "Way of the Warrior" today and when the Klingons start blowing away the station, I thought to myself, "hate to have to pay for the damages afterwards." Then thinking about it, I wondered what type of reparations the Federation would have asked for from either the Dominion, Klingons, Cardassians or Breen for the destruction those powers started. Would the Federation have even asked for anything? Their entire society has nothing in the way of wants and needs, when anything they need can be replicated. Would they have required the powers to help them fix what they broke? Or would the Federation have given a smile and a wink and say, "Don't worry about it! You go home and lets pretend nothing happened."
  2. Beneath the Raptor's Wing Review

    Onwards I plunge, wrapping up the third of the Romulan War arc. And let me start off by much as I liked it (and I did quiet a bit) it's a mess! Book 3 of the Romulan War arc covers the first year of the conflict. It's a book that looks at the war from all sides and perspectives and tries to deliver the true scope of the war. We get Starfleets, the Andorian Imperial Guard, the Tellarite Star Force, the Vulcan Defense Forces and the Romulan Star Empire's military. Diplomats, new journalists, soldiers, civilians, they all get represented. We should acknowledge that it is a massive undertaking. As an author myself with real world books Just a sample of what I've written, I understand the true scope of trying to undertake complicated stories. Especially one with such expectations behind it as any dealing with the Romulan War. Now........with that said.....Michael A. Martin should not have been allowed to write this book on his own. The two prior books were cowritten by Andy Mangles, and there is a definite difference in the quality of the two books. In many ways, I feel that Mangles kept Martin on task. But, before I dive into it, which is actually pretty bad, let's start with the good. The Good If there is one thing to give Martin props for, it is managing the massive cast of characters and actually remembering who is who and what they are doing. And when I mean massive.....I.Mean.MASSIVE. And when I mean cast of characters, I mean POV characters, characters that were given their own sections and chapters to see things through their eyes. Let me give you a glimpse of it. Vulcans: 2 Vulcan Captains, T'Pol, two V'Shar agents and Sovol. Tellarites: 1 Tellarite captain and the delegate to the Coalition Council. Romulans: Admiral Valdore from the Romulan Remote Control drone episodes, 3 officers, an assassin and a engineer-scientist. Andorians: Shran and a captain. Humans: A Martian Representative, the Prime Minister of the United Earth Government, Captains Archer and Hernandez, two other NX captains, three journalists, three MACOs, about a dozen other starfleet officers, Hosi Sato, Travis Mayweather. And that's just the ones I remember! 42 POV characters. Martin remembers the what's and wheres of each character which is extraordinary. His writing style is good when he decides to give us scenes. A few of the battles are well done. When he puts effort into giving us the story, it's well done. Nor can you find any fault in many of his ideas for the book. Romulan remote hijacking, which was started in the last book, is used pretty effectively in this book. The use of Vulcan mind melds to suppress real memories and implant false ones is actually pretty sick (in a good way). His grasp of characters is also used just as effectively as his Romulan hijacking. The Bad If there are three words to describe this book, they are as follows. Repetitive. Forgetful. Convoluted. There is a saying in my religion. "Why do the scriptures say the exact same thing over and over? Because we learn by repetition." While it might work in the theological setting, it is a hindernace to this book. However, there was four scenes where the Romulans hijack different ships of different races. And they all have the exact same outcome. They are so identical, that all you'd need have done is change the names, and you wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. And this isn't just a singular problem of repetition. He also loves shooting down NX ships. They are all done in almost the exact same fashion. In fact, there is two scenes involving Travis and death to NX ships. The first time, he writes the ship gets nuked (you only see the flash of white) and next thing, he is in an escape pod. Nearing the end, he's on another NX ship that has been damaged and beginning to go down and they have to abandon ship. You could have literally added both scenes together in sequence, changed a few names and you wouldn't have noticed the difference. There was five chapters in which different characters are trying to talk the leader of Vulcan, T'Pau, back into the war. They are almost word for word the same arguments, there is the exact same reactions to each character to the arguments. There is news sections which almost read exactly the same. I blame a ton of this on the second word. Forgetfulness. It's a problem that I immediately picked up on as a writer myself. Remember the 42+ POV characters? That's 42 storylines he's trying to tie in (the convoluted part) and it creates several bad things. One is Martin seemed to continually hit on ideas he thought was good. Storylines he wanted to explore. But the need to have so many different POVs and storylines pushed many of them to side. Then, ten, fifteen chapters later, he seems to remember he had started a plot thread but instead of trying to salvage it, he adds a line of "We tried multiple times to do this and it failed". While I agree that we don't need every little thing told to us, the author seemed unwilling to fully explore any storyline. Convoluted is definitely a problem here. I have learned as an author that the maximum number of POV characters to allow good story flow is no more than about six. Anything more, and you risk it becoming cumbersome and unwieldy. You could have gotten the results he wanted (each side represented) without the need to have so many people involved. Maybe two Romulans at most. One news reporter. One politician. Archer and maybe three of the crew. Maybe the very occasional random POV character. But 42+? There was no need for so many characters, especially since it took time away from the main story. Much more could have been added by having less people trying to juggle around with. In summary, the writing was good and there was interesting stuff done. However, the author sacrificed quality for quanitity. He seemed too afraid to let the story be told through the eyes of only a few, as if he felt it was robbing us. However, we the reader didn't need a million voices to understand the whole of the conflict. And it's a shame because the book had a ton of potential.
  3. Jaylah Returns in STAR TREK TO BOLDLY GO

