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  1. I'm a little obsessive about cataloging the various aliens seen in the background of various Trek productions, mainly because I like to come up with back stories for them. In doing so, I usually try to find background information, especially with movies, to find more detailed images of the aliens presented in the films. This has proven especially helpful with Star Trek Beyond, where a lot of aliens were shown, but several were shown in the distant background, making them hard to pick out when watching the actual movie. The problem is, I don't have a reliable way of knowing whether the background source I've found is accurate. I'm also trying to make sure I find all fifty (or fifty-six, according to some counts) aliens that are supposedly in Star Trek Beyond, and I'm not sure exactly how the people who made this claim distinguish one species from another. For example, I'm not sure whether to count Krall and his officers as distinct alien species, as they are amalgams of the various aliens they've used to keep their life force going. I'm not sure if different coloration is considered enough to distinguish one species from another, as one species has three different colorations show up, and at least four others have two colorations. There's also a brightly-colored purple girl that is seen on Yorktown that I think is a member of the purple aliens seen in TOS and one or two TMP movies, so I don't know whether to include her or not. Anyway, there are couple images I've found associated with background sources for Star Trek Beyond that I don't remember seeing in the movie itself. I was wondering if anyone knows where, and if, these aliens appeared in the movie. The first alien, while looking very similar to one of those that attacked Jaylah, is not identical. I'm hoping someone can show me where these aliens show up in the movie, and if you know whether different coloration is considered enough to define a distinct species.
  2. DS9 Hunks

    Patrick Kilpatrick
  3. DS9 Wanted Poster Images

    Several in the first season of Deep Space Nine. Not sure if they were shown beyond that. According to Memory Alpha, they were shown in Vortex, If Wishes Were Horses, The Forsaken, Dramatis Personae, Duet, and In The Hands of the Prophets, but I'm not sure if they appeared anywhere else. I think the version shown in Duet was the version shown in the Season 5 DVD special feature where Mike Okuda went though and showed a lot of the things he was making for DS9 and included a version of the wanted posters. Compliments on your pic BTW
  4. DS9 Wanted Poster Images

    I'd noticed a few unnamed alien races showed up on one of the wanted posters in the security office of DS9 during the Michael Okuda DVD Special Feature for Season 5 (I think), and I'm trying to find better images of these wanted posters. I know many of the characters shown on the wanted posters were makeup continuity polaroids from people who had been on already (Gul Dolak, Orta, Neral), and a few from background characters whose images were tinted blue (one was the fire sculptor from TNG:Cost of Living, while the other was a background actor from TNG:Unification Part II during one of the bar scenes). I can't find any good images of any of the other wanted posters, though, and I'd like to see if anyone has better images of these.
  5. DS9 Hunks

    That I have noticed lol.
  6. DS9 Hunks

    idk, I could never get into Dukat or Damar. I still think Toman'torax is irresistable
  7. Custom Star Ship Design Showcase

    That city does look amazing! Here are a few more designs: Wombat Class - Nobel Class - Nova Scotia Class - Vulpecula Class - Republic Class - D'Holbach Class - Nevada Class - Charon Class - Indiana Class -
  8. DS9 Hunks

    C'mon, you know you want to
  9. Custom Star Ship Design Showcase

    Here are a few more: Merrimack Class - Illinois Class - Wisconson Class - Wright Class - Minnesota Class - Mauna Kea Class - Helios Class - Susan Constant Class - Socrates Class - Trailblazer Class -
  10. Custom Star Ship Design Showcase

    You are extremely prolific with your star ship designs. I am wondering if you give us some insights to the designs for each, and why they are shaped the way they are. Even it its strictly aesthetics. Inquiring minds want to know. A lot of these designs were experiments with what I could do with SketchUp. I've also been making these designs for the past year or two, and as I've learned new ways to use various tools in SketchUp and as SketchUp itself has been updated and improved, I've learned what kinds of shapes work well on starships and which shapes don't. Mostly the inspiration is trying things that haven't been tried or combining things in ways they haven't been combined. Some are trying to go for aesthetics, but most are just random ideas. Here are some of the rest of my ships: Zenith Class Shuttle: The Zenith was an experiment while using SketchUp on a computer that could barely support it. Yukatan Class: The Yukatan was an experiment with a square primary hull, also one of the first ships I ever made. Honor Class: The Honor was an experiment with the deflector area (on the underside of the ship) Klugman Class: The Klugman was an experiment with a doughnut shaped primary hull and a vertically oriented (I think that's the word I'm looking for) design Xerxes Class: One of the first ships I made, the Xerxes was based on an old design I made in MS Paint. Meyerhof Class: Another experiment with a doughnut shaped primary hull Obama Class: An experiment with a ellipsoid primary hull, base slightly off the Minuteman Class from Star Trek Legacy. Regardless of whether you believe Obama has been or will prove to be an effective president, I'm sure all of us can agree that Obama is an historic president, which is why I chose to name this the Obama-class. Please, DO NOT POST ANYTHING OR SEND ME A MESSAGE OR ANYTHING ALONG THOSE LINES CONCERNING POLITICS. I DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH IT! Now that that is out of the way, here's another: Obama Class Refit: This was a redo of the nacelle arrangement. I just thought it would look better with four nacelles instead of two. Antares Class: Heavily based on one of Alex Jeager's concept images for the Endeavour, which I think was supposed to be in Star Trek First Contact, but was replaced with the Defiant. This is the original thread with the Jeager sketch: http://johneaves.wor...jeager-returns/ Van Buren Class: For the most part, a kitbash of parts from other modeller's 'build a ship kits' or parts collections.
  11. Custom Star Ship Design Showcase

    The Yamato is supposed to be a giant cargo ship
  12. Custom Star Ship Design Showcase

    Here are some more designs I've made: Pinta Class - Farragut Class - Santa Maria Class - Zandura Class MKII (Based on Alex Jaeger's Zandura) - Discovery Class (7 part MVAM) - San Antonio Class - El Dorado Class - Jupiter Class - Sinaloa Class - Yamato Class -
  13. My Starships...

    Does anyone know about how large the Ent-F should be? I'm also trying a design for it but I'm not sure how large it is supposed to be (helps with windows and such)
  14. Custom Star Ship Design Showcase

    Hey, this thread is really taking off! Here are some more of my designs: Knorr Class - Zulu Class - Wilmington Class - Saturn Class - British Columbia Class -
  15. Custom Star Ship Design Showcase

    I thought it would be neat if there was a thread where people could submit their custom star ship designs, so I decided to start one. Here are a few of my designs with links to the SketchUp files so they can be viewed in Google SketchUp if anyone so desires: Flagstaff Class - Hyperion Class - Agamemnon Class - I'll be posting more soon, but if anyone else has a design they want to show off, please post it!