    I more or less follow Roddenberry's rules. Anything outside the films and movies is not canon. As for the shows, I follow the old Star Wars EU rules (which was never canon, despite the boo-hooing of fans). Whatever is newer takes precedence if it contradicts the old. Example, the episode in TNG "The Host" where we first meet Trills, happened, but what they introduced about the Trills was more or less dissolved by what we learn later. But there is levels of not canon. There is not canon. Then there is really not canon. And then the is REALLY REALLY not canon. lol
  4. General Star Wars Discussion

    Watch out, they are determined to make you overeat. huh???? As for the tv and movie stuff, I'd have agreed with you during Lucas' reign. However, Disney has been making Lucasfilm make sure that the tv and movies don't contradict each other and work in the same story groups. To avoid exactly what you were just saying. edit: I thought he said "overseat" and that was what I was confused about. We'll see. It's still early in Disney's run. Many things could happen. At any rate, I don't care; I'm a fan of the SW movies, so I'm not particularly invested in what a cartoon on a nondescript cable network says is canonical or not. As anyone who knows me should know by now, I'm not all that interested in obscure 'side-canon.' SW is a creature of the silver screen. The big screen is the 'native habitat' of SW; just as ST plays best on television. For myself, I count the movies; not the cartoons, books or other spinoffs. Fair enough.
  5. General Star Wars Discussion

    Watch out, they are determined to make you overeat. huh???? As for the tv and movie stuff, I'd have agreed with you during Lucas' reign. However, Disney has been making Lucasfilm make sure that the tv and movies don't contradict each other and work in the same story groups. To avoid exactly what you were just saying. edit: I thought he said "overseat" and that was what I was confused about.
  6. General Star Wars Discussion

    That's exactly how I have been looking at it. Refusal and the ability to do something are two different things. One of the things that Disney is doing right with Star Wars is doing right is diving deeper into the Force and making it not so white and black. Even if it does get more and more confusing. Like how lightsaber crystals turn red if you force your hatred into the crystals.
  7. Jaylah Returns in STAR TREK TO BOLDLY GO

    Not necessarily. The movie could take place five years after the last movie, since each movie seems to be expanding how long it's been between each movie (one years between '09 and Darkness and three years between Darkness and Beyond). It's plausible that the next film would take place in four years, and she would have time to graduate normally. Which I feel would need to be the case, as she would also have to learn how to live among people again (she had been living on her own for years) and to be in what the Federation considers to be civilization. Honestly, I'm not sure I care for how they've done this series so far. I've been reading it faithfully since it came out, and I feel they wasted the Borg in this series. Somehow Spock's being a hybrid defeated the Borg's assimilation process even though they seem to be at a VOY level of tech in To Boldly Go? The Narada was Borg tech and the Borg want it back? Also how they ended the last issue on Romulus, made me roll my eyes. Felt like they were forcing the Enterprise Crew not only back together, but in the same positions as before by eliminating anyone who stood in the way of them having their jobs back..
  8. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    The extended cut (which runs a full hour w/o commercials) is waaay better than the truncated broadcast version; but this was the height of the "queasy quad"-era of the show; when Starbuck, Apollo, Dee and Sam formed the downright uncomfortable-to-watch love quadrangle. I hate how Apollo treated Dee, and I hate how Starbuck treated Sam. Starbuck and Apollo just aren't meant to be, IMO. They never were. Fiery lovers perhaps, but they don't have the 'stuff' for a good longterm relationship. So what you're saying is that they aren't good rolemodels for relationships then. lol
  9. General Star Wars Discussion

    Luke force choked multiple people in ROTJ in Jabba's Palace. Rebels is going really hard explaining that intentions makes something Light and Dark, dangerous or useful. The Bendu (a Force User who walks in the middle, he's neither a Light or Dark Sider) uses Sith Holocrons as an example when he's talking with a main character on the show. An holocron is a tool, nothing more. It's the intention of the user that makes it so. Same thing with Force powers. Just because Jedi don't use them isn't because they can't. It's because they associate them with the Dark Side, even though they technically aren't. Those powers are tools, nothing more. And yes, Dark siders can see Force Spirits. In Rebels Imperial Inquisitors see Force Spirits of dead Jedi Temple Guard when they infiltrate a Jedi Temple.
  10. Happy Singles Awareness Day!

  11. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Black Sails Season 4 Episode 3. The episode kinda pissed me off. lol
  12. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Feel more like reptalian Xindi then Klingons.
  13. The Good Men Do and Kobayashi Maru Combined Review

    check the Amazon pages for them. They only get an average of about 3.5 stars. Either way, I'll dive into them. Certainly can't be as bad as some of the stuff I've read. lol Oh yeah, Amazon reviews... I've found that they usually don't reflect my feelings on a Trek book, so I take them with a huuuge grain of salt. I ignore Amazon reviews because by and large they're opinions that are colored by factors totally unrelated to the product in review; often the reviewer is angry because their book was late, or they were in a bad mood when they reviewed it, etc. I trust professional reviews or reviews by peer writers, but Amazon reviews are largely just average folks venting. I don't put much stock in them either... Generally I don't either. They praised Band of Brothers but generally hate on Pacific even though I think the latter is the far superior product. Or year 3 of Injustice Gods among Us comics because of it dealing with Constantine and the House of Magic while I dislike that year and never cared for the magical element of DC. However, the Romulab books post K.M. get a pretty bad rap on all review websites. Kobo Books, Goodreads, B&N. they all pan it pretty badly. Either way, I'm a 'decide for myself' kinda guy so I am reading the other ones. Currently in chapter 7 and it's starting out ok. Could use a bit less Pontificating though. lol
  14. The Good Men Do and Kobayashi Maru Combined Review

    check the Amazon pages for them. They only get an average of about 3.5 stars. Either way, I'll dive into them. Certainly can't be as bad as some of the stuff I've read. lol
  15. On the radio a local women's health center said "We want to deliver your baby!" My response, "No, you will not be delivering my baby, because I am a dude and dudes don't have babies." lol

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      No, but men do take part in their conception, and if they're truly men, they become good fathers. ;)